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Sternfeld’s “McLean, Virginia, December 1978” Photo

Joel Sternfeld’s photograph “McLean, Virginia, December 1978” presents a somewhat paradoxical image to viewers. The landscape showing pumpkins scattered on the ground in front of a small and quaint farmer’s market is broken down by a burning building that is being managed by a firefighter brigade. The photograph is framed...

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The Problem of Domestic Violence in Modern Society

Plan and Solution The problem of domestic violence has been in existence in contemporary society for a while, affecting victims significantly and causing them massive psychological and physical traumas. The unwillingness to report instances of domestic abuse leads to a steep rise in the intensity of violence and the negative...

Dove Company’s Lotion Advertisement

Racism is one of the most controversial topics in America and other places around the world. For many decades, the issue has been widely discussed in the fields of politics, religion, and education. However, the situation has worsened with more covert misrepresentation of racial and ethnic minorities in films, television...

Economic Benefits of Gender Equality in the European Union

Solution Gender inequality is a highly complex and extensive social issue that is prevalent in every layer of society and industry. It is difficult to pinpoint a solution that would lead to a resolution. However, one of the most efficient methods to combat sexism has been education. The proposed solution...

Socialism as an Alternative to Capitalism in the United States

Introduction The United States has always defined itself by its ideological values and political beliefs which have become the centerpiece of citizens’ lives. The country has emerged as a Democratic counterbalance to authoritarian rule. Eventually, Democracy intertwined with capitalist economics became the global status quo. However, recent social trends have...

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Investors’ Choice for Unmanned Cargo Aircraft

Although unmanned vehicles have been used for decades, their applicability in cargo transport is now slowly being recognized (Knoblauch et al., 2019). As a venture capitalist seeking a start-up company, the use of unmanned systems in the commercial sector, especially long-distance cargo transport, is a relatively new technological adaptation that...

“For the Love of God” Sculpture by Damien Hirst

The piece of art chosen for the current exploration is Damien Hirst’s sculpture named For the Love of God (2007). The artwork is made from a platinum cast of an 18th-century human skull that was then encrusted with 8,601 diamonds. The teeth of the skill are original to the skull,...

A Plan to Reduce Racism in Medicine

Introduction The theme of racism, which is increasingly emerging in the healthcare sector, is disastrous in terms of medical and nursing ethics and is fraught with severe patient outcomes. Therefore, this issue is relevant and discussed both at the local level, that is, in separate clinics and globally as the...

Helping Others: Examining an Ethical Dilemma

Introduction As a rule, society considers helping others to be a virtuous and noble deed. If you approach anyone on the street and ask them if helping others is a good thing to do, the answer would most likely be “Yes.” However, after getting this initial affirmation, there are many...

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace

Introduction The term perpetual war is used to refer to unending or continuous warfare (Vidal 14). Thus, perpetual peace refers to everlasting peace (Vidal 14). Since World War I, the world has had several other significant wars that have shaped the course of history, the present, and the future. Using...

“The Scream” the Painting by Edvard Munch

Introduction Der Schrei der Natur, universally known as The Scream, is an oil painting by Edvard Munch. The Norwegian artist painted The Scream in 1893 as part of the cycle The Frieze of Life—A Poem about Life, Love, and Death, where he represented the wheel of life from a partially...

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Stem Cell Debate

Introduction One of the most prolonged debates in the field of biology is that on stem cells. They refer to undifferentiated cells that have the ability to separate into other types. Commonly found in a multi-cellular organism, those in mammals have two major groups. The first one is embryonic stem...

A Historical Movie Accuracy: “Dunkirk” by Christopher Nolan

Dunkirk (2017) was directed by Christopher Nolan and released in 2017. The movie is a depiction of the Dunkirk evacuation that took place in 1940. The protagonist is a British soldier who survives an ambush of German troops. He makes it to the beach and joins the Allied troops that...

The Problem of Opioid Abuse

Introduction Opioids are effective pain relievers which, however, should be prescribed with utmost caution and taken with care. Opioids are extraordinarily addictive and capable of building tolerance which may lead to overdose and death. In Florida, during 2013, 2,363 individuals died with one or more prescription drugs detected in their...

Is the Electoral College Outdated?

Introduction It is worth noting that the presence of the Electoral College contradicts the existing belief that, in a democracy, the winner is the one who receives the most votes. This system was introduced to eliminate the possibility that a large state would impose its political position on the whole...

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The Learning of Leadership, Ethics, Managerial, and Cultural Competencies in Healthcare

Introduction Healthcare professionals should engage in continuous learning in order to develop superior competencies that can make them successful. The completed course activities have empowered me to pursue my personal and career aims. This discussion identifies and analyzes the major ideas learned from various class materials and exercises and how...

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Situation The issue of HIV criminalization has been affecting the lives of numerous residents of the U.S. Because of the current standards reinforced in the U.S., particularly, the necessity to disclose one’s HIV status, a patient may suffer significant emotional distress and be ostracized even when undergoing appropriate treatment (Center...

Global Governance: Formation of the Nation-State and the International Institutions

Introduction Expanding the principles of democracy as the foundational concepts of the nation-state could be seen as a viable approach toward creating international institutions, yet the process of building the latter might be more intricate. The formation of the nation-state can be described as the introduction of the principles that...

Developmental Assessment and the School-Aged Child

Introduction The appropriate development of individuals throughout all stages of their lives is critical as it guarantees their effective functioning in the future and the ability to live in society, communicate with its members, and engage in collaborative or successful relations. For this reason, much effort is devoted to the...

The Concept of Gender Socialization and Ageism

Introduction Being social creatures, people of all ages are expected to effectively collaborate with others and manage to strike the right balance between their personal needs and social requirements. Taking into consideration that many individuals face personal problems related to their interactions with the world, they need access to effective...

Definition of VARK Questionnaire Analysis

Introduction The selection of learning strategies is a significant step in the process of education because it is decisive for the success of the learning process as well as students’ performance. People have diverse learning preferences and demonstrate different performance with the use of preferred strategies. Some individuals need to...

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The Leadership and Subordinate Job Satisfaction

Introduction Whenever there is a need to work toward achieving a common goal, leadership qualities are required, which is why developing even basic leadership skills is crucial for any person. However, one should keep in mind that there are several leadership types, each having its own set of advantages and...

Addressing Abuse in Tennis

Introduction The legal scandal with the involvement of Larry Nassar has had a drastic influence not only on gymnastics but on the world of sports in general. During the investigation, it was revealed that multiple people were involved in the sexual abuse of girls and women under the guise of...

Is the United States a Benevolent Hegemon or a Malevolent Hegemon?

Introduction The United States has been embroiled in world politics for more than a hundred years. In that regard, its foreign policy has been a major investment with regard to time and money. After World War II, the foreign policy aimed at halting the spread of communism, which came to...

Current Organizational Issue: Technological Changes

Introduction Organizational leaders should be aware of the changes experienced in their respective sectors or industries. This knowledge can empower them to recruit competent employees and be prepared for potential challenges that might affect performance. They should also form partnerships with different stakeholders whose ideas and practices resonate with the...

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