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  1. Crime Commission: Legal and Social Perspectives
    Crime has various dimensions: legal and ethical. Crime commission helps to integrate all dimensions of the society in the administration of justice.
  2. Crime Prevention Programs and Criminal Rehabilitation
    This paper will analyze the various crime prevention programs and criminal rehabilitation efforts that the criminal justice system engages in.
  3. Shoplifting: a Crime of Convenience
    The purpose of the academic-based study was to observe the specific shoplifting tendencies of a broad group of individuals for reducing the number of shoplifting occurrences.
  4. Concept of Juvenile Crime
    There has been a considerable rise in juvenile crime arrest and this is causing alarm to parents and the society at large.
  5. Concept of Natural Legal Crime
    The concept of natural crime covers actions that are deemed wrong regardless of whether they are enforced by law.
  6. Criminality Development in the Documentary A Life of Crime
    The paper introduces the conception of getting involved in criminal activities as well as criminology development in America. The analysis refers to the documentary A Life of Crime.
  7. The Racilisation of Crime and Cultural Panics
    This essay is a short summary of the roles that the government and the media have played in creating cultural panics about ethnic crimes and the problems that have emerged.
  8. Illegal Immigrants and Its Effects on Crime
    This paper set out to demonstrate that there is a relationship between the rise in crime and the increase in illegal immigration to the US. It began by highlighting the immigration problem.
  9. Youth Crime Prevention and Needs Assessment
    To assess needs of youth offenders, one should employ the approach of recidivism prevention and conduct assessment at any stage of the juvenile justice system.
  10. Generali Group: Developments in Financial Crime
    The paper has outlined recent trends associated with financial crime from a GRC practitioner’s point of view. It has methods for protecting the financial sector institutions.
  11. Psychological Help as the Prevent From Possible Crime
    Nowadays, the USA needs to provide constant psychiatric help to people with severe mental disorders to prevent them from possible crime.
  12. US Gun Control Measures and Crime Rates Reduction
    Gun control is an essential step that will ensure people account for several security aspects as is evident in this discussion.
  13. Flagami Community’s Crime and Health Situation
    This paper assesses crime as a problem of the Flagami community and considers the factors that can have a positive contribution to the correction of the situation.
  14. Nurse Robaczynski’s Case: Crime or Mercy Killing?
    The nurse had to disconnect her patient’s respirator because he had no chance to survive. However, the opinions of experts in the field, in this case, tend to vary.
  15. Crime and Criminals: General Characteristics
    For a long time, crime has been a subject of discussion among various countries across the globe, with various strategies and inventions being developed to curb the same.
  16. Nortel Networks Company’s Corporate Crime
    The perpetrators of the financial statement manipulation at the Nortel Networks Corporation were the former CEO, financial controller, and chief financial officer.
  17. Is There Such Thing as a Victimless Crime?
    The problem of a victimless crime has been labeled as controversial due to the different opinions surrounding this issue.
  18. “Crime in Post-Katrina Houston” Study by Settles and Lindsay
    This paper presents the results of the study “Crime in post-Katrina Houston: the effects of moral panic on emergency planning” conducted by Settles and Lindsay.
  19. Crime Scene Investigation in Media and Real Life
    The process of identifying and matching a piece of evidence to a particular person is a long process which requires exact sciences and methods.
  20. White-Collar Crime and Negligence
    White-collar crime is a category of non-violent criminal activities that are motivated by financial gain. The aim of this paper is to analyze two case studies on white-collar crime and negligence.
  21. The Teens, Crime, and Community Project in the US
    The Teens, Crime, and the Community project topic focuses on the problem of juvenile delinquency as more youths and children commit different forms of crime in the United States.
  22. Repression and Crime Control
    In the article “Repression and Crime Control: Why Social Movement Scholars Should Pay Attention to Mass Incarceration as a Form of Repression” Pamela Oliver raises the topic of repression of black Americans.
  23. Deviance, Crime and Social Control
    The selected topic from the class text is “Deviance, Crime, and Social Control”. The term deviance “refers to the violations of established contextual, cultural, or social norms”.
  24. Crime Scene Investigation Effect in Justice System
    Movies have been known to influence popular culture in different parts of the world. Analysts believe that the “CSI effect” is one of the fruits of popular culture.
