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Chronic Diseases in Elderly People and Education

The population of the elderly continues growing today. This growth makes hospitals and medical centers focus on different aspects of health promotion among the aging people because of the prevalence of chronic diseases (Song et al., 2013). There are many chronic diseases, including diabetes, strokes, arthritis, and obesity, that may influence the quality of human life and even cause death…

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Communicable Diseases in Miami-Dade County

Introduction The fight against communicable diseases and the search for a reliable way to protect the population against them are among the most crucial issues in contemporary health care. Frequent contacts with the diseased people, low immunity status, and body’s resistance to infectious diseases as a consequence of poor nutrition and physical inactivity, and ineffective prevention of infection are the…

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Children’s Health Literacy Program Development

Introduction Helping young people learn about the ways of improving their health is one of the means to establish and maintain positive habits among the representatives of this population group. As a community health nurse, I have to do my best to arrange and implement an effective program that would enhance children’s health literacy and provide them with an opportunity…

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Leadership in Nursing and Midwifery

Issue Definition and Description Removing the current barriers to practice is a crucial step in improving patient outcomes and the overall quality of the nursing services (McInnes, Peters, Bonney, & Halcomb, 2015). Despite the recent introduction of new policies allowing for efficient management of the existing limitations, a range of obstacles to meeting the needs of diverse populations exist (Gallison,…

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Obesity Trends Among Non-Hispanic Whites and Blacks

The article, “Four decades of obesity trends among non-Hispanic whites and blacks in the United States: Analyzing the influences of educational inequalities in obesity and population improvements in education”, authored by Yu (2016) reports the findings of a study carried out to investigate the relationship between education, race, and obesity in the US. Although the researcher did not give an…

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Importance of Theory: Leininger’s Transcultural Nursing

Introduction Nursing was hardly defined as an academic discipline or even as a profession in the 19th century (Alligood, 2014). In the 21st century, the recognition of nursing was observed in different practice areas, including education, leadership, informatics, and management. Nursing frameworks and theories start playing an important role in the work of hospitals and medical centers where nurses have…

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Social Media in Nursing Practice

Introduction It is evident that social media became one of the most powerful instruments used by numerous specialists from a variety of professions (Hood, 2014). People use social networks to find out about the latest news and exchange information. It is interesting how the current state of the social media network allows nurses to connect with their patients (Henderson &…

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Ecstasy, Its Origins and Effects on Body and Mind

Introduction The largest province in Canada is Quebec. It is not in isolation in the fight against drug abuse. Young people engage themselves in drug abuse due to various reasons. It may include peer pressure, to deal with pain, rejection, low self-esteem, curiosity and as a way of having fun. It may seem ok to be intoxicated. Signs of drug…

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Gabriela Family Health Assessment

In the quest to understand the lifestyles of people living in the United States and ascertain their wellness needs, I developed a questionnaire attached at the appendix of this essay. Using the questionnaire, I collected data from a family that resides in the state of California. The questionnaire had a set of open-ended questions, which revolved around the lifestyles of…

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Cardiovascular Diseases in African Americans

Introduction Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in African Americans while stroke is among the biggest problems affecting women from this race. Beal (2015) conducted a study titled “Stroke education needs of African American women” to investigate the perceptions about stroke and health information seeking behaviors in African American women beyond medical encounters. The research provides essential information…

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Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for Nurses

Introduction The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is an American health care reform act expected to affect millions of citizens. The act is expected to promote universal healthcare, improve the quality of medical services and reduce medical costs. The passage of the bill brings many reforms to the health sector. These reforms will definitely affect the professionals in…

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Nurses’ Educational Preparations

Introduction Nursing is a profession that is dealing with life and death situations occurring every day. A nursing professional requires a high level of education regarding a variety of subjects such as anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, etc. It is often stated that nursing professionals that acquired a higher level of education tend to be more respected and valued in the sphere…

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Nursing Theories in Adolescents Issues Treatment

Approaching the Subject of Alcohol Use with Adolescent Patients The question of alcohol consumption among adolescents is quite acute and pressing and, therefore, requires an appropriate and rational approach. Having an adolescent patient using alcohol, it is crucial to identify the core of the problem. As a rule, they try alcohol due to the following reasons: to look older, to…

