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Calcium Strengthens a Musculoskeletal System

Calcium is an essential mineral for people to build healthy bones and control blood clots. Calcium plays an important role in “skeletal muscle-regulation and maintenance, and contributes to the neuromuscular command and regulation of intracellular myosin fibers for skeletal muscle contraction and relaxation” (Harvey et al. 447). In other words,...

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Maximizing Retirement Savings

Everybody will encounter retirement at some point, and, therefore, it is vital to make the most out of one’s retirement savings. Saving for retirement is a wise financial decision regardless of age or economic status; these funds determine how comfortable a person will live in old age and if their...

Global Logistics. Using Lean Principles to Drive Operational Improvements

Operating in global environments poses before managers a number of challenges that can be overcome using lean principles. First of all, there is the issue of waste reduction in order to add value from the customer perspective. Eliminate variation in intermodal terminal operations is another challenge for managers, which has...

Healthcare Challenges of Vulnerable Populations

Issues of Increased Healthcare Demands for Vulnerable Populations Bhatt, J., & Bathija, P. (2018). Ensuring access to quality health care in vulnerable communities. Academic Medicine, 93(9), 1271-1275. Web. The authors explain that many Americans are living in vulnerable urban and rural communities. The hospitalization of these people is vital, and...

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission vs. UPS Freight

Introduction Workers feel comfortable and motivated when they are treated equally, and their safety is ensured. This means that managers should show determination in addressing issues affecting their workers by treating everyone fairly without discrimination. It becomes difficult for workers to achieve their objectives when working with unfavorable company policies...

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The U.S. Expansion: Main Reasons

The main idea that determined the desire of Americans to expand was the concept of a special destiny. John L. O’Sullivan, the editor of the Democratic Review, referred to America’s “manifest destiny to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions” (Manifest destiny,...

Workplace Conflicts’ Impact on Employee Well-Being

Workplace conflict is a substantial danger to employee well-being, according to numerous researches. However, such conclusions are based on a broad measure of conflict or its specific type. When looking at the different sorts of workplace conflicts, the existing literature divides them into three categories. Firstly, task conflict, then process...

Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument

Introduction The Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument was installed in Central Park in New York a year ago, being the first public artwork dedicated to women. Moreover, the composition is also the first monument added since 1965 (Warsh). There are 23 monuments in the park to honor men who have contributed...

Crisis Communications Plan

Introduction University B has many branches, directions, and programs that graduate more than 1,000 students each year. Moreover, this university has been included in the top 10 most prestigious educational institutions list for more than a decade. Students of engineering, physics, and mathematics are interning and working in major companies...

Documentary Movies Review

From the award-winning “Miss Representation” film, Jenifer Siebel has excelled in her career in documentary films that portray both genders’ life in society. “The Mask You Live In” is yet another documentary film with some of its cast being experts in various fields like neuroscience, psychology, education, and sports. A...

Health & Medicine: Breast Cancer in XIX Century

The disease of breast cancer was a disease of women, which began to be actively noticed from the beginning of the nineteenth century. John Adams’ daughter, Nabby Smith, was also at the mercy of the disease. Lack of knowledge forced the girl to wander around the doctors in search of...

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Discussion of Pricing in Sports

Variable Pricing (VP) and Dynamic Pricing (DP) Similarities Both VP and DP are pricing strategies that are used in sporting ticketing on a game-based, rather than season-based approach. The pricing strategies deviate from the traditional sports ticketing approach where ticket prices were set based on the location of the seats...

Anne Bradstreet and Phillis Wheatley: The Change of Status Quo in Literature

Anne Bradstreet, born in 1612 in England, was married to Simon Bradstreet and graduated from the University of Cambridge at 16. A couple of years later, after moving to America and having eight children, she became one of the first poets in the American colonies. Phillis Wheatley Peters was a...

The National vs. the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

NSPE is The National Society of Professional Engineers; nowadays, this organization is the crucial national entity that aims to address various professional issues associated with licensed PEs within the scope of all disciplines. Then, ASME is The American Society of Mechanical Engineers; this organization is dedicated to promoting art, sciences,...

The Problem of Obesity: Weight Management

Obesity is now a significant public health issue around the world. Fast frequency and associated comorbidities such as type 2 diabetes, cardiac conditions, stroke, and metabolism are the main factors. This is to mention only a few. Weight gain and decreased body fat, and changes in fat composition and distribution...

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“Doughnut Economics” by Kate Raworth Review

Doughnut economics is a book by a modern economist and researcher, Kate Raworth, that presents a new view of how human society should function. The author suggests replacing the outdated circular flow of goods and money with a modern model, the Doughnut. It received the name from its visual illustration...

Information Technology Implications for Military

Summary Modern warfare has also undergone dramatic changes as a result of the Information Technology revolution. Information is integral to modern warfare, arguing that a military capability’s success depends on information supremacy. The justification for seamless operational activities, shared battlespace consciousness, location surety for hospitable and enemy troops, and genuine...

Singer Gloria Estefan’s Biography

Gloria Estefan is a famous American singer and songwriter who is originally from Cuba. Estefan gained worldwide fame and success as well as contributed to the popularization of Latin music. Gloria has recorded fourteen studio albums with her songs, many of which have taken the first lines in the world...

Will the Facebook’s Social Audio Products Succeed

Social Audio refers to social media products that utilize audio as their principal mode of communication. Social audio can include voice messaging, podcasts, editing tools, live conversation rooms, and audio creation, among others (Simo 1). Clubhouse, Twitter spaces, Spotify Greenroom, and Facebook Live Audio Rooms are the most popular audio-based...

Ethics: What Is It, Why Do We Study It, Specific Codes of Ethics

Ethics answers the question of how people must act to do the right, moral actions. Ethics cannot relieve the individual of responsibility for the decisions made. One cannot hide behind ethics but can rely on it. Ethics becomes effective to the extent that it is continued in the moral activity...

How the Railroads Built America

Introduction The issue of human settlement plays a pivotal role in defining and understanding the key social processes, including urbanization and intercommunication between individuals and environmental systems. However, only since the advent of the innovative technology era, has humanity been able to trace the dynamic landscape evolution due to operational...

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Diving Into Jazz: Review of Compozitions

Introduction At the beginning of the twentieth century, a new trend in music emerged in America. Although the word “jazz” did not come into use until 1912, this music, which was loud, bold, and exuberant, had been heard on the streets of New Orleans at least a decade earlier (Gabbard)....

Frontal Lobe’s Role in Executive Functioning Development

Introduction The nervous system (and the human brain as its core element) is still one of the most under-researched systems. The development and functioning of the brain have been studied for centuries using diverse approaches. Behavioral, cognitive, and developmental approaches have enabled researchers to explain and describe diverse mechanisms and...

R v. Abraham Case Study Analysis

Involved Parties and Access to Justice The case focuses on the judicial procedures regarding the sentencing of a perpetrator in Australia. Although a separate nation, it is also a member state of the Commonwealth of Nations. Australia’s head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who represents the accuser in this...

The Formation of Medieval Japanese Confucianism

Medieval Japanese Confucianism is a unique phenomenon, which spread across the whole nation. The main reason for its popularity in the country of the rising sun is the fact that Japanese neighbors such as China had been practicing Confucius’ teachings for centuries before it got to the island. Japan was...

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