85 Bullying Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Bullying

  1. Addressing Bullying in Elementary and Middle School Classrooms
    The study mainly focuses on teachers’ lack of knowledge on how to deal with the issue of bullying in the classroom in an effective manner.
  2. Bullying and Sexual Harassment at Work Place
    According to Safety and Health Assessment and Research for Prevention, workplace bullying occurs when an individual direct irrational actions repeatedly towards their fellow worker.
  3. Organization Conflicts and Bullying
    Workplace bullying is a serious problem with huge costs attached to it in terms of loss of working days. The topic requires academic attention to ascertain the factors that induce such behavior.
  4. Children’s Bullying in School
    Bullying is an issue that is very important in the public health sector. This is based on the effects it has on children who are victimized.
  5. School Bullying and Problems in Adult Life
    Bullying is aggressive behavior that can be seen in different children, teenagers, and adults. In this paper, the causes of bullying and the effects of it will be presented and discussed.
  6. School Bullying: Causes and Effects
    Bullying is one of the main challenges children are facing at schools. This research paper aims at exploring the causes, effects, and the possible solutions to bullying in schools.
  7. Bullying Problem in School
    Bullying is caused by genetic predisposition, relations with peers, and as a reaction to the situation in school or at home.
  8. Prevention of Bullying in Schools
    School bullying is a relevant and critical global issue, and while it affects all children, some groups may experience various disparities and increased exposure to bullying.
  9. Cyber-Bullying and Cyber-Stalking as Crimes
    Cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking are relatively close in meaning, but there is a slight difference in the definition of these terms.
  10. School Bullying and Student’s Development
    Bullying is one of the major social issues facing youth in schools today. This work entails research that was carried out on a student to studying the level of bullying in school.
  11. School Bullying and Legal Responsibility
    The following paper will discuss and cover the rate of school bullies’ legally unregulated actions and the detriment that they constantly cause to other children who surround them.
  12. Online Bullying Takes Over the World
    In the context of a rapidly and highly digitized global environment, online bullying, otherwise known as cyberbullying, has become a prevalent issue.
  13. Bullying and Laws in American Schools
    Researchers distinguish two major kinds of bullying that take place in the academic setting: direct and indirect.
  14. Parenting Style and Bullying Among Children
    The investigation of parenting styles is highly essential to understand how they affect the bullying behavior of children to prevent it.
  15. Teenagers’ Contemporary Issues: Bullying at School
    Bullying can be caused by differences between students, and the existing assessment and support options contribute to improving the situation.
  16. The Issue of Cyber-Bullying in Education Field
    Bullying has been recognized as a pervasive and a severe problem as well as a significant concern, mostly in the educational field.
  17. Fear Appeal in the Stop Bullying Public Campaign
    In the video “Stop bullying,” the subject matter is presented shockingly. The 47-second clip shows a high school girl receiving an aggressive text message from her peers.
  18. Bullying Effects on Health and Life Quality
    When children are subject to bullying by their peers, it affects their feelings and evokes negative emotions in the first place.
  19. Cyber-Bullying and Ways to Solve the Problem
    The primary goal of the given study is the investigation of cyber-bullying, which is nowadays one of the integral parts of social media and the Internet.
  20. Horizontal Violence and Bullying in Nursing
    There is a direct correlation between horizontal violence and job satisfaction among nurses, which affects the efforts of individuals who choose this profession.

