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Gender & Feminism in A Doll’s House

Ibsen’s drama ‘A Doll’s House’ appears to be influential literary work, as it revises and reconsiders traditional male and female roles and reveals the threats underlying gender discrimination. The author definitely portrays courageous and goal-oriented women, who struggle with the challenges of the androcentric society and find their niche in...

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Nora in A Doll’s House: Character Analysis

The literary heritage of Henrik Ibsen counts lots of dramatic works, which appear to be very popular and bringing up the problems of today. Actually, the matters, brought up within his works are eternal. So, the books are really worth reading and analyzing. In Ibsen’s dramatic writings the several storylines...

Citizenship and Civil Disobedience According to Aristotle and Sophocles

In setting forth his ideas regarding what makes a good citizen, Aristotle illustrates the difficulties involved in simply defining who might be a citizen and who might not be. In terms of being a citizen of a particular country or nation, he indicates that anyone is a citizen who is...

Feminism in Antigone: Term Paper

It is difficult to identify as to who was the first feminist in the world and as to when the feminist movements had started, but majority of such movements can be traced during the last two centuries. However, there have been women feminists who have proved their abilities in this...

Prospero in The Tempest: Character Analysis

While reading William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, one questions himself or herself if the main character’s Prospero’s rule is just or not. To prove his or her viewpoint, one should analyze Prospero’s choices to explain his values; one should also examine and discuss the treatment and the attitude of Prospero toward...

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The Song of Roland as a Folk Epic

Introduction Epic is a significant combination of the style and the theme in the poem reproduction reflecting the flow of historical or legendary events. The world literature contains a lot of examples of famous epics covering the main features of this genre and highlighting the major moments of history. The...

Frederick Douglass. Biography and Historical Role

Introduction Slavery in America was a far different thing than slavery as it had traditionally been known in the past. Unlike the slavery of ancient Greece or other places, for instance, slavery in America was never-ending and gave ultimate rights of life and death to the master. Slaves were forbidden...

The Factual Character of Socrates & the Fictional Character of Antigone: Comparison

The dictionary typically defines philosophy as “the love of or search for wisdom or knowledge” or “as the theory or logical analysis of the principles underlying conduct, thought, knowledge and the nature of the universe” (Neufeldt, Goralnik, 1994, p. 1015). With such a general definition, one might begin to understand...

Sophocles’ Antigone: Critical Analysis

Introduction The play Antigone is one of the best Greek dramatic works depicting life style of society and human relations between people. Antigone of Sophocles can be characterized as an astonishing achievement of world literature in which people are crushed by the entanglements of law whichever way they turn. Antigone...

The Theme of Bravery in Antigone: Research Paper

The ancient Greeks, with their pantheon of gods, had deep religious convictions that reinforced many values we continue to hold sacred today, such as honor and loyalty to family and loved ones. Bravery was typically measured by one’s performance in battle or their ability to stand up to strange mythological...

Agamemnon in the Iliad: Character Analysis

Pride, ego, high self-esteem are all harbingers of dissatisfaction and clashes. In the classic Iliad by Homer, Agamemnon is shown to be a person with a high of all of these. He has to give up his prized possession, a girl whom he won when the city of Priam was...

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The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Iliad: Compare & Contrast Essay

The attitude towards death in the epic literature symbolizes the wish of people of those epochs to be heroic, ready to sacrifice their lives for the holy aims. Even literature of different epochs represents comparatively similar attitudes towards death. The Epic of Gilgamesh touches upon people’s nature profoundly and still...

Religion in Candide: Theme Analysis

Introduction Candide is a satirical novella where the author employs satire as a weapon to unearth the corruption, hypocrisy, prejudices, and immorality that was prevalent in the organized Catholic Church. The strong criticism that Voltaire showers on the organized religion all throughout the entire story are to be understood in...

The Essay on Man and Candide: Character Analysis

Introduction The literature of the Enlightenment is generally of the great interest for the philosophers, researchers and simply for people keen on literature of that period. The Alexander Pope’s “Essay on the man” and Voltaire’s “Candide, or Optimism” are regarded as the satiric literature of the eighteenth century. Both are...

Andromache in the Iliad: Character Analysis

The role of women in the ancient world is generally accepted to be that of possession and house-servant, mother and decorative status symbol, but not human, not thinking and not individual enough to act upon her own volition. This impression comes from a long line of ancient texts and documents...

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Comparing Achilles and Hector in the Iliad: Research Paper

The introduction deals with Greco-Roman literature and the importance of Iliad as an epic. The main points that are discussed below the introduction are: The plot of the story, character and leadership characteristics of Achilles, and the character and leadership characteristics of Hector. The conclusion includes the comparison and analysis...

Lord Pococurante in Candide: Character Analysis

Voltaires philosophical and literary works are now believed to be prominent examples of French literature of Enlightenment. The author subjected to heavy criticism shortcomings of the then Western-European society as, religious fanaticism, despotism, military aggressiveness, feuds that engulfed Europe, etc (Rolland, 155). However, it is hardly possible to say that...

Beowulf: Comparing the Movie and the Book

The story of Beowulf has remained a significant work for centuries not only because it is one of our first lengthy works of English, but also because of the timelessness of the themes it contains and its applicability to a modern audience, regardless of the period in which ‘modern’ is...

Fate vs. Free Will in Beowulf, The Wanderer, and The Seafarer

Nowadays, it is being commonly assumed that name, the Christian worldview defines the essence of Western civilization, as we know it. However, the close reading of the earliest Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon poetical pieces, such as “Beowulf”, “The Seafarer”, and “The Wanderer”, provides us with insight into the spiritual foundation of...

King Lear and Beowulf: Compare & Contrast Essay

Introduction English literature contains wonderful works related to royal families as well as common individuals that teach the readers ethical principles, moral lessons and codes of leading a dignified life on the one hand, and wide-open new horizons of intellect and wisdom to them on the other. The same is...

Candide and the Context of Enlightenment Essay

Enlightenment is an imperative term of political philosophy that urges the application of intellect and logic in order to discover truth and reality from natural and social phenomena. It seeks its roots in liberalism which aims to get the man free from the clutches of fear, slavery, and ignorance. It...

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Themes in Beowulf: Annotated Bibliography

Introduction Bravery – Beowulf is the most famous poem among the works of the Old English literature. It is the epic creation telling the readers about the strongest and the bravest of the English warriors of all times. The plot of the poem is concentrated around the life and the...

Historical Context of Pride and Prejudice: Research Paper

The novel Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen are considered to be a significant contributor to the world of literature made in 1813. It is important to stress that Jane Austen finished her work in 1797 when she was only twenty-one. The novel has rich historical value because it...

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: What Does the Title Mean?

“Pride” and “Prejudice” are both depicted as qualities that each character needs in proper balance. “Pride” and “Prejudice,” are potentially dangerous qualities that Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet must overcome or avoid if they are to build a successful life together. Although Mr Darcy is often referred to in the...

Death of a Salesman: Book Review

On Theme “The man who makes an appearance in the business world, the man who creates personal interest, is the man who gets ahead. Be liked and you will never want”… – Willy Loman, Act 1 (Miller, 1998) “The American Dream” is the highlight of this story. There is a...

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