78 Curriculum Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Curriculum

  1. Curriculum Planning: Students’ Teaching Reading
    Teaching reading to grade 3 students requires special skills and practices that enable the students to easily grasp the content.
  2. Curriculum Development in Language Teaching by Jack Richards
    The paper reviews chapters Planning Goals and Learning Outcomes and Course Planning and Syllabus Design of the book Curriculum Development in Language Teaching by R. Jack.
  3. Functional Curriculum Goals in Special Education
    This paper will focus on the accessibility of mentally challenged students to the overall education curriculum.
  4. Learning Theories in Language Teaching Curriculum
    This paper explores the learning theories and their application in developing a curriculum for learning and teaching language including epistemology and motivation.
  5. Multicultural Teaching Strategies: Curriculum Design
    The curriculum design is implemented in a secondary classroom setting in the US state where multi-race students are able to get their education and improve their level of knowledge.
  6. ESL Students Curriculum and Assessment
    The paper contains curriculum models for English language learners considering their analytical skills provided by grammar. Learners receive a program to participate in class.
  7. Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development
    It has been acknowledged that teaching careers are based on the sharing knowledge and experiences. There is a clear connection between curriculum, instruction and professional development.
  8. Curriculum Development for Employee Training
    The paper presents ideas on designing and developing course-centered, experience-centered, goal-centered, learner-centered curriculums for workers of an agency.
  9. Reading & Technology. Curriculum & Assessment
    The essay discusses two educational topics: reading fluency on the elementary level and technology and using curriculum and assessment to strengthen the classroom.
  10. “The Elements of Language Curriculum” by J. Brown
    In his book “The Elements of Language Curriculum,” Brown addresses the methodology of teaching a language and indicates that the process is either more holistic or more chaotic.
  11. General Education Curriculum for Children with Disabilities
    The author addresses certain issues that she considers importance in the understanding of the education curriculum in different countries especially among the less privileged members of the society.
  12. Language Developmental Curriculum for Early Childhood Education
    Several methods can be applied to assist a child in developing a language. One of them is use of books to let the child learn language and communication.
  13. Curriculum and Assessment for ESL Students
    Schools assess ESL student needs in different ways including tests and readiness for oral presentations giving as well as comprehension level while reading, and others.
  14. Differentiated Instruction in Curriculum
    In this paper, I would like to emphasize the need of revising the prescribed curriculum in classrooms by integrating differentiation instruction.
  15. Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Nursing
    The primary emphasis is made on developing skills, methods of evaluation, building up critical thinking, and precise specification of nursing content.
  16. Technology in English Language Institute Curriculum
    Technology provides a simple and an interesting way of learning English. Students will always be eager to learn more as they interact with emerging technologies.
  17. Curriculum Development in Language Teaching
    One curriculum ideology is that the design of the education structure focuses on developing a system that imparts an individual with education.
  18. Using a Content Knowledge to Build Meaningful Curriculum
    The paper evaluates NAEYC Standard 5: Using a Content Knowledge to Build Meaningful Curriculum and presents questions on the standard to an early childhood professional.
  19. Early Childhood Program and Its Curriculum
    An early childhood program entails appropriate development practices for decision and policy makers in program centers.
  20. Reading & Writing Instructional Goals & Curriculum
    The concept of literacy has been significantly changing during the last several decades due to the digital revolution and invention of new information storage media.
  21. Educational Culture, Curriculum, and Assessments
    The paper considers the concepts of culture in education, culturally relevant/responsive pedagogy, curriculum planning, classroom management system and assessments.
  22. Nursing Curriculum Development Project
    There are bulks of publications that talk about the utilization of cultural competence and how it affects the delivery of care in various healthcare organizations and institutions.
  23. General Curriculum for Students with Severe Disabilities
    This paper discusses access to the general curriculum for students with severe disabilities in terms of the definition of access to general curriculum and the methods.
  24. Curriculum Organization: Perceptions of Disability
    Blindness is a disability that has no equal. ‘The eyes are the windows to the soul’ is a popular analogy that is used to capture the importance that eyes play in our lives.
  25. Teaching Early Childhood: Preschool Curriculum
    This paper presents a weeklong plan that demonstrates the ability to develop a curriculum for a preschool program targeting children between 3 and 4 years.
  26. The US Common Core Curriculum
    The author of the article Stewart looks at the debate surrounding the US common core curriculum, concerning the common core curriculum standards.

