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Advanced Health Assessment: Venous Thromboembolism

What Does This Review Ask? The review compares the levels of accuracy of several rules for clinical prediction of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism and tries to determine what rule of diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis is the most effective and often used. The objective of the study is “To summarize the evidence on the predictive value of clinical…

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Smoking and Heart Disease Rates in African-Americans

Population and Health Disparity High prevalence of smoking in African-Americans leads to the increased incidence of heart disease in this population (Cox, Okuyemi, Choi, & Ahluwalia, 2011). Literature Search According to Berry et al. (2012), smoking is associated with the high risks of heart disease, and this is especially the case for the African-American population. A similar point is stated…

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Environmental Change Effects on Health

How Florence Nightingale’s legacy has influenced my perception of the Millennium Goals Based on Nightingale’s influence, I feel that developing the Millennium Development Goals by the UN is a significant milestone in alleviating inequitable access to healthcare, education, food, and water among other resources (Brinks, 2013). These social factors influence each person despite their race, age, or religion. Thus, acknowledging…

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Family Health Assessment

Introduction Apart from providing medical assistance, nursing has a plethora of other functions. For example, nurses are also responsible for increasing health literacy and promoting a healthy lifestyle (Persson & Benzein, 2014). At the same time, one cannot underestimate the importance of family health assessment, as this tool is used to evaluate family’s condition from dissimilar perspectives (Barnes & Rowe,…

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Coconut Grove: Vulnerable Population Assessment

Coconut Grove is a neighborhood in the southern part of Miami Florida roughly constituted of twenty thousand people. There is a calm and relaxing atmosphere characterized by lush green lawns with tall, green trees. The well-marked and sufficiently maintained infrastructure is indicative of good living standards. It is a multicultural neighborhood as characterized by the presence of whites and Hispanics.…

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Nurse’s Interview on Roles in Health Care Delivery

The ongoing changes in the healthcare delivery system have significantly influenced the workforce in the system of healthcare. The interviewee is Mr. Jones who has been working as a nurse for fifteen years at the California Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles. Mr. Jones, can you please outline the role of the nursing practice in the health care delivery system?…

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Magnet Status and Shared Governance in Healthcare

Introduction What I learned from the recent seminar is that becoming a Magnet status hospital is a challenging experience, but it has numerous benefits both for the hospitals and their patients. However, it requires a lot of hard work and imposes significant requirements on hospitals, nurses, and their qualifications. The essence of the Magnet status What should be known about…

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Revenue Management in Health Care Organizations

Introduction Health care organizations require revenue for them to offer quality services. The organizations obtain income from different sources. They include government programs, private payers, and investment. The health care organizations do not negotiate on payment rates for the government programs. However, they have an influence over the payment rates by private payers (Gesme & Wiseman, 2013). The organizations negotiate…

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Nursing Task Computerization and Challenges

Discussion The computerization of nursing tasks is almost inevitable for every health care organization. The increasing number of patients forces hospitals and clinics to adopt new technologies to perform such tasks as charting, medication administration, and research quicker. However, this process may prove challenging for many institutions (Nguyen, Bellucci & Nguyen, 2014). One such challenge comes from the conversion of…

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Genomic Data and Healthcare

In his presentation, Dr. Mark Blatt speaks extensively about the significance of genomic data for healthcare, the means for its application, and the issues that are related to it from the point of view of data analytics. The presenter is very well-versed on the topic, and he uses multiple examples to explain his points. He briefly mentions that in the…

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Heritage Assessment: Health Traditions

Introduction It has been acknowledged that one of the barriers to the provision of patient satisfaction is cultural differences and different health traditions. American healthcare professionals have to take these peculiarities into account when treating patients. Behrens, Del Pozo, Großhennig, Sieberer, and Graef-Calliess (2015) note that the acculturation style used by healthcare practitioners has a significant impact on the psychological…

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Hospice Services and Nursing Role

Introduction Hospice facilities help patients suffering from terminal illnesses live a happy and significant life in their last days. Connor (2008) claims that even though hospice facilities offer services that are akin to those available in hospitals, they assist patients as they draw near death. The demand for hospice services is bound to increase as cases of chronic and terminal…

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Survey for Needs Assessment and Data Collection

