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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Hamlet

  1. Hamlet by William Shakespeare: Summary of the Play
    The play begins with Prince Hamlet going back home for his father’s funeral. Hamlet swears to avenge his father’s death.
  2. Hamlet’s Costume Design
    Scenic design is a vital element in every play. This study looks at the costume design in Hamlet with reference to the characters in act 3 scenes.
  3. Literature Analysis: Hamlet’s Appearance Vs Reality
    This essay shall analyse Hamlet and demonstrate the theme of deceit as it engages the conflicts that surround the tensions or gaps between appearance and reality.
  4. The Play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
    Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, presents an enthralling view on lunacy and the individual mind. It presents a sharp contrast when comparing two characters, Hamlet and Ophelia.
  5. Modern Film Version of “Hamlet” by Shakespeare
    Various attempts are made to create a modern version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. However, it is also important to retain the original emotional and moral conflicts explored by the author.
  6. Literature Analysis of Hamlet’s Soliloquies
    This paper will analyze Hamlet’s beliefs,and fears, wants, talents, and flaws solely based on his soliloquies.
  7. Women Role in Shakespeare’s Othello and Hamlet
    The villain role of women in the Shakespeare’s plays Othello and Hamlet seems to have inspired the themes in both literary works.
  8. Revenge in the Play “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”
    Hamlet is a character used in the play, Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, to depict the theme of revenge. The paper argues that Hamlet avenges for the murder of his father.
  9. Ethical Dilemmas in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
    Hamlet is William Shakespeare’s tragedy play that was written in the late 14th century. The imagery in this play is both entertaining and creative.
  10. Ophelia in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
    Lack of maternal guidance, possession of a naĂŻve spirit, and lack of exposure are the main reasons for Ophelia’s unhealthy love to Hamlet and her subsequent tragedy in the Shakespeare ‘s play.
  11. Oedipus Rex & Hamlet: Compare & Contrast Essay
    This essay focuses on the differences and similarities between Oedipus ? and Hamlet ?. The paper argues that the two characters show similar character traits.
  12. Hamlet and Gertrude Relationship Analysis – Research Paper
    Ever wondered how Hamlet’s mother altered her son’s life and perspectives? ✨ Now you’ll see it! ➤ Read this research paper on Hamlet and Gertrude relationship.
  13. Dilemmas in Hamlet and The Fall of the House of Usher
    This paper will explore the character of Hamlet and compare Hamlet’s dilemma to the predicament of the unknown narrator of “The Fall of the House of Usher”.
  14. The Murder in the Play “Hamlet”
    Hamlet is a play with a strong focus on interpersonal relationships. Most of the pivotal events revolve around the friends and family of Hamlet, specifically, their involvement in the murder.
  15. Conflicts in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
    A number of conflicts come out in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare: internal conflict of Hamlet, the conflict between Hamlet and King Claudia and others.
  16. Hamlet’s Internal Conflicts in Shakespeare’s Play
    Hamlet’s indecision presents the central pillar of the internal conflict. The distinction between illusion and reality presents another internal conflict within Hamlet.
  17. The Relevance of “Hamlet” to Contemporary Readers
    The purpose is to analyze the famous excerpt from “Hamlet”, which begins with the words “To be or not to be” and to dwell upon the way readers can relate to its message.
  18. Shakespeare’s Hamlet and His Self-Destructive Temper
    This essay discusses Hamlet’s temperament as his problem and shows how such a temper is not only self-destructive but how it affects society at large.
  19. Actor’s Character Development in “Hamlet” Play
    As the play Hamlet is based on conflicts, it is necessary to show how the main character faces difficulties and different challenges created by the fortune.
  20. Themes in Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Hamlet”
    Hamlet is one of the most significant works by Shakespeare. The author considers various important issues and this makes the play so influential.
  21. Modern Take on Hamlet: King Cornelius’s Monologue
    In a dimly lit room, a dark figure of King Claudius occupies a large sofa. He occasionally stands up and walks across the room, his appearance disheveled, and they look exhausted.
  22. The Tragedy of Revenge in the “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
    One of the most famous plays created by William Shakespeare is Hamlet. The play deals with multiple themes. The issue of revenge is questioned from the point of view of violence.
  23. The Nature of Revenge Prior to and After the Creation of Hamlet
    This proposal will compare and contrast human understanding of the nature of revenge prior to and after the creation of Hamlet.

