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Comprehensive Care Plan for Critically Ill Patient

Introduction The patient was admitted with hypotension, hypoxia, and ventilator dependent respiratory failure. Upon initial examination, septic shock was assumed as the diagnosis, which was subsequently confirmed through the failure to maintain the patient’s blood pressure by intravenous fluid administration, which is a sign of resistance to hypotension treatment characteristic...

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The Factors Which Determine Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is an emerging issue that deteriorates the population’s health and increases the crime rate. It is often a chronic condition that results in the cardiovascular, lung, mental diseases, and the death of the abuser. Some time ago, people argued that addiction is only a mental state but not...

Brand Example – The Heineken

Introduction Stage The Heineken brand is an example of a product that has gone through the product life cycle over the 140 years it has been on the market. Heineken was first produced and marketed in the year 1864 In Amsterdam under the brand name “Workman’s Ale”. This marked the...

Child Development Observation

For my observation, I have viewed video recordings of three separate groups of children being engaged in play. The first video seems to show two caretakers playing with two children, using toy balls and cubes. The second, imaginative play video, contains three toddlers playing with the caretaker who is talking...

Dyson Stores Company’s Marketing Plan

Executive Summary Dyson Stores is a company that has been in the market for a long time and is doing well in its operations. James Dyson founded the company in 1991, and it deals in hand dryers, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, and utensils (Dyson for business, n.d). The company is committed...

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Interview: Additions to Five Journalistic “W”s

As a means of communication and learning about a specific person or issue, an interview incorporates both ample opportunities and significant challenges. Although the format of an interview opens a plethora of chances for addressing multiple issues, reliance on the interviewee’s honesty requires that an interviewer should approach the task...

The Los Angeles Medical Center’s Linkages & Alliances

The Los Angeles Medical Center is one of the Kaiser Foundation hospitals operating in Los Angeles. The institution offers a wide range of healthcare services to the community. The Los Angeles medical center offers both general medical care as well as surgical services. The American health industry encourages linkages and...

The US Issue of Funding the World Health Organization

The essay was written to address the United States’ controversy to stop funding the World Health Organization (WHO). The purpose of the writing is fulfilled because the author provides a possible explanation of the current situation, which causes controversy. The essay structure is sensible in terms of intention, but the...

Change Leadership in the Baptist Health South Florida Hospital

Introduction Organizational change is a powerful process many institutions consider when they want to transform operations and meet the demands of more clients. Medical facilities that embrace the idea can solve their challenges and be prepared for some of the emerging challenges in their respective sectors. Baptist Health South Florida...

Corruption as a Problem in Public Administration

Introduction Corruption in public administration is one of the many problems that lead to inequalities and injustice in modern society. There exist numerous definitions that attempt to present the concepts of this term. For example, Cordis and Milyo (2016) admit that “it may be defined as the misuse of public...

The Problematics and Nature of Cultural Identity in the US

Since the beginning of the United States of America, the subject of race has always been the one people could not easily see past. Both the variety of racial identities and their contradictions to one another are embedded in the nation’s DNA. America was started on a base of at...

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HSBC & Barclays PLC: Balance Sheet and Income Statements

SME lending policies of the British banks before and after the financial crisis The financial crisis that almost brought the world’s economy to its knees in 2008/2009 has left many economies struggling and led to radical changes in the financial sector (Dullien et al. 2010, p. 113). As countries take...

Measuring the Level of Cultural Awareness

The Importance of Cultural Awareness Cultural awareness is a fundamental element in the proper functioning of modern organizations since it promotes an entity’s vision and mission through the integration of an intercultural workforce. Essentially, the above-mentioned conception involves acquiring knowledge and skills about an individual’s way of life and that...

Non-Governmental Organization Committee on the Status of Women

The committee’s foundation was in 1972 under the auspices of the Conference of NGOs. It was formed in preparation for the International Women’s Year, 1975, and the UN Decade of women, 1975-1985, including the Initial World Conference on Women held in Mexico City in 1975 (UN Women, 2021). I support...

Adolescent Obesity in the United States

At a time when globalization has taken a central position in determining the global cultural affiliations and consumerism patterns, the ability to address adolescents’ health problems is indeed a key to future sustainability strategy. This is due to the vast adolescents’ health-related problems which have a direct bearing on their...

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Nursing Theory: The Health Belief Model

Introduction Nursing theories strongly support specialists in their practice. Also, a purposeful application of nursing theory to research is essential since it allows making the study more credible and reliable. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the nursing theory relevant to the approved clinical issue, which is the...

Settler Society and Structural Racism

White privilege is described by Johnson in detail as the process by which he used to acquire wealth. The British struggled to conquer Ireland and subjugate Irish people just because their skin was not white. The British felt that people in Ireland were inferior and savage people due to their...

Management of Type 2 Diabetes

Metformin is an antihyperglycemic drug prescribed to patients with type 2 diabetes to increase their glucose tolerance. The drug acts by lowering hepatic gluconeogenesis and decreasing glucose absorption in the intestines. It accumulates in the mitochondria and inhibits Complex 1 in the mitochondria’s respiratory activity (Rena et al., 2017). This...

The Problem of Legalizing Drugs

The problem of drugs legalization is a topic for debate in many countries where politicians, sociologists, philosophers, and other experts try to address the consequences of using drugs illegally. In his article “Don’t Legalize Drugs,” Theodore Dalrymple focused on the situation in Britain. Dalrymple’s position is that drugs should not...

Britam Insurance Company’s Sales and Marketing Management Software

Introduction Britam Insurance Company is a global insurance firm selling various services to its clients worldwide. Being one of the leading companies in the industry, Britam has a large pool of potential and existing customers. The large client base calls for sophisticated software to handle the company’s sales and marketing...

Ethical Values in Artifacts: Hacksaw Ridge

The identification of ethical issues plays an important role in the creation of artifacts at any period. In ancient times, people were obsessed with the impact of religion on human life. During the Enlightenment, artifacts were developed on the basis of innovation. Today, individuals follow their standards and thoughts to...

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Sensory System Case Study

A definition of neuromodulators and how they work A neuromodulator is a chemical agent that influences the behaviors of neurons or effecter cells by modulating their interaction with neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. There are several types of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin (Bryant & Knights 2011, p....

The Difference Between Human Beings and Other Animal Species

The selected quote from the piece of Charlotte Perkins Gilman reflects on the difference between human beings and other animal species in terms of their relationships. The author claims that the former’s principal characteristic distinguishing them from the latter is the dependent status of females in the economic sense (Edles...

Governance and Infrastructure in a Small Medical Practice

Background Statement Midtown Neurology has faced significant issues regarding governance and infrastructure management. Initially, the medical practice was founded by a single physician who had over 20 years of experience helping the community members. As the practice grew further, it has changed from a “mom-n-pop” operation to a more significant...

Inquiry: Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

This paper is written to deliberate on a condition known as pressure ulcers, also called pressure sores or bedsores. They are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue, caused by prolonged pressure on the skin area. They can occur to anyone, but usually affect patients who lie in bed or...

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