Introduction Assessing the needs of the target audience is the first step toward designing an appropriate intervention strategy and managing a problem in the context of a specific environment (Rossi, Wright, & Anderson, 2014). Therefore, the design of the tool that will help collect the data regarding the primary requirements and demands of the identified population should be viewed as…

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Clinical Practice Guidelines’ Aspects

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) are useful documents that can support can improve the quality of nursing care available to patients. CPGs guide caregivers to provide emergency and evidence-based nursing support. One of the clinical problems affecting many healthcare settings is suicide risk. Suicide remains “a major health challenge especially in emergency care settings” (Emergency Nurses Association, 2012, p. 2). The…

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Disaster Management: Terrorism and Emergency Situations

What role does the healthcare facility play preparing for the possibility of WMD use by terrorists? It is truly horrifying to realize that weapons of mass destruction, or WMD, can be used by terrorists to achieve their end goals. However, recognizing the problem means being able to face and prevent it. The present-day healthcare services act in accordance with the…

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Innovative Nursing Chronic Care Model in Nepal

Introduction It is necessary to mention that the role of innovative nursing care models has been increasing over the last few years, and it would be particularly reasonable to apply them in low-income countries. Chronic care is an area that has been chosen because the quality of such services in Nepal needs to be improved. High-quality treatment would help to…

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Adolescent Brain Development and Its Peculiarities

The prevailing opinion of many researchers has always been connected with the fact that the primary process of brain development is in the first years of life (TED, 2012). However, the emergence of new technologies, in particular, MRI, has made a significant contribution to the study of neurophysiological features of the human. Scientists have the opportunity to study the development…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Congestive Heart Failure: Patient Education Plan

Introduction Congestive heart failure (CHF) is considered to be a “leading cause of hospitalization for those over the age of 65” (Azad & Lemay, 2014, p. 329). The condition represents a serious economic burden for patients and hospitals. Moreover, it may adversely affect the quality of life and become a source of distress for the patient’s relatives as it can…

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The Role of Environment in Childhood Physical Development

Overview Middle childhood is a stage in a person’s development that has a significant influence on their future life. Both the school and the family environment play a considerable role in the development of an individual during their middle childhood, which means that the peculiarities of the environment may have a serious effect on the future of a person. Therefore,…

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Lupus: Presumptive Nursing Diagnosis and Care

Introduction The patient is Mary, a 35-year old female who works as an electrical engineer. She arrived with the rash that has been on her face and the bridge of her nose for one week. According to Mary, her rash first became noticeable during the hiking trip in the Appalachians. The accompanying symptoms are fatigue, loss of weight, and high…

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Nano Robotics in Hospitals

Nanotechnology refers to the study of tiny structures that have a size of less than 0.1 nm. This technology is believed to be extremely useful in health care to deliver medication through blood or treat various types of tumors. Therefore, it is important to research the capabilities of the application of nanotechnology in hospitals and determine the main working principles…

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Tuberculosis, Mumps, Influenza in Miami

Introduction The recent events of Hurricane Irma created an increasingly unhealthy environment for the city of Miami, Florida. This situation requires additional actions to prevent the spread of communicable illnesses. Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County (zip code 33125) was contacted to identify the issues that require attention. Then, an action plan was created to contain the diseases based…

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Revenue Sources and Models in Healthcare Industry

Introduction Revenue management is an important aspect of functioning in any institution. Like any other business, healthcare organizations have to perform effective revenue management in order to maintain stable financial status and avoid critical losses. A revenue management system in the healthcare sector is particularly complicated since the organizations cooperate with both federal and private bodies. As such, the paper…

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Sleep Apnea Types, Diagnosis and Treatment

Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder which is characterized by shallow breaths or infrequent pauses in breathing while a person is asleep. The abnormal shallow breaths are referred to as hypopnea. Pauses in breathing are caused by blockage of the airway and can last from several seconds to a few minutes. Each pause in breathing is scientifically referred to…

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“Job Stress and Burnout in Hospital Employees” by Chou et al.

