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A More Perfect Union Speech Analysis – Barack Obama’s Speech

In 2008, Barack Obama gave a speech, “The Perfect Union.” It provoked arguments among individuals. Some people criticized it for containing provocative statements and delicate topics. No one would ever dare to speak about them before. This essay provides Barack Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” speech analysis. The senator spoke about the complicated race relations between Americans and racism. It…

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Topic: Sociology

Social Norm Violation: Essay

Introduction: Norm Violation in Sociology Social norms are changing with every new era. What was typical a hundred years ago is not acceptable nowadays. Some standards have been around for a while, and it is as usual for us as breathing. For instance, public restrooms are separate for women and men. Of course, different situations may appear. Just pure confusion…

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Topic: Sociology

Essay on Miss Representation: Analysis & Summary

Hardly a week passes by without a new scandal involving a woman appears in the headlines. Sometimes female celebrities commit something outrageous. But more often, famous ladies are accused of inappropriate outfits, controversial sayings, or dirty looks. Such accusations appear in the media with an unfavorable reputation. However, many people are interested in news of the kind. There is no…

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Topic: Sociology

“The Construction of Homosexuality” a Book by David Greenberg

Introduction The book, The Construction of Homosexuality by David Greenberg presents the reflection of the author on historical timeline of the struggle by homosexuals to get their rights. The book reflects on theories, history of homosexuality, and construction of the modern homosexual belief system. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to explicitly review various thoughts expressed in this book on homosexuality.…

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Topic: Sociology

Conflict Theories: Gay Marriages and Feminism

Introduction The information provided by research and theories usually work to intimidate certain groups; for instance, the minorities like gay and feminists. Because of such daunting perspectives on research and theory, many people do not trust research and theory as they feel that such works function only to perpetuate unpopular policies. This notion is decidedly rife despite the fact that…

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Topic: Sociology

Gender Stereotyping Experiment

Abstract The aim of this study was to examine the first impression formed by a group of subjects based on the information given to them about a fictitious man on the one hand and a fictitious woman on the other and to investigate further whether the subjects are likely to stereotype the target persons based on their sex. In this…

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Topic: Sociology

Human Trafficking Problem in Society

Introduction Human trafficking is defined as the process through which human beings are recruited, transferred or received through forceful means with the intention of exploiting them. The pacific regions in Asia have been described as the most vulnerable to human trafficking due to factors such as high population, rapid urbanization and high poverty levels. Human trafficking is a criminal activity…

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Topic: Sociology

Animal Use in Biomedical Research

Introduction Much attention of the whole society is paid to the problem of animal testing in the modern world. It is impossible to imagine modern biochemical research without using animals. Each new vaccine, each discovery is based on theoretical research and testing of the drawn conclusions on animals. There are three main groups of people divided by their attitude to…

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Topic: Sociology

Urban and Rural Communities: Life Differences

Purpose Information about urban and rural communities includes dressing style, food habits, and culture. Urban residents prefer to wear loose clothes such as shirts and dresses while rural residents like to wear warm clothing such as jackets and gumboots. Urban residents also like to put on sandals while the rural residents like wear to closed shoes. With regards to food,…

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Topic: Sociology

Discrimination and Human Rights Laws

What are rights? Rights refer to legal claims that enable a particular group or individuals to have access to a particular entitlement. They are protected under the law of justice, although they are not always willingly granted since sometimes a group or an individual has to fight for their rights to be recognized, that’s why they are referred to as…

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Topic: Sociology

Sociological Hypotheses and Theories

Hypothesis 1 Hypothesis Representatives of any subculture are more likely to violate different social norms or rules which are followed in the concrete society. Independent variable Cultural affiliation; or the fact of people belonging to any subculture. To support the variable, it is necessary to ask the following questions: Does the person belong to any subculture? Does the person share…

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Topic: Sociology

Stoicism’ Major Tenets, History and Ideas

Introduction Stoicism is a school of thought introduced by Athenians in the third century and Zeno of Citium was the first to apply it in Hellenistic philosophy. According to the stoic philosophy, emotions are categorized into various forms and faulty judgments are believed to cause destructive emotions whereas individuals with strong morals rarely make errors in their judgments. The main…

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Topic: Sociology

Racism in America: Discrimination and Prejudice

Introduction Racism, as Miller and Gerran (2008) state, are attitudes, actions, beliefs, or policies that undermine individuals or groups in relation to their races. In the US, it involves discrimination of the people of color by the white people, supported by the institutions that were established in their favors, thereby presenting a legal racism. Similarities and differences in discrimination As…

