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Genograms and Relationship Maps as Medical Tools

The purpose of this article is to evaluate the importance of genograms and relationship maps as medical tools. The methodology and when these exercises can be introduced in the medical field, the advantages of the practices from an evaluative viewpoint and how the maps may be applied in treatment are discussed. According to Rigazio-DiGilio (2004), a genogram can be described…

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The Independent Living Center Services

The Independent Living Center, a care center in Missouri, acts as a technology demonstration center and gives resources and assistance to the disabled. In addition, the care center is mandated with the role of providing important information to researchers about the health of the patients admitted as well as any other complications that might arise. Therapists also get important information…

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Depression Screening in Primary Care

Screening for depression in patients suffering from long term conditions (LTCs) or persistent health problems of the body, could largely be erroneous (Sullivan, 2011). Additionally, when screening for depression in patients with with LTCs is not adequately done, the result may significantly trigger substantial worsening of the victim’s health. This may be due to improper prescriptions and implementation of medical…

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Organ Donation in Pakistan

Reasons why organ donation is not supported by the society in Pakistan The problem of organ donation has been witnessed worldwide because even when a family member needs an organ transplant, the relatives are not willing to donate. There are many reasons that lead to that such as age, gender difference and lack of education on the importance of organ…

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American Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics

Introduction In Philosophy, ethics refers to things involving a systematic defending and coming up with the concepts that define right and wrong behaviors in a society. The term originates from a Greek work ethos referring to habits and customs. Ethics defines the best way the society intends human beings to behave and carry out their daily activities by defining what…

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Telenursing: Nursing Practice in Cyberspace

Telenursing is one of the emerging nursing practices that involve the use of information technology to provide nursing services to patients without necessarily interacting with them physically. According to Soar, Swindell, and Tsang (2011), telenursing is an interesting practice that allows the nurses to reach out to patients who are remotely located without having to travel. It enables the nurses…

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Community Health Nursing: Family Health Assessment

Family health assessment has proved to be an effective practice to find out the atmosphere in the chosen family that might be useful for choosing the right way to treat the patients. It is used for gathering a comprehensive understanding of the health status of each family member (Willemse & Kortenbout, 2012). To develop a detailed picture of family health,…

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Medication Errors Prevention by Information Technology Systems

Introduction The use of prescription medicine is widespread, complex, and increasingly risky in the modern world. Advancement in medical research and technology means that clinicians currently have access to more than 10,000 prescription medications. Further, almost 33% of mature people in America consume five or more drugs. Although the advancement in clinical and medical knowledge base has led to improved…

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Health and Social Care for Older People Suffer From Dementia in the UK

Introduction The demand for health and social care for older people (85 years and above) who suffer from dementia continues to rise in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the government of the United Kingdom has not put in place adequate measures to cater for the high demand. Currently, the social care program that caters for dementia patients is underfunded. Indeed, older…

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Medical Intervention: Ethical, Legal, and Moral Dilemmas

While implementing crisis intervention strategies to work with terminally ill patients, nurses and physicians can face a lot of ethical, moral, and legal dilemmas. One of the most problematic situations in this case is the patient’s plan to commit suicide. On the one hand, the terminally ill patient can suffer from the unbearable pain and discuss the death as the…

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Clinical Guidelines for Mechanical Ventilation

What is the purpose of the study (research questions, purpose and hypotheses)? The study focused on understanding the development and utilization of standard rules in relation to mechanical ventilation approaches within intensive care units in Sweden (Eldh, Vogel, Söderberg, Blomqvist & Wengström, 2013). How was the sample obtained? It is vital to note that a lot information about rules adopted…

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Possible Trends in the Cause of Cancer

Introduction: Cancer and Its Leading Causes In 2014, cancer topped the lists of the leading causes of death in the world. Despite numerous treatment strategies, the instances of cancer development remain just as numerous. Because of the shift towards a more sedentary lifestyle and development of bad habits, as well as the radioactive effects of modern technology (e.g., cell phones),…

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Hispanic Population with Heart Failure

Standardized Telephonic Case Management in a Hispanic Heart Failure Population The aim of conducting the research was to determine the effectiveness of a standardized telephonic protocol used as an intervention method for managing diseases. In this case, Riegel, Carlson, Glaser, Kopp and Romero (2012) focused on heart failure disease to examine the effectiveness of the method. The study was conducted…