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  1. The Seven Soliloquies of Shakespeare’s Hamlet
    Hamlet’s monologues expose his character and state of mind. The contradictory nature of Hamlet’s character lends depth to himself and the conflict of his story.
  2. Character Comparison: “Odyssey”, “Scarlett Latter,” “Troy,” “Hamlet”
    The paper compares the heroes from Homer’s “Odyssey”, Hawthorne’s “Scarlett Latter” and characters from Hollywood movies “Troy” and “Hamlet”.
  3. Art of Drama Through the Shakespear’s ‘Hamlet’
    This writing provides information about the theme of drama in the Shakespear’s ‘Hamlet’, discusses a well-structured plot, characterization of Hamlet and Laertes.
  4. Love in “Hamlet” Play by William Shakespeare
    Hamlet written by William Shakespeare is a play-tragedy disclosing a lot of aspects of the social and personal lives of its characters.
  5. William Shakespeare’s Hamlet: Is He Insane?
    Hamlet looks like a completely sane and rational although upset young man, there is little doubt that Hamlet is as the sound of mind as most of the rest of the characters.
  6. Shakespear’s Hamlet: Conflict Between Seeming and Being
    This is an analysis of the characters such as Hamlet, Ophelia, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern clarifies the play’s obsession with the theme of the conflict between seeming and being.
  7. A Comparison of “Hamlet” by Shakespeare and “Wuthering Heights” by Bronte
    Literature has a way of continuing to explore many of the same themes that seem to plague mankind throughout history.
  8. The Character of Hamlet’s Mother
    This paper discusses the Heirbruns and Maxwell’s articles about Gertrud and two different outlooks on the character traits of Gertrud in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  9. “Hamlet” by Shakespeare: Scenes Analysis of the Play
    Critical analysis of the “Ghost Hamlet “ in the play Hamlet by Shakespeare. The most critical criticism is in the nature of the ghost, of the main character’s father.
  10. Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” as a Tragedy
    Over the years, many people have questioned if the Hamlet fits the description of a tragedy outlined by Aristotle in the poetics.
  11. Love vs Fear: The Song of Roland and Hamlet
    Being loved is better than being feared since love-based actions result in healthier things; being happy, peace and security are some of the consequences of love.
  12. Imagery Blindness of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and Sophocle’s “Oedipus”
    Illustrating blindness as imagery, Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Sophocle’s Oedipus reflect the confrontation of appearance and reality in the society and in the souls of these characters.
  13. Hamlet’s Vision and Candide’s Consideration of Love
    Hamlet considers the reality in which he is forced to live as extremely hostile. Under the pressure of dangerous events he lost his faith in people’s honesty.
  14. Hamlet as an Enjoyable and Exuberant Play
    William Shakespeare was a renowned English writer, poet, and dramatist. Shakespeare had a number of plays to his credit.
  15. Hamlet’s Letter to a Friend
    This document contains a letter from the first person of Hamlet to Cornelius from the famous play by William Shakespeare “Hamlet”.
  16. Hamlet, Laertes, and Fortinbras: The Theme of Vendetta
    Hamlet is an outstanding tragedy by William Shakespeare, which is considered an example of skillful language and complicated plot.
  17. The Justification of Hamlet’s Revenge on Claudius
    The author provides a brief overview of Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, and reflects on the ethical issues raised in the play.
  18. Oedipus Versus Hamlet: Resilience in Characters
    Resilience as the ability to hold onto one’s beliefs despite the odds that the world may throw at a person is one of the traits that appeal particularly strongly to readers.
  19. William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Gertrude
    William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is one of the most known tragedies in the English literature, while Hamlet himself is an illustrative example of a turbulent mind.
  20. Oedipus and Hamlet Characters’ Comparison
    This paper discusses two similarities between Oedipus and Hamlet – they are both consumed with vengeance and suffer from hubris, which leads to their ultimate downfall.
  21. Crisis of Masculinity in Hamlet
    Through the main character, Shakespeare translates and critiques the ideas about masculinity and femininity that were prevalent at the time.
  22. Hamlet’s Universality and Contemporary Cultural Discourse
    Despite the possible arguments surrounding Hamlet, a number of reasons that make it essential for syllabi around the world, particularly in occidental countries, exist.
  23. Resilience in “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles and “Hamlet” by Shakespeare
    Both Oedipus and Hamlet have difficulties accepting horrible truths about themselves and their families; however, Hamlet seems to be more resilient.