  25. Crime Types and Their Harm to Society
    This paper discusses the questions related to criminal justice issues, such as types of crimes, the concept of the Dark Figure of Crime, victimless crimes, and others.
  26. Organized Business Crime Prosecution and Investigation
    Mr. Big is charged with operating a criminal enterprise that engages in illicit business activities. The memo proposes the investigative plan to obtain relevant evidence.
  27. Race and Crime Among Minorities in the US
    The increased rate of offenders from ethnic and racial minorities is an issue that has captured the attention of many scholars and criminologists.
  28. Capital Punishment as Ineffective Crime Deterrence
    Capital punishment does not act as a deterrence to crimes because if it did, then states with capital punishment would have low rates of homicides.
  29. How Local Television News Viewing Relates to Fear of Crime?
    The hypothesis was that “people watching more television would perceive their world in ways that reflect the recurrent messages from the media”.
  30. Sociological Diversity and Its Impact on Crime Rate
    The theory asserts that society is characterized by a high level of competition. Individuals are always in a state of conflict and it is difficult to achieve consensus and conformity.
  31. Crime and Delinquency Theories
    This work examines ideas of Mosca’s inevitability of stratification, Durkheim’s collective conscience, Pareto’s circulation of elites, and defines other social concepts and issues.
  32. Crime Scene Safety and Security in the United States
    To protect themselves, both the crime scene personnel and the first responding officer must use gloves to prevent contact with potentially hazardous pieces of evidence.
  33. Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” Literary Analysis
    In “Crime and Punishment”, Dostoevsky tells readers about the tragic events in the streets of St. Petersburg when a student Rodion Raskolnikov commits double murder.
  34. Organized and Transnational Crime in Southeast Asia
    The paper argues that human trafficking, drug trafficking, and money laundering are some of the most acute security challenges that societies in Southeast Asia encounter today.
  35. Childhood Crime at School in the State of Texas
    The safety of children should be a priority for the citizens of Texas because they represent the future of the state.
  36. Capital Punishment for Crime Deterrence
    Capital punishment has been the subject of considerable debate in the past, and many countries have removed the practice.
  37. Juvenile Crime in Modern Society
    The current research will focus on examining the problem of juvenile crime from the social perspective rather than the governmental.
  38. Recidivism of Juvenile Crime
    Scientific generalizations of positive experience and practice in crime prevention make it possible to systematize this activity and make it more effective.
  39. Crime Causation Theories: Contrastive Analysis
    The purpose of this paper is to provide a contrastive analysis of the three crime causation theories in order to define the most prevalent one.
  40. The Crime of Challenging Moral Settings
    The highest form of morality implies the principle according to which every individual should act with others in the way they would like to work with them.

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  1. South Africa: Violence and Crime
    Organized crime in South Africa negatively affects the state of national security, criminalizing all spheres of society and various social institutions.
  2. Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking Offenders
    This paper discusses organized crime and drug trafficking, as well as the legal rights of the convicted and the relationships between the offenses.
  3. Sex Trafficking by Organized Crime Groups
    Transnational sex trafficking serves as evidence that a persistent problem exists surrounding the exploitation of women due to the lack of social protection.
  4. “Goodfellas” Crime Drama Film by Martin Scorsese
    Goodfellas is an iconic crime drama film released in 1990. It was directed by Martin Scorsese, also written by him and Nicholas Pileggi.
  5. Crime Theories. “Can’t Catch a Break” by Sered & Norton-Hawk
    By reviewing the contents of the book and comparing and contrasting it with the three theories, one can examine the key concepts of both the book and the theories.
  6. Crime Rates in the United States over 20 Years
    The information revolves around rates of property and violent crimes in the U.S. over a period of 20 years. It is obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation data.
  7. Criminological Theory: Context and Consequences. The Notion of Criminality and Crime
    The exploration of the notion of criminality and crime is essential for the prevention and management thereof.
  8. Juvenile Crime Concepts Review
    This essay will provide a summary of the readings mentioned and provide some linkages to the learnings from the textbook and class learning.