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  1. Ecology Lesson: Curriculum Design and Concept Map
    This lesson plan is dedicated to understanding the terms related to ecology, the daily experiences relating to ecology, and ecological problems and their solution.
  2. Curriculum Design and Innovation in Language Teaching
    The issues of curriculum design and innovation have been troubling both practitioners and theoreticians in linguistics, pedagogy, language learning spheres for several centuries.
  3. Singapore Math Curriculum: Correspondence with Standards
    The way of how a curriculum is introduced by teachers influenced considerably the work of a teacher himself and the possibilities of the learners to comprehend new information.
  4. Contemporary Issues in Curriculum Plan
    Professional development – when done well – allows teachers to improve their teaching methods while at the same time facilitate children to learn in a better way.
  5. ESL Curriculum Objectives and Assessment
    The curriculum for English as a second language is important because in most cases the curriculum focuses on students from different backgrounds whose first language is not English.
  6. Educational Philosophy and Curriculum Development
    For neurological nurses to evaluate the patient’s condition and find out if one experiences some neurological changes.
  7. Motivational Theories in Curriculum Development
    Motivational theories are very valuable in the development of a curriculum in education. Educators require a strong understanding of what motivates their students.
  8. Behaviorism and Cognitivism in Nursing Curriculum
    Behaviorism and cognitivism as learning theories have their uses in the workplace and in the creation of an effective nursing curriculum.
  9. Curriculum Guide: Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Mathematics
    The curriculum guide includes teaching strategies, the explanation of its educational purpose, task analysis of teacher and student activities, and student assessment procedures.
  10. Thematic Curriculum: Social Studies
    This curriculum provides learn about such peculiarities of the Oregon Trail as reasons for using it, people who used it, the travelers’ hardships, their hopes, and achievements.
  11. Curriculum Decision for 4th-Grade English Classes
    The paper offers three central principles for curriculum selection for 4th grade English classes. The proposed criteria are based on Virginia English standards.
  12. Curriculum and Standards Documents in Virginia
    The present paper aims at describing the best curriculum suitable for an elementary school in a poverty-stricken area in Virginia.
  13. Curriculum Change Plan for Jacox Elementary in Virginia
    The paper offers a curriculum change plan for Jacox Elementary in Virginia. This plan utilizes Lewin’s theory to include biblical worldview into the language arts classes.
  14. The 2016 Kindergarten Program: Curriculum Analysis
    The philosophy of the 2016 Kindergarten program is established on the basis of providing a substantial foundation for 4-5-old-year learners in friendly and safe conditions.
  15. K-12 Health & Physical Education Curriculum
    K-12 must address school student’s overall development, including physical, psychological, and social aspects.
  16. The HASS Curriculum and the Integration of Diverse Perspectives
    The Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) encompass a broad range of aspects pertinent to social, civic, and citizenship education.
  17. The Effectiveness of Competence-Based Curriculum on Primary School Students’ Achievement Level
    The curriculum is developed and implemented in line with a country’s competency framework that values the needs of learners and the local population for learning programs.
  18. Curriculum Development for Higher Education
    Curriculum designing is an integral part of any field of study. Maximum output can be expected if the module is designed through collaborative work.
  19. Literacy & Curriculum. Differentiated Instructions
    Differentiated instructions allow teachers to meet the needs and abilities of students and provide them with effective assignments according to their skills and mental abilities.
  20. The Curriculum of the United Kingdom
    A curriculum is the set of courses that a certain institution of learning offers. This paper looks at the curriculum of the United Kingdom and analysis how it is important to the citizens.
  21. Bank Street Curriculum: Implementation and Assessment
    The Bank Street Curriculum was developed keeping in mind that children are very active learners. The curriculum is based on history, economics, history and even geography
  22. Planning Curriculum: Literature Lesson Discussion
    The paper is dedicated to perform a discussion of a hypothetical lesson in literature from the side of a teacher.
  23. “Integrating Web-Delivered Problem-Based Learning Scenarios to the Curriculum” by Gossman Review
    The necessity of the experiment conducted with the groups of students was aroused by several important factors related to contemporary teaching methodologies and strategies.
  24. Multicultural Curriculum and a Multicultural School Environment
    This paper tells about ways through which a multicultural curriculum and a multicultural school environment might benefit the students in terms of an effective understanding of citizenship.
  25. Curriculum as the Philosophical Consideration
    The question was investigated whether the combiners of curriculum understood real destination of curriculum, its philosophical meaning.
  26. Roles of Individuals in Curriculum Development
    Individuals participate in curriculum development in their capacity as stakeholders and they should have their functions clearly defined.