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  1. Analysis of Hamlet Passage by William Shakespeare
    A passage from the second scene of the second act reveals essential facts about Hamlet’s character and has impressive diction, syntax, and imagery.
  2. Power and Powerlessness in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet
    This paper explores how characters in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet have power in one situation and are powerless in another through the Marxist theory.
  3. The Tragedy “Hamlet” by Shakespeare: Evidence of Religious Beliefs
    This paper aims at proving that the characters of the tragedy “Hamlet” by Shakespeare are believers and that they evaluate their actions based on their faith.
  4. Why Shakespeare’s Hamlet Is Still Relevant
    Today and 400 years ago people care about personal feelings. Regardless of their social status and cultural background, Hamlet is deeply rooted in the hearts of readers.
  5. Oedipus and Hamlet: Review
    The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast Oedipus and Hamlet. The King of Thebes and the Prince of Denmark have several common features, the first one being their descent.
  6. Shakesperian Literature: Hamlet’s Character in Act 2
    Shakespeare uses Hamlet to demonstrate the primordial link between stage performance of plays and real-life scenarios.
  7. An Analysis of Hamlet by Shakespeare
    Hamlet is a play that everyone has to read at least once in their life to see how the feeling of grief can affect a person’s behavior.
  8. Finding Strength While Searching for the Truth: Hamlet and Oedipus
    Hamlet and Oedipus’s characters serve as an example of what a quest for truth can lead to and how differently the process of discovering a secret story might be.
  9. Imitation of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
    This paper attempts to imitate the format of soliloquies from William Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke” rewrite the story from real life.
  10. What Do Hamlet and Oedipus Have in Common?
    Hamlet by Shakespeare has similar elements in Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. This essay aims to show the common features of Oedipus and Hamlet, the main characters of eponymous plays.
  11. Resilience: Oedipus and Hamlet
    Ancient Greek plots and motives are commonly reflected in the European literature of the New Age, which makes the heritage of different epochs comparable.
  12. “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”: Combination of Conflicting Qualities in the Characters
    The existence of conflicting characters in “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” helps to understand how good and evil qualities are combined within human beings.
  13. Interplay of Literary Elements in Shakespeare’s Hamlet
    The goal of this essay is to identify and promote a philosophical interpretation of Hamlet through the prism of metaphors, similes, allusions, and other literary elements.
  14. Oedipus Rex and Hamlet: Compare and Contrast
    Oedipus Rex and Hamlet, both show outstanding resilience in their desire to help others and disclose the truth that is hidden.
  15. Claudius as the Main Antagonist in Shakespeare’s Hamlet
    Even though Claudius is introduced as the main antagonist in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, he possesses several strong qualities.
  16. Oedipus, the King and Hamlet: Analysis
    Belonging to entirely different cultures and addressing quite different social and psychological issues, “Oedipus, the King” and “Hamlet” might seem quite distant from each other.
  17. “Interpersonal & Internal Conflict in Shakespeare’s “”Hamlet”””
    Conflicts are integral parts of our lives, and knowing how to resolve them is one of the essential skills to learn.
  18. “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare: Character of the Ghost
    Character of the Ghost helps to identify such themes as mortality and revenge and promotes the reader’s tracing of the evolution of other heroes’ attitude toward these concepts.
  19. Hamlet and Oedipus: Resilience Compared
    Every tragic character has to face an unexpected reveal. When encountering it, Hamlet demonstrates greater resilient than Oedipus.
  20. Analysis of “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
    Shakespeare’s Hamlet has attracted abiding interest due to its aesthetics and the exceptional complexity of the author’s masterpiece.
  21. Monologue of Hamlet by William Shakespeare
    The vital claim of the world-famous monologue in Hamlet is, in concentrated form, that our state is so miserable that entire non-existence would be definitely preferable to it.
  22. Hamlet’s Monologue: A Rhetorical Analysis
    The rhetorical devices used by Shakespeare in the monologue of Hamlet help readers better understand the main character’s uncertainty about his life, death, and revenge.
  23. The Theme of Loneliness in “Hamlet” and “Odysseus”
    The theme of loneliness has been explored countless times in numerous works of literature, yet the ones that address the specified issue most authentically are “Hamlet” and “Odysseus”.

