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  1. Drug’s, Poverty’s and Beauty’s Effects on Health
    Some serious health outcomes emanate from frequent consumption of drugs, poverty, and a stringent adherence to the global trends of beauty.
  2. Adolescent Drug Abuse, Their Awareness and Prevention
    This essay provides a critique of an article written by Chakravarthy, Shah, and Lotfipour about adolescent drug abuse prevention interventions.
  3. Drugs and Prison Overcrowding
    There are a number of significant sign of the impact that the “war on drugs” has had on the communities in the United States.
  4. Drug and Alcohol Abuse among Young People
    This paper addresses the aforementioned fact stating that drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem among many young people.
  5. The Phenomenon of The Use of Prescription Drugs
    The need to have a prescription before the drugs are acquired is usually applied in order to prevent illegal distribution, and effective use of such medicine.
  6. The Crisis of Drug Addiction
    This essay will focus on the crisis of drug addiction in general. It will also include some factors that lead to drug abuse. The paper will cover the dynamics of drug addiction in the USA.
  7. Crisis of Chemical Dependence: Drug Abuse
    Drug abuse mainly begins during teenage. The first part of this essay discusses social and cultural determinants of substance abuse. The second part focuses on the dynamics of addiction.
  8. Sociology: Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Problem
    Drug prevention program is the process that devotes its efforts towards limiting the use of psychoactive substances and the development of associated problems.
  9. Performance Enhancing Drugs and Professional Sport
    The most dramatic and unexamined effect of using drugs by professional sportsmen is the negative impact on the athletes’ health.
  10. Minimizing Prescription Drug Abuse in Oklahoma
    Over the past few years, the rates of prescription drug abuse in Oklahoma have grown impressively. The issue must be addressed by raising awareness via modern media.
  11. Illicit Drug Use Among American Youths
    The main research objective is to evaluate the differences and pervasiveness of unlawful drug use and compulsion amongst the American youths across demographic differences.
  12. Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
    Tuberculosis is one of the most contagious diseases. This paper gives a detailed analysis of Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis.
  13. Drug Abuse among Teenagers Causes and Effects
    Millions of youths are seriously engaging in drug and substance abuse posing a threat to the future generation.
  14. Drugs and Jazz in James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues”
    In his short story Sonny’s Blues, James Baldwin uses drugs and jazz music as both literal concepts and metaphorical images to portray the suffering of African Americans.
  15. Drug Courts Policy and Its Evaluation
    Drug courts mark a considerable approach in the struggle to combat drugs. This paper gives a clear description and analysis of the drug court program since the 1980s.
  16. Drug Dealing Reasons in East Harlem, New York City
    “In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio” by Philippe Bourgois introduces the reader to the problems of crack dealers in East Harlem, New York City.
  17. Sentencing Policies on Drug Offences
    The goal of this paper is to discuss the sentencing policies on drug offences. It is important to explain how the courts should approach such cases.
  18. How Mexico Drug Cartels Are Supporting Conflicts?
    Mexico has been associated with production, distribution and consumption of drugs, an exercise that is mainly conducted by organized groups commonly referred to as cartels.
  19. American Drug War and Its Ineffectiveness
    In the war against drugs, race has appeared prominently as a motivating factor for heightened police control, surveillance and exploitation of certain communities.
  20. Drug War’s Impact on the US Correction System
    The War on Drugs started largely due to public demand. The amount of drugs flowing through the Mexican border was frightening.
  21. Adverse Drug Events and Nurses’ Awareness
    Adverse drug events (ADE) are associated with unplanned hospital admissions, patient dissatisfaction, a financial burden on the US healthcare system, and even high mortality rate.
  22. Drug Safety Approach in Administration and Nursing
    It is important to assess the safety of drugs prescribed to patients to detect possible side effects, inefficiency, or danger for patients.
  23. Casinos: Occupational Safety and Drug-Free Workplace
    As a result of the enactment of the 1970 Act of Occupational Safety and Health in the U.S, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was formed.
  24. Drug-Drug and Food-Drug Interactions
    Drug-drug interactions occur when a medicine interferes or affects the activity of a second drug when administered together.
  25. Drug Dependency and Behavioral Addictions
    Drug dependency is often described as a chronic brain condition that causes the patient to seek out drug substances without control or consideration for their negative effects.

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  1. Monopoly Drugs Versus Generic Drugs
    When a pharmaceutical company creates a new drug it may apply for and be granted a patent that is a legal protection that shelters an invention from being used, copied, or traded without permission.
