79 Negotiation Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Negotiation

  1. The Vendros Technology Company Successful Negotiation
    Vendros Technology is in a negotiation with the Netcom Brazil with the intention of getting a licensing agreement. This proposal will assist the company as a guide to their actions.
  2. Applying Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Knowledge
    Any negotiation situation has two or more sides involved. Needs and desires of the parties may not match at all or the sides may pursue absolutely opposite final goals.
  3. Communication in Negotiation: Process and Barriers
    Communication is an integral part of everyday life. Persuasive and efficient communication guarantees a success in all types of negotiations.
  4. Respiratory Complications Reduction: Negotiations
    The plan for reducing respiratory complications in patients undergoing interventional radiological procedures involves negotiations with several stakeholders.
  5. Business Negotiation Group Assignment
    To plan the negotiation process and work out an appropriate solution, this paper have identified the interests of the parties.
  6. Kendall Regional Medical Center’s Change and Negotiation Plan
    This paper is a change and negotiation plan. The problem under consideration is the severity of complications and frequency of PICC line reinsertions in Kendall Regional Medical Center.
  7. Regional Medical Center: Changes and Negotiations Plan
    The change and negotiation plan at hand describe the key aspects of the proposed change implementation process putting a particular emphasis on the need for effective communication tactics.
  8. Door-to-Balloon Time Reduction: Negotiations
    The paper indicates reasons for each stakeholder in supporting the proposed plan for improving the door-to-balloon time in the STEMI patients at Kendall Regional Medical Center.
  9. The Art of Negotiation and Suicide Prevention
    Negotiation is a tool for non-violent conflict settlement. This research studies the use of negotiation in suicide prevention and reveals the role of a negotiator.
  10. PICC-Related Complications Reduction: Negotiations
    The plan for minimization of PICC-related complications and the reduction of catheter reinsertion rates at KRMC involves negotiations with several stakeholders.
  11. Power, Networking, Negotiation in Global Companies
    Leaders within an organization have the role of ensuring human and physical resources in the organization has been managed effectively and effectively.
  12. My Negotiation Style
    In most aspects of our lives, conflicts of interest are bound to arise. Disputes can be healthy for personal and communal development.
  13. Negotiations Class Self-Assessment: Negotiation Skills
    In this semester, negotiation skills were among the paramount topics covered. Negotiation is a process aimed at settling differences by reaching an agreement.
  14. Conflict and Negotiation in the Workplace
    When people are working together, conflicts are inevitable; however, when solved and managed effectively, they can lead to better understanding among team members.
  15. United States and Negotiation With Terrorists
    This research paper gives an evidence-based argument to explain why the United States should never negotiate with terrorists.
  16. Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
    The paper discusses the statement: Negotiators who frame a conflict as ‘winner takes all’ will have a harder time than those who believe it is possible for everyone to win.
  17. Effective Negotiations in Business
    Negotiations are one of the ways to resolve existing disputes that arise across different subject areas of business.
  18. Importance of Negotiation Contracts in the Business
    Negotiation contracts help the parties to reach a compromise on contract terms and, therefore, prepare to engage in business relationships.
  19. Why Negotiations Fail
    Negotiations are often a challenging task to deal with. The aim of this essay is to explore the errors that hinder stakeholders from reaching an agreement throughout the debates.
  20. Effective Workplace Negotiation Strategies & Skills
    Knowing how to handle and relate to a supervisor is no less important than what requirements should be made to the subordinates.
  21. Negotiation Plan Development: Elements & Tactics
    This training guide will explore the elements, tactics, key team members, and pitfalls of supplier negotiations, as well as their impact on financial results.
  22. Negotiation in Nursing: Approaches and Advantages
    A qualified nurse is expected to negotiate based primarily on his or her emotional intelligence, experience, sensitivity, respect to patients and colleagues.
  23. Integrative Negotiation With a Difficult Employee
    The integrative negotiation approach can be used to resolve the conflict with very minimal cost to both parties.
  24. Conflict and Negotiation Discussion
    As a manager or leader it is a fundamental duty to maintain the goal of the company by resolving conflict through negotiation.
  25. Negotiation Strategy: Miami School Negotiations
    A proposal to rezone the school district and the Miami-Dade County Working Group on Public Schools Overcrowding Relief approved the recommendations to ease crowding in Miami-Dade.
  26. Resolving Business Conflicts: Negotiation Strategies
    Currently two different articles under consideration are “Chrysler Debtholder Talks Pick Up Pace” by Krisher and “Globe Union Seeks Public Negotiations” by McConville.
  27. Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation’s Negotiations
    It is important to apply the guidelines that will enable Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation to facilitate effective communication during the negotiation.