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Fall Prevention Program for Elderly

Introduction Fall-related injuries lead to significant healthcare utilization and result in consistent pains and functional disorders in elderly patients. The relevant fall prevention program, “Multi-Faceted Prevention”, introduces the strategy aimed at reducing the risk factors of falling. The program was designed for a nursing home in South Florida, although proposed interventions might be, likewise, implemented in other types of health…

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Clinical and Management Tracks for Nursing Advancement

Introduction During the last several years, the field of nursing has been considerably changed and improved. There are more people, both, males and females, who want to become nursing and help people in hospitals and at home. They choose among the existing variety of academic institutions, consider their advancement opportunities, and identify the tracks that are appropriate for them. In…

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Health Care Reform: Changes in the US Nursing Practice

Introduction This paper educates nurses about how the practice of nursing is expected to grow and/or change by discussing the concepts of continuity or continuum of care, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), medical homes, and nurse-managed health clinics. Finally, it presents feedback from my three nursing colleagues, namely Mary, Nick, and James. Changes in the US Nursing Practice People pursue careers…

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Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg (embryo) implants in another location other than the uterine cavity (Houry & Salhi, 2009). It’s life-threatening complication and at most times not viable. It poses a great risk of internal hemorrhage secondary to rupture and is considered a medical emergency. Most ectopic pregnancies implant in the fallopian tubes. The other likely areas…

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The Nurse Practice Act Concept

Purpose of the Nurse Practice Act The work of the nurse requires knowledge, skills, and the ability to make decisions. Nurses function in a changing society and focus on different therapy and rehabilitation approaches. As the matter of fact, there are certain risks that the unprofessional and incompetent nurse can harm the patient. Because of the risk, the government has…

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Taste Technologies and Transformations

Pork used to be the most popular meat on the territory of the United States up to the beginning of the twentieth century. This was happening because this meat was easier to breed for the families of farmers that grew grains and lived near the woodlands.1 Pigs gained weight easily and could be fed with the leftovers from the food…

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Ethical, Legal, and Moral Dilemmas in Nursing

Available nursing scholarship demonstrates that it is not uncommon for patients with terminal illnesses to express a desire to hasten their death (Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association, 2011), and that such expressions present nurses with a multiplicity of ethical, legal, and moral dilemmas in large part due to the sensitivity of the issues involved as well as the intimacy that…

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Nursing Legal and Ethical Issues Case

Ethical Discussion Aging is the period of hard decisions, a variety of ethical approaches, and the inabilities to decide what is right or wrong with respect to a particular situation. As a rule, the elderly start planning their old age beforehand discusses their preferences and demands, defines the most appropriate ways of treatment, etc. The case study under analysis introduces…

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Ethical, Legal, Moral Dilemmas of Terminal Illness

Today, more than ever before, it is becoming increasingly clear that the nature and limits of end-of-life (EOL) decisions present the nursing profession with immense ethical, legal, and moral dilemmas (Tamayo-Velazquez, Simon-Lorda, & Cruz-Piqueres, 2012), and that the so-called right to die with dignity for the terminally ill may be inherently difficult to achieve in the face of these dilemmas…

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Antipsychotic Medications – Psychiatry

A psychotic person is one who is out of touch with what is happening in life. Such individuals have very weird behaviors. For example, Ursula, who is super-hyper, has symptoms of insomnia. She is always anxious and also experiences paranoia. These are symptoms of an illness called schizophrenia. Antipsychotic medications try to suppress the symptoms, but they do not cure…

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Family Health Assessment Importance in Nursing Process

In order to administer any type of care to an individual or an entire family, the health assessment is crucial. In this paper, the time was taken to assess and analyze the health of Nelson family that lives in Miami, Florida. The mother is a registered psychiatrist, and the father is an owner of a relatively large chain of car…

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Healthcare Research: the Elderly Patients’ Readmissions

Extraneous Variables The extraneous variables that need to be addressed in the study include differences in the elderly patients’ demographic characteristics and external factors that can cause a possible readmission. In order to control the extraneous variables, it is important to use the effective division of the demographic data into categories to cover the groups of interest and exclude readmissions…