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Topic: Sociology

“Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Muslim Women’s Rights

In the present-day world, when, spurred by numerous acts of terrorism, Islamophobia has reached its bursting point and has clearly grown weaker, such stories as Infidel seem to be taken with a grain of salt. However, because of the tension in relationships between the Islamic and the Christian world, Infidel should be viewed as a means to sneak a peek…

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Topic: Sociology

Psychotherapy Effect on Phobic Patients

Introduction Psychotherapy is a technique used to treat mental disorder. This study was conducted to establish effect of psychotherapy on phobic patients. Additionally, the study was conducted to follow up on phobic patients after psychotherapy. The study focused on exploring systematic desensitization on phobic patients. Moreover, the study focused on investigating the effect of group therapy on phobic patients. Studies…

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Topic: Sociology

Adolescent Pregnancy

Abstract The issue of adolescent pregnancy is of concern to the US policymakers because of its effects. It is considered an urgent issue in modern American society because a number of lives have been lost through illegal abortions and neglect. The major risks associated with adolescent pregnancy include health problems, increase in school dropouts, reduced career aspirations, and poverty. The…

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Topic: Sociology

Role of Dreams in Psychology

Dreams are a sequence of emotions, thoughts or images passing through an individual’s mind when asleep. In the scientific world, the study of dreams is called Oneirology that regards the dreams as the ones referred to different things as argued by various authors. They argue that dreams reflect the past, refer to the future, and the present. Dreams play different…

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Topic: Sociology

Fears of Public Speaking – Rhetoric

Introduction It is important to note that fear of public speaking is an interesting topic for discussion. One of the most significant aspects that should not be disregarded is that numerous factors affect an ability of an individual to communicate with others. The assessment of self-esteem is critical most of the time because it can be used to identify if…

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Topic: Sociology

Income Inequality Based on Gender

Introduction Income inequality based on gender is the dissimilarity between male and female earnings usually expressed in part by male earnings (Miller, 2014). In other scales, it has been fondly described as the average divide between men and women, in terms of hourly earnings. These are also seen to be in popular practice because men generally go for high demanding…

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Topic: Sociology

Relations to the Idea of Responsibility

Responsibility refers to the willingness of an individual to control one’s thoughts, actions, and behavior to create and promote a society that gives all people equal opportunity without infringing on their rights and wellbeing. A responsible human being is someone who accepts that his or her behavior and actions have the potential of affecting others and as such, control them.…

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Topic: Sociology

Women’ Liberty in the House of Representatives

America is a great democracy that many countries seek to emulate, and the amount of freedom enjoyed by the American citizens makes it a great nation. However, an important question arises on the extent to which these freedoms are enjoyed in society and by whom. The June 2012 incidence in the House of Representatives, where the West Bloomfield representative, Lisa…

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Topic: Sociology

Parental Exposure and Underage Drinking – Psychology

The problem of underage drinking is not a new one in American society, yet many parents today demonstrate a total lack of strategy on how to deal with it. Common sense demands that parents be at the forefront in guiding their adolescent youth toward adopting good standards of behavior and moral responsibility. However, it is clear from the many studies…

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Topic: Sociology

Humility in Leadership for Americans

Abstract Leadership is a proper practice because it can make any organization or individual successful. According to Americans, an effective leader should possess certain traits and qualities to achieve his or her goals. This paper discusses how Americans view leadership and humility. The discussion goes further to explain the importance of humility in leadership. How Americans view leadership In the…

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Topic: Sociology

A Social Worker’s Reflections on Power, Privilege and Oppression

Spencer’s main thesis Spencer’s article presents the plight of social workers and the aspect of self -identification. Social workers vary depending on the sector in which they operate and the nature of their business. They undergo adequate training and acquire skills based on their work. Social workers play crucial societal roles, like improvement of lives in the disadvantaged communities. They…

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Topic: Sociology

The Power of Ideas – Philosophy

According to Heraclitus, everything is ceaselessly changing. In his argument, Heraclitus says, “all is fire”, which means that the only reality that exists is the reality of change. He argues that permanence does not exist, but it is an illusion. By using the phrase “all is fire”, the philosopher attempts to show that everything takes the nature of fire, which…