  2. The War on Drugs and the Corrections System
    The War on Drugs, which was conducted from the 1980s to 1990s, is considered to be a massive failure in almost every way. It has affected the prison population and correctional facilities in the US.
  3. Nonmedical Use of Drugs and Negative Sexual Events
    Parks et al. conducted an investigation dedicated to nonmedical use of prescription drugs (NMUPD) and negative sexual events (NSE) connected with this problem.
  4. Female Drug Abuser’s Recovery Care Plan
    A woman is an IV drug abuser. The laboratory tests reveal elevated alanine aminotransferase and antibody-positive for Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B.
  5. Prescription Drugs Prices and Services in Florida
    This paper discusses the consequences caused by lowering the drug prices in Florida and the efficiency of medical services that might not be rewarded as high anymore.
  6. Can Hospitals Manufacture Drugs in the US?
    The purpose of the initiative is to force the drug market to drop prices and compete fairly by introducing a new force to destabilize the existing monopoly of a few large companies.
  7. Drug Addiction among Nurses
    The United States of America has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Drug abuse among nurses is a serious problem that threatens the quality care that is offered.
  8. Adverse Drug Events: Evidence-Based Project
    The current paper presents a narrative description of ten peer-reviewed articles dedicated to the problem of adverse drug events.
  9. Drug War Failure and Associated Problems
    One of the challenges that the United States has been dealing with over the last several decades is the illegal drug business.
  10. Shoppers Drug Mart Company’s Retail Networks
    The paper presents the analysis of business concept applications on the example of the Shoppers Drug Mart company. It suggests ways to maintain the market share of retail networks.
  11. Drug Abuse, HIV/AIDS, and Songs on Social Issues
    Drug abuse and HIV/AIDS are some of the major social issues affecting society today. Songs have been used in raising awareness about social issues that affect the world.
  12. Drug Safety Approach in Advanced Nursing Practice
    The paper will discuss and cover a strategy of applying a drug safety approach in the field of nursing and its impact on advanced professional practices.
  13. Apis Mellifica as a Homeopathic Drug for Headaches
    Homeopathy is one of the systems of alternative medicine. The paper investigates the effectiveness of using a homeopathic drug to address headaches.
  14. Prescription Drug Use in the United States
    The main reason for increased prescription drug prices is the U.S. government’s approach to managing drug production and sale in America.
  15. Drugs Comparison: Montelukast, Flovent and Albuterol
    Although Flovent is considered an effective drug to treat asthma, it is rather expensive. There are other drugs used to treat asthma that are cheaper and often sell at discounts.
  16. Drug Therapy: Nicotine Interference with Contraceptives
    This paper presents the case of a patient diagnosed with nicotine addiction and contraception needs and gives the prescription for the medication.
  17. Ethics of Abortion and Over-the-Counter Drugs
    The widely disputed argument about abortion being wrong has been a subject of heated debates. The use of various substances without a prescription also encourages many arguments.
  18. Healthcare Financing and Drug Addiction
    The healthcare sector is one of the key directions for the development of any country since the health of citizens is an indicator of the success of the current policy.
  19. Computerized Entry of Drug Prescribing Order
    The core of CPOE lies in the idea that it can replace recipes that are written manually with electronic orders. This approach involves reducing text recognition errors.
  20. Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation and Its Founder
    This paper aims to provide a full review of Shoppers Drug Mart’s internal and external operations. The author examines the history of the company and its founder, Murray Koffler.
  21. Food and Drug Administration Fast-Track Approval
    This paper outlines the cases with fast-track approval of new medicines and describes the four phases of clinical trials required for regular FDA approval.
  22. Using Free and Secure Trade to Smuggle Drugs
    The issue of terrorism and drug trafficking is a big problem of international trade. The main function of the implementation of FAST was to curb drug trafficking.
  23. The Problem of Drug Use and Heroin Addiction in US
    This paper informed about the drug use problem in the United States as well as about health and life risks associated with the use of heroin. Drug use is a globally important social problem.
  24. Drug Abuse Among Homeless People in Miami
    This paper aims to better assess the disaster of drug abuse among homeless people in Miami, and develop ways to counter this issue.
  25. Teenage Drug and Substance Abuse
    It is crucial for governments, not just the U.S., where teenage drug and substance abuse are on the rise, but also other countries, to establish mechanisms that can help to fight the menace.

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  1. Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation’s Retail and Services
    Shoppers Drug Mart pays significant attention to the development of an efficient retail network that makes the business attractive to customers.
