62 Innovation Essay Topics

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  1. How to Manage Radical Innovation?
    The major theme of the article “How to Manage Radical Innovation” by Robert Stringer is the identification of organizational issues that hinder or encourage radical innovation.
  2. The Innovation-Entrepreneurship Relationship
    Entrepreneurship and innovation are complementary of each other. Having an updated entrepreneurial perspective in business is critical for reaching the aim of innovation.
  3. Innovation Impact on Export Success
    This study makes it evident that the innovative efforts implemented by companies are triumphant in the promotion of their success in foreign markets.
  4. Innovation and Marketing: Main Aspects
    The paper explores a background of the literature on creativity and innovation and provides the innovation model that will be employed for given situation.
  5. Food and Drink Industry’s Innovation and Barriers
    The paper provides the reasons that influence the need to innovate in the industry and the barriers that stop innovation from taking place.
  6. Education and Innovation in the Middle East
    The improvement in the national education system is the major driver of the economic diversification in the state.
  7. Creativity and Innovation in a Business Environment
    Creativity allows individuals to dedicate their time to researching and developing new ideas that can be commercialized.
  8. Creativity and Innovation in Business
    Creativity drives human innovation. Innovation makes possible for different companies to come up with new products and guides firms to improve their processes.
  9. Nypro Company’s Innovation Management
    Nypro adopted various techniques in establishing its internal functioning that includes the use of top performers, staff training, performance-based incentives, and collaborations.
  10. Creativity and Innovation Analysis
    The study explores the innovation as a key driving force of entrepreneurship and the creativity as a key for an individual to innovate.
  11. Innovation in “Diagnosing Greatness” by Morgan Swink
    The book, Diagnosing Greatness, discusses the ways how any organization can become successful and achieve benchmarks in the sector or economy they position themselves.
  12. Building an Innovation Ecosystem
    Most of the new entrepreneurs overlook the importance of culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. The surrounding environment should have enough self-confidence.
  13. Virgin Group Case: Creativity and Innovation
    This paper is a case study on Virgin Group, a multinational conglomerate uniting 60 businesses operating in different sectors of the economy.
  14. Clinical-Driven Innovation in Nursing Practice
    The paper at hand is going to analyze a relevant Health IT topic in order to make it clear how the issue under discussion will affect nursing practice.
  15. Education and Innovation in the UAE
    The proposed research will attempt to gather information concerning the modernization in the educational institutions of the UAE that has already been going on for some time and review its effects.
  16. David Emsley’s Innovation Theory
    Emsley refers to the idea that innovations should help organisations in the process of adaptation to the changing business environments and survive in these environments.
  17. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Concepts
    Nowadays, it remains evident that the business world tends to evolve, and its growth is accompanied by an extended variety of concepts and their development.
  18. Innovation and Marketing Management Analysis
    The following paper discusses that creativity and innovation are worth for businesses to come up with competitive products and services.
  19. Creativity in Generating Business Ideas and Innovation
    Innovation in technology, business processes, and industries has led to the “Creative Age” that has fuelled economic growth.
  20. Entrepreneurship: Innovation, Failure, Culture
    Entrepreneurial failure refers to the discontinuation or exit from a business which includes a closure for any reason or change in ownership, bankruptcy, and persistent losses.

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  1. Self-Efficacy in Improving Employee Innovation
    The paper discusses and analyzes how self-efficacy or its absence influences the innovation performance of employees and how their skills affect the entire business progress.
  2. Digital Consumer Involvement and Innovation Dynamics
    “Digital Strategies of Consumer Involvement and Innovation Dynamics” investigates the collaborative process between consumers and providers through digital technologies.
  3. Innovation Management and New Product Development
    The particular innovation opportunity identified in this report entails a collaboration tool that allows people to work from different locations but still function as a team.
  4. The Aravind Eye Care System’s Innovation Process
    This paper examines the innovation process of the Aravind Eye Care System, its workability, transferability to other countries, and challenges in the healthcare.
  5. Personal Innovation Capacities Development
    The purpose of the research is to study the nature of innovativeness on a personal level and use this knowledge to define the methods helping to enhance personal capabilities.
  6. Employee Self-Efficacy for Innovation Performance
    This paper evaluates the role of self-efficacy in the process of improving the innovation performance of employees and discusses through the works of Bandura, Zimmerman, Luthans.
  7. Procter & Gamble Company’s Creativity and Innovation Processes
    Procter & Gamble employs creativity innovation management in the firm. Its main goal is to endorse the growth and development of the rates of its shareholders.
  8. Louvre and Abu Dhabi Museums’ Design Innovation
    Abu Dhabi museums must become highly innovative to drive their green building efforts. Innovative practices are vital for museums toward enhancing their sustainability agenda.
  9. Leadership Role in Quality and Innovation
    Any study that does not help the organization to grow in the modern world is not fit for use. The density of improving leadership can save millions of jobs and technological growth.
  10. Technological Innovation: Self-service Checkouts
    The study has given a detailed literature review on self-service technologies to show how they enhance service delivery without the involvement of a company’s workforce.
  11. Nursing: Sustainability of the Innovation
    The efforts aimed at sustainability include engagement of nurses through meetings, which were used to address their concerns and manage their perceptions.
  12. National Pharmacy: Mobilising Creativity and Innovation
    This paper is focused on utilising innovation and creativity theoretical models to improve the work environment at the National Pharmacy L.L.C.
  13. Knowledge-Oriented Leadership and Open Innovation
    The primary goal of this paper is to investigate the influence of knowledge-oriented leadership and organizational learning culture on open innovation and competitiveness.
  14. ORPIC Company: Mobilising Creativity and Innovation
    This report analyzes internal environment factors in ORPIC that play the primary role in determining the organizational capabilities for creativity and innovation.
  15. Nestle Company: Strategy Enterprise and Innovation
    This paper proposes strategic and innovation options for Nestle which can boost the company’s core competencies and quickly evaluate the performance of its products.
  16. Zara Company’s Innovation and Distinctive Features
    Zara and the Inditex Group are characterized by the combination of the quality and affordable prices for the latest fashion trends.
  17. Starbucks’ Corporate Culture and Innovation
    The success of Starbucks can be attributed to several elements of the organizational culture and considering the diverse needs of clients by implementing new technologies.
  18. Microsoft Corporation: Lack of Innovation
    Lack of change at Microsoft contributes to the poor performance of the company’s smartphone. Microsoft’s Windows Phone operates on a system that does not support many applications.
  19. Apple Inc.’s Innovation and Simplicity
    Apple Inc. is a technology company that combines the functions of manufacturing and retail businesses. It has a unique strategy promoting constant innovation and simplicity.
  20. Innovation and Change Management
    The main purpose of the ‘Leading Innovation & Change’ module is to get theoretical and practical knowledge in the role of team and leadership in the organization.

