50 Crime Essay Topics

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  1. Crime Commission: Legal and Social Perspectives
    Crime has various dimensions: legal and ethical. Crime commission helps to integrate all dimensions of the society in the administration of justice.
  2. Crime Prevention Programs and Criminal Rehabilitation
    This paper will analyze the various crime prevention programs and criminal rehabilitation efforts that the criminal justice system engages in.
  3. Shoplifting: a Crime of Convenience
    The purpose of the academic-based study was to observe the specific shoplifting tendencies of a broad group of individuals for reducing the number of shoplifting occurrences.
  4. Concept of Juvenile Crime
    There has been a considerable rise in juvenile crime arrest and this is causing alarm to parents and the society at large.
  5. Concept of Natural Legal Crime
    The concept of natural crime covers actions that are deemed wrong regardless of whether they are enforced by law.
  6. Criminality Development in the Documentary A Life of Crime
    The paper introduces the conception of getting involved in criminal activities as well as criminology development in America. The analysis refers to the documentary A Life of Crime.
  7. The Racilisation of Crime and Cultural Panics
    This essay is a short summary of the roles that the government and the media have played in creating cultural panics about ethnic crimes and the problems that have emerged.
  8. Illegal Immigrants and Its Effects on Crime
    This paper set out to demonstrate that there is a relationship between the rise in crime and the increase in illegal immigration to the US. It began by highlighting the immigration problem.
  9. Youth Crime Prevention and Needs Assessment
    To assess needs of youth offenders, one should employ the approach of recidivism prevention and conduct assessment at any stage of the juvenile justice system.
  10. Generali Group: Developments in Financial Crime
    The paper has outlined recent trends associated with financial crime from a GRC practitioner’s point of view. It has methods for protecting the financial sector institutions.
  11. Psychological Help as the Prevent From Possible Crime
    Nowadays, the USA needs to provide constant psychiatric help to people with severe mental disorders to prevent them from possible crime.
  12. US Gun Control Measures and Crime Rates Reduction
    Gun control is an essential step that will ensure people account for several security aspects as is evident in this discussion.
  13. Flagami Community’s Crime and Health Situation
    This paper assesses crime as a problem of the Flagami community and considers the factors that can have a positive contribution to the correction of the situation.
  14. Nurse Robaczynski’s Case: Crime or Mercy Killing?
    The nurse had to disconnect her patient’s respirator because he had no chance to survive. However, the opinions of experts in the field, in this case, tend to vary.
  15. Crime and Criminals: General Characteristics
    For a long time, crime has been a subject of discussion among various countries across the globe, with various strategies and inventions being developed to curb the same.
  16. Nortel Networks Company’s Corporate Crime
    The perpetrators of the financial statement manipulation at the Nortel Networks Corporation were the former CEO, financial controller, and chief financial officer.
  17. Is There Such Thing as a Victimless Crime?
    The problem of a victimless crime has been labeled as controversial due to the different opinions surrounding this issue.
  18. “Crime in Post-Katrina Houston” Study by Settles and Lindsay
    This paper presents the results of the study “Crime in post-Katrina Houston: the effects of moral panic on emergency planning” conducted by Settles and Lindsay.
  19. Crime Scene Investigation in Media and Real Life
    The process of identifying and matching a piece of evidence to a particular person is a long process which requires exact sciences and methods.
  20. White-Collar Crime and Negligence
    White-collar crime is a category of non-violent criminal activities that are motivated by financial gain. The aim of this paper is to analyze two case studies on white-collar crime and negligence.

