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India’s Economic and Social Progress

Introduction India is the second-most populous country in the world. Its population is over 1.3 billion people, which makes the state the biggest democracy in the world.1 According to the United Nations, India will have the largest population in the world by 2028.2 Its area is 1.2 million square miles,...

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Hennes & Mauritz Clothing Retail Company’s Analysis

Introduction Hennes and Mauritz’s (H&M’s) stock prices dropped dramatically when the company entered 2019 despite its stable performance before (Figure 1). However, it began recovering steadily almost immediately and was back to its prior stock values by April, a tendency that held through most of May. H&M experienced another significant...

Ancient Chinese Culture: Taoism During Han Dynasty

Introduction Ancient Chinese civilization is one of the richest in cultural heritage in the world that based its development on an extensive system of philosophical and religious ideas. Han dynasty that lasted from 206 BC to 220 AD is one of the eras in the history of ancient China characterized...

Controllable vs. Non-Controllable Costs for Fitness Discussion

Introduction Controllable and non-controllable costs are an integral part of the functioning of any profitable organization. The first group can be defined as those that can be altered in the short term to fulfil current needs. For the discussed case, these might include labor costs, direct materials, and basic maintenance...

ABC Corporation: Analysis, Overcoming Identified Challenges, Satisfying Business Needs

Introduction The task of any IT manager working in a company is to select and propose the most efficient information system solution to address organizational needs. The problem is that, despite an important role of information systems in business operations, it is rather difficult to choose a cost-efficient technology. When...

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ACME Consumer Buying Behavior

Executive Summary The report examines the markets of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany to determine the value proposition and sales opportunities for high-end refrigerators in each country. The results of the analysis show that the value propositions, and accordingly, the characteristics of the production and advertising of...

Police Brutality and Mental Health of African Americas

Introduction Encountering violence is a traumatic experience that may reside in adverse effects on one’s mental health. Naturally, this effect is especially pronounced if one does not merely encounter violence, but is an intentionally selected victim. However, an experience of being deliberately targeted is not the only way for violence...

Brand Analysis Report: Casio and Roland

Executive Summary Market research is an important tenet of daily business operations because it integrates the needs of consumers, the public, and customers through information transfer. Therefore, the concept helps to identify problems in the market that could be fixed through value transfer. Pertinent to this analysis is the concept...

American Beer Market and Brewery Industry

Introduction To understand the challenges and opportunities that companies face in the brewery industry, one has to consider not only economic but also sociocultural and technological factors. Thus, one will be able to outline several important opportunities for readers’ consideration. For example, the development of aluminum cans as a container...

US Marketing Strategy for KFC

The utilization of proper marketing strategies is crucial for a business environment as it ensures the growth of profits, increases the market share of an organization, and strengthens brand awareness. The marketing phenomenon, which occurred when Popeye’s Chicken introduced a new spicy sandwich, can serve as an excellent example of...

Apple Inc.’s Strategic Leadership and Innovation

Introduction Heracleous and Papachroni explore strategic leadership and innovation at Apple, Inc., performed by Steve Jobs, a founder of the organization. The authors point out that the company started to prosper after Jobs returned to work in 1997. For the period before 1997, however, the organization experienced financial difficulties and...

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Individual Cultural Communication of Arabs Analysis

Introduction Arabs trace their descent, traditions, and origin to the nomadic ethnic groups in the arid regions of the Arabian Peninsula. Their universal language is Arabic, and Islam, which is the world’s fastest-growing religion, unites them. The majority of Arabs are Muslims with Arabism and Islam being intrinsically interwoven and...

Youth Violence and Gang Culture in Georgia

Introduction Young people are expected to be the “future” of the modern world’s science, economics, politics, and often the society requires drastic changes in different fields of life. However, sometimes adolescents may not be as reliable as they should be in the eyes of society due to youth violence, which...

Comparison of Adidas and Nike Social Media Management Strategies

Introduction In the modern world, communication channels are developing rapidly, expanding Internet communications, which allow companies to interact with potential consumers, distribute content quickly, and deliver more accurate and relevant information, implementing advertising and PR tasks. One of the most actively developing methods of promotion is SMM. Currently, the Internet...

Financial Institutions of the USA

Introduction The United States financial system consists of three main types of financial institutions, and each of them fulfills an important role. In most cases, depositary institutions are commercial banks or credit unions, which provide their clients with services enabling loans, deposits, and fulfillment of some other financial services, which...

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The Containment Strategy Against the Acceleration Strategy

Introduction In modern organizations, much attention should be paid to the role of Chief Information Officers (CIOs), who are responsible for establishing effective governance designs and security in companies. In the company under discussion, security issues have led to the problems in the work of the information system (IS) and...

Cryptocurrency Effects on Developing Economies

Introduction Those who live in developed countries like the USA and Canada got used to stable currencies and now take them for granted. The EU citizens have unfettered access to the euro, and Americans to dollars, and they may think that there is no urgent need for the emergence of...

Why Cameras Should Be Placed in Public Places

Introduction Privacy is one of the rights people living in a democratic country enjoy. They are free to do or think whatever they wish until it does not violate other people’s rights, of course. Therefore, this right is highly valued as the members of a democratic society place the highest...

Relationship Between Stress and Nicotine Intake in Middle Age Adults

Historical Overview of Theory The study of the relationship between stress and nicotine required broad investigation to reveal the effects of smoking on mental health. Scholars have been observing and discovering facts that aimed to prove that nicotine intake can increase stress levels and lead to various neurological issues. History...

“Wellness, Emotion Regulation, and Relapse during Substance Use Disorder Treatment” Article Critique

Introduction In the article “Wellness, Emotion Regulation, and Relapse during Substance Use Disorder Treatment”, Clarke, Lewis, Myers, Henson, and Hill (2020) focus on the role of managing emotions in substance use relapse prevention. The researchers were interested in exploring various relationships between emotion regulation, reappraisal, suppression, and others. In order...

Implementation of a Patient Engagement Tool to Improve In-Clinic Safety of Diabetic Patients

Executive Summary Patient safety is a challenge in many healthcare settings, including primary care (World Health Organization, 2017). Among other conditions, diabetes mellitus requires the consideration of patient safety (Haltbakk et al., 2019). In this proposal, a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) project dedicated to the engagement of diabetic patients...

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The Institutional Review Board Before Implementing Dpi and Qi Projects

Prior to conducting studies, it is critical to give necessary consideration to the potential ethical issues and the degree to which they are safe and ethically appropriate. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) was established to protect human rights by reviewing planned research on human subjects and giving approval to organizations...

The 21st Century Cures Act: Core Aspects

The 21st Century Cures Act is one of the most recent healthcare informatics regulations implemented by the government. This policy’s main objective is to modernize the process of the development of medication by incorporating multiple perspectives, such as nurses’ input and patient case information into the review process. Alexander (2018)...

Global Health Crisis and Initiatives to Tackle It

The World Health Organization (WHO) is continuously tracking global health shifts and challenges that arise around the world. One of the health crises that appeared recently is a novel coronavirus. The World Health Organization has recently declared a coronavirus to be “a global health emergency” (“Coronavirus declared global health emergency,”...

Shared Leadership in Nursing Settings

Introduction Different approaches to leadership exist, and their appropriate use in healthcare is critical. Among other things, surgical settings need suitable leadership approaches (Aufegger, Shariq, Bicknell, Ashrafian, & Darzi, 2019). Shared leadership (SL) presupposes a horizontal approach to leadership, in which entire teams share tasks and responsibilities (D’Innocenzo, Mathieu, &...

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