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  1. The Rise of Police Brutality against African-American Males
    The rise of police violence directed to African-American males is a phenomenon which is discussed by both public and authorities.
  2. Police Brutality in the United States
    Police officers are allowed to use “non-negotiable coercive force” to maintain public order and control the behavior of citizens.
  3. The Issue of Police Brutality in Community
    Police brutality is a rampant in many communities. Tthere is a lot of animosity between the police and the public.
  4. Police Brutality: Reasons and Countermeasures
    The research identifies the reasons for police brutality and the course of actions that conceivably could be done in order to finish it.
  5. Police Violence and Subterfuge Cases
    Police violence and subterfuge are the phenomena that unite the cases of Joy Gardner, who died in custody in 1993 and those of young Mike Brown or middle-aged Eric Garner.
  6. What Is the Police Authority?
    The police authority is the power vested in police officers and the police as an institution to enforce criminal law and preserve the public peace.
  7. Police Shooting of Richard Cabot in Pittsburgh
    On September 7, a police officer shot a 32- year-old Richard Cabot. The incident unfolded near the sports bar in Pittsburgh, where the victim and his friends.
  8. Police Reform in Florida
    This report will evaluate the available data to offer new knowledge to human resource management of police organizations in Florida.
  9. Police Administration: Structures, Processes and Behavior
    A police officer like any other person is not immune to stress. Studies indicate that a police officer is more likely to commit suicide than a civilian.
  10. Police Work’ Concepts and Operationalization
    This document presents the concepts and practical application of a study conducted to identify factors that affect the results of police work in the community.
  11. Liability Issues for Police Departments
    Police departments are designed to guard ordinary citizens against crime and to punish those who commit it. This work explores the issues of liability bring for police departments.
  12. Police Corruption: Understanding and Preventing
    Police corruption remains one of the leading challenges, affecting law enforcement agencies in the United States and around the world.
  13. Western Australia Police Communications Centre’s Change
    The WA Police Communications Centre is a vital organ of the regions police force. This essay seeks to analyze the challenges that affect the centre.
  14. Criminal Profiling and Police Corruption
    Police integrity is a complicated issue that can be solved by increased oversight and improved screening of candidates.
  15. Police Detective Career: Information and Issues
    The police detective career is very dynamic and demanding, especially the sections of criminal investigations such as homicide and theft.
  16. Police Brutality Toward African-American Males
    People from a poor economic and financial background are targeted by the police as prospective criminals and, therefore, remain under a consistent threat of police brutality.
  17. Racial Profiling: Trust, Ethics, Police Legitimacy
    This paper will give a definition of racial profiling, explore its origins, and explain how it changed from legal practice to a form of discrimination.
  18. Chesterfield County Police Department Structure
    The specifics of organizational structure can be beneficial or harmful depending on their appropriateness. The present paper analysis the structure of the Chesterfield County Police Department.
  19. Police’s Brutality Towards African American Males
    Police brutality and violence directed against African Americans is a common problem in the United States. This paper assesses this problem and determines how it can be addressed.
  20. Myths of Policing: Police Work’ Expectation
    The police work is surrounded by various myths developed through TV and literature that picture it differently from real activities.
  21. Police Officer Murder, Trial and Punishment
    Killing a police officer on duty is considered one of nine capital offenses punished either by a death penalty or by life imprisonment without the possibility of release.
  22. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sexual Harassment Class Action
    The landmark deal in RCMP sexual-harassment class action addressed the problem of sex-related harassment within the rows of Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  23. Police Unions’ Development in the US
    This paper evaluates the role of police unions for American workers by giving clear definitions, describing the reasons for unionization, and discussing unions’ growth in the USA.
  24. Police Injustice Towards African-Americans
    The book “White Violence and Black Response: From Reconstruction to Montgomery” by Herbert Shapiro is a century-long perspective on the issue of violence towards African-Americans.