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  1. IBM Company’s Leadership and Innovation Management
    IBM through the newly appointed CEO took the initiative of making the company employees realize the importance of treating customers as kings.
  2. Lego Company’s Successful Innovation Strategy
    Lego introduced new products and diversified the range of its products. Nonetheless, this change was not supported by the change in distribution and logistics.
  3. Diffusion of Innovation Theory and Its Application
    Innovations help people to achieve results in the areas of their interests. The current implementation of the concepts is more practice-related rather than theoretical.
  4. Curriculum Design and Innovation in Language Teaching
    The issues of curriculum design and innovation have been troubling both practitioners and theoreticians in linguistics, pedagogy, language learning spheres for several centuries.
  5. Polaris Industries Inc.’s Innovation and Success
    Polaris Industries Inc. builds and designs various machines. It gained success due to its innovations, which are one of the most important company’s values.
  6. Implementing Cost-Effective Stem Cell Innovation
    The purpose of the paper is to explore the broader issues that impact clinical trials of stem cell research and treatment in general.
  7. Food Innovation: Ayran Yogurt in the Scandinavian Market
    This study researches the suitability of Ayran yogurt product and how to introduce it as a healthy alternative to soft drinks in the Scandinavian market.
  8. ABC Consulting Organization’s Innovation
    This paper highlights organizational cultural aspects that tend to create and enhance the level of innovation by considering the ABC Consulting case study.
  9. Transforming Business Performance: Creativity and Innovation
    In the modern world, the development of contemporary markets involves the application of creative and innovative approaches in business.
  10. Smartphone Innovation and Powerful Marketing Plan
    The number of people purchasing and using smartphones has been on the rise. This change is catalyzed by emerging technologies such as applications and superior operating systems.
  11. Biomedical Technology and Innovation Issues
    Biomedical engineers at WPI have found a way to use spinach leaves to grow functioning human heart muscle, potentially solving a long-standing problem of repairing damaged organs.
  12. Cloud Computing as Information Technology Innovation
    The central idea behind cloud computing is transferring and storing data in a big data center securely accessible from any computing device connected to the internet.
  13. Technologic Innovation for Business: Pros and Cons
    Technological innovation provides a range of new opportunities for various companies to evolve by reducing their spending and time needed to perform certain activities.
  14. Continuity and Change in Managing Innovation
    In modern business, innovation management turns out to be a significant process in terms of which organizational growth and competitiveness are possible.
  15. Techsol Corporation’s Creativity and Innovation
    This report proposes a plan for managing creativity and innovation in Techsol to ensure that the company’s goals can be achieved.
  16. Abu Dhadi Airports Innovation in Aviation
    Both globalization and regional integration have a specific influence on business development. In the case of an industry as big as aviation one, this impact is even more evident.
  17. Amazon’s Innovation, Sustainability, Global Market
    The paper is dedicated to the study of Amazon’s long-term goals and analyzing its strategies for future development.
  18. Nursing Change Theory and the Diffusion of Innovation Model
    A considerable part of the United States gross domestic product devoted to health care does not result in satisfactory outcomes.
  19. Customer Involvement in LEGO Group’s Innovation Process
    LEGO Group is a leading competitor that capitalizes on the concept of customer engagement. This approach can become a powerful model for companies.
  20. Military Drones: Innovation Project
    Unmanned aerial vehicles have revolutionized modern-day wars and the approach that is used to collect data, especially in locations deemed unsafe for military personnel.
  21. Medical Product Development and Innovation Event
    This paper aims to identify the purpose, participants, agenda, logistics, and outcomes of the Medical Product Development and Innovation event.
  22. Apple Inc.’s Strategic Leadership and Innovation
    Heracleous and Papachroni explore strategic leadership and innovation at Apple, Inc., performed by Steve Jobs, a founder of the organization.
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