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Chapter 9 of “International Business” by Hill

Chapter summary This chapter talks about what foreign exchange is and explains the meaning of a foreign exchange market, shows how the market works and indicates the forces that determine exchange rates, explains the association between exchange rates and international business and highlights the functions of the foreign market. Foreign...

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Apple, Alphabet, Amazon Companies’ Design and Success

Fortune Magazine prepares annual reports publishing the rankings of the world’s most admired companies. The approach to determining a company’s position in the list centers on nine factors referred to as key attributes to reputation, including “innovation, people management, use of corporate assets, social responsibility, quality of management, financial soundness,...

Chitosan Use for Treatment of Tannery Effluents

Introduction Industrial activities are essentials for the quality of life because the products derived from the same makes life worth living. The dawn of the 21st century has illuminated myriads of industrial activities. The majority of the countries with a considerable GDP are highly industrialized. As a trend towards development,...

The Nature Conservancy Problems

Introduction The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is a non-profit organization in America. It has done well in many respects. However, the organization had a problem in achieving its mission. This mission statement focuses on the preservation of plants, animals, and any other part of nature that enhances sustainability on earth. Attainment...

Alcohol Abuse’ Treatment Among the Elderly

Introduction Alcohol abuse among the elderly is an issue that has raised concern among medical practitioners and society in general. According to Ham (2007), abuse of alcohol by aging individuals may pose serious health problems to the victims because of the reduced ability of the body system to manage the...

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Intercultural Competence in Modern Organizations

It is possible to define intercultural competence as a specific ability of a person to interact easily and appropriately with representatives of different cultures while having positive attitudes, demonstrating cultural awareness, being flexible, and maintaining effective communication. Global organizations pay much attention to developing the intercultural competence in their leaders,...

Tensile Testing of Metallic Materials

Introduction Tensile testing is vital a test synonymous with material scientists who subject a material sample to a controlled tension force until the yield point where the material fails. The essence of performing this test is that it aids in quality control, selection of a material meant for a specific...

The United States Macroeconomics

What, if anything, does the Employment/Population (E/P) profile for the United States from 2007 to 2012 tell you about short-run economic growth over that period? The rise in the unemployment rate in the United States after the economic recession of 2007-2009 was severe and unprecedented. During this period, the unemployment...

Locating Landfills for Waste Management in Northern Ghana

Abstract Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is an emerging tool for effective waste management as well as an efficient method for sitting landfills and other dumpsites. Due to the global shortage of land for solid waste disposal especially near the major towns and cities, landfilling areas must be well selected to...

One North Company’s Supply Chain Management

Executive Summary The aims of this report were informative and analytic. First, this report aimed to inform the directorate of Carillion plc about the current contract negotiations with One North, an ambitious long-term project that sees the importance of interconnecting inter-modal transport in the regions in the North to create...

President Obama’s United Nations General Assembly Speech

President Barrack Obama is critiqued and praised by some as an exemplar of liberalism in international relations, but much about his approach can be viewed as an expression of Constructivist thinking as well. This should not perhaps, be surprising since he demonstrates nuanced deliberation in his thinking and public communication....

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Function Analysis and Risk Management

Introduction Valuation management requires the assessment of the functions and risks involved in a project. The author of this report will carry out a functional and risk analysis for a project with a budget of £9.5m. The two are essential in determining the viability of a project. A logic diagram...

Adapted Product Development: “Contactless Payment” Case

Background The rapid progress in the development of new technologies over the last three decades such as the Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) payment technology, which is used in banking and other industries have dynamically shifted to the digitalised systems. For example, in the last few years, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) payment technology...

Organizational Design Factors in the Food Industry

No organization can operate in isolation because reaching strategic objectives such as continuous growth and high levels of performance requires cooperation with customers and other economic agents. In addition to it, organizational performance is often influenced by the developments in the external environment, which includes legislation, technology, the situation in...

Budget Deficit Effects on Legislative Capability

From a democratic perspective, in order to carry out consistent budget management, it is critical to ensure that both executive and legislative parties participate in the process. In spite of the widespread assumption that legislative tools complicate budget management, it should be admitted that they provide a vital framework that...

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Marketing Management in the Largest World Companies

The Role of Marketing in the organization Shell Oil Company is a global group of energy and petrochemicals organization that specializes in producing oil, natural gas, and chemicals. The company’s major production and exploration units are located in the deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico with origins in Anglo-Dutch,...

Macroeconomics Study Basic Analysis

Explain how a basic analysis of the money market underpins the derivation of the LM curve The LM curve is derived from the money market equilibrium. It shows the range of values of interest rates, I, which when combined with the outputs, Y, give an equilibrium money market. The interest...

Students’ Writing Skills

The need for writing skill in accounting firms The article titled The need for writing skill in accounting firms by M. Northey is an assessment of the need for proficiency in writing in large accounting enterprises which base their operations in an ever challenging environment coupled with demands for proper...

Quality Policy for the Company

Quality Policy for the company in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 requirements Oberoi Hotels & Resorts is a five-star company that is governed by the ISO 9001:2008 quality policy (Oberoi Hotel, 2010). The reputation of the hotel both locally and internationally called for the need to formulate documentation that helps...

Basic Law on Quality Education: No Child Left Behind

Introduction Amidst many criticisms and negative comments from the various stakeholders, NCLB, enacted during the Bush administration, is now being implemented by the Obama administration which had increased federal funding for NCLB functions to states and their districts. This act has been considered by Congress and the U.S. Department of...

Interpersonal Qualities for Good Relationships

Introduction Having strong interpersonal qualities is essential for creating healthy relationships with others, particularly at the organizational level. Sound interpersonal relationships imply that individual and collective productivity is achieved since the “we feeling” is developed to attain common interests (Canevello & Crocker, 2011). Interpersonal skills like respect, friendliness, sympathetic joy...

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The Need for Lesson Planning and Teaching

Class profile Institution: Private English School in Iran Type of course: The course is intended for students who are yet to join higher learning institutions abroad, as well as those who want to pursue their careers in America. Course duration: 9:30 – 11:00 a.m., three times a week. Group: Ten...

Wastewater Treatment Plant: Defining Capacity

The concept of capacity is viewed through the lens of the technical properties of the wastewater plant. When mentioning the phenomenon under analysis, the contributors to the site imply the ability of the plant to contain a certain amount of water, produce a particular amount of work, etc. Therefore, although...

Gadgets’ Impact on Parent-Child Relationships

Adult-to-child interactivity Summary The research investigates the influence of gadgets on relationships between parents and their children. The study took place in the park, where the researcher compared the frequency of parents interacting with their kids to the frequency of their interacting with their devices. It was found out that...

Dubai Tours and Travel Agency’s Strategic Project Development

In your area of work, draw up an outline project specification for the implementation of a new product, service, or process. This should include specific objectives and the reasons for the project, the main stakeholders involved, budgets available with time and cost criteria, equipment requirements, project team members, and any...

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