  2. Pharmacy and Policy: Inappropriate Prescription of Drugs
    It is essential to develop a policy that would enable to reduce the practice of multiple drug prescriptions and eliminate excess financial and health costs associated with it.
  3. Nurse Practitioner as a Drug Prescriber
    Nurse Practitioners have a plethora of professional duties in their schedules that they are obliged to follow. This paper presents issues of a nurse practitioner as a prescriber.
  4. Addressing the Growing Cost of the Prescription Drugs
    Creating the environment in which patients are provided with the access to high-quality healthcare services is crucial to the improvement of the quality of people’s lives.
  5. The Drug Enforcement Administration Business Model
    This paper evaluates the business canvas of the Drug Enforcement Administration and provides recommendations for the improvement of cooperation with partners.
  6. Eli Lilly and Company: Drug Firm Analysis
    Eli Lilly and Company is an American drug firm whose head office is situated in Indianapolis. Eli Lilly and Company cares about its clientele by monitoring the benefits and risks of its drugs.
  7. Antiseizure Medications and Antipsychotic Drugs
    The best treatment of seizures is to achieve a seizure-free status avoiding side effects. Antipsychotic drugs are used for the treatment of various forms of psychosis.
  8. Pramlintide as Anti-Diabetic Drug
    Pramlintide promotes gastric emptying, satiety sensation, and the reduction of caloric intake. This drug has an effect on raising insulin response that is taken after a meal.
  9. Drug Interactions Prevention in Nursing Guidelines
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention developed new guidelines to dictate how and when medications should be provided.
  10. Drug Abuse Treatment in Nursing
    Jenny G., a 48-year-old recovering IV drug abuser, presents with general malaise, anorexia, abdominal pain, and slight jaundice. She is currently staying in a women’s shelter and looking for a job.
  11. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Aspirin
    The greatest negative effect of NSAIDs is produced on the liver and kidneys. The most common NSAIDs-related negative outcome on the kidneys is fluid retention.
  12. Drug Test on Welfare Recipients
    The article by Schoenbach and Mitchell discusses various factors that are against drug tests on welfare applicants and recipients.
  13. Behind the War on Drugs
    The war on drugs has not been properly fought. The government has ended up aggravating the problem when it was expected to be solving the problem.
  14. “Adolescent Alcoholism and Drug Addiction” by Choate
    The article “Adolescent alcoholism and drug addiction: The experience of parents” revolves around the issue of drug addiction among teenagers and its effects on their families.
  15. Undercover Police Investigations in Drug-Related Crimes
    Undercover activities have traditionally been used to target crimes involving corruption, drugs, pornography, and prostitution.
  16. Drug Trafficking Reduction in the United States
    Drug trafficking is a serious menace to society. A deeper look into how this menace can be reduced is a logical and necessary endeavor towards securing a better tomorrow.
  17. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Effectiveness
    The production and consumption of drugs is a core challenge in the modern world. It is the reason why there is an increased need for treatment of people affected by drug addiction.
  18. Black Theology and Its Impact on Drug Addiction
    I have chosen the topic of Black Theology and its impact on drug addiction because I have experienced the impact of opioid addiction on my family.
  19. Drug Use and Heroin Addiction: Informative Speech
    The illegality of drugs makes it impossible to research the actual numbers of people using drugs and situations making these persons initiate drug abuse and harm their health.
  20. Drug Legalization from the Utilitarian Perspective
    The focus of the paper will be mainly on marijuana use, and such utilitarian principles as the principle of utility and the felicific calculus will be primarily applied.
  21. Psychoactive Drugs, Society, and Human Behaviour
    Psychoactive drugs are chemical substances that affect mood, perception, the way of thinking, and behaviour. Cocaine has an adverse impact on the cardiovascular system.
  22. Random Drug Testing in Schools
    High school students should be eager to complete drug testing regularly to prove their confidence and trust to their teachers and their families and to check their health.
  23. Drugs and Society
    Since the drugs first appeared in the USA, the attitude towards them has undergone multiple transformations. At first, drug use was not regarded as a problem but merely as an aristocratic whim.
  24. Drug-Dealing Organizations in Latin American Politics
    The principal subject examined is drug-dealing organizations and their influence on Latin American politics. It is unclear if DDOs impact domestic politics as legal entities do.
  25. War on Drugs Through a Socio-Political Framework
    Drug addiction is a problem that concerns not only the health of particular members of society suffering from this disease but also the country as a whole.

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