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  1. Te Whariki Childhood Curriculum: Early Childhood Education
    Early childhood education institution being the pool of all job market resources can definitely not be ignored.
  2. “Ideology and Curriculum” by Michael Apple
    Science makes it possible to evaluate all existing approaches to introduction of necessary changes into the curriculum and choose the most appropriate one.
  3. Incorporating Technology Into the Curriculum
    This research discusses how curriculum and technology standards are integrated and complement each other and the role of educators in the curriculum and technology implementation.
  4. Nursing Course: Curriculum Design and Evaluation
    This paper sets out to develop a curriculum structure and process in the nursing practice. It studies the different objectives under the topic of fluid balance in the human body.
  5. Contemporary Issues in School Curriculum
    A system is considered inadequate if it has a single model which means that it does not have a variety of options from which to choose.
  6. Curriculum Adaptation to the Needs of Students
    Curriculum adaptation as a topic is about what the teacher must do to the curriculum so that all the learners are catered for.
  7. Environmental Disaster Education: Incorporation Into the University Curriculum
    Naturally, disasters occur without any notification. Depending on the type of disaster, it is always important to approach the problem with immediate effect.
  8. Philosophies of Curriculum and Design
    This paper presents a personal design of the learning strategies in the prevailing curriculum. It discusses how the curriculum can be modified to develop in various factors.
  9. Curriculum Development in Higher Education
    This paper provides a review of literature on the topic of curriculum development in higher education, analyzing four scholarly articles devoted to the topic of course development.
  10. Principles of Curriculum Design
    A curriculum can be taken as a generalized attempt to transfer the important features of an educational system’s goals and objectives in a precise format that can be translated.
  11. Curriculum Outline: Classroom Planning with Groups
    In accomplishing their responsibilities, educators are faced with many challenges. Among them, is teaching students whose English is their first language.
  12. Health and Physical Education Curriculum
    Learning Ambassadors in the sphere of health have enriched schools with their vast experience and contributed to the development of standardized physical education.
  13. P.I.L.E.S Development Stages for Curriculum Planning
    Curriculum planning for children should be properly developed to suit the five shelves of development. Physical planning covers only the early stages of the childhood developmental.
  14. Narrow Conceptions of Curriculum in Saudi Arabia
    This paper describes the problem of a narrow curriculum concept in Saudi Arabia that stems from the political, top-down organization that dictates the use of traditional approaches.
  15. The Integration to Curriculum for Early Education: Anti-Bias Aspects
    In a classroom environment, it is crucial to make children feel equally comfortable. Teachers can affect it by implementing the anti-bias approach into the learning process.
  16. Hidden Curriculum in Online Classes
    The hidden curriculum both for online and face-to-face classes specifies the necessity to obey rules, standards, and laws, listen to people who have more knowledge and experience.
  17. The Need for Curriculum Change Among African American Students
    The purpose of the study was to determine if schools’ racial composition had a significant impact on the achievement of students in elementary, middle, and high schools.
  18. Regulatory and Accrediting Influences on Curriculum
    The report will explore the regulatory agencies involved in the development and revision of curriculum content utilized in nursing education.
  19. Aspects of Curriculum Development in Nursing
    During the creation or review process of the nursing curriculum, group members should be effective contributors who can provide and support valid arguments.
  20. Faculty Role in Curriculum Development: Tools for Nursing
    The improved curriculum offers learning capabilities that organize students to take responsibilities that represent the basics of quality nursing practice.
  21. Influence of Regulatory Agencies on Curriculum Development
    The national council of state boards of nursing provides of platform for its members to discuss matters affecting safety and welfare of the public.
  22. Clinical Teaching: Concept-Based Curriculum and Exemplars
    This program has been designed for eight nursing students. The students will complete their activities in two groups with each having four participants.
  23. The Offer to Expand the Curriculum With New Topics
    The paper discusses the initiative to update the curriculum with specific topics related to credibility and bias in the news is relevant.
  24. Curriculum Change to Improve Academic Achievement
    The purpose of the present research applied is to develop recommendations for changing the curriculum to address the achievement gap in K-12 students in Virginia
  25. Anti-Bias Curriculum in Early Childhood Classroom
    The anti-bias curriculum should teach diversity as any solution designed to raise awareness, attitudes, knowledge, and cultural diversity skills.
  26. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Website
    The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development’s website can be of great help to instructional leaders who seek modern solutions and innovative practices.
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