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    Keep reading to learn more about a vision statement and its purpose. Below, we explain what a vision statement is and why every company needs one.

    ✅ Vision Statement Generator: How to Use

    Need help writing a vision statement? You've come to the right place!

    On this page, you will find our free vision generator. With its help, you can generate vision statements in seconds!

    All you need to do is to follow these steps:

    1. Write the company’s name.
    2. Describe your organization’s dream. You can add up to three points.
    3. Explain how you are going to achieve this dream.
    4. Choose up to 3 words that describe your work best.

    🔮 Vision Statement: the Basics

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    What Is the Definition of a Vision Statement?

    A vision statement describes the future aims and aspirations of an organization. Its purpose is to reveal long-term results to current and future employees and stakeholders. It also helps companies to focus on their goals and work towards them together.

    The picture presents the definition of a vision statement.

    Vision Statement vs. Mission Statement

    Vision and mission statements are often confused, but they're not the same. Here's how they differ.

    🎯 Mission statement 👁️ Vision statement
    A mission statement describes an organization's purpose and its processes. It usually focuses on the present rather than on the company's future goals. A vision statement explains the organization's plans, results, and aspirations. It's not concerned with its current state.

    Why Is a Vision Statement Important?

    A vision statement helps a company define its goals and aspirations, which is crucial for any organization. It can also motivate the current employees and attract future ones. A solid vision statement helps develop an organizational culture that contributes to the company's success.

    ✍ How to Write a Vision Statement

    So, how can you make your own vision statement? Check out this guide we've created for you!

    Step 1 - Define the Company’s Values and Mission

    Describe the organization's values and its interaction with the environment. After determining these two facts, it will be easier for you to define the company's future goals.

    Step 2 - Describe the Company's Culture

    Excellent company culture is also one of the critical success factors. That is why an organization's vision is connected to its culture. You can ask the employees what they think about it to help you understand it better.

    Step 3 - Point Out the Company’s Strategic Aims

    What are the organization's current goals? What is it doing to achieve them? Although a vision statement is mainly centered on future goals, it's worth defining the present ones, too.

    Step 4 - Define Future Goals

    Think of what the company will be in 8-10 years. Then, come up with a strategy to achieve this goal and how current actions contribute to it. A vision statement should be relevant at that time in the future, even if the company undergoes changes.

    Step 5 - Make a Statement

    Now, it's time to put everything together and write a vision statement. Make it precise and easy to understand.

    The picture explains how to write a vision statement.

    👀 Tips on Writing a Vision Statement

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    If you still have questions about what a vision statement should be like, here is a checklist that will help you out!

    A vision statement should be:

    • Simple and clear. One objective should be enough to express what the company aims at. Don't put too much information or details into the statement.
    • Future-oriented. There is no need to spend much time explaining the organization's current processes. Focus on future goals instead.
    • Inspirational. A vision statement aims to motivate the employees and everyone interacting with the company. It should inspire them to work towards the common goal.
    • Challenging. Don't make the future objective too easy to achieve. People should be able to see the company's growth potential, which is also one of the vision statement's purposes. Make it challenging but realistic.
    • Unique. You should make the company stand out from the competition. That's why your vision statement mustn't copy other companies.

    👍 Vision Statement Examples

    Need some inspiration to spark your creativity? Here, we’ve gathered 3 real-life examples for you to gain some vision statement ideas.

    Company name Vision Statement Why is it good?
    IKEA To create a better everyday life for the many people IKEA's vision statement is easy-to-read and has a specific, reachable goal.
    TED We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and, ultimately, the world This vision statement mentions a far-reaching goal of changing the world. It describes TED’s future aspirations while being challenging and unique.
    Samsung Shape the future with innovation and intelligence Samsung has a short vision statement that best describes its goal in relation to the future.

    We hope this article was helpful and informative. Feel free to use our vision statement generator whenever you need it!

    If you need to conduct business analysis, check out our SWOT analysis online tool and SOAR analysis matrix creator.

    ❓ Vision Statement Generator FAQ

    ❓ What is a good vision statement example?

    Here's an example of a vision statement for a hypothetical publishing company: "To connect readers and authors from all over the world." This is a good vision statement example because it is short, challenging, and future-oriented.

    ❓ How do I write my vision statement?

    To write a vision statement:

    1. Define the company's values and mission first.
    2. Explain the company's culture and strategic aims. You should also think of its future goals.
    3. Put everything together and make a statement.
    4. Make sure it's not too short or long

    ❓ What are the 3 parts of a vision statement?

    The three parts of a vision statement are a company's goals, purpose, and values. To write a vision statement describing the company's future plans, you should also define its present aims and values.

    ❓ What is basic vision statement?

    A basic vision statement describes the plans and goals of a company. Its purpose is to help a company focus on its aims and to motivate employees and stakeholders. It can also contribute to the future success of an organization.

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