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Democratic Views on Pro-Immigration

In the contemporary world, where the process of globalization, alongside a series of other social and political factors, serves as a powerful driver of communication and relocation, immigration is one of the most frequently discussed subjects. This issue is relevant not only to the multinational countries such as the United States but to all the modern states that attract large…

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Topic: Sociology

Capitalism and Gay Identity by D’Emilio and Berube

Introduction Capitalism plays a major role in the separation of people according to class and status. Gay identity puts individuals into a different social class. In this paper, the author will review the link between gay identity and capitalism from the perspective of two essays. The two are written by D’Emilio and Berube. Essays on Capitalism and Gay Identity D’Emilio’s…

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Topic: Sociology

US Illegal Immigrants’ Rights for Social Services

Introduction Immigration in the US has increased over the decades causing the population in the continent to swell with each passing year. The number of illegal immigrants continues to rise with each passing day. Because of this, the American society has deemed it fit to retaliate. The genesis of this debate itself, whether illegal immigrants should receive equal social services…

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Topic: Sociology

Same-Sex Marriage as a Moral Controversy

Commonly same-sex marriages were considered to be immoral and were not supported by society. However, recently they became legal in some countries and several states of America. Thus, it can be seen that today people tend to be more loyal than their forbears. Same-sex marriages are mainly not accepted by the church, and Christian ethics claims them to be forbidden…

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Topic: Sociology

Black Lives Matter and Animal Rights

Nowadays, many Americans assume that the legacy of racism no longer affects the qualitative dynamics within American society. One of the reasons for this is that for the duration of the last few decades, the government remained strongly committed to endorsing the policy of multiculturalism/political correctness. In its turn, this is believed to have resulted in endowing most citizens with…

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Topic: Sociology

Poverty in “The Bottom Billion” by Paul Collier

Introduction Paul Collier’s The Bottom Billion is an in-depth study of the world’s poorest countries’ financial plight. The book provides a detailed analysis of the incidence and the remedies to the issue. Collier was a professor of economics at Oxford University and served as an economist at the World Bank. The book provides empirical support to the problems faced by…

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Topic: Sociology

LGBT Community in Chicago

Chicago is considered to be a major center for the LGBT community. The city has a long history of the movement, dating back to the early 1920s (De la Croix 5). Illinois is known for having been lenient with the community even when the country’s beliefs and opinions on the matter were hostile. It was the first state to repeal…

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Topic: Sociology

Cities’ Growth and Urban Living

Living in urban is a keystone of modern society. It is commonly associated with internal and international migration that led to the necessity of expanding cities in order to provide everyone with the needed living conditions. The process of active urbanization began around two centuries ago, and the number of those living in the cities was constantly growing. That said,…

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Topic: Sociology

Drug War Failure and Associated Problems

Introduction One of the challenges that the United States has been dealing with over the last several decades is the illegal drug business. Over the years, several illegal drugs have been used in the United States for recreational, medical, and spiritual purposes (Alexander 20). The war on illegal drugs has dragged on for a significantly longer time than expected. The…

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Topic: Sociology

The Art of Negotiation and Suicide Prevention

Introduction Longing for problem resolution is normal for all spheres of life. Negotiation is a tool for non-violent conflict settlement. The term “negotiation” is mostly used concerning business or politics, but its application is not limited to these spheres. Thus, crisis negotiation is considered to be one of the most efficient instruments of law enforcement. It has thousands of examples…

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Topic: Sociology

Smoking Bans in the Nationwide Indoor

Introduction Smoking is a widespread habit that causes many diseases. The issue of whether to ban smoking indoors by the governments of various countries is popular as they try to take a step towards curbing the harmful effects of smoking. People support smoking bans because they understand the harmful effects. Some governments have put in place partial smoking bans, and…

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Topic: Sociology

Identity Politics as a Response to Globalization

Despite numerous positive outcomes that it promises, the concept of globalization as the basis for multicultural communication and learning is not fully devoid of certain controversial issues. The lack of control over the influence that some cultures will have on others and, particularly, the impact that dominant cultures can have on subordinate ones being the primary area of concern. The…

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Topic: Sociology

What Feminist Theory Teaches Us About the Internet?