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Topic: Sociology

Sociology Family Matters: Happy and Successful Marriage

Introduction The institution of marriage has continued to attract increased interest from sociologists, psychologists, and other stakeholders owing to its influence on people’s life and wellbeing (Stutzer & Fray, 2005). Available statistics demonstrate that between 85% and 90% of individuals in the United States of America will ultimately marry, and that approximately 2.2 million marriages are conducted in the country…

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Topic: Sociology

The Significance of Work in Sociological Theory

The concept of work has drawn attention of many scholars over the years who are trying to determine its relevance in the society. Although many scholars have been analyzing work from the works of early scholars such as Max Weber, many prominent people had analyzed this concept several hundreds of years before them. In the Bible, King Solomon, son of…

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Topic: Sociology

A Defense on Abortion: Ethical Issues

Abortion is considered the intended action to expel a fetus from the womb of a woman. The expulsion of a fetus leads to death, but scientists and societies argue that the intentional expulsion of a fetus is murder. Morally, abortion is illegal and not permitted by law in several states too. However, there are certain individuals that argue that not…

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Topic: Sociology

Sidesteps Broad Gay Marriage Ruling

Introduction The article, “Sidesteps Broad Gay Marriage Ruling,” by Peralta Eyder, explores the controversial 2013 ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) by the US Supreme Court. In the tradition of most countries, marriage is considered a legal, religious, or traditional union between a man and a woman. This law prevented the recognition of same-sex marriages. This meant that…

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Topic: Sociology

Social Justice and Pregnant Addicted Mothers

The issue of drug addiction among pregnant mothers has been a concern among medical experts. When a pregnant mother is addicted to alcohol and drug, she may end up causing irreparable damage to the unborn child. At the time of birth, the child may have physical or mental deformities that it may be forced to live with for the rest…

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Topic: Sociology

Child Marriage Issue in Afghanistan

Introduction Child abuse has become a serious problem in Afghanistan due to the conditions children are facing as a result of perennial conflicts in this region. Child marriage has become a dominant crime in this nation and this has forced many organisations to step in and help to alleviate this condition (Fonts 2011). This essay is a summary of the…

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Topic: Sociology

Communication in Negotiation: Process and Barriers

Communication is an integral part of everyday life. Even more, communication and ability to think is a phenomenon that makes the humankind unique. Persuasive and efficient communication guarantees a success in all types of negotiations. The capacity of making other people behave and act in a particular way is a unique skill necessary for accomplishments of goals. There is a…

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Topic: Sociology

Communication in Shops: Face-to-Face vs. via Devices

Introduction It is clear that social media play a significant role in a contemporary person’s life. The study that we conducted was aimed at understanding the correlation between face-to-face communication and communication via devices and social media between people while they were buying things in big shops. This paper goes over the methodological aspects of our study and provides a…

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Topic: Sociology

The Case of Contamination by Kwame Anthony Appiah

Introduction The author brings to the limelight conflicts between cultures of the world. He begins by unfolding a traditional ceremony for the Asante king. Surprisingly, this ceremony is said to have happened in the 21st century when globalization should have eroded most traditional cultures. However, According to Appiah, Ghana remains strong in defending its traditions. He gives example of a…

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Topic: Sociology

Feminism: Losses and Victories

It goes without saying that the issues of gender equality are still on the agenda of the present-day world, even though the gender inequality was detected quite a while ago. Despite all the efforts of the world’s most prominent feminists, women still have to fight for their rights; however, it seems that the feminist ideas have been shaped and changed…

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Topic: Sociology

Socrates: Social and Moral Censor of Philosopher

Socrates’ Life Socrates is an Athenian and one of the founders of western philosophy. He is is mainly known through the works of conventional writers, especially the writings of his students, Plato and Xenophon (Ramose 69). Most of his achievements and thoughts appear in the writings of his students, for example, Aristotle, Xenophon, and Plato, because Socrates did not write…

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Topic: Sociology

Mexican Immigrants in Texas and Their Impacts

Introduction Texas is the second-largest state in the United States of America. It is situated in the south-central part of the country and shares an international border with Mexico. Due to the geographical location and economic prospects, the region has, for a long time, attracted immigrants and other US natives. As a result, present-day Texas has experienced demographic changes (Warren…

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Topic: Sociology

Saving the Exotics of the Ghanaian Culture

Introduction In the XXI century, the process of globalization has accelerated to an amazingly fast pace, affecting more and more states, and Ghana is no exception. Because of the process of cultures fusion, which is currently taking place due to globalization, the Ghanaian people are experiencing major issues related to the necessity to retain their own culture and at the…

