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How Wagner’s Preludes Transformed Opera Music

Introduction This topic was very appealing to me because I was interested in studying opera music. Richard Wagner is one of the most well-recognized opera writers, and his works are still highly popular throughout the world. So, I decided to investigate Wanger’s trends in creating opera music. In addition, I...

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The Limits of Language in Theology

The Christian apophatic mysticism, also known as “via negative,” teaches to approach the divine using a negation, indicating what God is believed not to be. This form of religious practice and thinking contrasts with the cataphatic approach that requires affirmations when referring to or describing God (Lane, 1998). There is...

Dramatic Purposes of Roderigo in Shakespeare’s “Othello”

Othello is Shakespeare’s play driven by its characters whose traits, moods, or relationships are told by the words, rhythm, and structure of the drama. The story therein is about a general in the army fooled into questioning his wife of adultery; and his name was Othello, so he is considered...

Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery Review

The Lottery, first published in 1948, remains to be one of the most read stories in American literature. The story revolves around a small village in New England where all the members hold a lottery annually and the person picked is murdered. Shirley Jackson’s main aim of writing the tale...

“Fast Food Nation”: The Development of the Food Industry in the USA

In chapters 5-10, Eric Schlosser addresses a range of important issues that surround the development of the food industry in the United States of America. The first central idea revolves around the intense industrialization of the food industry that has led to the creation of large corporations holding the majority...

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Normal in Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad and Saunders’ Sticks

Introduction Normal can be considered to be an occurrence or behavior that conforms to accepted rules. Humans repeat patterns of behavior which in many ways makes them predictable. This phenomenon is apparent when characters in Sticks by George Saunders and The Underground Railway by Colson Whitehead are examined. Some are...

Strategies for Ending Homelessness in America

Introduction The problem of homeless people in America is extremely worrisome in the context of the social and psychological well-being of the people of the country. The situation with the homeless is quite financially costly for society, resulting in support programs and economic injections. But this problem is even more...

Reasons for Government to Implement the Regulations in Economics

Introduction In the contemporary world, the competitive market is a vital part of Economics, which is based on partial independence, complimented with the government’s regulations. Business is the socially significant activity that influences the daily life of all the citizens that raises the necessity of strict external control over its...

Kahler v. Kansas: Procedural Facts, Issues, and Judgment

Procedural Facts Kansas charged the applicant, named James Kahler, with murder after the defendant shot four family members. Kahler’s crime is severe, and the court charges him with the death penalty. Substantive Facts James Kahler shot and killed his wife, two joint daughters, and his wife’s grandmother. The crime that...

“Grit! By Angela Duckworth: “The Virtue of Hard Work”” by Smith

In her article “Grit! By Angela Duckworth:” The Virtue of Hard Work “, Esfahani Smith discusses the definition of “grit” and reviews the information of the original book. Referring to Duckworth, Smith describes grit as “a combination of passion and perseverance” in order to reach an achievement. Smith cites the...

Western Discoveries and Innovations: Reaction of the Middle East

Numerous technologies and innovations that appeared in Europe could not but have an impact on other parts of the world. However, anyone who looked at the world in the first centuries would see that modern science most likely originated not in Europe but in the Islamic world. Therefore, it is...

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Cancel Culture Before and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Introduction Cancel culture is a phenomenon that has roots in much older concepts of social accountability and public shaming. While it is very often associated with wrongful accusations and harassment, cancel culture is equally capable of benefiting and negatively contributing to a social space. As such, the following paper aims...

Cultural Values of Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People

Introduction Art is a highly subjective matter that influences people in many ways. Culture, and subsequently, works of art, have the ability to carry the influences and impacts of their epochs (Leach, 2014). Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People is a product of the July revolution in France, and it...

Humanities Concepts as Applied to AI, on the Example of the Film “Zoe”

Introduction Artificial intelligence is a promising area of study in healthcare, as it can significantly improve the quality of patient care. Developing and applying AI falls within the scope of STEM research that “stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” (Dalton). While STEM is firmly rooted in science and mathematics,...

Media Coverage of Transgender Policy in Military

Arthur, D. C., Pollock, G., Steinman, A. M., Frank, N., Mazur, D. H., & Belkin, A. (2020). DoD’s transgender ban has harmed military readiness. Palm Center. Web. The study by Arthur et al. (2020) was one of the first scholarly studies undertaken to investigate the impact of the ban on...

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Environmental Wellness: Air Pollution

Having passed the environmental assessment located in Unit 6, I got 12 points. Based on the result, I can conclude that I need to pay more attention to conscious energy saving (electricity, heat) and study waste recycling more deeply. In my opinion, it is essential to research and participate in...

Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Agrawal, A, Gans, J. S. & Goldfarb, A. (2019). Artificial intelligence: The ambiguous labour market impact of automating prediction. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 33(2), 31-50. Web. The article in question considers the impact the spread of artificial intelligence technology may have on the labor market. The authors define their...

Incarceration and Mental Illness

Mental health problems and their relation to prisoners and incarceration slowly became more evident in the last two decades. In an article on incarceration being ineffective in prisoners’ cases that involve mental health problems, Wagner (2000) emphasized how prisons cost more to build for the government and are less effective...

The Use of Force in the Graham v. Connor Case

Facts of the case: Petitioner Graham asked for the assistance of his friend with a purchase of orange juice. The petitioner has diabetes and needed the juice to counter an insulin reaction. They drove to a store, but the lines were too crowded, so they left in a hurry (Graham...

Global Issues in Healthcare: Cultural Competence and Patient Safety

Introduction. Domestic Issues Unpreparedness for emergencies (like Covid-19) Lack of a comprehensive regulatory framework Drug pricing regulation Quality control by the authorities Domestic Issues’ Impact on U.S. HCM Within the framework of domestic issues’ impact on US HCM, the following supporting systems are affected to the greatest extent: intellectual capital;...

Divorce Rates and Causes of Their Rising

Divorce has been a major challenge to family norms in the United States for more than 40 years, with social policies increasingly focusing on the problem. At the same time, there are different findings that indicate the stabilization and even a decline in divorce rates in recent years. Discussing unilateral...

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The Great Depression in America’s Narrative History

The Great War played a significant role in developing many countries, including the United States. The consequences of the war turned out to be quite deplorable, as various internal structures of the state were violated. The level of industrial production was significantly reduced, which led to a shortage of multiple...

Tap Dance: History and Personal Attitude

Dance Dance is a rhythmic set of steps and body movements that matches the speed and flow of music. Dance exists in many forms, including tap, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, ballroom, and contemporary (Franks, 2021). The thrill that comes along with various types of dance captivates me. The liveliness that is...

America Added a Disappointing 210,000 Jobs in November Article by Tappe

According to the available information, the selected article was published on December 3, 2021. The article “America added a disappointing 210,000 jobs in November. But the details paint a different picture” (2021), authored by Tappe, is dedicated to adding jobs for Americans to the economy in November. The author of...

“One Day in September”: Contrasting Israeli and Palestinian Stories

Introduction One Day in September is a 1999 movie directed and produced by Kevin Macdonald, describing the assassination of eleven Israeli sportspeople at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, on September 5, 1972. On March 26, 2000, the screenplay won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature at the...

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