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Queer of Color: History and Theory

Introduction Gender is a socially created trait used to distinguish between males and females. It is also used to assign social roles and responsibilities. It is associated with the way society nurtures individuals with respect to their culture, expectations, and other elements. Queer, on the other hand, denotes the ‘unusual sex’ or gender that is prescribed by the society. In…

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Do Fraternities Promote Misogyny?

One of the most common criticisms against fraternities is the promotion of criminal activity and indecent behavior among members. Fraternities are exclusive societies that comprise people with similar views, opinions, and ideologies regarding certain critical issues in society such as politics, religion, race, and sexuality (Loh, Gidycz, Lobo, & Luthra, 2005). Misogyny is a term that refers to contempt for…

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Artemisia Gentileschi’ Contribution to Feminist Movement

Background of the Study Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1656) was one of the most outstanding Italian Baroque artists of the post-Renaissance period. Despite the fact that she is often referred to the so-called “Caravaggio followers”, her contribution is much more considerable: In the era when women painters were allowed to enter the artistic community only as assistants in studios, she became the…

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Women in International Business and Leadership

Introduction Women empowerment and gender equality are a common concern for every country in the world. Women have been underrepresented in most cases when it comes to many domains, including economic matters. Areas of education, leadership, employment, and trade are among the few sectors with high levels of gender disparities. Global competition and antidiscrimination policies are compelling businesses to improve…

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First Lady Michelle Obama Commencement Speech

Tuskegee University was founded in 1881 by Booker Washington. The University has a rich history and a great legacy. 9 May 2015, the First Lady Michelle Obama delivered a Commencement Speech to the 2015 Tuskegee graduates. By her speech, Michelle Obama honors the distinguished Tuskegee alumni and encourages the students to overcome the obstacles on the way to achievements and…

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“The Clash of Civilizations?” by Samuel Huntington

Critics, students, and commentators provided different reactions to Huntington’s argument regarding the clash of civilizations. However, the most interesting reaction concerns the way he developed the idea of civilization. It seems as if he wanted to simplify the definition of civilization in the context of religious beliefs. It is an interesting idea because it does not require a historian or…

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The Rich vs. the Poor in United States of America

The growing wealth inequality in the US is now a major social issue. As such, academics, including sociologists and economists, have explored wealth inequality from various perspectives and found multiple responsible variables. For instance, the video, the Extent of U.S. Wealth Inequality, presents a dramatic extent of that imbalance by using graphic details to enhance understanding. In this assessment, three…

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Higher Education for Single Mothers

Problem Statement The traditional picture of an ideal family for many people of the 20th century had to include a mother (a household keeper), a father (a breadwinner), and several children. Yet, this family structure is on the verge of becoming outdated since modern families tend to develop their own models of organizing their relationships, which often lead to deplorable…

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Racism Problem at Institutional and Interactional Levels

The question of racism has been opened in the United States of American during a long period of time. Despite numerous attempts that are taken to provide African-Americans with the same rights and possibilities as the Whites have, the problem cannot be solved because some new aspects and concerns take place. Nowadays, it is very important to develop a critical…

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Women Sex Studies by M. Todd and S. Weiss

Todd Nowadays people live in a democratic world where homosexuality and bisexuality are no longer considered as something awful as society develops a modern idea of equality and gender selection. However, the debates around the sexual identity of lesbians and gays are still intense. In her article published in the Independence, Todd (2016) focuses on data that is based on…

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The Origin of Domestic Violence

Introduction Domestic violence remains one of the most urgent problems of modern society. Worse still, in some communities maintaining the hierarchy using physical and emotional violence is still regarded as a tradition that should be treated with respect (Grose & Grabe, 2014, p.972). The purpose of the present research is to reveal the primary cause of domestic violence and define…

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Topic: Sociology

Violence on TV and Violence in Society: Connection

Television is an important part of people’s everyday life. Today, to imagine a day without watching TV is almost an impossible task. Popular TV shows, series, and movies can affect not only the public’s attitudes to the definite problems and situations but also influence their behavior. Many sociologists, psychologists and even politicians agree that modern television programs and shows demonstrate…

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The Government of Bangladesh: Corruption and Poverty