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Tia Chi Lessons for the Elderly

Overview Tia Chi is a famous Chinese exercise that is characterized by a number of health benefits for people of different age. The purpose of this beginners’ tutorial is to develop a list of helpful and informative tips about Tia Chi, its learning techniques, and its possible health effects on the elderly. The hints will be given in a clear…

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Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections in Thailand

The Cost-effectiveness of the Project Many countries have greatly suffered as a result of HIV and AIDS. Many of them have tried their best to completely finish HIV/AIDS to no avail. However, Thailand has shown the rest of the world that all is not lost in this fight against this pandemic. The leadership of this country came up with a…

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Myasthenia Gravis Financial Costs

Introduction of the source This paper is aimed at discussing the website maintained by California Pacific Medical Center. This organization provides information about the impact of Myasthenia Gravis on different stakeholders representing the community. In particular, one can speak about the article written by Jonathan Katz (2014) who examines various aspects of this disease, including its economic effects on the…

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Health Promotion: Health Insurance Costs Reducing

Health and well-being are the notions that stand in the middle of our society. These notions are guided by different factors like age, gender, ethnic heritage, previous history of diseases, economic status, geographic location, etc. Those involved in health promotion should pay attention to what the concept of health means to them as well as to those people the health…

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Cancer Diagnosis, Complications and Treatment

Introduction Cancers are diseases that result from abnormal cell growth. Diagnosis involves the use of blood tests, CT scans, endoscopy and x-rays. Cancer may be categorised into different stages and this is important during the planning of treatment and management of the disease. These stages are described depending on the size of the growth, presence of cancerous cells in lymph…

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American Healthcare Industry

When taking a closer look at the American healthcare system, one will notice that it is, in fact, quite efficient. No matter what one may say about the lack of its consistency, the system still offers legitimate help. However, specifying the flaws of U.S. healthcare, one must mention that it has weirdly little elements of the vital disaster culture. Even…

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Windshield Survey in Winchester: Health Resources

The relevant Windshield Survey has been conducted in Winchester. The city is situated in the north of Virginia State. According to the official figures, the population of Winchester makes 26,330 inhabitants most of which are English speaking people (Winchester, VA Demographics, 2013). The data collected in the survey allowed one to make a series of assumptions regarding the local community…

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Supposed Barriers’ Impacts on the Clinical Nursing

A few studies opined the prevalence of supposed barriers to the research use at the hospital setting. They argued that such barriers affected the capability of nurses to implement evidence-based practice in the hospitals. The article endeavors to analyze this finding. The article is not able to discern evidence to establish the affiliation between barriers to the research use and…

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Health Medical Organizations’ Identifying and Comparison

Introduction Improving the working conditions of medical professionals is essential for quality health care delivery. Health Medical Organizations (HMOs) operate in the health care environment to offer members services similar to those offered by insurance companies to cater for their unique needs (Taylor et al., 2010). The beneficiaries of the HMO services include health care professional and health care facilities…

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Feeding and Eating Disorders in Adolescents

Abstract There are various types of feeding or eating disorders that affect adolescents. The prevalence rate of eating or feeding disorders depends on the different types and various risk factors. Young people have issues with their body weight and image, thus often suffer from eating disorders because they have a preference for certain food types. Eating or feeding disorders have…

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Mental Health Services: Public Spending and Usage

Introduction The article is written by four scholars on the topic of the use of mental health services. The goal of the research was to find out whether a link exists between the public spending on mental health services and the state-level perceptions of these services, on the one side, and the use of such services by state residents, on…

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Health Promotion Role and Practice

Introduction In the framework of health care, health promotion plays a critical role. It educates individuals regarding activities that can improve their health condition, prevent diseases and even premature death. Health promotion is significant not only for individuals but also for the whole communities, as it can influence the health behavior in a positive way (Kliche, Plaumann, Nöcker, Dubben, &…

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Circumcision: Medical, Ethical and Human Rights Issues

The issue of circumcision Human genitals is a matter that is to be treated with utmost care. Yet, history remembers many examples of genital-related surgery actions that are, today, a point of contradiction in the field of medical studies, human rights, and ethics. Genital mutilations are mainly referred to as “a cultural practice” (Denniston & Milos, 2013, p. 1). However,…