  9. Assessing Role of Technology in Police Crime Mapping
    The role of technology in police operations has become pivotal because it aids our law enforcement agencies to do their tasks easier and less time-consuming.
  10. Organized Crime: Russian vs. Italian Mafia
    The Russian mafia was influenced by political and economic changes, the breakdown of the USSR, and the wave of privatization.
  11. Technology-Based Crime and Its Management
    In the modern world of science and technology, new developments and advancements have changed life and style of living tremendously.
  12. Internationalism: The Issue of Transitional Crime
    Transnational crimes affect the democracy of a nation, the economic growth and the trade of that country by draining the available assets of that country.
  13. “White-Collar Crime” Definition and Qualification
    White-collar crime can be defined as the crimes which are committed by individuals of respectability and very high social status in the course of their occupation.
  14. Juvenile and Crime: The Reasons and Today’s Situation
    Reserch reveals that crime activities can include violence and that the whole incidence of gang activity in schools has become quite frequent in the recent years.
  15. Organized Crime: Forming of the Definition
    The given work seeks to investigate the process of forming the concept of ‘organized crime’ by governments and justice systems.
  16. Criminal Justice and Crime Control in the US
    If the criminal justice system is able to uphold the real essence of justice in every facet of its system, it is only then that people will learn to trust its system.
  17. Crime Prevention Programme in Australia
    To prevent the wide spread of violence within relationships among young people in Australia, there are certain programmes, initiatives and resources that have been devised.
  18. Fiction Versus Reality: Crime as a Social Phenomenon
    While making an analysis of various societies of the world at large, it becomes evident that no human society has ever been free from crimes, perversion and deviance at all.
  19. Biological, Biosocial and Classical Theories of Crime
    The association of biology and criminality based on modifications of the brain also stands as a strong influence on the behavior of an individual.
  20. Corporate Crime: Understanding and Explaining
    Corporate scandals have become the stories behind many company downfalls and corporate governance reforms throughout the world were triggered by the scandals.
  21. Criminal Justice System: Drugs and Crime
    The main objective of the criminal justice system is ensuring delivery of justice for all. It mainly concentrates in detection of crime.
  22. “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoevsky: Analysis of the work
    “Crime and Punishment”, written by Dostoevsky, concentrates on moral issues and highlights society’s urgent problems in the nineteenth century.
  23. The Impact of Crime and Violence on Tourism in Jamaica
    The rapid development of international tourism and its spreading almost in every corner of the globe put sharply the problem of safety provision for tourists.
  24. Feasibility of Modifying Crime Map
    This short report reveals the problem effecting crime map which is the project of Metropolitan Police Department.
  25. Crime and Justice by Curie
    The results of the studies by Currie proved the tendency of crime occurring in the middle- to late-adolescence, which subsides in early adulthood.
  26. “Crimes Against Logic” by Jamie Whyte
    Crimes against Logic touches the aspect of fallacies through the description of human values and behavior following major actions performed.
  27. Families, Delinquency and Crime
    Crime would be considered a major social problem in the United States according to opinion surveys, with the major cause being laxity and inefficiency in parenting.
  28. Peru – Globalization, Environment, Crime and Disease
    The paper synthesizes a number of legitimate sources to focus on globalization and its effects on Peru with special relation to environmental issues, crime, and diseases.
  29. Presidential Powers: Official Pardon for Crime Granting
    The argument of the presidents’ authority to grant official pardon for crime against the situation apart from the cases of accusation.
  30. Drug Abuse and Crime Correlation
    The correlation between drug use and crimes go, most prisoners said they commit crimes for obtaining money for drugs, so drugs are the motivation.
  31. Should We Rely on Eye-Witness Testimonies to Identify Crime-Suspects?
    Human judgment and decision making are complex processes influenced by a number of psychological and environmental factors.
  32. Drugs and Society Violent Crime: Public Drunkenness
    Violent crime that is associated with public drunkenness is not only caused by regular alcohol consumption but also by other factors that accompany alcohol trading.
  33. Crime Situation in Bankstown-Australia
    The paper provides the level of crime, overview of types of offences in Bankstown – Australia. It discusses general reasons of malicious damage to property commitment.