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  1. Upsetting the Social Order During “Hamlet” Created Disruption
  2. What Makes Hamlet Such a Complex Character?
  3. How the Play “Hamlet” Portrays Shakespeare’s Ingenuity as a Literary Artist
  4. Manipulation and the Use of the Art of Acting in “Hamlet”, a Play by William Shakespeare
  5. William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and Its Classical Tragedy Elements
  6. William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and the Mental Changes Ophelia Undergoes
  7. The Inner Conflicts and Introspective Attitude in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
  8. “Hamlet”: Character Analysis and Outstanding Features of the Author’s Style
  9. Church Corruption and Lutheranism in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
  10. How Does Shakespeare Use Linguistic and Dramatic Devices to Introduce the Character of Hamlet?
  11. Prince “Hamlet” and Ophelia: Intricate and Often Confusing Relationship
  12. “Hamlet”: Does Shakespeare Have a Profound Dislike of Women?
  13. Hamlet’s Transformation From Good to Evil in Shakespeare’s Ham
  14. Reality, Illusion, Appearance, and Deception in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
  15. Dysfunctional Families and the Inadequate Role Played by Parents in “Hamlet”
  16. Hamlet Comparing the Dissimilar Characters of Gertrude and Ophelia
  17. Differences Between Hamlet’s Mental and Emotional Conflicts
  18. Hamlet’s Interaction With Other Characters of the Play as a Path to Better Understanding of His Character
  19. Hamlet’s Depression and Its Impact in Decision-Making in “Hamlet”, a Play by William Shakespeare
  20. How Does Shakespeare Present Women and Sex in “Hamlet”?
  21. Death, Illness, and Decay in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
  22. Classical and Renaissance Paradigms of Heroism in “Hamlet”
  23. “Hamlet”, Moral Truths, Redemption, and a Just Society
  24. How Does Hamlet React to His Momentous Decision and What Does He Risk to Save Himself From His Ideas
  25. “Hamlet”, His Psychological Estrangement Fueled This Tragedy

đź’ˇ Simple Hamlet Essay Ideas

  1. The Human Condition and Ideologies in “Hamlet” by Willliam Shakespeare
  2. Hamlet’s Capacity for Self Sacrifice in the Face of Compelling Circumstances
  3. How Does Shakespeare Present Issues About Revenge and Madness in “Hamlet”
  4. Does Hamlet Fabricate the Conversation With the Ghost?
  5. The Reasons for the Delayed Revenge of Hamlet in the Tragedy of “Hamlet”, a Play by William Shakespeare
  6. The Reasoning and Decisions of Hamlet in the Tragedy of “Hamlet” a Play by William Shakespeare
  7. Did HamletCommit Suicide or Was He Murdered in William Shakespeare’s Tragedy
  8. Analysis of Shakespeare’s Use of Soliloquy in Presenting the Developing Character of “Hamlet”
  9. Elizabethan’s Laws Against Perpetrators of Suicide in “Hamlet” by William
  10. Betrayal, Vengeance, and Procrastination in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
  11. Means and Ends: How “Hamlet’s Supposed Insanity Justifies and Masks His True Goal of Revenge
  12. Disease, Sickness, Death, and Decay in “Hamlet”
  13. How Does Hamlet and Ophelia’s Relationship Evolves Throughout the Play of “Hamlet”?
  14. Body Politic and the Final Scene of “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
  15. The Sexist Attitude and Characterization of Women in “Hamlet”, a Play by William Shakespeare
  16. Deception, Murder and Love in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
  17. The Ideas and Themes Indicated in the First Three Scenes of “Hamlet” That You Find Particularly Interesting
  18. Hamlet and His Madness as a Psychoanalytical Depiction
  19. Cultural and Religious Beliefs Driving the Action in “Hamlet”
  20. Hamlet and Shakespeare’s Perceptions of Human Behavior
  21. Darkest Sins and Heavenly Shows: The Nature of Iago’s Villainy in Shakespear’s “Hamlet”
  22. Hamlet’s and Laertes’ Revenge: Which One Seems More Justified
  23. Christian Morals Versus Barbaric Customs in “Hamlet”
  24. How Does Shakespeare Use Conflict in “Hamlet” as a Way of Exploring Ideas?
  25. William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and Deadly Character Flaws