  25. Police Brutality Increasing: Support for Black Males
    Police brutality experienced by the African-American male population is critical, and the emergency of this situation requires immediate response from the state.
  26. Police Administrators and Their Ethical Responsibility
    Only through an appropriate balance between formalism, governmental regulations, and ethical code, can public service be administered without backlash from the public.
  27. Driving and Police Stop in Dramatic Interpretation
    The experience of a police traffic stop can be analyzed as dramatic interaction, wherein the driver and passengers present a play to the officer.

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  1. Police Misconduct and Its Affecting Factors
    Police discretion is a necessary element of the policing activity. Many situations which officers encounter on a daily basis require judgment and appropriate decision-making.
  2. Dallas Tragic Events: The Shooting of Police Officers by a Perpetrator
    The following paper is an attempt to determine the reasons behind the dramatic events that occurred in Dallas, identify the gaps in security and emergency response strategies.
  3. Age Influence on the Support for Police Action
    This paper addresses to what extent age influences the support for police action. The hypothesis is that old aged people are in support of the idea of police action.
  4. Undercover Police Investigations in Drug-Related Crimes
    Undercover activities have traditionally been used to target crimes involving corruption, drugs, pornography, and prostitution.
  5. Are African Americans More Harassed by Police?
    The paper explores the hypothesis that members of the African American community are more likely to be harassed by the police than members of other ethnic groups.
  6. Police Service Transformation: Research Onion
    The research onion depicts the research strategies and approaches that will be employed in this study. They are discussed in more detail in this paper.
  7. Police Work: Public Expectations and Myths
    The work of the police is surrounded by various myths developed through TV and literature that picture it differently from real activities.
  8. Local Police Response to Terrorism
    The quality of the work carried out by the police to prevent terrorist acts determines the safety of the population.
  9. New Orleans Police Department’s Ethics and Leadership
    Police officers or civil servants who fail to meet the prescribed norms of behavior or commit serious indictable offenses can be punished if no other people are involved.
  10. Police Attitudes and Professionalism: Interview
    The interviewee chosen for this assignment is a 34-year old white married male, currently working as a full-time police officer in the Miami Police Department.
  11. Addressing the Gulf Coast Police Department Understaffing
    Despite the best efforts of recruiters, police departments all over the US are understaffed. The present paper analyzes the reasons for GCPD’s problems and offers measures to address these issues.
  12. Police Liability Issue and Consequences of Illegal Actions
    The issue of the liability of police officers and their degree of responsibility for certain actions is the topic that is discussed in the media periodically and causes a great public response.
  13. The Report on the Courtelaney Pass Police Department
    The situational report on the Courtelaney Pass police department presents a number of important issues that should be addressed by the police administration.
  14. Courtelaney Pass Police Department: Potential Problem Solutions
    There are four essential problems in the Courtelaney Pass police department: racial tensions, questionable investigative and enforcement practices, poor community reporting, and the lack of diversity.
  15. America as a Superpower and the World’s Police
    The international policing role and strategy of the United States during the Cold War has become even more necessary in this period of terrorism and instability.
  16. Police Brutality and Mental Health of African Americas
    The authors hypothesize that the effect of experiencing blackness has a twofold impact on the young African Americans’ mental health
  17. Mentoring Programs in Police Departments
    The given proposal revolves around a one-on-one mentoring program that can be used by police departments to improve officers’ competence.
  18. Assessing Role of Technology in Police Crime Mapping
    The role of technology in police operations has become pivotal because it aids our law enforcement agencies to do their tasks easier and less time-consuming.
  19. Police-Community Relations: Leadership Project
    Police-community relations are essential in curbing crime because the community has got vast knowledge in relation to the crime being practiced in the community.
  20. US Police Challenges Today: Police Discretion
    Police discretion is essential to the success of an officer and the public. Discretion means judgment, and for law officers, this can be the difference between life and death.
  21. Major External Forces and Police Organization
    Whatever has been ailing the police organization in the last six decades are all related to infrastructure, safety, and the environment in the setting where that particular organization operates.