  34. The Relationship Between Drugs and Addiction to Crime
    Systemic crime emerges from the arrangement of drug circulation. It includes conflicts over the region in rival drug traders, attacks, and executions committed in involved groups.
  35. Homeland Security, Race and Crime in the US
    Homeland security has become a significant part of the American republic security sector especially in this age of industrialization.
  36. Bribery as a Crime
    As a rule, major bribes include payments that are higher than a certain limit which can be considered as an ordinary present.
  37. Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut
    This article explains the purpose and duties of conscience as depicted in the Mark Twain story, The Facts Concerning the Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut.
  38. Crime Among the Juveniles: Causes
    High school dropout rate; poverty; and child abuse and neglect contribute to increased incidences of violent crimes among young people.
  39. Crime in Society: Costs and Response
    This paper looks at the social and economic costs of crime, how people learn to involve themselves in crime and how communities respond to the crime in society.
  40. Terrorism as a Transnational Organized Crime
    Terrorism and organized crime have always been considered to stand among the primary security threats in any society.

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  1. Property Crime and Sociological Typologies: Law Study
    In this paper, the importance of identification of the criminal typology approach type that may be applied to the suspects is of particular essence.
  2. Confidential Informants and Crime
    The use of confidential informants allows destroying organized crime syndicates or terrorist gangs, which otherwise would not be adequately addressed through the corresponding legislation.
  3. Racism: “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah
    This article focuses on “Born a Crime”, the autobiography of the comedian Trevor Noah, in which he reflects on his childhood under the racist laws of apartheid.
  4. Crime Rates in the US and Its Link to the Juvenile Justice System
    The juvenile justice system was meant to help reduce the rate of crime in the United States by taking children engaged in criminal activities through a rehabilitation process.
  5. Deterring Juvenile Crime. Bullying and Delinquency
    Delinquency can be defined as a crime committed by a minor; in the recent few years, cases of juvenile delinquency have been on the rise.
  6. White Collar Crime, Corporate Crime and Substance Abuse
    A single corporate crime can cause harm to many people. The fiscal impact of white-collar crimes significantly surpasses those of blue-collar offenses.
  7. The Crime Control Model: Due Process Values
    The Crime Control Model has been founded on the premise that the most important role of the criminal justice process is the repression of any form of criminal conduct.
  8. Crime Causation Theories
    While psychological and sociological factors predispose an individual to delinquency, most offenses can be attributed to biological causes.
  9. The Theory Deviance and Crime
    Scholars have developed a full-scale theory of deviance, which accounted for some people neglecting the already established behavioral patterns by direct law violation.
  10. The Psychological Underpinning of True Crime Obsession
    The proposed study examines the psychological underpinning of true crime obsession to demonstrate why this genre became popular. It presents an overview of the psychology.
  11. The Profiling of Crime Victims
    The essay suggests that crime victims often resemble crime perpetrators and theirs main social and personal characteristics as well as social, economic, and psychological factors.
  12. Media and Crime: Shaping of Public Opinion
    The essay emphasizes how the media exaggerates and portrays false images of a victim and the consequences of crime for a common citizen.
  13. The Case of Shooting at Planned Parenthood: Understanding the Causes of the Crime
    The case of Robert Dear, who attacked the Planned Parenthood Center and initiated a mass shooting, is a clear example of the motives of the perpetrator not being clearly established.
  14. Current Corrections in the Criminal Justice System and Crime Control
    Nichanian’s article “Criminal justice reform in the states: Spotlight on legislatures” provides an overview of legislative changes related to the American criminal justice system.
  15. Crime Statistics Comparison Between Two Universities
    The discussion will include a comparison of crime statistics between two distinct in structure and resident number facilities – Hampton University and the College of William and Mary.
  16. Crime and Causation: Robbery
    Robbery is an excellent example of a criminal act. Robbery is any theft achieved by the use of force, threats, or violence against a person or their property.
  17. Community Policing: The Alternative Solution to Youth Crime
    Community policing is a better alternative especially when it comes to the sensitive nature of juvenile crime.
  18. Crime in Texas: Security Strategies
    There is a need to implement serious self-defense and personal security strategies in Texas to protect its citizens and their loved ones from becoming victims of dreaded crimes.
