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Brown vs. Board of Education Essay Example

The current essay examines the importance of Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka case for American history. This essay also answers why this case is essential to understanding the complexity of race relations in the country. African American history and is also crucial for getting American history in general. Brown vs. Board of Education: Introduction This case is named…

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Curriculum Development in Language Teaching by Jack Richards

Planning Goals and Learning Outcomes In Curriculum Development in Language Teaching by R. Jack, the fifth chapter, Planning Goals and Learning Outcomes involve a lecture on planning goals and curriculum development. In decision making, this forms a crucial dimension, especially in curriculum development. It is assumed that people are generally motivated to pursue specific goals. I specifically want to become…

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Skills Development: Reading Strategy

Environment plays a very vital role in the developmental studies of children. A larger percentage of children’s literacy skills are learned through observing the immediate environment. They then try to imitate the observed phenomenon before finally making it a habit and eventually a learnt skill. A good reading strategy should thus be centered on the children’s immediate environment and be…

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School Choice: Educational Sector Thriving

Competition among different players in any given sector within a nation’s economy is essential in enhancing the effectiveness of the sector in question. This calls for the government to set up policies that pave the way for healthy competition within the parties in any given sector. Over the last two decades, several scholars in the United States have shown their…

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A Special Education Plan: Grade 1 Male Student with ADHD

Introduction Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common brain disorder that can normally be found in children, but people of all ages can suffer from it. ADHD is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder. According to medical practitioners, this disorder usually affects the brain areas that are responsible for planning, thinking, and concentrating. Scientists have been unable to come up with…

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Teaching Strategies and Classroom Management

Observed teaching strategies Teachers in grade 3 and 5 apply almost similar teaching strategies to assist their learners. To be successful, educators use more than a single strategy as this enables various kinds of learners to grasp the content. The observed teaching strategies in grade 3 and 5 included; demonstration, collaboration, hands on and the traditional lecture. Demonstration assisted learners…

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Racial Preference in the Higher Learning Institutions

Title, author source, and date of the article The newspaper article entitled Colleges Seek New Paths to Diversity after Court Ruling was obtained from the New York Times edition dated 22nd day of April 2014. Tamar Lewin authored the article. Summary of main points in the article The article reports and addresses the aspect of racial preference in the admission…

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Sexual Assaults at Amherst College

Political Frame The political frame perceives organizations as jungles where conflicts, power negotiations, scarce resources and enduring differences exist. The political frame acknowledges that diversity of skills, behaviors, beliefs, interests and values among employees are organizational realities which are unavoidable. Effectively managed divergent views are important in organizations, since they help in encouraging creativity. Leaders and managers need to realize…

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Girl Education in India

Draft of the briefing paper The paper seeks to elaborate the issue of girl education in India. It starts with a statement of the issue of concern. This is an in-depth analysis of the country’s state of girl child education. It explains why the country needs to focus more on improving the state of girl education. It mentions the state…

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Elementary School: Picture Communication at the Lesson

Planning and Instructions Learning process functions in a dynamic and systematic process that is greatly influenced by the main objective, sub-objective, and the environment in which learners are interact in the process of knowledge acquisition. In the case of the elementary grade 1 class at Sloane Public School in New York, the educator is attached to the lesson objectives and…

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Balanced Literacy Teaching Method

Balanced literacy is a “teaching methodology whereby the tutor integrates various instructional methods” (Carver 348). The teaching approach uses different strategies to achieve the goals of the learning process. The tutor should use multiple strategies in order to ensure every learner achieves his or her objectives. Balanced literacy is a process “containing many components to ensure every student achieves his…

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Students in Public Schools and Uniform

Public schools, unlike private schools, are meant to cater to students of all classes regardless of their social status. Therefore, these schools are considered to offer a standard level of education affordable to all those who are willing to learn. Thus, public schools should stand out and be exemplary even in their mode of dressing. This is important for the…

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The Walden Learning Community Membership