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Foam Dressings for Venous Leg Ulcers

Introduction The given paper is devoted to the investigation of treatment methods for venous leg ulcers (VLUs) focusing on foam dressings. The major advantage of this type of advanced dressing is that it is highly absorbent and, therefore, may reduce the risk for maceration of peri-ulcer skin and does not require a secondary dressing. However, the data on the effects…

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Russian-American Family Health Assessment

Family Description The family was interviewed for the purpose of completing this health family assessment is a Russian-American family, whose ancestors migrated to the USA in the early 20th century. The family is comprised of three people, which include the father (43 years old), the mother (40 years old), and the daughter (18 years old). The family lives together. Father…

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Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory and Application

Introduction Nursing theories dictate the nature and quality of medical services available to different patients. A nursing theory is a general assumption informed by different concepts and definitions with the aim of improving care delivery. Practitioners use specific theories to explain emerging phenomena and offer adequate health support. Such models merge concepts, metaparadigms, and ideas in an attempt to describe…

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Antibiotics: Approaches to the Appointment and Usage

Inappropriate strategies that are associated with prescribing antibiotics often lead to bacterial resistance to certain medications. As a result, it is important to address this problem by changing approaches to prescribing and using antibiotics while treating adults and children (Peate, Wild, & Nair, 2014). To respond to this tendency, it is important to develop or improve protocols for regulating the…

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field for Diabetic Patients

This proposal seeks to address the issue of diabetic neuropathy among patients aged between 30 and 60 years. All the targeted patients suffer from the problem of refractory leg pain. The proposal suggests PEMF (Pulse electromagnetic field therapy) as an intervention Plan for treatment of diabetic patients who have a low carbohydrate-diet, and those who are on hypoglycemic oral medications…

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Nursing Education and Clinical Practice Guidelines

Systematic Review There is a variety of jobs related to healthcare and people holding such positions often have severe health issues as their patients do. In order to understand health situation and determine the most important health risks for nursing professionals, a long-term study has been conducted. In their article, Baer et al. analyze the findings of previous researchers and…

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Door-to-Balloon Time Reduction Non-Human Obstacles

The door-to-balloon (DTB) time reduction depends largely on the chain of human specialists performing their roles with as little wasteful steps as possible, following the recommendations and best practices (CCN, 2013; American College of Cardiology Foundation & American Heart Association, 2013). However, the non-human factors can also play a significant role in reducing the time and, as an immediate consequence,…

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Self-Care Plan in Medicine

A medical worker is to serve as an example of a healthy and responsible lifestyle to the patients. That is why it is highly important that a registered nurse knows how to apply self-care and health promotion actions at the personal level before encouraging the same activities for the patients. In this paper, I will explore diabetes, a potential health…

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Concepts’ Differences and Their Application in Nursing

Introduction: Research and Practice in Nursing Exploring new opportunities for the improvement of the quality of nursing services is a crucial step toward managing patients’ needs. Research serves as a powerful tool for determining how the identified goal can be accomplished. Evidence-based practice (EBP), in turn, provides the foundation for testing the efficacy of the designed frameworks. Therefore, EBP should…

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Brucellosis, Gonorrhea, Lyme Disease in Miami

The city under discussion in Miami, Florida. It can be easily found with the help of its zip code, which is 33193. There are a lot of websites that discuss the healthcare condition of this city from various perspectives. Both epidemiological and surveillance data are included in the majority of them for the representatives of the general public to be…

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Myasthenia Gravis, Its Causes and Diagnostics

Myasthenia gravis is a rare autoimmune disorder that belongs to the group of neuromuscular junction disorders. The recent studies on this disease have presented a lot of data regarding the causes of the disorder, diagnosing, treatment, and possible prognosis for further achievements in this field. The purpose of this systematic literature review is to report the latest findings regarding the…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Nursing Informatics Competencies

With the development of technology, informatics entered nursing as well as many other spheres. Nursing informatics is expected to reduce the time needed for documentation, streamline searching activities, and provide more opportunities for communication with healthcare professionals and patients. Some of its areas are also relevant to my current position. For example, coordination of activities among departments and the staff…

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Mental Disorders in Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence

