43 Poverty Essay Topics

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  1. Drug’s, Poverty’s and Beauty’s Effects on Health
    Some serious health outcomes emanate from frequent consumption of drugs, poverty, and a stringent adherence to the global trends of beauty.
  2. Effects of Divorce and Poverty in Families
    In the event of a divorce children are tremendously affected and in most cases attention is not given to them the way it should.
  3. Problem of World Poverty
    One does not know if it is indeed possible to exhaustively satisfy the meaning and come up with one definition of the term poverty.
  4. Immigrant Children and Poverty
    Immigrant child poverty poses considerable social predicaments, because it is related to several long lasting school and development linked difficulties.
  5. Effects of Poverty on College Education in the USA
    It is clear that poverty affects not only the living standards and lifestyle of people but also the college education in the United States of America.
  6. World Poverty
    Poverty is defined as the state of deficiency of a certain amount of material wealth or money. World poverty figures have been rising since the second half of the 20th century.
  7. Poverty Effects on an Individual
    People work hard to meet their needs. However, this does not necessary mean escape from poverty. Poverty can cause extensive damage on one’s life.
  8. Global Poverty and Nursing Intervention
    It is evident that poor health and poverty are closely linked. Community nurses who are conversant with the dynamics of the health of the poor can run successful health promotion initiatives.
  9. Poverty in “I Beat the Odds” by Oher and Yaegar
    “I Beat The Odds” is the story about Michael Oher’s rise from rags to riches. The theme that comes out strongly in the book is poverty.
  10. The Government of Bangladesh: Corruption and Poverty
    This paper describes how constitutional, economic, educational, and legal reforms can eradicate absolute poverty and corruption in a developing country such as Bangladesh.
  11. Poverty in “Serving in Florida” and “Dumpster Diving”
    “Serving in Florida” by Barbara Ehrenreich describes the harsh reality of living in poverty while concentrating on the pragmatic dimension of the issue
  12. The Eliminating Poverty Strategies
    The United Nations measures poverty based on factors such as health, education, hunger, shelter, and availability of utilities.
  13. School System: Poverty and Education
    This short assessment presents at least three examples of differences between the schools that lead to disadvantages in the education system and finally provides a suggestion to help bridge the gap.
  14. How Poverty Affects Early Education?
    A number of people live in poor conditions. According to the researchers of the Department of Education in the United States, poverty influences academic performance in an adverse way.
  15. Poverty in the “LaLee’s Kin” Documentary
    In this paper, the author will analyse poverty as a social problem in the Mississippi Delta. The issue will be analysed from the perspective of the documentary “LaLee’s Kin”.
  16. Affordable Housing Programs in “Poverty in America”
    The documentary “Poverty in America” filmed in 2017 aims to analyze the real situation with affordable housing programs in the United States.
  17. Poverty and Violence During the Mexican Revolution
    The Los Olvidados movie, The Plain in Flames by Juan Rulfo, and the mural art of that decade attest to the failure of the Revolution to resolve Mexico’s persistent problems.
  18. The Orthodox and Alternative Poverty Explanations Comparison
    Poverty has over the years become a worldwide subject of concern for economies. This essay will explore two theories- the orthodox and the alternative theories to poverty.
  19. Poverty in “On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner
    Essay “On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner evokes compassion and prompts individuals to think about social problems existing nowadays.
  20. Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Poverty
    Be it through the sexual enslavement of girls or trafficking of males for forced labor, slavery has had a tremendous impact on modern society.

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  1. Poverty in “The Bottom Billion” by Paul Collier
    Paul Collier’s “The Bottom Billion” is an in-depth study of the financial plight of the world’s poorest countries. It analyzes the incidence and provides remedies to the issue.
  2. Utilitarianism: Poverty Reduction Through Charity
    This paper shows that poverty levels can be reduced if wealthy individuals donate a part of their earnings, using the main principles of the utilitarian theory.
  3. Poverty and Welfare Policies in the United States
    The poverty is the United States is a primary problem. If the economic growth of the 1970s continues, until 1980s the number of poor families would be significantly lower.
  4. National Conversation about Poverty
    The success of every society is determined by values, cultural practices, and tendencies that can address the hurdles affecting its people.
  5. Child Poverty Assessment in Canada
    Child poverty is not only the problem of children but also a threat to the development of a country. In Canada today, every fifth child is estimated to be affected by poverty.
  6. Brazil’ Poverty and Inequality
    Poverty in Brazil has been unresponsive to growth due to the challenges of eliminating inequality. The poverty eradication programs reduced the poverty rate.
  7. Grameen Banking System Alleviating Poverty
    This paper discusses various aspects of the Grameen banking system and focuses on how it has assisted communities, and evaluate its future success.
  8. Can Marriage End Poverty?
    Marriages to some degree alleviate poverty, but not all marriages can do so. Only marriages build on sound principles can achieve such a feat.
  9. Household Energy Use and Poverty
    In many developing countries, as well as among disadvantaged populations of the industrial states, the lack or absence of energy for household use is an everyday reality.
  10. Standards of the Ethical Code: Children and Poverty
    The research that will be done will focus mainly on children and poverty.  It seeks to study how poverty affects children development.
  11. Poverty Among the USA Citizens and Reduction Efforts
    This essay presents a letter about the problem of poverty among U.S. citizens and offers the steps that should be taken to improve the situation.
  12. Poverty: “$2.00 a Day” Book by Edin and Schaefer
    In their book “$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America,” Edin and Schaefer investigate problems that people who live in poverty face every day.
  13. Poverty from a Sociological Standpoint
    Poverty is a complex phenomenon, in which many explicit and implicit factors are involved. Some individuals tend not to perceive this phenomenon as critical.
  14. World Poverty as a Global Social Problem
    Poverty and the key methods helping to reduce it attract the attention of numerous researchers in different areas of expertise.
  15. Henry George’s “Progress and Poverty” Book
    Henry George was a renowned American economist, who introduced an innovative perspective on the role of technology in the economy.
  16. Poverty and Homelessness: Dimensions and Constructions
    With the growth of the economy and the failure of employment, the number of people living in poverty and without shelter increases.
  17. The Concept of Poverty
    This work is aimed at identifying the key aspects associated with poverty and its impact on the lives of people in different contexts.
  18. Poverty as a Social Problem
    Society often perceives poverty as an individualistic issue, believing that it is a consequence of bad decisions.
  19. Donald Trump’s Policies of Poverty and Human Rights
    One of the events related to an acute social issue of poverty in the United States involves the U.N. report on extreme U.S. poverty and human rights in the context of Donald Trump’s policies.
  20. Poverty from Functionalist and Rational Choice Perspectives
    Poverty is a persistent social phenomenon, which can be examined from both the functionalist and rational choice perspectives.
  21. Poverty and Inequality Reducing Policies in China
    China has used several instruments to shape its culture and economy. The essay proposes several policy options that can be used in China to reduce inequality and poverty.
  22. India’s Policies to Tackle Poverty and Inequality
    This paper aims to identify potential policies in infrastructure and education and develop new options to deal with poverty and inequality in India.
  23. Global Poverty, Inequality, and Mass Migration
    Such global issues as poverty and inequality and mass migration are significant today since many people are involved in them.
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