Prior to joining the Walden learning community, I used to have a limited view of a learning community as nothing more than a virtue or physical network of friends with similar interests and drivers in life. Although my description was valid to the extent of sharing similar interests and drivers in life, I have now come to realize that a…

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Labeling in Special Education

Currently, there is an intense debate about labeling and its effects in the area of special education. Some people believe that labeling is helpful because it distinguishes those students who have learning problems from those who are regarded as normal. Additionally, they also believe that it creates cultural solidarity. Arguably, an individual who has been labeled as the one who…

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Shooting in Schools: Trends and Definition

Introduction Shooting in schools is a major concern to parents, students, the government, and teachers. In the last three years, over 40 shooting cases were reported in high schools in the US (CDC). The shootings resulted into loss of several lives and unnecessary injuries. The government and school administrators have not been able to prevent shooting in schools due to…

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Special Education in New York City

Introduction Every child, regardless of race, ethnicity, social status, and disability, has the right to receive an education. Special education is a term used to describe the set of instructions that have been specially developed to meet the educational needs of children with disabilities. Individualized Education Program (IEP) defines the necessary services and supports for children with unique needs. The…

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Group Projects’ and Incentive Plans’ Similarities

Given the fact that group projects assigned at school are targeted towards creating bonds between students and teaching them how to work in a corporate environment, group projects have a lot in common with group incentive plans. In a corporate setting, an employee incentive plan encourages the workers to work together for achieving a particular goal (McQuerrey, n.d., para. 1).…

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The University of San Francisco Jesuit Education

The University of San Francisco (USF) always supports Jesuit education. It makes this education relevant in the present century. The university’s Jesuit mission is to support the religious and personal needs of every human being. The university educates students from all backgrounds and beliefs. The diverse student fraternity inspires every person in order to strive for justice. I possess some…

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Curriculum Planning: Students’ Teaching Reading

Teaching style Cooperative learning and partner work are the two main teaching styles that I observed. Since students were divided into groups of four, they performed learning activities in their groups. I observed the teacher using cooperative learning as a way of administering instructions. Students were gathered in small groups and expected to work together. I observed as the teacher…

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Special Education: Single-Subject Research

Introduction Special education employs intervention measures (at an individual level) designed to meet the distinct needs of every student. Since it follows a framework that focuses on the individual behavior of students, single subject research can form a basis for enhancing special education. Instead of using a control group and an intervention group to test for the effectiveness of intervention…

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Cornell Junior School Classroom Observation

Introduction In a teaching career, academicians suggest that experience is the best teacher. Therefore, all candidates aim at gaining primary and secondary experience. Primary experience is gained when the teachers participate in teaching. On the other hand, teachers gain secondary experience through observing other experienced teacher in during lessons. This paper seek to report on the observations I made in…

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Classroom Observation Summaries

Introduction The career of teaching requires a lot of experience and practice. The experience develops creativity of the teacher. In addition, it leads to the effectiveness of the teacher. This experience is gained through personal activities and experiences. In addition, it is gained through observing other teachers in class and teaching sessions. In this light, personal experience takes a sizeable…

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Math Anxiety Effect on Children With a Learning Disability

Abstract Math anxiety is supposed to be the feeling of nervousness for Young people when they have to solve mathematical problems. The paper discusses if young people have math anxiety from elementary school or it develops later as they grow. It gradually analyses all aspects related to this problem among children and later tries to give some solutions to cure…

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Sociology and Education: Schooling Purposes

Introduction Education is an integral part of every society. The modern system of school aims at providing all children with equal opportunities for studying. Schools prepare children for adulthood. They teach them not only general knowledge about this world but how to become a constituent of modern society and make the right decisions. Although there are several controversial issues concerning…

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Schools in the 21st Century

Introduction Schools in the 21st century face numerous issues because of the increased technological advancements, which include e-learning, social media usage in classrooms, and/or self-paced learning (Kobalia & Garakanidze, 2010). In the 21st century, technological advancement is intense, especially with the development of internet facilities. Thus, many schools in this century use technology as an aid to effective and efficient…