Poverty is a major economic challenge in many underdeveloped countries. According to Bardhan (2008, p. 5), ‘absolute poverty occurs when individuals are unable to secure their basic needs such as shelter, healthcare, and food’. The other common challenge experienced in the developed world is corruption. This malpractice takes different forms such as dishonesty or engagement in fraudulent activities. Absolute poverty…

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Topic: Sociology

Social Change, Leadership and Advocacy

Such concepts as social change, advocacy, and leadership are closely related as they all focus on innovation, shifts, and collaboration. It is important to understand what these concepts are to apply them in the real world and make a difference. The concepts can be analyzed within certain dyads with the focus on similarities and differences. When analyzing such concepts as…

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Topic: Sociology

Universal Human Rights and Cultural Values

The universality of human rights is a question for debate because of the impact of cultures on people’s acceptation and interpretation of these rights (Donnelly 54). This idea and the problem of making human rights culturally relative is discussed by Jieh-Yung Lo, who focused on explaining the issue while referring to the example of differences in Western and Asian values…

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Topic: Sociology

Gender Stereotypes and Misunderstanding

Purpose of the Study Gender stereotypes are frequently discussed by theorists and psychologists around the whole world. People make their decisions, develop relations, choose jobs, or even get married thinking that they take all steps on their free will and promote financial security (Aluko, 2015). However, plenty of women cannot even guess how dependent on stereotypes they are. Helgeson (2015)…

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Topic: Sociology

Racial Oppression: the Scenario of Jim

The issue of racial discrimination is still relevant to this day, and the debates on whether the topic should be closed or not persist (Vaidyanatan, 2016). This reflection paper will focus on the scenario of Jim, a young man that unwillingly offended two African American men who were sitting in a car in the empty parking lot late in the…

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Topic: Sociology

The Impact of Globalization on Immigration Control

Introduction There exist an overwhelming connection between globalization and immigration. Within the recent past years, there have been numerous studies attempting to exhaust the connections between the two subjects1. These researches indicated extensive effects of globalization on Immigration control. In fact, it is noted that globalization is one of the primary contributors of international immigration. The movement against SB1070 in…

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Topic: Sociology

Global Social Progress and Human Development

Defined as the attempt at improving the rates of social investment from all denizens of the world population (Guiding social investment, 2015), global social progress is an essential concept that helps locate the mistakes that have been made in the past I terms of economic and political solutions, assess the effects that the recent R&D related breakthroughs have had on…

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Topic: Sociology

Animal Use in Biomedical Research

Introduction Much attention of the whole society is paid to the problem of animal testing in the modern world. It is impossible to imagine modern biochemical research without using animals. Each new vaccine, each discovery is based on theoretical research and testing of the drawn conclusions on animals. There are three main groups of people divided by their attitude to…

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The LGBT Community Theoretical Framework

Introduction The study of social movements has evolved over time due to the frame theory. Various social movements have occurred in the past and others are expected to emerge in the future. Similarly, these changes in social movements can be attributed to the shift in theoretical frameworks, which explains the social movement phenomenon. Nevertheless, theoretical frameworks play the role of…

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Topic: Sociology

Spiritual Perspectives on Globalization by Ira Rifkin

Article summary This is the summary of the article Spiritual perspectives on globalization by Ira Rifkin written in 2003. The article under consideration dwells upon globalization, its elements, and how it affects us. Economic, cultural and individual elements of globalization are considered as the most important for the world. Economic elements of globalization refer to the specifics of the world…

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Topic: Sociology

Poverty in “I Beat the Odds” by Oher and Yaegar

Social Concerns The story about Michael Oher’s rise from rags to riches written by Michael Oher himself with Don Yaeger is based on a true story that inspires people across all ages and racial boundaries. It shows how a white couple Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy took in Michael Oher -a homeless black boy and made him the person he…

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Topic: Sociology

Social Movement and Theories

Framing Theory Framing is the process through which movements express or tend to produce an interpretation of the circumstances or events that encourage or trigger protest (Tarrow 1998). The media is an important framing method for various protest and movement groups around the world (Tarrow 1998). Because it influences a large portion of the society, the media is the most…

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Topic: Sociology

Letters vs. Emails in the “Koyaanisqatsi” Film

Nowadays, mailing peculiarities have been changed dramatically. People do not want to lose a minute in their lives and develop new methods to exchange information in a short period. Moreover, emails have substituted letters, and people have neglected how crucial and enjoyable the process of writing could be. Emails generates a numerous of advantages in regards to fast delivery, unlimited…