Introduction This paper presents a critique of the article by Chou, Li, and Hu (2014) entitled: “Job stress and burnout in hospital employees: Comparisons of different medical professions in a regional hospital in Taiwan.” The problem under the study is clearly stated. The authors assert that the work of health professionals is stressful as they have to react to the…

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Scientific Evidence and Clinical Practice

In his article entitled “Closing the Time Lag between Evidence and Clinical Practice”, Thomas Sharon (2015) pointed out that there exists a lag between the time when scientific evidence is reported and its practical implementation in clinical settings; and this time lag is as long as 17 years. This issue has been known and discussed for a while, and many…

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Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers Minimization

EBP Prevention of Pressure Ulcers Essential Ideas Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (HAPU) development is listed among the crucial concerns of contemporary health care; Seven stages of HAPU (stages I-IV, unstageable, deep tissue injury, and Kennedy terminal ulcer) are typically identified; As a rule, the assessment of the entire skin area is carried out to diagnose the problem; Braden Scale and the…

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Normal Dieting and Eating Disorders

Introduction Healthy dieting behaviors are essential for people’s health and well-being. However, abnormal eating habits are very common nowadays. Therefore it is necessary to increase awareness among the general public regarding normal dieting. The main goal of this paper is to discuss the difference between normal dieting and eating disorders. Eating Disorders Eating disorders are caused by unhealthy eating behaviors…

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Standardized Coding Systems in Health Care

The introduction of the newest technologies in the health care sector has greatly affected health outcomes and contributed to the emergence of new opportunities for improving the overall quality of care. In particular, the foundation for such an enhancement is the implementation of the so-called health information technologies that make up a perfect background for increasing access to high-quality care…

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Teixobactin: the New Antibiotic

The research study under consideration is a report focusing on teixobactin – a new cell wall inhibitor that is obtained from a screen of uncultured bacteria that grow in diffusion chambers (Ling et al. 455). The authors have chosen to study the potential and efficacy of the new compound because they believe that any new organisms might hide antimicrobials just…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Big Data in Healthcare Research

Jessica Malenfant provides a presentation on the use of information and its analysis for healthcare research. Anderson (2008) considers the possibility of a new research method that can substitute the scientific method. These two works can contribute some information to the topic of big data and its usefulness for health care. Malenfant shows that a variety of institutions agree on…

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The Clostridium Difficile Infection Concept

Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) levels in America increased tremendously between 2000 and 2005 with an upsurge in the disease mortality and morbidity, especially amid the aged individuals (Goldstein et al., 2015). It is evident that there is a necessity for more successful management and prevention approaches to decrease the prevalence and severity of the infection. Control methods for the disease…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Obesity, Its Demographics and Health Effects

The “really serious price” that a nation will pay because of the state and weight of the nation The serious price that obese people pay as individuals will be a tremendous cost of health care and a diminished capacity as the result of premature death or complications arising from diabetes and overweight problems. For a nation, the serious price that…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Obesity Treatment: Surgery vs. Diet and Exercises

Introduction The modern health care sector faces numerous problems that result from the significant alterations of peoples lifestyle. These are conditioned by the rise of technologies and their implementation in different spheres of human activity. The exploration of new devices has an overwhelming impact on people and their traditional tasks. Individuals obtained an opportunity to work less to achieve a…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Bipolar Disorder in Medical and Societal Views

Introduction Bipolar disorder is a type of mental disease, which predetermines the extreme change in mood from depression to manically exalted mood. Although for a long time, bipolar disorder was not recognized or treated, it is under special consideration of therapists today, considering how destructive it can be for the patients. Both periods of excavated mood and depression can be…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Nurse’s Role in Environmental Health Improvement

Abstract The profound impact of the environment on both individual and public health is a long-standing issue in healthcare. Its effects range from the development of health conditions to the general decline of health-related quality of life. Four categories of environmental effects can be identified: quality of water, quality of outdoor air, housing conditions, and urban planning. Importantly, only a…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Relevance to Transcultural Health Care

Purnell’s Model for Cultural Competence is characterized by four rings that describe the forces affecting people’s health outcomes. The theory is “treated as a powerful framework that can guide healthcare providers to address the major cultural forces impacting people’s health needs” (Pay, 2014, p. 191). The first ring in the theoretical framework represents the global society characterized by disasters, politics,…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Heart Disease Patients’ Education and Barriers