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Topic: Sociology

White Privilege in the United States

White privilege is one of the most frequently discussed subjects when it comes to the diversity and issues minorities face today in the United States. Even though most of us have heard about white privilege before, many cannot comprehend the meaning of this term correctly. White privilege is rather complex for understanding and can be challenging for a person of…

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Topic: Sociology

Factors Promoting Higher Divorce Rates

Introduction Divorce has never been a desirable occurrence in American society. However, the recent reports indicate that there is a consistent rise in the rate of divorce in this country. According to the report by Hawkins and Fackrell, almost fifty percent of marriages in this country end up in divorce (Hawkins and Fackrell 41). The American culture that encourages individuality…

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Topic: Sociology

Philosophy of Life: Major Principle and Problems

People often mention the philosophies of their lives when they try to share their ideas on different issues. They do not refer to the discipline, but reveal their opinions. It is noteworthy that the word ‘philosophy’ has several meanings, but only some people know them or pay attention to them. Interestingly, two meaning of the word are closely connected, and…

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Topic: Sociology

Poor Body Image among Young Women

Introduction Modern society is extremely judgmental towards women in all aspects. A predominant element in which women are either criticized or praised is their body. Our society strives for perfection, and this affects women especially teenage girls. Fitness magazines, clothing lines and dietary supplements push women to the edge when it comes to achieving the ideal size for their body,…

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Topic: Sociology

Illegal Immigration in the United States: Control and Effects

Introduction Illegal immigration is one of the main topics that have dominated debates across the United States for several decades. The federal government defines illegal immigration as the situation where a foreigner acts in disregard to the country’s immigration laws by either gaining entry into the United States without a visa or choosing to remain in the country beyond the…

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Topic: Sociology

Drunk Driving Problem: Facts and Statistics

Abstract The given paper revolves around the nagging problem of the alcohol abuse and drunk driving. The paper consists of eight parts which help to present the information in the logic and clear way. The introduction provides the information needed for the better understanding of the main topic of the given project. It also presents the background of the research,…

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Topic: Sociology

Persuasion and Relationships in Negotiating and Disputes

Introduction: Power of Persuasion and its Role in Negotiation A success of negotiation is fully dependent upon the persuasion skills of the communicants. Persuasion helps people to address multiple issues and challenges, to attract attention as well as to arrive at mutually consistent and correct decisions. It is crucial to realize that persuasion does not imply an intentional manipulation, it…

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Topic: Sociology

Heroin: Where Is the Epidemic?

Philip Seymour Hoffman, an American actor, film director, and winner of the “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” awards died in 2014 because of the intoxication caused by the simultaneous reception of several types of drugs. The Wall Street Journal reports that Hoffman found dead in the bathroom of his apartment on Bethune Street in New York (Shallwani par. 1). According to…

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Topic: Sociology

Sex, Gender, and Inequalities

Abstract The main aim of this paper was to analyze the distinction between gender and sex. The author started by introducing the two concepts. Also, the impacts of the two on social structures were highlighted. It is important to evaluate the level of gender and sex structures in society. Such structures were of theoretical and practical relevance to this study.…

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Topic: Sociology

The Gay Human Rights: Harvey Milk Contributions

Abstract It is a struggle to achieve comprehensive gay human rights in any society. In this context, gay human rights have attracted conflicts over the years. The struggle for gay rights is traceable since 1924 and has since gained momentum due to increased public awareness and debate. This research paper introduces the struggle for gay human rights and conflicts since…

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Topic: Sociology

The Color of Sex: Postwar Histories of Race and Gender

The article “The Color of Sex: Postwar Photogenic Histories of Race and Gender in National Geographic Magazines” issues from Catherine Lutz and Jane Collins’s pen and features a powerful volume “The Gender/Sexuality Reader”. This volume, as a whole, can be distinguished in the ocean of books devoted to the ideas of race, gender, and sexuality by the sheer stringency and…

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Topic: Sociology

Communication: People-to-People vs. People-to-Devices

Introduction This paper summarizes our study of the correlation between face-to-face communication and communication via social media. After describing our research activities, we provide some comments concerning the ethical challenges that we encountered in our study. Finally, we identify the main themes that emerged in the process of researching and analyzing our study in accordance with them. Research Activities In…

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Topic: Sociology