  22. Why I Want to Be a Police Officer
    The police force is a very important branch of our society. It has a key role to play in maintaining peace and order.
  23. Police or Custodial Brutality in the United States
    The aspect of police or custodial brutality is the subject matter of the study. This has become a serious problem in the administration of law, order, and human justice in the USA.
  24. Criminal Justice Ethics: Police Corruption & Drug Sales
    The growth of police corruption instances involving drug sales is relatively easy to explain. The financial rewards offered by the sales of illegal drugs are enormous.
  25. Police Brutality: Analysis of the Problem
    Police brutality is directed towards racial minorities and poor immigrants who cannot protect their rights in the courtroom and have no money to file a law case against officers.
  26. UK Police Are Changing Their Attitude to Racial Issues
    The increased number of black and Asian police officers influenced positively the way suspects from minority ethnic groups were handled
  27. Organization Effectiveness of a Police Department
    The organization is a core and framework of effective performance. The organization allows the police department to ensure effective management and organization of human resources.

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  1. Dismal City Police Department: “Do More With Less”
    The approach of community policing as well as the strategies used and its implementation vary widely depending on the requirements and the reactions of communities.
  2. Community Policing Assignment: A History of Police Work in the Criminal Justice System
    Community policing led to the introduction of a system where the police officers and members of the community get a closer relationship.
  3. Police Supervisor’s Dilemma: Control and Motivation
    The level of control needed in a police institution is related to the capability of officers to construct an inspiring environment.
  4. Motivation & Control: The Police Supervisor’s Dilemma
    It is universally acknowledged that the effectiveness of the work is toughly connected with a consistent organizational structure and subordinate system.
  5. How Does ‘Police Culture’ Influence Police Practice?
    Police culture is influenced by a number of social and political factors which determine its main functions and internal structure.
  6. Testing Food Service Employees: Policy Assessment
    Mary Mallon, or Typhoid Mary as she was called, worked as a cook and was reputed to have caused infections of Typhoid fever in 47 people and caused the death of 3.
  7. Laptop Computers in Police Cars: Benefits & Drawbacks
    This paper will investigate these problems and their prevalence with respect to the utilization of laptops in police vehicles.
  8. Procedural Justice in Contacts with The Police Analysis
    The paper examines the relational model of authority that indicates the procedural justice role in the public evaluation of and support for the police.
  9. Forensic Psychology for Police Recruitment and Screening
    The quest for competitive and effective police officers led to the introduction of some measures to help in the recruitment of individuals.
  10. All Police Officers Should Wear a Body Camera
    This paper suggests that the use of body cameras positively contributes to the reinforcement of procedural justice, as the prevention of unethical behavior and police brutality.
  11. Forensic Psychology in the Police Subspecialty
    Forensic psychological officers have crucial roles in the running of the police departments. This is because law enforcement chores are entitled to many challenges.
  12. National Association of Police Organizations
    This paper focuses on the performance of the National Association of Police Organizations, including its purposes and contribution to the United States’ law enforcement community.
  13. Professional Ethics: Police Department
    The science of ethics attempts to give humanity the answers to the existential question of what is moral and what is not.
  14. Evaluating Budget Documents of Police Department
    The paper will analyze the budget which was presented by the police department indicating both the estimates and the adjusted figures.
  15. Sexual Assault Female Victims Avoid Reporting to Police
    Among the most under-reported crimes in the United States, one of the leading roles is occupied by sexual assault. Sixty-five percent of female victims avoid reporting to police.
  16. Police Brutality: The Rodney King Case
    The case of Rodney King is a demonstration of police brutality in the United States. This paper will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the incident, explaining it in detail.
  17. American Society Police Brutality Causes and Effects
    Police brutality in America is visible and accompanied by racial discrimination and creates negative consequences for society because it imposes trust issues.