Introduction Relevant academic literature has been reviewed to identify major themes and important findings in the area of patient education among heart disease patients. Many studies have been dedicated to the issue, and it is generally acknowledged that patient education efforts made by health care providers can be effective in improving health outcomes, reducing the rates of mortality and re-admission,…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Epidemiological Features of Ebola

Introduction Dangerous communicable diseases have ceased to carry a big fear for both doctors and patients over the past few decades. The fact is that the developments of healthcare and progress in this sphere have caused quite strong protection of the population against possible severe ailments. However, even today, some infections practically do not lend themselves to treatment and are…

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Child Obesity as London’s Urban Health Issue

Introduction Urban health problems bother the citizens of different countries a lot. People try to develop appropriate living conditions to decrease the level of harm. At the same time, some people demonstrate their careless attitudes to everything that is happening around. The citizens of London try to take active steps to solving the existing health issues and promote health to…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Screening Methodology and Guidelines

Introduction According to the CDC (2016), each year over 12 000 women in the United States are diagnosed with cervical cancer (p. 1). It is a curable condition with a significant proportion of timely treatment resulting in success (CDC, 2016, p. 1). Cervical cancer is also highly preventable with regular recommended screenings (CDC, 2016, p. 1). The National Guideline Clearinghouse…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Affordable Care Act and Medical Communications

Introduction The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a federal statute that aimed to become the biggest overhaul to the health care system of the United States since Medicare and Medicaid. The purpose of the statute was to improve health care outcomes, lower expenses, and make health care more accessible. It aimed to resolve some of the issues that…

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Chronic Kidney Disease: Locating Resources

Introduction There are many national and community resources for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), but I will focus on the three possibly biggest ones. These are the National Kidney Foundation, the American Association of Kidney Patients, and the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. These resources have provided numerous data to various researches of CKD and…

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Trinity Healthcare’s Computerized Provider Order Entry

Introduction Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) is a healthcare information technology (HIT) that involves the use of special software for provider orders rather than the traditionally employed pen and paper. Due to standardization and the elimination of handwriting, CPOE is known to improve communication, which results in better patient outcomes (Kruse & Goetz, 2015; Simon et al., 2013). As a…

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Patients’ Therapy

Takeaway Thoughts The current quality of managing the needs of the representatives of the LGBT community needs a significant improvement (Waki et al., 2017). Particularly, it is crucial to explore the strategies for establishing trust-based relationships between a patient and a therapist so that the further communication process could remain consistent and efficient. The study carried out by Israel, Gorcheva,…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Problem of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Abstract The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) strives to reduce cases of infections at care facilities, but with mixed results. In this study, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) were reviewed based on broad global and social determinants of health; epidemiologic data; the effectiveness of clinical prevention interventions; patient centered and culturally responsive strategies; and clinical prevention concepts. It was noted…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

The Role of Nurses in Environmental Health

Introduction The primary focus of environmental health is the relationships between humans and their surroundings. The understanding of the factors that relate to environmental health is an important field in health care delivery. According to the American Public Health Association (2017), knowledge about environmental health is used in improving the health and wellbeing of humans. Through this knowledge, public health…

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High-Dose Cytarabine Neurological Assessment Tool

Introduction The use of high doses of Cytarabine (HD araC) is associated with neurological changes that can result in long-term complications. According to Dantoni (2013), the incidence of neurotoxicity in patients undergoing chemotherapy with HD araC is 7 percent to 28 percent. The aim of this paper is to discuss the practicum project on the development of a new neurological…

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Miami Community Health and Vulnerable Population

Introduction The community explored in this assessment is Miami, Florida. It is a highly urban area with a well-developed infrastructure that focuses on providing vital health and education services to its citizens. The vulnerable population consists of drug and alcohol addicts, particularly youth and young adults. The purpose of the assessment is to identify a community health problem and analyze…

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US Nursing Master’s Education and Its Essentials

Abstract The AACN Essentials of Master’s education in nursing is designed to cover all of the core functions and roles of a qualified nursing professional including collaboration, leadership, quality improvement, putting evidence into practice, advocacy and policy, disease prevention and health promotion, the use of technologies, and innovative approach. The nursing graduates must be aware of these essentials, match the…

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