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Whole Foods Market and its Social Purpose

Introduction Whole Foods Market (WFM) is one of the most productive food retail companies in the United States. Its successful development was conditional upon the inclusion of social responsibility principles in business operations. However, the situation in the food market is changing rapidly, and WFM’s future progress now depends on...

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Analysis of Interdisciplinary Research

Interdisciplinary research is a creative way of studying numerous societal issues. The method is especially important because it allows specialists from various academic and practical industries to “work together to solve specific social problems” (Demers, 2011, p. 242). The crucial aspect of unification enables professionals to share experiences and knowledge...

Justification and Proof that Creon is a Tyrant

Introduction Almost all modern norms and rules of various cultural elements of the everyday life of modern society, especially Western, were formed in ancient Greece. It applies to the fundamental aspects of philosophy, literature, theater, politics, and general storytelling. Specialists and amateurs of these forms of culture should understand such...

“What Will Future Jobs Look Like?” by Andrew McAfee

The selected video is What will future jobs look like by Andrew McAfee, which focuses on the potential ramifications of automation. The reason why the given TED talk provides the most comprehensive answer is the use of data on two types of human capital. The author suggests that structural unemployment...

Philosophy of Science: A Scientific Theory Cannot Be Verified

Introduction For one to understand Karl Popper’s assertion that a scientific theory is not logically verifiable, it is essential to comprehend the underlying scientific philosophy from his perspective. Popper is considered unique in his outlook among other contemporary philosophers as he accepts the Humean Critique of Induction and seeks to...

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Effective Steps to Achieve Successful Aging

Since the middle of the 20th century, the expression ‘successful aging’ has been utilized progressively to speak to the variables and conditions fundamental for effective rejuvenation and is frequently ascribed to a healthy lifestyle. The complicated system of maturing is not homogeneous among the population and in different tissue frameworks....

Susan Anthony Description and Analysis

The beginning of social activism was a turning point in humanity’s history, reflecting the central moods and demands of society and also being a specific reaction to pressing issues hindering the further development of mankind. Despite being a controversial subject, it has grown into the primary tool used by different...

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Abstract Sandee LaMotte wrote a fascinating article for CNN that explores the concept of happiness and its relation to monetary rewards. Based on her analysis of the latest psychological research, she claims that acquiring and spending money can make people feel happier. LaMotte describes the benefits of giving money to...

Housing Segregation: Ghettos and Gated Communities

Introduction Gated communities provide their residents with certain exclusivity. They are chosen even before they move in, so that an appropriate environment for a particular neighborhood is maintained. As this type of community is so selective of its inhabitants, it makes segregation inseparable from its image in society. They can...

Consumer Behavior and Advertising Effectiveness

Introduction The current report is aimed at investigating the effect of advertising on consumer behavior. Commercials and advertising messages have gained a significant level of influence on potential customers, thus defining the marketing success and the following revenue-generating of businesses. If the consumer is relevantly exposed to an advertised stimulus,...

Alleviation of Homelessness in California

Introduction California is one of the states with the largest number of homeless persons in the US. Homeless people in the US are among the most marginalized individuals, and they disproportionately experience high cases of mortality and morbidity, thus making homelessness a public health concern. Over 150,000 people in California...

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Federalism: What It Is and How It Came to Be

Introduction While creative attempts have been made to outline the origin of federalism back into ancient times, the constitution of the United States (1787) is one of the initial cases of any contemporary federal structure. The likelihood of setting up a federal blending amid the other North American countries that...

Sociology: Its History, Tools, and Modern Developments

Definition and Purpose Today I’d like to talk to you about the scientific field of study that concerns the very nature of human beings – Sociology. It investigates all types of human relationships, from governmental structures to important personal matters. Its subject is diverse by nature, as it serves as...

Power Autonomy as One of the Crucial Biosphere Rules: Enhancing Sustainability

The concept of business sustainability has been a buzzword for a while, as numerous companies have been implementing the strategies that allow them to reduce their impact on the environment. However, the lack of consistency in managing the issue of sustainability may be the result of the absence of understanding...

“Mother Tongue” of A.Tan Analysis Review

Amy Tan is an American writer of Asian origin who is passionate about languages. She had to grow up in a difficult situation, being the daughter of a Chinese immigrant. Her circumstances were also complicated due to the communication issues that her mother had to endure. For this reason, she...

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Oppression of Women in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Middle East power, occupying the majority of the Arabian Peninsula. The country is not demographically diverse as almost all of around thirty million of its citizens are Arabs. The economy of Saudi Arabia is primarily driven by its substantial oil and natural gas...

Should Animal Testing Be Allowed in the Modern World

Introduction Animal testing is among high controversial and ethical issues of the modern world, where both commercial and scientific organizations are increasingly generating products, which require extensive testing on model organisms. The concern is manifested in the fact that animals are sentient beings as well, which poses a dilemma in...

The Psychology of Seeing – Color Blindness

Introduction The term blindness is used somewhat misleading in the designation of certain visual conditions in which visual acuity is not significantly reduces. Color Blindness, for example, does not involve a reduction of “visual sharpness and should more accurately be called a color-perception deficiency. Color blindness occurs almost exclusively in...

Post-Natal Depression as an Affective Disorder

Postpartum or post-natal depression (PPD) is a serious issue that can potentially be destructive to both infant and mother (Leahy‐Warren, McCarthy, & Corcoran, 2012). The prevalence in the community constitutes around 10-15% (Leahy‐Warren et al., 2012). Given the fragile psychological state of a new mother, there is a necessity for...

A Contract of Service or a Contract for Service Between Terri and Jackson Mortgage Brokers

A contract of service and a service contract are two distinct types of agreements that define a worker’s status in a company. A contract of service indicates an employer-employee relationship, while a service contract is preferred in the case of a self-employed individual (Canada Revenue Agency 7). Therefore, to understand...

Article Review: “The study of Cimpian”

The study The study of Cimpian et al. (2012) is one of the clear examples of how people’s worldview affects their actions. According to the research, children knowing about being part of a team, “have little control over their achievement outcomes, but it also heightens their concern about these outcomes”...

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“Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison

Stylistic convergence is an essential component in any prosaic text system and serves as the most indicative means for expressing the author’s feelings and emotions. Expression with the joint use of individual stylistic devices is superimposed on the interpretation of another, and the overall stylistic effect as a result of...

Means of Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Introduction Today, as society is changing in an attempt to make daily routines comfortable for everyone, the question of a healthy work environment draws a lot of public attention. Now, in the context of a global pandemic, it has become apparent that, in some cases, various facilities, especially medical, need...

Resistance to Change: Reasons and Consequences

Changes that are an integral part of development occur every day and might affect people in different ways. Some of them perceive the constantly altering world positively; others feel less optimistic and show a certain resistance towards changes. Still, the existence of a person under the conditions of continuous moderations...

Physician-Assisted Suicide

Introduction The ethical considerations related to death have been at the center of the discussion of philosophers, policy-makers, health care providers, and other representatives of the involved spheres for many years. On the one hand, death is perceived as a phenomenon that does not depend on a person; on the...

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