  18. Health Safety in the Police Department
    It is especially important to provide a healthy working environment for workers of a police department, as they need to continue their service even at the time of a health crisis.
  19. About Police Chaplaincy Program
    The article argues for launching a police chaplain program to connect the community with the police and provide survivors with the emotional and social support they need.
  20. The Issue of Police Injustice in the United States
    In March 2020, a tragic event led to the death of a black emergency medical technician, B. Taylor. According to descriptions, police were investigating a drug case and suspected her.
  21. The Phenomenon of “Defunding the Police”
    The work Defunding the Police aims to explore the meaning of “defunding the police” and arguments and counterarguments surrounding this initiative.
  22. Police Misconduct and the Misuse of Force
    Police misconduct is a vital concern as it affects the functioning of society and might cause much harm to individuals.
  23. Beyond “Police Brutality”: Racist State Violence and the University of California – Article Review
    The article highlights the issues with police attitudes toward the application of seemingly extreme measures to non-violent perpetrators.
  24. Chesterfield County Police Department: Hiring Process
    This paper will explore the applicable requirements of the Chesterfield County Police Department for the position of an entry-level law enforcement officer.
  25. Racial Profiling of Minority Groups by the Police in the United States
    This research paper will address racial profiling of minority groups by the police in the US through the analysis of background, theories, and concepts.
  26. Police Corruption in California
    The analysis of the information proves that police corruption in California depends on the work and social environment of police officers.
  27. Role of Police Agencies in Law Enforcement
    The police have hardly had any authority to control the most of the white color crimes. In addition, lack of expertise among the police also contributed to this problem.

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  1. Metropolitan Police Service: Identity Management Solution
    Within the context of Metropolitan Police Service case study, the research underlines the need for such institution to ensure production of a viable management system.
  2. Enhancing Police Training Program Proposal
    Providing all-around education to the officers requires the services of competent trainers who are well versed with the current needs of the contemporary generation.
  3. Police Response to High Speed/Hot Pursuits
    Police officers have the responsibility of defending the lives of citizens by maintaining law and order, however, in attempts to avoid being arrested.
  4. “Police Solve Just 2% of All Major Crimes” by S. Baughman
    Baughman’s article is about the insufficiency of the work that the police do to solve severe crimes since only 2% of cases result in a conviction.
  5. “The Black Officer Who Detained George Floyd Had Pledged To Fix the Police”: A Story of Alex Kueng
    “The Black Officer Who Detained George Floyd Had Pledged to Fix the Police” article allows concluding that the police system cannot be reformed from within.
  6. Enhanced Police Patrol Drones for Crime Prone Neighborhoods
    Drones are among the few technologies that law enforcement agencies could use to alleviate many of the challenges they face in their ordinary duties.
  7. Rodney King’s Police Brutality Case: What Went Wrong
    Rodney’s case remains a historic example of police brutality. The interplay of several factors might have led to the acquittals of the officers in the first trial.
  8. Textual Analysis of the Song “Police” by Suprême Ntm
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the song “Police” written and performed by a French hip-hop band Suprême NTM. It is dedicated to the problem of police brutality, racism.
  9. How the Police Use Facial Recognition?
    Some law enforcement officers, especially in Florida, do not trust the application of technique as a warrant of arrest.
  10. Police Violence Against African Americans in the USA
    The statistic shows that the violence from law enforcement officials causes thousands of deaths of black men in the USA.
  11. Investigation of the Chicago Police Department
    This paper will analyze some of the critical issues found in the investigation of the Chicago police department by the United States Department of Justice.
  12. Police Brutality Against African Americans and Media Portrayal
    Police brutality toward the African-American population of the United States is an issue that has received nationwide publicity in recent years.
  13. Police Brutality and Impunity for Police Violence
    The overall purpose of this paper is to explore the topic of police brutality and police impunity as it is discussed in modern studies.
  14. Racist Actions of the American Police Force in “The Black and the Blue” by Matthew Horace
    In the book “The Black and the Blue,” Matthew Horace gives testimony from behind the blue wall of secrecy and paints a society where police molest citizens.
