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Strategic Controls: Implementation and Contingency Plan

Executive Summary To make sure that the performance levels should be high in the target environment, one should consider using the Balanced Scorecard approach. As a result, the needs of customers, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders will be met. Furthermore, the reconsideration of the company’s approach toward the use of...

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Heidi Roizen: Personal Life and Professional Career

Heidi Roizen is a full-fletched venture capitalist, currently working for Apple. Initially, she worked as an operator in the Silicon Valley and used her connections to become a rather successful venture investor. The personal characteristics that lead her on the way to success are associated with communication and networking. In...

Small Business: Restaurant Case Analysis

Introduction Within the frame of my individual project, I focus on the tertiary business sector (Chaulagain 2015). In this report, I use the data retrieved with the help of an interview with the owner of a small restaurant business in the United Kingdom, Ustar Ali. He and his son Saidur...

Personality: Psychoanalytic and Biological Approaches

There are six different perspectives of personality. The major difference between them is that they approach personality by means of focusing on one of its major aspects (Burger, 2014). Specifically, the first approach is psychoanalytic whose followers maintain that unconscious minds drive differences in people’s personalities. The second is trait...

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Social and Emotional Competence for Teachers

Case study- An interrupted Lesson It was on a Friday, November 6 2015 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. I had visited the university for a Conference on introduction to statistics. I wanted to learn something about statistics because it would enable me to compute simple data with ease....

Terrorism as a Threat to American Airport Security

Airport Operator Security Responsibilities Airports are inherently complex organizations. Airlines would not be prepared to fly if their aircraft’s security was decided by someone other than their own company; airlines must always be responsible for the security of their aircraft and for the cargo or luggage that goes into them....

The Unisom Brand Analysis

Research on the Unisom brand analysis and the sleeping aid market is progressing well. It has been determined that the market has a lot of potential as 70 million Americans suffer from insomnia and another 43 million experience other sleep-depriving conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea (LaRosa). The sleep aid...

Policies and Protocols in Healthcare

In today’s healthcare environment, policies and protocols are essential, as they guide medical professionals in providing high-quality, evidence-based care to all patients. These documents can also reflect ethical considerations involved in care provision, thus ensuring compliance with relevant professional codes of ethics. Therefore, policies and protocols help to promote patient...

Blistering Development of Technologies

The blistering development of various technologies gives rise to a number of concerns related to the reconsideration of some traditional approaches. This process is triggered by the desire to increase the efficiency of the most important spheres of human activity and align their functioning under the new conditions. For this...

Unit VIII Project: Group Meeting

I have recently attended a group meeting in my community, which aimed at the discovery of the necessity of the vegetation in the area. In this instance, the group consisted out of six members, and I could freely observe their interactions. The primary goal of this assignment is to conduct...

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Environmental Health and Health Effects of Environment

Abstract Environmental change has both beneficial and severe effects on human well-being. Some effects of environmental change are easy to detect, while others are hard to identify. Studies show that environmental changes result in the establishment of conditions that support deadly diseases. For example, floods encourage the breeding of mosquitoes...

Server-Side Development Technologies

In this paper, several of the server-side development technologies/frameworks will be evaluated. Moreover, the performance, platform compatibility, acceptance, and budget of each framework will be assessed. Personal criticism and evaluation will be provided at the end of the paper. “ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web application framework aimed to assist...

Language Development from Psychological Perspective

How can the study of aphasia patients advance our knowledge of language processing and language development? According to Fromkin, Rodman, and Hyams (2011), aphasia is “the neurological term for any language disorder that results from brain damage caused by disease or trauma” (p. 6). People with aphasia rarely experience total...

Qualitative Study: Case Study Methodology

Selecting Methodologies Qualitative studies focus on trends and meanings, opinions, and attitudes. One of the most common and very effective methodologies is the case study. The case study concentrates on the investigation of a phenomenon, including but not confined to an individual, a program, class, a group of people (Lichtman,...

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Gender Stereotypes of the US Women

The primary research question What experiences influence the development of US women’s gender stereotypes as regards the distribution of gender roles as seen by US females? In this study, gender stereotypes related to the distribution of gender roles are beliefs concerning the place of the woman in the US society....

Skills Development for Effective Leadership

Decision and Power Groups have the potential to achieve positive results if they attract the right members and embrace appropriate leadership models. Different theories on group performance support the use of teamwork to achieve quality results within the shortest time possible (Broddy 2014). Individuals in a group can use specific...

Advertising and Culture

Importance of culture in advertising by Suzanne Robbe Summary Businesses in many sectors of the economy are continually becoming global. Technology continues to make the world smaller, and this offers a new business opportunity to local companies (Robbe par. 2). To enter these new markets and be successful, they must...

Preparing Teachers for Education

Introduction The teaching exercise targeted three first grade learners. The lesson aimed to describe the major features of a sunflower. The learners were informed about the nature of the sunflower plant, its growth factors, petals, and colors. I empowered and encouraged the students to stay focused throughout the learning process...

Applying Null and Alternative Hypotheses

The null hypothesis is a hypothesis which states that there is “no effect, no difference, or no relationship among the variables being studied” (Smith, Gratz, & Bousquet, 2009, p. 161). Conversely, the alternative hypothesis is a hypothesis that claims that there is an effect, a relationship, or a difference between...

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Setting the Scene I have been having trouble coping with the fact that my son Ryan was recently diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). We all started worrying about him when he was four years of age, and he could not speak fluently. Although he was able to use...

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Generali Group’s Governance in 8 Masterclasses

Masterclass 1: Building and Learning an Effective Governance, Risk, and Compliance Preamble Generali Group is an insurance company that just like other financial services organisations is subject to a large body of legislation and regulation. Given that past scandals associated with noncompliance and excessive risk taking have resulted in an...

International Economics: Argentina

Tariffs in Argentina Having accessed the WTO website, I selected Argentina as a country for the analysis of tariffs. As the website confirms, in Argentina, the taxes and other duties on agricultural products are higher than those on non-agricultural products. According to the data provided by WTO, the final bound...

Gender Stereotypes: Data Presentation Strategy

Data Presentation Strategy On the one hand, the idea of presenting data with the help of the natural strategy is quite legitimate. Indeed, representing the information in the order that the feminist issues evolve in contemporary society could be an option. However, the phenomenon of gender issues is very complex,...

BP and Royal Dutch Shell Companies’ Financial Management

Background The paper will carry out an analysis and comparison of the performance of BP PLC and Royal Dutch Shell PLC. The two companies were formed almost at the same time. BP PLC was established in 1908 initially as Anglo-Persian Oil Company while Shell PLC was established in 1907. Both...

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