  19. Uniform Crime Reports: Crime Trends and Repeat Victimization
    Uniform Crime Reports are a collection of crime reports collected by law agencies within the country and submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
  20. Property Crime Rates in Fayetteville, North Carolina
    The given paper will primarily focus on property crime rates in Fayetteville, North Carolina. There is a gradual decrease in property crime rates in the United States.
  21. Crime and Class Relations Analysis
    White-Collar Crime is a form of nonviolent crime committed by an individual of high social status or respectable position, and it is usually motivated financially.
  22. Crime Theory Regarding Rape Laws
    This paper describes the crime or act of delinquency, the application of the psychological theory, and the application of the non-psychological theory.
  23. The Effects of Hate Crime Law on Democracy
    The hate crime law effectively protects people from different social groups and their freedom in spite of its potential risk to an individual’s right to express himself.
  24. Enhanced Police Patrol Drones for Crime Prone Neighborhoods
    Drones are among the few technologies that law enforcement agencies could use to alleviate many of the challenges they face in their ordinary duties.
  25. White Collar Crime – Madoff Affair
    Madoff knew how to play, but more importantly, it was due to the many loopholes in the regulatory framework. Madoff exploited these loopholes to run his illegal activities.
  26. Crime Rates: Hawaii
    Crime measurements are critical indicators for accepting or declining potential legislations, and these statistics help to build the correct course among law enforcement agencies.
  27. Various Issues Related to White-Collar Crime
    The most common types of white collar crimes include money laundering, computer fraud, currency schemes, bank fraud and credit card fraud.
  28. Corporate Occupational and Avocational Crime
    Corporate crime is classified on the basis of activities, agents, laws broken or products under consideration; however, the most common criterion use is that of activity.
  29. Racism, Crime and Justice and Growing-Up Bad
    Disproportionate discrimination of the black and Asian youths by justice and law enforcement agencies in Britain is a product of a multiplicity of factors.
  30. Crime Rate: the Recidivism Rate
    The rate at which an act is done repeatedly by a given person is termed the recidivism rate. This act is usually preceded by corrective or discouraging attempts on the individual.
  31. Fear of Victims to Report Crime
    Living in the society comprises not only the complex of advantages which can be considered with the government’s protection and provision of rights.
  32. Criminal Law – Is Graffiti a Crime or Not?
    Graffiti has in a key factor been associated with wrongdoings and ill-image driving purposes towards the society.
  33. Victimization Prevention is an Effective Tool Against Crime
    Victimization prevention solutions borrowed from the crime prevention sector should militate against the practice of consultation and dispassionate inquiry.
  34. The England Crime Statistics by Region: Liverpool and Manchester
    The paper will consider such crime types as violence against personality, sexual offense, robbery, an offense against vehicles, theft, fraud, and forgery, criminal damage, etc.
  35. Crime in American Society: Causes, Types, Costs, Etc.
    The research paper explores the causes and types of crime, its related costs as well as a consideration of some criminal careers.
  36. Russian Organized Crime: History & Personalities
    This research paper seeks to focus on Russian Organized Crime. It will elaborately discuss its history, notable ROC personalities, size and scope, causes, and significances.
  37. Syndicated and Organized Crime and Governmental Crime
    Enterprise crime is the crime in which money is obtained illegally. Actually, this kind of crime is done very slowly by taking many years.
  38. Uniform Crime Report: Term Definition
    Uniform Crime Report is a reporting system that is summarized with data concerning different geographic levels in a State.
  39. Crime and Criminal Behavior: Assault Concept Study
    To determine what changes to make in the case, one needs to clarify the definitions of key terms of “assault” used within the criminal law of the state.
  40. Uniform Crime Reporting: Indicator of Crime in the US
    This paper discusses the way data is collected through the UCR system provides an accurate indicator of crime in the United States.

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  1. Children as Perpetrators and Victims of Crime
    Through watching mythic children movies or reading their stories, they tend to drift to the side which best suits them.
  2. How Technology Advances Influences Crime Rates?
    There is a risk in overuse of technology since it causes mistrust and cynicism where fear of crime is replaced by fear of authority.
  3. Functionalism: Crime and Deviance in Society
    Issues of crime and deviance directly derive from the functionalist system’s components, which are responsible for ensuring continuous functionality and well-being.
