The Story

The story stretches back to 2014. It all began with a couple of graduate students from Wales, who were studying English. One of the most frequent assignments in their classes was to write essays. Students would often share their works with each other in order to get inspired and avoid writer’s block.

Over time, this collaboration evolved into the idea to create a database where anyone could find a full essay for free to help write their own paper.

Since Wales is the birthplace of corgis and one of the students was just about to get a puppy, the website’s name was an easy pick. Once enough resources were gathered, the StudyCorgi site was born.

Our goals

Our Goals

We know how tough studying can be, especially when it comes to writing a huge amount of essays and other papers.

With this website, we want to lend a helping hand to everyone who is struggling academically. There’s no need to ask your friend or relative to be your free essay writer. With our help, you can do it yourself.

We believe that with the proper approach and enough inspiration, anyone can write an outstanding essay. That is our goal, and that’s why we’re here.

Let’s get creative with StudyCorgi!