Abstract Statistics on mental disorders show that they tend to prevail in infants, children, and adolescents. More than 2.5 million children in the USA suffer from different kinds of mental disorders and more than 13% are in the risk group (Paul, 2007). Disorders in children and adults are not clearly differentiated as those appearing at a mature age usually have…

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Congestive Heart Failure and Nutrition Issues

In the case under analysis, four essential problems can be identified immediately. These include the patient’s CHF, retention of fluid, nutrition issues, and loneliness. The hospitalization due to the exacerbation of CHF, hypertension, weight loss, and the development of depression after the loss of her husband can be considered the evidence that supports the concerns listed above. To handle the…

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Type 2 Diabetes: Disease Process and Screening

The Choice of the Topic The disease process selected for this assignment is type 2 diabetes. It was chosen because, among all the cases of diabetic known to modern medicine, this type is the most common. The process of this disease revolves around insulin resistance experienced by the body of an affected individual (University of Maryland Medical Center, 2017). All…

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Public Health Threat: Chikungunya

History of Chikungunya Chikungunya is one of the public health issues which are currently causing concern in the United States. Even though the spread of the virus is common in Africa and parts of Asia, a study by Foster and Vitale (2013) shows that the virus is spreading very fast to Europe and North America. Jackson (2013) states that “Chikungunya…

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Transitional Nursing Strategies in Oncology

Transitional nursing or transitional care is a model that was developed to address the set of practices that are needed when patients have to transit from one place (e.g. hospital) to another (home). This model of nursing care is especially relevant to patients with chronic illnesses that have to change locations frequently during their treatment. Transitional nursing focuses on different…

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AACN Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing

Abstract The purpose of the paper is the evaluation and appraisal of AACN’s Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing (EMEN). Every essential reflects specific skills and competencies nurses should develop to provide reliable care, improve public and individual health outcomes, and enhance health systems. Each essential is briefly described, and its significance is demonstrated. Introduction The EMEN represents the skills…

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Nursing Conflict Resolution Strategies

Introduction The growing diversification of nurse responsibilities can lead to the emergence of conflicts, some of which cannot be resolved with immediate intervention. Nevertheless, by analyzing the conflict it is possible to identify the strengths of the involved parties and devise strategies for further prevention of similar occurrences. Description of the Conflict The unresolved conflict was observed during the check…

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Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes Measurement

The times when nurses received payment for providing care independent of its quality has long gone. Now hospitals’ management teams try to evaluate the quality of care that their patients receive. Measurements that define outcomes can be both physiological and social (Polit & Beck, 2004, p. 232). While both doctors and nurses are responsible for conducting medical procedures, the latter…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Family-Based Childhood Obesity and Parental Weight

Introduction The article examines the multifactorial nature of the growing health issue of childhood obesity. The authors investigate the correlation between childhood BMI and parental obesity. The authors cite empirical evidence to support their central point, which is that there exists a link between elevated parental obesity rates overweight in children. They give further evidence attributing a heightened obesity risk…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Nursing Philosophy, Knowledge and Competencies

Introduction The Professional Capstone and Practicum course has equipped me with adequate competencies that will support my future practice as a healthcare worker. The course has outlined most of the attributes associated with nursing practice. The skills and knowledge gained from the course can be applied in different healthcare settings to support the changing needs of many clients. Practitioners should…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Kendall Regional Medical Center and Its Information Laws

Background Maintaining patients’ data safety has become increasingly topical and important in the context of the 21st century and the application of digital tools as the means of managing information. Seeing that hospitals keep a detailed record of not only their patients’ health issues but also their private data, it is imperative to make sure that the nursing facility in…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Kendall Regional Medical Center: Pressure Ulcer Problem

Health care management can be seen as the optimization of internal and external processes within the institution. The effective manager affects the levels of income and expenses, administers the work of the personnel, and ensures the implementation of organizational objectives (DeWit & Kumagai, 2014). Moreover, successful managers know the ways to influence employee teams through the application of diverse leadership…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Sharp Healthcare Organization’s History and Mission

Introduction Sharp HealthCare, a well-being maintenance provider located in San Diego, is a medical organization that includes several hospitals, medical groups, and centers. Sharp HealthCare traces its roots from the establishment of Donald N. Sharp Memorial Community Hospital, named after the young pilot from San Diego who sacrificed his life near Bonn, Germany in the time of the Second World…