  15. Policing From Above: Drone Use by the Police
    Drones are among the few technologies that law enforcement agencies could use to alleviate many of the challenges they face in their ordinary duties.
  16. Interview With Chief of Police Mr. William Evans
    I had a rare chance of interviewing the Chief of Police for Hinds Community College Mr. William Evans in his office on Wednesday 19 November, 2014 at 5 p.m.
  17. Organizational Change in Police Departments: A Theory-Based Analysis
    When examining the case of implementing Compstat systems in police districts the first to consider is the positive appeals of such as system.
  18. Management Solution Needed for The Metropolitan Police Service
    The dangers of getting the balance right between security, easy access, and reduction of risk are to be the main focus of the response to the tasks.
  19. Police Administration and Key Effectiveness Factors
    When evaluating the impact of a police force, the best indicator would be to examine repetitive police action in preventing the same types of crimes.
  20. Report for the Chief of Police
    The current report contains the definition and description of the Uniform Crime Report, the data-gathering strategy used for the analysis and its rationale, and crime trends.
  21. Police Patrol Effectiveness Research Assessment
    The paper recaps debates that have arisen on the police patrol effectiveness in crime prevention, by investigating research on the said issue.
  22. The Significance of Police Discretion to the Criminal Justice System
    This paper is an investigation into the meaning of police discretion. It highlights the benefits of police discretion to the role of the police department.
  23. Police Brutality Against African Americans
    The issue being examined refers to the problem of police brutality on African Americans. The mentioned problem is a burning one and is vividly expressed in modern society.
  24. Inequalities and Police Brutality Against the Black
    This paper aims to research racial inequality and hostile police attitudes towards the black population in the United States.
  25. Police Brutality Against African Americans in America
    The purpose of this article is to describe the different approaches to researching the problem of police brutality against African Americans.
  26. “How to Fix America’s Police” by Stoughton
    The authors of the article suggest that the US police’s current situation could be fixed in two ways: either through state intervention or through local one.

💡 Simple Police Essay Ideas

  1. Human Sex Trafficking and Police Technology: An Issue of the Past or Present?
    The paper provides an introduction that describes human sex trafficking before taking a specific approach of understanding the vice in Houston, Texas.
  2. Police Force Diversifying Strategies
    The presence of women officers and officers of color may act as a complementary stimulus, as they have an approach that could be more relatable for future personnel.
  3. Police Shooting and Issue of Discrimination
    The issue of discrimination and police shootings can be resolved by observing both officers and citizens – collecting information by cameras can serve as objective material.
  4. Police Recruitment and Training
    The recruitment of police officers entails many processes that must be completed before one is eligible to be an officer.
  5. Profiling Procedures in the Los Angeles Police Department
    The law enforcers and most commonly the police, have profiling procedures that separate certain groups of people from the majority.
  6. Ending Racial Bias and Bureaucracy Within Police
    Police officials may engage in bureaucratic or administrative corruption for private gain, which facilitates distrust in the efforts of law enforcement.
  7. Police Reforms Implementation: The Los Angeles Police Department
    83% of the LA residents vouching for the good job of the police especially because the LAPD has desisted from using serious force since 2004.
  8. The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department: Most Pressing Issues
    This report outlines the main problematic issue with the functioning of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.
  9. Police Selection Process: Metropolitan and New York Police Departments
    The Metropolitan Police Department and the New York Police Department selection process evaluates knowledge, abilities, skills, character and traits.
  10. Conflict and Power: Police and Community Collaboration
    This paper includes an analysis of the nature of the conflict between law enforcement and citizens in the US, as well as some strategies that can contribute to solving the problem.
  11. The Use of Wiretapping in Police Technology
    The report discusses Chapter 14 of the book “Police Technology” by Raymond E. Foster. Dr. Foster has written extensively on technical tools and gadgets for law enforcement.