  4. The Definition of White-Collar Crime by Sutherland
    Sutherland had an approach to the definition of white-collar crime that was purely rooted in a sociological approach.
  5. Violent Crime in the USA
    There are many crimes in the world as well as those that are considered as violent. They mean infliction of harm to human life or health and are divided into several types.
  6. The Profile of a Crime Victim
    The profile of a crime victim is generally regarded to be a matter of statistics, while the victims themselves are people of various origins, ages, and occupations.
  7. The Consequences of a Crime
    Every committed felony has consequences that can be negative not only for the accused person but also for their families.
  8. Aetiology of Violent Crime
    Violent crime has become a major part of the crime world. Sexual crimes, terrorism, and hooliganism are just some of the violent crimes.
  9. Is Prostitution a Victimless Crime or Not?
    Because victimless crimes involve two contentious issues of morality and liberty, the legalization of this category of crime is always disputed on many grounds.
  10. Biological and Psychological Theories of Crime
    Biological theories of crime are based on the assumption that people commit crimes because of certain genetic predispositions or neurological deficiencies.
  11. Hate Crime Laws are a Bad Idea
    Charley Reese provides his opinion on the adoption of hate crime legislation. He identifies their possible consequences for society in general.
  12. Obsession With True Crime and the Reasons for Its Growing Popularity
    This paper discusses the people’s obsession with true crime and explains its current popularity by some fundamental human needs and specific current conditions.
  13. Cyber Crime : Issues and Threats
    Cyber crime involves the stealing or manipulation of information effectively distorting its values across global networks.
  14. Managing Crime and Deviance at Public Events and Public Venues
    The purpose of this article is to consider the problem of crime and deviations at public events and in public places, as well as to propose methods to combat it.
  15. Criminological Theory: Crime Theories and Criminal Behavior
    Criminal behavior is a type of behavior of a person who commits a crime. It is interesting to know what drives people to commit crimes and how to control these intentions.
  16. Mass Media and Its Link to Crime and the Criminal Justice System
    In this study, the official website America’s Most Wanted will be analyzed to get a better understanding as to why it is so successful as a TV show and as a tool to fight crime.
  17. Drugs and Crime Description: Federal Drug Statutes
    This paper identifies the current federal drug statutes; Minnesota State statute that governs controlled substances; statistics on drug convictions at the federal level and Minnesota.
  18. Topology of Corporate Crime and White Collar Crime
    Corporate crime is pure form of white collar crime. Corporate abuse of power, corporate fraud has a fundamental link with the core concept of white collar crime.
  19. The Race, Crime, and Urban Inequality Theory
    The theory of race, crime, and urban inequality is based on the paradigm of social disorganization theory formulated by the Chicago School.
  20. Predatory Crime Causation and Substance Abuse Problems
    Substance abuse problems, as the causes of deviant behavior, are a subject of study in biosocial criminological theories.
  21. Crime Intermidiate Houses and Communities
    Correction centers for crime offenders exist in an assorted list. They may include recreation, trial, parole, public duty, and penalty alternatives.
  22. The Link Between Relative Deprivation and Crime
    In the paper, the author notes that radical theory has the potential to promote noble ideals as far as social equality and justice is concerned.
  23. The Role of Forensics in the War on Drugs
    This essay looks at chemicals that are used by forensic experts and the role forensics play in the war on drugs.
  24. We Are Living in a Risk Society Governed Through Crime
    Society and the world at large are under siege of crime; all sorts of crime from pickpocketing to capital crimes and even treason.
  25. Reporting Behavior Among Victims of Crime
    The reporting behavior among victims of crime remains relatively low. Satisfaction level in police operations is among the prominent predictors of crime.
  26. Crime, Childhood Trauma, and Health
    The connection between crime, childhood trauma, poverty, and both physical and mental health would be all-encompassing and complete.
  27. Are Marxist Criminologists Right to See Crime Control as Class Control?
    Marxist criminology is comparable to functionalist theories, which lay emphasis on the production of continuity and stability in any society.
  28. Aspects of Crime Behavior
    Crime is a behavior in which moral standards that are appropriate for well-being in society are defined, and set rules are violated.