The article that is going to be analyzed in the paper at hand is called The Internet Is Full of Jerks, Because the World Is Full of Jerks: What Feminist Theory Teaches Us About the Internet and is written by the feminist scholar Adrienne Shaw. The title is partially self-explanatory: the author of the article speculates upon the increasing sexism…

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Topic: Sociology

Stigmatization and Its Invisible Damage

Introduction Stigma affects several many people around the world and results in great suffering among them. Several causes of stigma include abuse, sexual assault, violence, and discrimination. The effect of stigma is detrimental and varies from a loss of self-worth, trauma, stress, and mental illness that affect personal life as well as family life. Richman and Hatzenbuehler (2014) point out…

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Topic: Sociology

Gender Stereotyping in Athletic Management

In their research paper, Burton and Parker evaluate the extent of gender stereotypes interference with the representation of women in managerial positions at the middle and senior levels. They investigate the information related to the masculine dominance in the field of professional sports and attempt to retrieve the reasons for the women’s low rate of representation in the interscholastic athletics.…

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Topic: Sociology

Military Treatment, Success, and Diverse Groups

Introduction Military organs play a pivotal role in maintaining social, economic, and political order in a given society. In the course of executing its functions, the military employs theoretical frameworks to facilitate the systematic and logical treatment of diverse groups. As such, the integration of macro and micro-sociological theories highlights substantial implications for how the security forces execute their undertakings…

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Topic: Sociology

TV Show: Cooking Network

In her project, Swenson reviewed Cooking Network for the purpose of studying the portrayal of gender roles that are changing rapidly in the modern society in relation to consumption, domestic work, and television. The author chose Cooking Network as the source of materials due to the diverse representation and content matching different perceptions and ideas of the modern gender roles…

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Topic: Sociology

Youth Unemployment Rates in Canadian Society

The problem under investigation is the fact that “the unemployment rate among people in the 18-25 age group is higher than any other age group in Canadian society.” This issue proves that there is a necessity to consider some ways to make the discussed population work and improve their socioeconomic status, which also affects the image of the whole country.…

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Topic: Sociology

Abortions and Rights of a Fetus in the US

The issue of the price of human life has always been topical. For years, people have been trying to determine what its price is and who has the right to manage it. Numerous philosophers devoted their works to this very issue. However, having solved this question, humanity, though, did not give clear definition to the concept of human life. On…

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Topic: Sociology

Self-Fashioning in Society and Solitude by Keohane

Although Keohane does not directly discuss the relationship between education and work, the article provides a valuable perspective on the correlation. Education is personal and professional development while working is contributing to achieving a common goal because there is rarely work that is done entirely by one person alone. In both, a person may experience solitude at times, but he…

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Topic: Sociology

Social Work Values and Ethics

Different professions have ethical guidelines that facilitate effective decision-making, but there are times when the professionals face ethical dilemmas. During these situations, it is imperative to embrace the decision that causes the least amount of harm on clients and the professionals. Ethical dilemmas concerning confidentiality must be approached in the light of the models assumed by respective organizations to prevent…

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Topic: Sociology

The Great Wall of the United States for Immigrants

Introduction When the 1996 presidential candidate Pat Buchanan proposed a barrier along the Southern border, he met criticism and condemnation from various individuals, mainly in politics, economists and human rights groups. However, after the immigration surge of 1999-2001 and the 9/11 attacks, the idea of erecting a physical wall in America’s southern border attracted both criticism and support (Chacón 1827).…

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Topic: Sociology

Dismantling Institutional Racism

Institutional racism denotes a kind of racial discrimination demonstrated in the performance of political and social establishments (Phillips 2005:360). What are the effects and possible solutions for institutional racism? Institutional racism differs from individual racism, which signifies racial discrimination against one or more people (Gillborn 2006:98). Institutional racism has the likelihood of negatively influencing individuals on a large scale, for…

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Topic: Sociology

Communication Strategies with a Vulnerable Population

Communication during a crisis is essential for both victims and the emergency services. Often, conventional forms of communication are unavailable due to the circumstances of the crisis. In cases like these, alternative methods of communication are required. Unfortunately, not all of them apply to the vulnerable populations, such as older adults. This paper will cover one such alternative method, how…

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Topic: Sociology

Domestic Violence Problem

The problem of domestic violence has always been an ongoing issue for a coherent society. The fact is that due to the disregard of this stigma and the lack of actions aimed at the reduction of its incidence, the problem became extremely sophisticated. In accordance with the relevant statistics, about 25% of households suffer from domestic violence (CDC, 2017). However,…

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Topic: Sociology

US Racial Inequality, Legislation and Immigration

The Significance of De Jure Segregation, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Civil Rights Act Society today can be described as a mosaic of races with different people living together as one society. This situation is starkly different from what the society practiced many years ago when they were pure in terms of race. Their boundaries were well defined and…