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Florida National University: the Lack of Parking Places

The lack of parking spaces has been a persistent problem at Florida National University lately. It causes numerous inconveniences to the university staff, students, and guests. It is apparent, though, that this problem is not unique; many other universities and colleges in the United States experience a similar situation (Batabyal and Nijkamp 112-113). The analysis of this issue shows that,…

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Coping with Stress at University

Abstract Stress is one of the major challenges that students face in universities. Studies have found out that many institutions of higher education do not help students cope with stress thus increasing the prevalence f stress-related problems such as anxiety, eating disorders, and depression. The main reasons why universities do not connect with students in regard to coping with stress…

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Mathematics and Pre-Service Teacher Self-Efficacy

Introduction The teachers’ decision about their ability to teach is dependent on their will and confidence to execute that particular task. Understanding this concept can go a long way in helping educators boost the teachers’ self-efficacy in mathematics. This concept is commonly known as the ‘I can’ or ‘I cannot’ belief. Self-efficacy is the most important factor that predicts teacher…

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African American Women and Higher Education Barriers

Abstract African American women often experience problems and face challenges in the sphere of higher education that has different origins. Therefore, it is possible to speak about the problem of discussing African American women and higher learning barriers. The action research needs to be conducted in this sphere, and it requires concrete actions to be proposed to improve the situation.…

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Parking Space Problem at Florida University

There is no use denying the fact that nowadays, the sphere of education is given great attention. Coherent society believes that knowledge obtained in the process of studying can help a person to find a good job and make a good career. That is why education becomes more and more popular. However, people prefer to study at the most known…

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DREAM Act Benefits

The DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) is American legislation that gives youths whose parents do not have proper documentation of the opportunity to complete their studies. Also, the legislation creates a pathway for the youths to obtain citizenship. However, the applicants must adhere to several guidelines before they become eligible for the benefits of the legislation.…

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American Education System and Social Stratification

Equality and the American Education System The equality in education presupposes the implication that people of different background living in the same country have the same extent of the access to education. The question of the equality in education goes beyond just the political and economic situation in a certain country. Moreover, the opportunity for the people of different gender,…

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Better Academic Performance Working Conditions

The place of study, building, and facilities impact the motivational level and the involvement of the students in the studying process. Numerous schools and colleges across the globe are in an unacceptable condition, which influences not only the way students are motivated; however, it may impact their health and safety. It is significantly important to be surrounded with comfort as…

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America and Europe

Introduction The issue of education standard between America and Europe has drawn attention of many scholars and educators. According to Sean Scarpiello, the American education system portrays a negative result when compared to education systems of other countries across the world (Scarpiello 1). However, the US education system remains the best in relation to education systems across Europe and around…

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Blogs’ Potential for Research in Higher Education

Technology has changed the way people do things in numerous ways. It has turned the world into a global village where people can communicate and share information from different geographical locations. A number of communication platforms have emerged over the years as a result of technological advancements. They have resulted in better communication, service delivery, information management, and academic research.…

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The Writing Skills Development

“Learning how to write a coherent, effective text is a difficult and protracted achievement of cognitive development that contrasts sharply with the acquisition of speech” (Kellogg, 2008, p. 2). Writing is one of the forms of communication that follows a person throughout life. It supports the interchanging of ideas and thoughts between people through time and space. Like all the…

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The Florida National University: the Lack of Ample Parking

Introduction Every year, several undergraduates join the American universities to begin their fresh undergraduate courses or to proceed with their courses (Schmidt and Wesley 2). Florida National University receives several students for different course purposes. The university has several students and employees who possess personal cars. Roen, Glau, and Maid (17) state that convenience makes learners happy. These personal cars…

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The Development of Communicative Skills

Abstract Problem-solving and creative activities are critical for improving the communicative skills of ESL students. These tasks prompt learners to develop such cognitive abilities as critical thinking, analysis, and formulating conclusions on the basis of evidence; in turn, these abilities enable learners to communicate more effectively. Furthermore, problem-solving and creative tasks can involve various communicative situations such as the need…