  29. Mechanisms to Fight Serious Forms of Organized Crime in Italy
    The report analyzes safety in Italy organized crimes range from corporate crime, Neapolitan Camorra and mafia.
  30. Arms Smuggling as a Form of Transitional Organized Crime
    The paper sets to discuss how small arms smuggling has affected the social, economical and political well being globally.
  31. Crime Rate Series. Main Cases Reporting
    Criminology is a complex study and care has to be taken. The reporting of the level of felony in an area can be used by a myriad of people in society to plan other activities.
  32. White-Collar Crime: Securities and Pension Fraud
    The PERAC has in the recent past tried to conduct its activities in the best possible way in a bid to eradicate all forms of pension fraud.
  33. Preventing Crime Victimization in International Students
    International students are the students who go to other countries to study and because of this, they face a lot of problems – including becoming the victim of a crime.
  34. Digital Imaging and Traditional Methods of Crime Scene
    Technological progress allows police to use innovations in their work routine to make crime scene reconstruction, geospatial analysis, and surveillance more efficient.
  35. Crime Prevention Practices Overview
    The purpose of this paper is to discuss effective crime prevention practices and social development models to prevent crime.
  36. Organized Crime and Corporate Crime
    One of the vices that are prevalent in all societies in the world is crime. This vice is generally associated with negative outcomes for individuals and society at large.
  37. Different Perspectives of Viewing Crime
    The paper suggests that it is prudent to consider crime as a complicated process that can be understood best by examining it from different perspectives.
  38. Impact of Crime on Civil Liability and Risk: FTCA
    FTCA of 1946 waived the doctrine of sovereign immunity of the United States government. All federal workers lack defense of their employment and become liable for their wrongdoing.
  39. Successful Ways of Preventing Crime by Blundell
    Successful ways of preventing crime should be based on a variety of methods. Also, crime is considered to be a social issue can say about effective programs are to be developed.
  40. Crime Trends: Drug Abuse in Adults and Juveniles
    One notes a mixed trend in the different crimes over the years. Drug abuse, for example, increased steadily from the 1970s in both the adult and juvenile populations.

💡 Simple Crime Essay Ideas

❓ Crime Essay Questions

  1. How Can Criminology Theories Help in Preventing or Solving Crimes?
  2. Should Children Who Commit Crime Be Tried as Adults?
  3. Are Crime Control and Social Welfare Becoming More Punitive?
  4. How Can Social Science Theory Help Reduce Crime?
  5. Can Criminological Theories Help Manage Crime in the Workplace?
  6. Should Government Implement Laws for Cyber Crime?
  7. Does Imprisoning Drug Offenders Reduce Crime Rates?
  8. How Does the Holocaust Explodes the Concept of Mass Crime?
  9. Are Hate Crime Laws Effective?
  10. What Is the Link Between Drugs and Crime and What Can Be Done Towards Drug-Related Crimes?
  11. How Does Criminology Help Our Understanding of Crime and Criminals?
  12. Does Social Deprivation Relate to Crime?
  13. What Impact Does the Changing Nature of Crime Have on Criminology?
  14. Are Homeless People More Likely to Become Involved or Be Victims of Crime?
  15. How Can Technology Help Police and Government Officials Solve Crime?
  16. Should Crime Victims Have Rights During Criminal Investigations?
  17. Can Public Works Programs Reduce Youth Crime?
  18. How Were Crime and Punishment Handled in the Roman Era?
  19. Are Non-custodial Sentences Soft on Crime?
  20. How Do Crime Scene Investigations Aid in Prosecution?
  21. Can Death Penalty Prevent the Rise in Crime Rate?
  22. Does Longer Incarceration Deter or Incapacitate Crime?
  23. How Does Corporate Crime Challenge Conventional Definitions of Crime?
  24. Can Punitive Measures Curtail Crime?
  25. How Does the Media Use an Ideal Victim in Portrayals of Crime?
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StudyCorgi. "218 Crime Essay Topics." September 16, 2022. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/crime-essay-topics/.


StudyCorgi. 2022. "218 Crime Essay Topics." September 16, 2022. https://studycorgi.com/ideas/crime-essay-topics/.


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