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Topic: Sociology

Domestic Violence and Victims’ Resistance

The modern society still suffers from several social problems that deteriorate the quality of peoples lives and result in the appearance of numerous health and psychological issues. Regarding the fact that a human being is a central value in the modern world, these stigmas should be eliminated. This domestic violence belongs to the above-mentioned issues as numerous people suffer from…

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Topic: Sociology

Structural Violence and Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Paul Farmer’s chapter “Suffering and Structural Violence” explains the concept of structural violence and applies it to Haiti. According to Farmer, structural violence occurs when the political, economic, or social structure of the country facilitates the suffering of certain categories of people. Vulnerable communities are characterized by various axes of oppression, which can be any characteristics that distinguish them from…

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Topic: Sociology

Gender Stereotypes in Western and Eastern Culture

Introduction A stereotype is a statement or a thought that is directed towards a certain group, tribe or types of individuals, seeking to judge the way they live, act or relate to other people and the material world. There are a lot of stereotypes that exist between the genders in the western and eastern worlds. Different cultural values and factors…

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Topic: Sociology

Acculturation and Immigration in the UK

Introduction: Acculturation as a Phenomenon. Definition, Examples and Expected Outcomes Immigration has always been associated with several negative issues, starting from the unemployment due to the influx of immigrant labor force to the possibility of cultural conflicts. The issue of immigration, however, is rarely considered from an immigrant. Acculturation is a complicated process that may easily fall into one of…

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Topic: Sociology

Lois Brown Responses to Uncle Tom’s Cabin

In the article, Brown’s thesis is that Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin did not fully address the needs of the African Americans, as well as the issue of slavery since in his endeavour to address slavery, the author dealt with racism instead. It is for this reason that most of the African Americans did not appreciate the novel, but rather viewed…

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Topic: Sociology

Slavery’s Impact on Contemporary Society

Introduction The history of slavery continues to have a significant influence on contemporary society in diverse ways. According to Crane (2013), societies are not blends of distinct people fashioning themselves anew from various generations. Rather, “a complex web of social connections and a long train of historical influences interact to form the opportunities and shape the outlook of individuals” (Crane,…

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Topic: Sociology

Racial Bias in Criminal Justice Systems and Workplaces

Background of Racial Bias against African-Americans On 28 February 2016, renowned African-American comedian Chris Rock was the official host of the 88th Oscar Academy Awards. During his opening speech, Chris Rock delivered a monolog in which he sought to answer the often-asked question about whether Hollywood depicted racist elements. In his response, Rock described Hollywood as “union xenophobic.” In essence,…

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Topic: Sociology

Organ Transplantation and Felicific Calculus

Introduction Contemporary society faces numerous moral issues. Organ transplantation is one of those topics that attract much attention of both professionals and the representatives of the general public. Different parties argue whether this medical procedure is the best option that should turn into a common practice or immoral action that must be banned. According to utilitarianism, all actions should be…

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Topic: Sociology

Husband’s Violence Against Wife

Setting Identification The topic for the assessment is domestic violence. Domestic violence is the abuse of a partner or a family member by another especially through aggression (Nicholas & Maistry, 2010). The setting of the assessment is in the workplace. In this setting, one of the workers called Elizabeth Jennings is facing adverse domestic violence from her husband. The genogram…

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Topic: Sociology

Gender Stereotypes in Families

Psychologists have paid significant attention to gender stereotypes, and many important trends have been identified and evaluated. Researchers use various methodologies to address the issues related to gender stereotypes. This paper dwells upon the study implemented by Croft, Schmader, Block and Baron (2014) with the focus on the methodology used. Croft et al. (2014) explore the correlation between parents’ implicit…

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Topic: Sociology

Revenge and Its Historical and Ethical Consequences

Introduction Earlier, the concept of revenge was considered an object of purely subjective but at the same time well-grounded justice. Attempts to take revenge on an enemy or offender caused serious conflicts that rather often led to wars and bloodshed. In the modern world, vengeance has not disappeared. On the contrary, it has acquired more sophisticated forms. The essence of…

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Topic: Sociology

Parents’ Gender Roles and Children’s Aspirations

Introduction The article in question dwells upon the development of stereotypes in children and adolescents. Croft, Schmader, Block and Baron (2014) state that parents inflict their implicit and explicit beliefs concerning gender roles on their children. Croft et al. (2014) utilize the social role theory as a theoretical framework for their research (among other theories). According to this theory, roles…