đź“Ś Easy Hamlet Essay Topics

  1. Hamlet’s Antic Disposition and Its Impact in Shakespeare’s Play “Hamlet”
  2. Gender Roles and Attitudes Toward Love in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
  3. Contrasting William Shakespeare’s Play “Hamlet” With Kenneth Branagh’s 1996 Film
  4. Why Did “Hamlet” Wait Too Long to Avenge His Father’s Death?
  5. Hamlet, the Machiavellian Prince: An Exploration of Shakespeare’s Use of Machiavellian Politics
  6. “Hamlet”: Hamlet’s Greatest Crime Was His Inherent Goodness
  7. Evil for Evil’s Sake: An Analysis of the Nature of Evil in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
  8. The Mysterious Murder Case in the Play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
  9. Gertrude, Claudius, and Hamlet: Various Perspectives of Death
  10. Hamlet and Trifles: Aspects of the Past Relevant to the Present
  11. Examining Queen Gertrude’s Innocence in Shakespeare’s Play, “Hamlet”
  12. William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” and Deception, Poison, and Disease
  13. King Claudius’s Character Development and Transformation in “Hamlet”
  14. Disillusionment, Depression, and Despair in the Play “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
  15. How Ophelia Was Manipulated by the Men in Her Life in “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare
  16. Why Does Hamlet Use Its Madness to Confuse People?
  17. “Everyman” and Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” – Comparing the Medieval World View to the Modern
  18. Does Hamlet’s Attitude Towards His Mother in General Solely Contribute to the Tragedy of the Play, or Is It Just on of Many Contributing Factors
  19. Love and Hate Within the Family in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
  20. Claudius Role and Personality in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
  21. The Relationship Between the Main and the Lesser Characters in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
  22. The Three Issues That Caused the Internal Struggle and Passive Response of Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”
  23. Hamlet Discloses His True Feelings in a Play by William Shakespeare

âť“ Hamlet Essay Questions

  1. What Is the Main Topic of Hamlet’s “To Be or Not to Be” Soliloquy?
  2. Why Is “Hamlet” Considered Shakespeare’s Best Play?
  3. Is the Madness of Hamlet Real or Feigned?
  4. What Is the Moral of “Hamlet”?
  5. What Is the Meaning of ‘Can Tell a Hawk From a Handsaw’ in “Hamlet”?
  6. What Makes Hamlet Such a Compelling Character?
  7. What Are Some Important Themes From Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”?
  8. What Are Some Examples of Corruption and Decay in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”?
  9. Would Hamlet Have Been an Effective Ruler and a Good King?
  10. How Does “Hamlet” Relate to the Elizabethan Era?
  11. Why Is Play “Hamlet” Still Relevant and Popular Today?
  12. What Central Question Does “Hamlet” Raise?
  13. What Does “Hamlet” Teach Us About Humanity?
  14. Why Hamlet Would Be Considered a Depressed King?
  15. What Are Dramatic Structures and Themes of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”?
  16. How Duality and Appearance vs Reality Themes Are Imaged in “Hamlet”?
  17. What Role Does Religion Play in “Hamlet”?
  18. How Important Is the Theme of Having a Clear Conscience in “Hamlet”?
  19. How Shakespeare Presents the Female Characters in “Hamlet”?
  20. What Are the External and Internal Conflicts in “Hamlet”?
  21. Why Does Hamlet Delay So Long in Following the Ghosts?
  22. Why “Hamlet” Would Have Been Loved by Aristotle?
  23. How Does “Hamlet” Represent the Human Condition?
  24. What Does It Mean to Be a Complex Human Being in “Hamlet”?
  25. What Are Some Historical Events That Influenced Shakespeare to Write “Hamlet”?
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