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    πŸ•΅πŸ½ What Is a Research Question?

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    A research question is important in guiding your research paper, essay, or thesis. It offers the direction of your research and clarifies what you want to focus on.

    Good research questions require you to synthesize facts from several sources and interpret them to get an answer.

    It is essential to understand the features of a good research question before you start the formulation process.

    The picture lists the criteria of a good research question.

    Your question should be:

    • Focused. It should focus on one research issue.
    • Specific. The question should contain narrowed ideas.
    • Researchable. You should get answers from qualitative and quantitative research sources.
    • Feasible. It should be workable within the practical limitations
    • Original. The question should be unique and authentic.
    • Relevant. It needs to be based on your subject discipline.
    • Complex. It should offer adequate scope for analysis and discussion.

    Research papers or essays require one research question, as a rule. However, extensive projects like dissertations and theses can have several research questions focusing on the main research issue.

    The thesis statement is the response you develop; it sets the direction of your arguments. It should be relevant to the research question.

    Thus, you can also use an online thesis maker to ensure it aligns with your formulated questions.

    πŸ”’ Research Question Formula

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    In research writing, you must begin with a topic of interest. Analyzing the original title, you have chosen will give you a good and well-defined research question.

    There is an effective formula you can use when formulating your research question.

    Topic + Concept = Research question

    The topic should be specific with a strong focus on a subject matter, while the concept surrounding it should be from a broad field.

    For example:

    Your topic could be social media, nursing, standardized tests, cybersecurity, etc. Conversely, concepts can be the risks and benefits of your topic, the recent trends, challenges faced by the industry, etc.

    Let us explore the formula and create a few research questions.

    1. Standardized tests (topic) + recent trends (concept) = How have standardized tests impacted the education sector? (research question)
    2. Cybersecurity (topic) + effect (concept) = How has cybersecurity affected the evolution of technology? (research question)

    Therefore, ensure your research question is neither too broad nor too narrow. Broad topics and concepts might overwhelm you with numerous sources. On the other hand, narrow questions will limit you when exploring the project's scope.

    πŸ”Ž Research Question Types

    When formulating your research question, choose from 3 fundamental types that your academic paper can focus on.

    The picture lists the research question types.

    Descriptive Research Question

    When your investigation intends to disclose existing patterns within the research subject, you should use this type.

    A descriptive question urges you to collect measurable information about the attributes of subjects with certain views. It could be a number, occurrence, or amount that describes a research problem.

    Here are some examples:

    • What is the percentage of people with fitness apps in 2022?
    • What is the average debt load of an American?
    • How often do students use online writing services in the UK?

    Relational Research Question

    This type focuses on comparing two or more entities in a research investigation. After picking your variables, you must choose a comparison parameter and provide its detailed discussion.

    Some examples are as follows:

    • What is the difference between men and women's salaries in IT?
    • What is the correlation between alcohol and depression?
    • Is there a relationship between a vegan diet and the low-income bracket?

    Causal Research Question

    This is a cause-and-effect type of research question. It seeks to prove how one variable affects another one.

    Great examples are:

    • How does advertising impact consumer behavior?
    • Do public opinion polls alter voter inclinations?
    • How does employee training affect performance in the employment market?

    βœ… How to Make a Research Question Stronger? The Checklist

    Developing questions seems like a simple task for students. But it can be quite challenging if you want to create an effective research question. The latter can make or break your paper, so you should focus on strengthening and refining it.

    How do you make your research question strong? The criteria below will show whether you've already arrived at a workable question.

    Does it focus on one topic? Your main research question should have a central research problem of focus. Even several research questions should align with the main research objective.
    Is it researchable? You should get answers by gathering information from primary and secondary sources, or by reading academic materials on the subject.
    Does it exclude subjective terms? Your question should not have subjective terms such as "better" and "worse," or "good" and "bad." Such words are vague and will not give clear answers. So, ensure you use terms with quantifiable meanings if you are evaluating a variable.
    Does it meet practical limitations? Ensure the research question is workable within the required time frame for your investigation. If you feel your topic is too extensive and time-consuming, it will be wise to narrow down the question.
    Does it have a specific concept? Do not use broad ideas and vague terms. Your question should have clear and specific meanings that address who, what, where and when about a research subject.
    Is it complex? Your question should be complicated enough to offer an in-depth scope for investigation. Ensure your question calls for extensive synthesis of many research sources. Avoid simple questions that you can answer with yes or no.
    Is it arguable? A great question should have room for interpretation and arguments. It should be debatable where you can deliberate on various answers.
    Is it relevant and original? Your question should be relevant to the existing knowledge and your subject discipline. It should also seek to contribute new findings to academic debates.

    πŸ‘€ Research Question Examples

    Thank you for reading this article! If you need to formulate a research title, try using our title-generating tool.

    ❓ Research Question Maker Tool FAQ

    ❓ What is a good research question?

    A great research question is specific and answerable within a workable time frame. It should focus on one topic and be researchable using primary and secondary data. In short, it should have a clear statement of what the researcher is supposed to do to get practical answers.

    ❓ How to formulate a research question?

    To understand how to create a research question, you need to think about how your topic affects a particular population. You should also consider the period of investigation and the location – it could be an organization, country, or commercial industry.

    ❓ How to write a qualitative research question?

    Your questions should reveal research issues and opinions from the respondents in your study. Qualitative questions seek to discover and understand how people make sense of their life experiences and events. The results of qualitative research are analyzed narratively, so don't try to quantify them.

    ❓ How to find a research question?

    If you find it difficult to compose a unique research question, use our question maker tool and get it within a few seconds. Just enter the right keywords about your subject of interest, and the smart algorithms will produce a list of questions that suit your case.

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