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Topic: Sociology

Child Labor, Its Forms, and Disputable Issues

Introduction Despite numerous attempts to eliminate remnants of the dark past and enter a new humanistic era, there are still numerous social stigmas that hamstring these efforts. It means that we still can observe such phenomena as slavery, discrimination, intolerance, poverty, etc. The disappointing effect that comes when facing these issues deepens from the fact that the coherent society is…

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Topic: Sociology

Homelessness and Mass Incarceration

Introduction Homelessness and incarceration are two experiences with a two-fold correlation. Not only the conditions of homelessness make people vulnerable to the different societal factors that may lead to imprisonment, but also the experience of the incarceration creates a high possibility that the former inmates of the penitentiary institutions will be homeless after leaving the prison. For that reason, it…

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Topic: Sociology

Ethics as Learned and Not Natural Behavior

Introduction Ethics is a very common topic nowadays, which encompasses knowing what is moral and immoral. There are no doubts that ethics are very essential in all aspects of life. Throughout the history of human kind, there are numerous theories and thoughts that have been developed to explain ethics and morality in the human society. It may seem a simple…

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Topic: Sociology

Racial Profiling: Trust, Ethics, Police Legitimacy

Introduction In contemporary societies, even such tolerant and multicultural as the Canadian one, racial profiling is a serious and urgent problem. Not only is it used to justify the illegal and anti-societal actions of some policemen, as it often happens in the United States, but it also has an impact on the everyday life of society. It impacts the way,…

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Topic: Sociology

Marijuana Social and Health Effects on Teenagers

Introduction Consumption of illegal drugs among teenagers or adolescents is a problem that has serious health and social concerns. Marijuana addiction has increased significantly in the US since the mid-2000s (Hasin et al. 602). Consuming marijuana during adolescent years may have serious consequences in adult life. Heavy use of marijuana can lead to delinquency, suicide, violence, unprotected sex, and antisocial…

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Topic: Sociology

Conflict Theory, Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism

Introduction According to Harris (1), sociologists follow different theoretical backgrounds when exploring certain subjects in the field. Most concepts in sociology are founded on the three key sociological paradigms, which include conflict theory, symbolic interaction, and functionalism. Each of these key paradigms has its own inclination when it comes to the conceptualization of the social aspects of society. It means…

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Topic: Sociology

The Concept of Privacy Rights

Introduction The present paper is devoted to the topic of privacy rights and its relationships with other concepts. In the US Constitution, there is no particular statement that would define privacy rights, but as suggested by Lim (2015), the right is “grounded in the very architecture of the Constitution” (p. 415). In other words, Constitutional rights may be interpreted to…

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Topic: Sociology

Domestic Violence Forms: Cases Analysis

Domestic abuse of family members, particularly children, adults, and the elderly, should be considered a form of deviant behavior to which researchers give different explanations: biological, psychological, and socio-cultural. The sociological reasoning for domestic violence implies taking into account socio-political, socio-economic, legal, psychological, and socio-cultural factors. In the cases described in the current research paper, an elderly woman and a…

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Topic: Sociology

Behavioral and Ethical Concepts

Introduction The fundamentals of people’s behavior in society have always been of interest to sociologists and philosophers, and different approaches to the study of certain motives have been developed. Thus, as a comparative analysis, two teleological philosophies – egoism and utilitarianism, as well as two moral concepts – teleology and deontology will be considered. A comparative analysis can help to…

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Topic: Sociology

Deontology and Ethical Relativism in “The Founder” Film

Introduction Business ethics is a complex subject that aims to use ethical theories and principles to guide the decision-making process in organizational settings. Business ethics considers all types of business relationships, including those between companies, between leaders and their employees, and between the company and the community (Mann and Roberts 16). Thus, applying business ethics to decision-making can help businesses…

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Topic: Sociology

New Harbor Community Center

New Harbor is a vibrant, multicultural city that currently hosts a considerable number of immigrants who have come in search for employment and better living conditions. Like any diverse community, New Harbor has to deal with high crime rates, homelessness, and poverty that cannot help affecting both adults and their children. Robert Johnson, who works for the Community Center, noticed…

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Topic: Sociology

Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Poverty

Introduction In the early seventeenth century, European colonists in the US turned to Africa for slaves in an effort of getting a cheaper, more abundant source of labor when judged against indentured servants (mainly the more underprivileged Europeans). 1619 acted as the year when slavery increased across colonies in America following a Dutch ship bringing twenty Africans ashore in Virginia.…

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Topic: Sociology