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The Most Frequently Asked StudyCorgi Questions

On this page, we keep answers to questions that are asked the most.
If you need any additional information about StudyCorgi, check out this section before asking us directly. There’s a chance that you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Where did StudyCorgi get all the free essays?

These essay examples are student papers from StudyCorgi’s pals that they submit voluntarily. Students who perform well in high school or university are willing to help others and send us their works.

Do you really provide 100% free essays? No hidden paywalls?

Yes, StudyCorgi delivers completely free essays online. Keep in mind, though, that these papers are meant for research purposes only.

Is there any chance for me to submit one of the essays as my own?

Nope, no chance at all. This would be considered academic dishonesty. We’re strictly against it and won’t support it in any way or form.

Is there a way to get an essay sample on a specific topic? Do you take requests?

We publish pre-written essays and do not accept any paper requests. Our database is big enough and is constantly updated. Consider checking it out every once in a while, as we post new essay examples regularly. Maybe there will be the work you need.

Can I submit an essay?

We usually reach out to students ourselves and have high standards for the papers we accept. If you think that your contribution is worth everyone’s attention, drop us a line through the contact form. We’ll discuss the issue and provide you with our submission requirements.
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