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Bipolar Disorder’ Symptoms and Treatments – Psychiatry

Introduction The bipolar disorder (BD) is an austere, cerebral illness that forces an individual to have highly unpredictable and intense sensations. The identification of the real cause of the bipolar condition is still under research. Although there are several effects associated with the basis of bipolar occurrences. People are suffering from bipolar disorder changes from eventual clarity, energy, and happiness…

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Nursing Care Delivery Models: Pros and Cons

Holistic Nursing Holistic nursing (HN) is a type of nursing practice that focuses on curing the whole person rather than just treating the biomedical problems. HN pays much attention to the relationships with the patient, caring for their “interconnectedness of self,” as well as their ties to “others, nature, and spirituality” (Dossey & Keegan, 2016, p. 3). There are numerous…

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The Nurse-Patient Ratios: Tuberculosis in Elderly

As the matter of fact, registered nurses are needed on the job market. There are a couple of reasons for it; however, the following ones seem to affect the nurses work significantly, namely the increase of the need for the patient care and decrease of the comfort in the workplace. The quality of care provided by nurses is related to…

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Cultural Competence in Nursing Practice

Abstract Cultural competence has been identified as one of the 21st Century challenges for nursing practice across the world. The contemporary health care work place environment is characterized by a desire to improve service delivery and reaching out to as many people as possible. Globalization has had a lot of influence on the growth and development of various cultures. The…

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Privacy and Security in Health Informatics

Introduction Health informatics is the nursing discipline with the growing popularity nowadays. This discipline targets the information management issues such as the information processing effectiveness and elimination of the information leakage risks. This discipline has the direct link to the federal and state legislation regulating the patient personal data safety and confidentiality. The following project aims at making an overview…

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Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation: Medication Efficiency

The Strengths of the Academic Work The study paper, which discusses the efficiency of two medication types that are used in adult individuals against non-valvular atrial fibrillation, presents an excellent model of academic work constitution. The paper has a correct structure, which provides a division between the backgrounds, the purpose, the methods, and the clinical implications. The structuring is sustained…

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The Institute of Medicine’ Impact on Nursing

Introduction This essay reviews impacts of the IMO (Institute of Medicine) Report 2010 on nursing education, nursing practices, and nurse role as a leader. It provides critical, thoughtful insights on how students can improve or change their thoughts in order to meet the IOM Report recommendations. The Impact of IOM Report on Nursing Education The report recommends training of nurses…

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Occupational Hazards of Musicianship

Introduction Musicians and other artists encounter multiple health problems that are unique to their lifestyle and occupation. Their level of risk varies considerably depending on several factors, including the features of individual performers, the kind of music that they play, and whether they use instruments in their performance. Many complaints among musicians are also a result of the overt requirements…

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The Institute of Medicine Report: Future of Nursing Practice

Introduction Nursing is a profession that is growing at a fast rate. The kind of education that the nurses received during the twentieth century is no longer sufficient to handle the health care requirements of today. With influence from technology, the medical field has moved forward. Besides, technological advancement, the health care setting and patient needs have become more complex,…

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Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

Synopsis Purpose of the Study The study carried out by Prior, Wilkinson, and Neville (2010) was aimed at assessing the attitude of nurses to the concept of evidence-based practice (EBP), their understanding thereof, and the adequacy of their EBP skills and their application to a specific case. Data Contribution Participants To collect the required information, Prior et al. (2001) collected…

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Health Promotion Role in Public Health

Health promotion is one of the duties of every nurse practitioner. Most importantly, patients should be encouraged to take responsibility for their health and demonstrated how their initiative reduces health costs and improves their well-being (Evans, Coutsaftiki, & Fathers, 2014). The three levels of health promotion are sufficient in curbing and treating such severe conditions as, for instance, diabetes mellitus…

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Women and Men HIV Prevention

Women’s Health Factors Operating in the Situation Being a middle-aged widow who identifies herself as a lesbian can be challenging as the individual faces psychological, biophysical, behavioral, sociocultural, and healthcare issues. The woman is aging, and her body is undergoing significant changes that affect her psychological and emotional states. Being a lesbian is often associated with depression and anxiety as…

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