  12. Measuring Crime: Lynnfield’s Local Police Force Stop & Search Data
    The study aims to assess any obvious trends that may be associated with disproportionate and/or discriminatory exercise of ‘stop and search’ policy by law enforcement agencies.
  13. “Learn About Being a Police Officer” by Kane
    Being a police officer is one of the most challenging professions because it requires dedication, determination, and sacrifice.
  14. Analysis of Decision-Making Processes in Boston Police Department
    The paper covers the role of police in homeland and application of these systems to the Boston Police Department.
  15. Police Brutality Toward Black Community
    The black community needs help since they suffer due to police brutality, receive various kinds of injuries, and experience traumas.
  16. Police Brutality on African Americans
    Police brutality against African Americans has been on the rise even after several constitutional and legal reforms made by the country to control it.
  17. Discussion of Police Misconduct
    The paper discusses criminal justice system has developed various approaches that guarantee that police can be held accountable for their misconduct.
  18. How Police Supervisory Styles Influence Patrol Officer Behavior
    The field supervisor, also identified as the patrol sergeant, directly oversees officers’ conduct, performance, appearance, and tactical operations assigned under their command.
  19. Public Role and Control of Police
    Citizens of democratic states have a right to exert control over the police. This claim is based on the fact that police are a part of the government.
  20. Leadership in the Los Angeles Police Department
    LAPD continues to develop and implement new and innovative programs in which its officers are trained to become good leaders.
  21. Police Discretion: Criminal Justice
    While in the academy and for their period of training, police are particularly skilled on how to handle various situations that they will come across.
  22. US Police Brutality and Human Resources Connection
    Police brutality is one of the most pressing crisis problems in the United States, it requires additional research and immediate solutions.
  23. Police Brutality: The Killing of Daunte Wright
    Police brutality is defined as the use of unjustified or excessive force by the police, usually against citizens. It refers to the violation of human rights by the police.
  24. Police Use of Force and Its Limits
    The paper aims to define what it means to be a police officer, discuss the legal use of nondeadly and deadly force, and determine the limits placed on police power.
  25. Factors That Justify the Use of Deadly Force by Police
    Police shootings and killings of unarmed civilians arguably qualify as violations of the use-of-force standards that warrant the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators.
  26. Race and Police Brutality in American History
    Racism and police violence since the time of colonization has had intense effects on Black and Indigenous communities.

❓ Research Questions About Police

  1. Are Illegal Police Quotas Still Affecting American Citizens?
  2. What Is the Name of American Police?
  3. What Are the Four Types of Police System?
  4. Are Women More Effective Police Officers?
  5. What Are Young Adults’ Perception of Police?
  6. What Are Some Nicknames for the Police?
  7. Which Country Has the Best Police System?
  8. Which Country Has the Largest Police Force in the World?
  9. When Did Police Brutality Start?
  10. Can the Police Reduce Crime?
  11. Are Police Allowed to Punch You in the UK?
  12. Which Countries Have Police Brutality?
  13. What Causes Police Corruption?
  14. What Is Excessive Force by Police?
  15. Which Indian State Has Most Powerful Police?
  16. What Is the Highest-Paid Job in the Police?
  17. How Does the Los Angeles Police Department Represent the City?
  18. How Can We Overcome Police Brutality?
  19. What Does Three Stars on a Police Uniform Mean?
  20. Should Police Officers Wear Cameras?
  21. Should the Police Have More Power?
  22. Do Police Officers Salute Military?
  23. Why Were the Police Unable to Catch Jack the Ripper?
  24. Which Country Has Private Police?
  25. How Many Police Are There in the UK?
  26. Are Body Cameras Fighting Police Misconduct?
  27. When Does Police Discretion Cross Boundaries?
  28. What Is the Issue of Police Brutality?
  29. How Does Police Brutality Violate Civil Rights?
  30. What Human Rights Are Being Violated by Police?
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