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Topic: Sociology

Vulnerable Population in Modern Society

Despite the civilization conditions, the economic wealth of any country, and some other factors, the vulnerable population will always be present in society. Many people became vulnerable during various dangerous natural or manmade disasters and catastrophes. The following paper is to cover different reasons that make populations vulnerable under the variety of circumstances, to examine some events that may cause…

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Ethical Approaches in Career Choice

Introduction Happiness is the best thing that an individual can have in life. One cannot find it unless he or she has a meaningful life. Immanuel Kant reveals how people need to fill their life with activities. Work is part of such activities that Immanuel Kant refers. He claims that work should be a beneficial career that has a rationale.…

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Topic: Sociology

“Outliers: The Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell

Introduction In the second chapter of his book Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell discusses the prerequisites, which are important for reaching success in various professional areas. To some degree, the author’s discussion is based on the study of various violinists. In particular, this research carried out by other scholars indicates that the top musicians spend at least 10000…

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Topic: Sociology

The Labour Movement’s Drivers and Barriers

Introduction The Labour Movement is a protest group that plays a major role in calling for changes in society. The movement enjoys a presence in most countries in the world and holds powerful roles in advocating for the rights of workers. This essay looks at the factors that facilitate the mobilization of the Labour Movement, as well as the factors…

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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Teenage pregnancy Teenage pregnancy is now recognized to be a major social issue because teenagers are now increasingly involving in sexual intercourse at an early age, creating severe complexities not only for themselves but also for the society at large. Associated problems include larger numbers of unmarried mothers and social and economic issues that are raised in meeting the challenges…

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Topic: Sociology

Renton’s Addiction in the “Trainspotting” Movie

Introduction Drug addiction remains one of the major problems that affect modern-day youths. According to Perfas (2003), youths never realize that they are getting addicted until such a time when it is too late to fight the addiction. In most of the cases, they get into drugs to get accepted by their peers. They get convinced that doing drugs is…

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Topic: Sociology

Power, Its Sources and Relation to Leadership

Power, Its Sources, and Usage Power is the ability of a person to influence and define the actions of other people. John French and Bertram Raven introduced five types of power relying on their sources, including legitimate power (depends on a position held by a person), expert power (depends on knowledge possessed by a person), reference power (depends on relations…

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Topic: Sociology

Syrian Children Refugees and Care in Canada

Introduction The imaginary case of Mohamed who has to sell six roses every day before he can go back to the camp to assist his mother is a precise depiction of the situation that Syrian children refugees are going through. The thirteen-year-old boy has been living in a congested refugee camp in Jordan. Mohamed lost his father in a terrorist…

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Topic: Sociology

State Power in the Sociological Study of Deviance

The purpose of this paper is to establish the connection between the state power and the sociological studies of deviance. The objective will be achieved by several steps. Firstly, I will give the definition of the power in sociological context and the power of the state. Secondly, I will determine how deviance is studied by sociologists. Lastly, the influence of…

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Topic: Sociology

Immigrants in Toronto: Social and Economic Challenges

Introduction The frequency with which people are moving from one country to another has been on the rise in the recent past. People are moving to change lifestyles, seek job opportunities, education, or refuge in times of conflicts. However, many immigrants have targeted Toronto thus resulting in a number of challenges. The current states of multiculturalism and integration have sparked…

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Topic: Sociology

Black Lives Matter’ Movement

The issues of racism and police brutality have existed long before 2012, but it is the killing of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin by the neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman that sparked countrywide protests and a national debate about police violence toward black people. The controversy surrounding the shooting and the subsequent investigation led to the creation of the Black…

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Topic: Sociology

Social Stratification in Modern Industrial Societies

Social stratification means formation of classes basing on person’s social and economic wealth. Melamed (2005) explains that income, level of wealth, and employment rate play a key factor in determining the strata within which an individual is defined. Stratification therefore, is the process of placing individuals within specific classes, which can be divided into lower, middle, and upper levels. Kinship…

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Topic: Sociology

Cultural Identity and Its Acceptance in Society

Cultural identity is a complex concept that is associated with a person’s understanding of his or her cultural roots, language, and community beliefs. From this perspective, cultural identity can be viewed as the person’s acceptance of belonging to a certain group that follows specific practices, visions, and traditions (Kuper 235). It is possible to speak about two dimensions of accepting…