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Hypertension Prevention, Treatment, and Education

Topic Identification and Rationale There is hardly a person who has never heard of someone complaining about high blood pressure. A periodic or continuous high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is detected in 29 percent of the US adult population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention evaluation (High Blood Pressure Facts, 2015). Approximately nine out of…

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Information Systems for Patient Education

Introduction Modern health policy functions in such a way that vital importance is given to patient education. It contributes to increasing the life expectancy of various medical institutions’ wards, improves the quality of care, and also reduces the cost of treatment. By teaching a patient, nurses help him or her to adapt to the current illness to maintain the most…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Hospital Senior Managers in Total Quality Management

In the past, it was widely believed that Total Quality Management (TQM) was linked to business and manufacturing activities. However, nowadays, this practice is actively employed by different service providers including medical facilities (Ramseook-Munhurrun, Munhurrun, & Panchoo, 2011). It could be said that this strategy has a vital impact on the quality of the provided services and is regarded as…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Leadership and the Graduate Nursing Role

Introduction For the purposes of this assignment, I completed a short eighteen-question quiz that helped me to recognize my leadership style. The results of the quiz reveal that I lean towards a democratic style of leadership. Democratic leaders or participative leaders value the collaboration of a group and engage it with the decision-making process; however, after careful consideration of a…

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Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical and Nursing Care

Introduction Evidence-based practice (EBP) is gaining in popularity in the health-care environment as it allows more opportunities to achieve a threefold purpose: It provides the most effective evidence, suggests clinical expertise, and makes it possible to take the best care of patient values. EBP allows for reducing costs, and at the same time, it leads to an increased level of…

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Medical Marijuana Bill, Its Pros and Cons

Problem Statement Since there are plenty of health care issues, policies, regulations, and laws that are discussed regularly by health care legislators, it is important to select the one that seems to be most controversial. As far as Florida is concerned, the issue that is addressed most frequently is the use of medical marijuana. Regular legislative sessions are devoted to…

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Bachelor and Associate Degrees in Nursing

In the United States, different nurse-training programs vary in duration, curriculum, and competencies that specialists have upon the completion of the studies. It should be noted that a gradual increase in awareness of patient care has led to the increased need for qualified and trained health care specialists with advanced and specialized skills (Bateman, 2012). In the country, there is…

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Acute Ankle Sprain and Pain-Relieving Medications

The relief of pain in the joint after an unpleasant fall or another similar injury is usually accompanied by the use of appropriate analgesics that should be taken as prescribed by the doctor. However, there are cases when NSAIDs cannot be used for certain reasons. Since the 26-year-old patient denies the use of steroids because of the risk of developing…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Women’s Health: Depression as a Psychological Factor

Biophysical, Psychological, Sociocultural, Behavioral and Health System Factors Women who identify themselves as lesbian are likely to experience depression as well as anxiety. Betty is depressed, and there are certain reasons for that as well as factors that contribute to the development of depression. Biophysical, psychological, sociocultural, behavioral, and health system factors should be taken into consideration. The woman is…

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Financial Concept Map in Nursing Work

Figure 1. Concept Map. Nurses have always affected the way resources are allocated through their reports and commentaries concerning things they need to complete tasks assigned. At present, budgeting has become an indispensable part of nursing professional activity. In many cases, nurses provide reports including their potential budgets for a certain period. Nursing professionals provide these data to managers who…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Door-to-Balloon Time Project and Dissemination Plan

Introduction To develop a successful plan featuring the best dissemination strategies, it is necessary to identify the goal of the project, its target audience and stakeholders, and the required resources (Barksdale, Newhouse, & Miller, 2014). The activities are to be organized to expand the dissemination plan in two major directions: (a) to develop the change project commercially to obtain the…

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Topic: Health & Medicine

Quality Improvement Team in Healthcare Institution

The creation of quality improvement (QI) teams is essential since the involvement of the staff in the processes of change is vital for successful work redesign and the improvement of the existing practices (Rantz et al., 2013). QI teams are needed because changes in the provision of healthcare services do not occur just by the personnel working harder; changes happen…

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