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Public Schooling in America

Introduction The American education system is arguably one of the most advanced in the world. There is no doubt that America places a great emphasis on its education system providing adequate funding (Hochschild and Scovronick 27). In fact, research studies prove that American public schools remain some of the best-funded in the world. American teachers enjoy one of the best…

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Teen Pregnancy Persuasive Speech Plan

General purpose: To persuade Specific purpose: To persuade the Communications 111 class that teenage pregnancy, though declining in occurrence is still rampant among teens in the US and has unprecedented effects on the teens and to motivate them to enhance the fight against teen pregnancy. The pattern of arrangement: Motivated Sequence Introduction In the US, there was a steady decline…

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Early Childhood Education Programs

Montessori Focus on socialization. The learning environment is supportive and interesting. Learning through sensory feelings. Learning through manipulating objects. Learning is similar to real-life experience (The Montessori Early Childhood Program, 2009). High Scope Focus on active participatory learning. Learning is organized according to the Plan-Do-Review cycle. Learning through observing and communication. Learning is according to children’s interests. The active role…

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Sex Education Approaches

Women, just as men, are sexual beings, but the abstinence programs are reinforced mainly among women (Tolman 284). The issue about sexuality and adolescence gains importance right from adolescence when puberty begins. Abstinence programs are a means to disempowering women because women are not given the chance to express their feelings, observations, knowledge and experiences. The abstinence programs are centered…

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Gun Control and School Shootings

Abstract The adoption of stricter gun control laws can be useful for reducing the risk of shootings in various educational organizations. In particular, this policy can prevent students from taking firearms without proper authorization. Additionally, this approach can ensure that a person with firearms cannot enter schools or colleges. It should be mentioned that this approach proved to be effective…

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University Education and Its Significance

Introduction Educationalists envisioned education as a way of equipping learners with the requisite skills in a bid to become useful in a changing world. This paper argues that students of an elite education are disadvantaged based on the arguments put forward by William Deresiewicz in his article, The disadvantages of an elite education, and David Bartholomae’s masterpiece, Inventing the university.…

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Why Education Requires Political Intervention?

The influence of politics on education is fundamental. Politicians are the policymakers in any jurisdiction. For this reason, they are the driving force behind any reforms, including those that affect education. Consequently, it is critical that they have the public’s interests at heart whenever they are formulating such policies. This does not always happen. Knowing how sensitive education is to…

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Computer Skills for College Students

Advancements in technology have become intense and have given pressure to college students to learn computer skills in order to be relevant in the job market. Computer skills range from simple skills to complex applications. They involve the use of word, spreadsheets and other emerging applications. The necessity of computer skills has become the order of the day to an…

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Philosophy of Education for a Special Education Teacher

Introduction Every child deserves a right to receive adequate knowledge without any discrimination. Children with special needs are not an exception. These clusters of students are characterized with learning disabilities that hinder them from receiving normal education like other students. Special education not only helps the students to positively accept their disabilities but also serve to boost their self esteem…

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Alternative English Literature Courses for Students

Abstract The proposal presents the project of creating Alternative Courses of English Literature for students of our university. The objective of the proposal is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of education at out university and broaden the intellectual horizons of the students who study English literature, as well as encourage their interests in the courses they enroll…

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How is Social Media Affecting College Students?

Introduction Social network sites, such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, are presently being used frequently by millions of people around the world. The use of social network websites has been extensive that they have not just attracted the interest of industry and academic researchers all over the world, but also users and non users in general. Currently, social network sites…

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Educational Article “The Hurried Child” by David Elkind

David Elkind in his article The Hurried Child addresses the society’s plan of trying to draw the future of its children closer, than it is. The message comes up at a time when parents are endeavoring to hurry their children into adulthood. Many people have set out to unravel the reason behind the take, the repercussions therein as well as…

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