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Topic: Sociology

Drug Dealing Reasons in East Harlem, New York City

The excerpt from the work In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio by Philippe Bourgois introduces the reader to the problems of crack dealers in East Harlem, New York City. The researcher, a professor of anthropology, analyzes the reasons which make the inhabitants of a poor neighborhood engage in drug dealing. The main idea of the work is…

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Topic: Sociology

Effective Interviewing Skills of a Social Worker

The significance of mastering the proper interviewing techniques cannot be overestimated. When a social worker knows the essential peculiarities of communication and is aware of the newest communication theories, he or she is more likely to help the people. It is vital to constantly upgrade one’s knowledge of interviewing techniques and assess one’s abilities. Knowing the limitations of one’s methods…

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Topic: Sociology

The ‘Black Other’ as the African Diaspora Experiences

Introduction Globalization trends which occurred in the nineteenth century have been perceived to have effects such as constitution and reconstitution of race. This is by transforming the world in an enormous dimension. As a result, there is a shift in the perception and meaning of skin color throughout the world (Kamari and Debora 20-379). Therefore, it is important to mention…

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Topic: Sociology

Sociology Theories’ Impacts on the Social Institutions

Introduction Over the years, numerous sociological theories have been espoused. However, the four main evidence based sociological theories are functionalism, utilitarianism, conflict and interactionism. Sociological theories are important because they influence various social institutions. Besides, sociological theories help to explain structures of social institutions (Macionis, 2012). Among the four theories, interactionism is the most relevant in contemporary societies because it…

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Topic: Sociology

What Is Meant By Social Science Paradigms?

Social science paradigms can be defined as the frames and models according to which researchers can observe the world and make conclusions about the certain institutions, processes, and interactions within the society. As a result, social science paradigms are used in order to organize the researchers’ observation and reasoning and provide the ways to discuss different social theories (Babbie, 2014,…

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Topic: Sociology

Conflict and Functionalism Theories

Functionalism theory Functionalism theory developed from the work of Durkheim, who evaluated how part of society unite to form a whole society (Andersen and Taylor, 20). The theory gives an account of each section of society that comes together to build a whole society. According to functionalism theory, each part and institution depend on each other, and they have a…

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Topic: Sociology

The Use of Animals in Scientific Research

The question of animal rights is a rather controversial issue of the twenty-first century. Some people believe that “animals have feelings, too,” while others are convinced that animal testing is essential to future scientific research. The opinions are entirely different, and one side of the conflict does not want to listen to another. The advancement in technology and science has…

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Topic: Sociology

Industrial Revolution, Democracy and Equality

Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Society The impact of industrial revolution on society should not be understated. It transformed mostly agrarian economies into those oriented oriented towards goods and services. It led to an influx of people from village communities into big, industrial cities with the goal of making a living in the new industry. Subsequently, cities grew, and…

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Topic: Sociology

The Most Shocking Aspects of Human Trafficking

The issue of human trafficking can be discussed as challenging and causing people to avoid this problematic topic because there are opinions that this problem cannot be overcome or addressed effectively. However, it is almost impossible to ignore the data that illustrate how many persons become victims of human trafficking annually. Therefore, it is important to focus on the most…

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Topic: Sociology

Workforce Diversity: Sociopsychological Aspects

Abstract Phenomena of diversity and inclusion observed in the workplace can be discussed with references to such social psychological perspective as the social identity theory. The reason is that interactions in the workplace are associated with the social nature of a person, and diversity, as well as the idea of inclusion or exclusion from work groups, is explained with references…

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Topic: Sociology

American Racism in “Men We Reaped” by Jesmyn Ward

Introduction Men We Reaped is Jesmyn Ward’s account of the economic realities of poverty-stricken rural Mississippi during her childhood. Ward reveals that young black men in DeLisle, bereft of equal economic and educational opportunities, lost their lives to substance abuse, violence, and suicide. Ward’s memoir paints a picture of an unequal and parallel American society. The central theme revolves around…

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Topic: Sociology

Female Beauty Definition

Introduction In any society, there was a specific attitude towards women and their beauty. Female beauty was a source of inspiration for poets, sometimes it was a reason for wars. There are many examples in history when women have used their beauty in achieving political goals. Nevertheless, the standard of female beauty was always different. In our research, we are…

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Topic: Sociology