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  1. The Teens, Crime, and Community Project in the US
    The Teens, Crime, and the Community project topic focuses on the problem of juvenile delinquency as more youths and children commit different forms of crime in the United States.
  2. Repression and Crime Control
    In the article “Repression and Crime Control: Why Social Movement Scholars Should Pay Attention to Mass Incarceration as a Form of Repression” Pamela Oliver raises the topic of repression of black Americans.
  3. Deviance, Crime and Social Control
    The selected topic from the class text is “Deviance, Crime, and Social Control”. The term deviance “refers to the violations of established contextual, cultural, or social norms”.
  4. Crime Scene Investigation Effect in Justice System
    Movies have been known to influence popular culture in different parts of the world. Analysts believe that the “CSI effect” is one of the fruits of popular culture.
  5. Crime Types and Their Harm to Society
    This paper discusses the questions related to criminal justice issues, such as types of crimes, the concept of the Dark Figure of Crime, victimless crimes, and others.
  6. Organized Business Crime Prosecution and Investigation
    Mr. Big is charged with operating a criminal enterprise that engages in illicit business activities. The memo proposes the investigative plan to obtain relevant evidence.
  7. Race and Crime Among Minorities in the US
    The increased rate of offenders from ethnic and racial minorities is an issue that has captured the attention of many scholars and criminologists.
  8. Capital Punishment as Ineffective Crime Deterrence
    Capital punishment does not act as a deterrence to crimes because if it did, then states with capital punishment would have low rates of homicides.
  9. How Local Television News Viewing Relates to Fear of Crime?
    The hypothesis was that “people watching more television would perceive their world in ways that reflect the recurrent messages from the media”.
  10. Crime and Delinquency Theories
    This work examines ideas of Mosca’s inevitability of stratification, Durkheim’s collective conscience, Pareto’s circulation of elites, and defines other social concepts and issues.
  11. Crime Scene Safety and Security in the United States
    To protect themselves, both the crime scene personnel and the first responding officer must use gloves to prevent contact with potentially hazardous pieces of evidence.
  12. Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” Literary Analysis
    In “Crime and Punishment”, Dostoevsky tells readers about the tragic events in the streets of St. Petersburg when a student Rodion Raskolnikov commits double murder.
  13. Organized and Transnational Crime in Southeast Asia
    The paper argues that human trafficking, drug trafficking, and money laundering are some of the most acute security challenges that societies in Southeast Asia encounter today.
  14. Childhood Crime at School in the State of Texas
    The safety of children should be a priority for the citizens of Texas because they represent the future of the state.
  15. Capital Punishment for Crime Deterrence
    Capital punishment has been the subject of considerable debate in the past, and many countries have removed the practice.
  16. Juvenile Crime in Modern Society
    The current research will focus on examining the problem of juvenile crime from the social perspective rather than the governmental.
  17. Recidivism of Juvenile Crime
    Scientific generalizations of positive experience and practice in crime prevention make it possible to systematize this activity and make it more effective.
  18. Crime Causation Theories
    The purpose of this paper is to provide a contrastive analysis of the three crime causation theories in order to define the most prevalent one.
  19. The Crime of Challenging Moral Settings
    The highest form of morality implies the principle according to which every individual should act with others in the way they would like to work with them.
  20. South Africa: Violence and Crime
    Organized crime in South Africa negatively affects the state of national security, criminalizing all spheres of society and various social institutions.

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  1. Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking Offenders
    This paper discusses organized crime and drug trafficking, as well as the legal rights of the convicted and the relationships between the offenses.
  2. Sex Trafficking by Organized Crime Groups
    Transnational sex trafficking serves as evidence that a persistent problem exists surrounding the exploitation of women due to the lack of social protection.
  3. “Goodfellas” Crime Drama Film by Martin Scorsese
    Goodfellas is an iconic crime drama film released in 1990. It was directed by Martin Scorsese, also written by him and Nicholas Pileggi.
  4. Crime Theories. “Can’t Catch a Break” by Sered & Norton-Hawk
    By reviewing the contents of the book and comparing and contrasting it with the three theories, one can examine the key concepts of both the book and the theories.
  5. Crime Rates in the United States over 20 Years
    The information revolves around rates of property and violent crimes in the U.S. over a period of 20 years. It is obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation data.
  6. Juvenile Crime Concepts Review
    This essay will provide a summary of the readings mentioned and provide some linkages to the learnings from the textbook and class learning.
  7. Assessing Role of Technology in Police Crime Mapping
    The role of technology in police operations has become pivotal because it aids our law enforcement agencies to do their tasks easier and less time-consuming.
  8. Organized Crime: Russian vs. Italian Mafia
    The Russian mafia was influenced by political and economic changes, the breakdown of the USSR, and the wave of privatization.
  9. Technology-Based Crime and Its Management
    In the modern world of science and technology, new developments and advancements have changed life and style of living tremendously.
  10. Internationalism. Transitional Crime
    Transnational crimes affect the democracy of a nation, the economic growth and the trade of that country by draining the available assets of that country.
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