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Post-operative Breast Cancer Patients With Depression: Annotated Bibliography

Article #1 Kim, M.S., Kim, S.Y., Kim, J.H., Park, B., & Choi, H.G. (2017). Depression in breast cancer patients who have undergone mastectomy: A national cohort study. PLoS One, 12(4). Author’s Credentials Min -Su Kim: Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, CHA Bundang Medical Center, CHA University, Seongnam, Korea, So...

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Performance Management System in Healthcare

The mandate of the Joint Commission enhances the level of the healthcare services provided for the public. In particular, the entity ensures that hospitals have a good performance management system. This program assists in improving staff productivity, eliminating workplace challenges and promoting quality service delivery. It also provides an opportunity...

Addressing Falls among Elderly Patients

Falls among older patients is a common and severe healthcare practice challenge with complex consequences for the population. The challenge is a crucial practice issue in the context of elderly individuals because the increased incidence of falls is often combined with the increased susceptibility to injury after falls (Abraham &...

Informatics Technologies in Healthcare

Introduction Technologies are an integral part of coherent society as they penetrate all areas of human activity and drive radical changes. The modern digitalized world is also characterized by significant shifts in people’s mentalities and their perspectives on traditionally essential issues, such as healthcare. The scientific progress and the demand...

Criminal Case Analysis: Criminal Act Synopsis, Crime Identification

Criminal Act Synopsis A mother and daughter were trying to make a phone call at a free-standing phone booth. A person passed by the two women and then returned. He started talking to the women in an offensive manner. He continued to verbally abuse women and also made several racist...

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Criminal Cases: Trial by Juries

Introduction The use of juries in trials remains a contentious subject, considering there are individuals who think it is bizarre to rely on twelve laypersons to make legal decisions. Jury trials are a fundamental pillar of criminal law since it is a right of every person facing serious charges in...

Consumer Decision-Making Process: Case Study

Introduction At different points in life, people make expensive purchases, which necessitate rational decision-making. My most recent big-ticket purchase was a smartphone, Samsung Galaxy s20 Plus 5g. As a low-income African American single mother of two children, I had many factors influencing my decision when making this purchase. The combination...

Recruiting Staff in Multinational Organizations

Working in multinational enterprises implies a significant amount of responsibility, obtaining in-depth knowledge and skills, and adherence to strict standards of a company. Therefore, it is crucial to employ competent and qualified staff to support the reputation and maintain the quality of service and products. For this reason, there are...

MAC Cosmetics Company’s Models and Social Media

Co-creation appears to be a modern marketing strategy, which implies designing a product or a service cooperating with customers. This approach is considered to be beneficial in a great number of ways. It contributes to avoiding the lack of ideas regarding product improvement and makes the relationships between a company...

The Role of Nurse Leaders in Improving the Quality of Patient Care

Besides advocating for their followers, nurse leaders are also responsible for promoting their workplace vision and being available to their employees. A substantial amount of nurse leadership strives for the integration and development of patient care, formulation and assessment of treatment plans, and leading by example for the newer nursing...

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Online Learning vs. In-Person Learning

With the rapid evolution of technology observed over the past couple of decades, the realm of education has been changed drastically, with innovative techniques, approaches, and tools being incorporated into the process. However, of all changes that the realm of education has experienced, the creation of online learning spaces is,...

Restoring Mental Well-Being Using Natural and Applied Sciences

Natural and applied sciences, such as biology, chemistry, or medicine, are concerned with the research process to understand the physical world and environment. The lens of the sciences is characterized by the methods of observation, hypothesis verification, and experimentation conducted with the goal of obtaining reliable and practical data. Thus,...

Will the New Communication Technologies Bring a New Age of Democracy?

Introduction Communication technologies are an essential part of the realities of the modern age, where every aspect of human life is directly impacted by the digital world. It is obvious that all kinds of technologies, such as social media, the Internet, and other online communication tools, have brought a wide...

Payback Period Model Overview

People considering investing in specific projects are interested in many questions, answering which gradually clarifies the potential effectiveness of investments. The first question in the evaluation of projects relates to determining the period for which the cost will be returned. Each investor is interested in when investments will pay off...

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Reflection on William Shakespeare’s Quote

“For There is Nothing Either Good or Bad, Thinking Makes it So.” William Shakespeare’s statement is partially wrong as it contradicts the possibility of either good or bad occurrences happening. There cannot be a dispute that good or bad exists because a human being can experience that they feel happy...

Asymmetric Information in Vietnam’s Motorcycle Helmet Campaign

As a matter of fact, asymmetric information in relation to the market is connected with a common situation when one party knows more than another one. For instance, sellers may have considerably more information about the quality and peculiar features of their product in comparison with consumers (Pindyck & Rubinfeld,...

Bitcoin and Ethereum: Authority of Algorithms

Abstract In this research paper, the author expands on the Algorithmic authority concept used in day-to-day life. Algorithmic authority is essential to power in algorithms that direct human beings’ actions to affect the information perceived to be right. The author concentrates more on theories behind blockchain’s algorithmic technology and the...

Employee Training and Development

Effective Training Needs Analysis Training needs analysis refers to the identification process of employees’ development and training needs to enable them to carry out their tasks more efficiently to realize personal and organizational goals. Based on the scenario, the components of an effective training needs analysis include information regarding the...

The COVID-19 Pandemic in US and World History

A coronavirus is a group of viruses that cause infections in both human beings and animals. The strain of the virus experienced globally was known as acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). This virus is associated with coronavirus disease 19(COVID-19). Coronavirus pandemic was a global health crisis that the world...

Types of Fire Arms and Gun Ownership in the US

For many years, gun ownership in the United States has been on the increase leading to violence in various states. Although there are inadequate studies on the correlation between the prevalence of arms to violent crimes, guns used during these incidents have been identified and described. On the contrary, weaponry...

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Political Commercials: Are They Effective?

Introduction The use of media outlets to influence political debates and sway voter opinion is an integral aspect of political campaigns. Candidates use these platforms to sell their ideas and castigate opponents in an attempt to win the people’s favor. Political advertisements have both negative and positive influences on their...

Christians Are Making More Enemies Than Followers

Introduction The main theme in the reading, as expressed by the author, is love. Bethke (2013) wonders why Christians love religion more than its founder. Bethke (2014) is additionally perplexed by the idea of people being attracted to religion and forgetting about Jesus Christ. He explains that love is lost...

Alcoholics Anonymous Organization’s Role and Functions

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is my field placement agency, and it deserves specific attention. It is a global organization that unites millions of men and women who have a shared problem. These individuals are alcohol-addicts, and they cannot remove this substance from their lives. Thus, they need assistance, and AA provides...

Abbas from “A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge”: Character Analysis

“A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge” is a graphic novel created by Josh Neufeld, a cartoonist who published the work as a webcomic at the beginning. It explores the story of the natural disaster of 2005, hurricane Katrina, through various characters and viewpoints. The author inspects the horrid story through...

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