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  1. Causes of Bullying in Nursing
    The relationship between medical staff is an important aspect that determines the quality of work in a particular institution and the healthcare system as a whole.
  2. Nurse Bullying and Legal Interventions
    Nurse bullying has to be addressed by healthcare establishments and national agencies to ensure proper work culture and adequate environment for patient care.
  3. Bullying Among Nursing Staff
    The bullying in health care is still present, and health practitioners’ mental health, motivation, and ability to uphold precision and self-composure are compromised.
  4. Exploring Workplace Bullying in Nursing
    This paper critiques Etienne’s 2013 study of workplace bullying in nursing and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the research.
  5. Workplace Bullying in the Nursing Areas
    The paper is aimed to tell about the importance of overcoming workplace bullying in the example of a nursing collective.
  6. The Meaning of Cyber Bullying
    The work reveals the meaning and purpose of cyberbullying, what signs characterize it and the solution to cyberbullying.
  7. The Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Policy Against Bullying
    This paper discusses the analysis of the bullying in general and its understanding in the works of Dumfries and Galloway Council.
  8. The Cognitive Behavioural Therapy on Victims of Bullying
    This paper will be able to ascertain that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a very effective therapy that defies the ugly trend of bullying in schools.
  9. Bullying and School Drop Out Rate Relationship Analysis
    Bullying is rife in schools where physical and verbal abuse occurs among pupils/students. There is “a close relationship between bullying, school involvement, and literacy”.
  10. Bullying in Schools: Anti-Bullying Programs
    Bullying in schools is a growing concern all over the world. Violence and insults cause psychological harm not only to victims but also to bullies
  11. The Problem of Bullying in School
    Bullying affects the learning process of students by undermining the balance of power, causing physiological and physical problems in their lives.
  12. Bullying and Parenting Styles
    There are many positive and negative outcomes of parenting on children. This paper aims at investigating the connection between several types of parenting and bullying behaviors.
  13. Bullying in the Modern Society: Review
    Bullying is one of the major concerns of modern society. Following the statistics, about 40% of all individuals have experienced being bullied at least once.

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  1. School Bullying and Teacher Professional Development
  2. Bullying and Its Effect on Our American Society
  3. Physical, Emotional, and Social Bullying
  4. The Government Should Put Laws in Place To Prevent Bullying
  5. Childhood Bullying and Social Relationships
  6. Bullying and Its Effects on Individual’s Education
  7. The Emotional and Physical Aspects of Bullying
  8. Bullying and Its Effects on the Person Who Is Being Hurt
  9. Childhood Bullying and Its Effects on Children
  10. Cyber Bullying Affects People‘s Lives More Than One Might Think
  11. Managing Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace
  12. Bullying Affects the Social Learning Theory
  13. How Has Bullying Changed Our Modern World?
  14. Bullying and the Workplace and Affect Morale
  15. The Bible Belt and Its Beliefs on the Problem of Bullying
  16. Cyber-bullying Through Anonymous Social Media
  17. The Difference Between Bullying and Harassment
  18. Racial Bullying and Its Effects on the Middle of the Twenty
  19. Bullying Among Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
  20. Social Media Bullying and Cyberbullying
  21. Bullying Prevention and School Safety
  22. Physical and Verbal Bullying in Schools

❓ Bullying Research Questions

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  1. What Are Schools and Parents Doing for Bullying Prevention?
  2. What Are the Effects of Bullying in Public Schools?
  3. What Strategies Might You Employ to Encourage Pupils to Prevent Bullying?
  4. How to Talk to Your Children About Bullying?
  5. What Are the Six Types of Bullying Parents Should Know About?
  6. Which American State Has the Toughest Bullying Laws?
  7. Who Started and Invented Anti-Bullying Day?
  8. What Countries Have Anti-Bullying Laws?
  9. Which American State Is the Only One to Not Have an Anti-Bullying Law?
  10. What Is the Meaning of Anti-Bullying Law?
  11. What Is the Number One Determinant of Bullying Will Occur?
  12. When Was the First Anti-Bullying Law Passed?
  13. Is Bullying a Social Determinant of Health?
  14. What Should Be in an Anti-Bullying Policy?
  15. Why Is the Anti-Bullying Policy Important?
  16. Why Should We Be Aware of the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013?
  17. What Is the Meaning of Emotional Bullying?
  18. What Is the Punishment for Anti-Bullying Act?
  19. Is Bullying a Social Phenomena?
  20. Who Is the Father of Bullying Research?
  21. What Is a Good Slogan for Stop Bullying?
  22. Why Do the Bullying Programs not Work?
  23. Why Students Engage in Bullying?
  24. Why Are Workplace Bullying and Violence Important Issues for Organizations?
  25. Why Should Bullying Not Be Harsh?
  26. What Is the Most Important Strategy for Bullying Prevention?
  27. Why Do We Need to Conduct a Study About Bullying?
  28. Are Bullying Prevention Programs Effective?
  29. Who Should Universities Have the Ability to Punish Students for Cyber Bullying?
  30. Are Neoliberalist Behaviours Reflective of Bullying?
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