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  1. Conduct of American-Japanese Business Negotiations
    This paper aims to analyze the negotiation aspects and explain the possible mistakes and factors on the example of the American – Japanese business negotiations.
  2. Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
    The best alternative for the negotiated agreement will have to consider the proper assessment of the marketing background and research of the marketing trends.
  3. The Negotiation Process in Football
    The main issue being negotiated is the extension of a playing contract for A. J. Washington, a quarterback participating in the Los Angeles Spartans of National Football League.
  4. Correlation Between Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    The paper describes the goals of dialogue communication during the negotiation process, types of negotiations, stages, and factors for successful negotiations.
  5. Hochschild: Emotion Management and Negotiations
    Hochschild comes up with emotion management mechanism that illuminates the self, interaction and the structure. Emotion is always regulated by the act of management.
  6. Kosovo, Serbia, NATO: International Negotiations
    NATO continues to insist on a settlement based on autonomy for the Albanian Kosovars inside Serb-dominated Yugoslavia. But that goal is not only unattainable, it is undesirable.
  7. The Role of Negotiation in Patients’ Education
    Negotiation is viewed as the process by which several parties with different interests attempt to find agreement. It helps doctors and clients to reach an understanding.
  8. Tricky Negotiations: a Strategy of Handling Requests and Planning Working
    Being a good team member, a leader, and a manager is possible to develop an effective strategy of handling employees’ requests and planning working schedules for holidays.
  9. Absentia Ltd.: Business Negotiation
    If the offer preserves the overall reputation and dignity of the House better than Grouse, the value must not be lower than $20 million.
  10. Doha Negotiations: Possible Solutions and Outcomes
    Among issues to be discussed in negotiations, it is crucial to pay attention to the Chinese currency revaluation and harmonization of intellectual property rights.
  11. Negotiation’s Strategy: Conflict Between Basran and Carpathia
    Negotiations will be conducted at the highest level. The disputed issue is a territorial type of conflict between Basran and Carpathia that has been escalating for twenty years.
  12. Negotiation Concepts. Opportunities
    Negotiation is a process in which two or more parties with attached interests on a matter at stake attempt to reach a common ground of binding behavior.
  13. Negotiation Process and Guidelines
    The purpose of this paper is to describe guidelines during negotiations, the steps of the negotiation process, types of questions, characteristics of negotiation styles, etc.
  14. The Real-World Negotiations: Preparation Stage and Process
    Negotiations skills are crucial tools not only for those who work in the business sector but for people who need to achieve the maximum in their everyday life.
  15. Human Needs Theory in Negotiations
    In this paper, the essence of human needs theory within the scope of the process of negotiating and bargains, as well as its limitations, is discussed.
  16. Conflict and Negotiation Analysis of Nick Cunningham Case Study
    The case study notes that constant disagreements attract long-term decisions affecting both personal and professional lifestyles.
  17. Negotiations: Strategy and Tactics
    Being a means of conflict resolution, negotiations determine certain behavioral tactics, strategies, and stages.
  18. Identifying Approaches to Crisis Hostage Negotiation
    The research study outlines the basic hostage negotiation strategies, which are employed in critical situations to inflict certain psychological effects.
  19. Communication and Personality in Negotiation
    Communication and personality influence the pace and process of negotiation. Once we are aware of the roles that these two items play, then we improve our performance.
  20. The Process of Negotiations
    It is essential to manage personality expressions and feelings in the process of negotiations to eliminate the threat of failing the opportunity to make a deal.
  21. COVID-19 Pandemic: Businesses Negotiation Strategies
    The use of negotiation strategies can help businesses to reduce losses and service interruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic, thus offering a significant competitive advantage.
  22. Conflict Resolution. A Values-Based Negotiation Model
    The basic types of conflict are goal disagreement, which is characterized by incompatible outcomes, and cognitive differences.
  23. Essentials of Negotiation
    Negotiation is the process of discussion aimed at reaching a compromise or a mutually beneficial solution to an issue.
  24. Negotiation Process Issues
    The purpose of the negotiation process is to reach an agreement concerning a particular issue that should result in individual or collective benefits.
  25. Discussion of Hostage Negotiations
    The paper discusses continuous training of negotiators helps them avoid mistakes and respond to hostage incidents in the right way.
  26. Negotiations Between National Football League and NFL Players Association
    Approving the proposed 2020 NFL CBA faced a significant amount of backlash from the players due to some of the issues that were not addressed in the agreement.
  27. Critique of Negotiation Theory. Distributive Bargaining
    To explore the effectiveness of negotiation theory in the settlement of conflicts, this essay analyzes distributive bargaining as one of the negotiation theories.

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  1. Contracting and Purchasing Negotiation Techniques
  2. Distributive Bargaining and Integrative Negotiation
  3. International Business Negotiation Under the Impact of Cultural Distance
  4. Gender and Interpersonal Styles, Negotiation and Conflict
  5. International Negotiation With Different Cultures
  6. Asian Cultures, Languages, Negotiation Styles
  7. The Important Tactical Tasks for a Negotiator in Distributive Situation
  8. The International Climate Change Negotiation
  9. Negotiation Between Turkey and the European Union
  10. Negotiations: Approaches to Solving a Problem
  11. Environmental Negotiation: It’s Potential and Its Economic Efficiency
  12. Mutual Gains Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  13. Leadership, Negotiation, and Decision Making of Malaysia
  14. Gender Bias May Impact the Negotiation Process
  15. Double Auction and Negotiation for Dynamic Resource
  16. Chinese Conflict Management Styles and Negotiation
  17. Negotiation Process and the Role That Culture Plays
  18. Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiation in Japan
  19. Effects of Cultural Differences in International Business and Price Negotiation
  20. Negotiation and Decision Making Between Singapore and Australia
  21. Learning Negotiation Skills: Four Models of Knowledge Creation and Transfer
  22. Business Methods and Negotiation in Costa Rica
  23. Emotions and the Decision-Making Process in Negotiation Psychology
  24. Interests, Issues, and Psychological Distance in Integrative Negotiation
  25. Negotiation as the Manipulation in Business and Social Life
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