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Pathos, Ethos, and Logos in Steve Jobs’s Speech at Stanford University

Steve Jobs begins his 2005 speech at Stanford University with a rather emotional but short greeting. The main thesis of this speech was that one could achieve the dream at any moment, and it is important to never stop. Jobs presented this idea through three stories that merged into one...

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Aeneas and Gilgamesh in Mythology

Two old stories that played a significant role in fate are the Aeneid and Gilgamesh epics. In these literary works, the protagonists Aeneas and Gilgamesh are obsessed with uncertainty, so these epic stories accurately reflect the ancient culture and society. From the story of fate, we can see that the...

The Connection Between Food Allergies and Gut Microbiome

Food allergy is quite a significant problem for the healthcare system of the US. More than ten percent of the country’s population is susceptible to food allergies of different kinds (Zhao et al., 2019). There are several reasons for allergic reactions’ emerging, and gut dysbiosis is one of them. The...

Salmonella Enterica Infection Symptoms and Prevention

Salmonella was discovered in the XIX century and was named after an American veterinarian Daniel Elmer Salmon who discovered it. Salmonella is divided into six subspecies, and salmonella enterica is one of them. Salmonella enterica is a bacterium of the genus Salmonella. As a rule, it is contained in raw...

The Role of the Family in the 20th and 21st Century

Family is one of the most basic kinds of human activity, an essential condition for the functioning of society, and an important element of its self-organization. The institution of the family has a significant influence on society’s economic progress and political culture. The current socio-economic situation in the world and...

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How an Effective Supply Chain Promotes Competitive Advantage

The robust supply chain can enable companies to outperform their competitors by obtaining their products faster, safer, and lower costs in a highly competitive business world. BASF, a global chemical company, emphasizes several aspects as critical drivers of their successful supply chain. Namely, they stress the importance of digitization, business...

Liberation Theology in Mid-20th Century Latin America

Abstract Liberation theology is a movement in Catholic beliefs and socioeconomic mobility which emerged in mid-20th century Latin America. It combined the values of Christianity and the Gospel with the economic principles of Marxism in the attempt to make corrections to social, economic, and governance structures, including in the Catholic...

Conflict Theory Applied to the American Civil War

The history of humankind is intertwined with continuous conflicts that emerge based on differences in interests and competition over resources. Wars, social unrest, and other forms of conflicts are inevitable elements of historical development; they are driven by power distribution and the fight for dominance. In this regard, the application...

Racial Inequality, Immigration, and Healthcare in the US

Introduction American society is characterized by many immigrants of different races who have made their homes in the U.S. Although the U.S. has been applauded for being the destination for many immigrants, especially those from war zones, little has been done to ensure the immigrants’ wellbeing. Over the years, concerns...

Ethical Theories: Divine Command Theory

For a long time, religion has lied at the foundation of ethical theories influential for different peoples around the world. Divine Command Theory is one of the more notable examples of such theories. Roughly, Divine Command Theory represents a view that “morality is somehow dependent upon God, and that moral...

Addressing the Issue of Self-Understanding

In the literature of various genres, authors have repeatedly referred to the topic of self-awareness and self-understanding of a human being in multiple settings and contexts. Apart from an array of key philosophical themes addressed by literary works, self-understanding occupies a unique place due to the reflection of the author’s...

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Loss as a Transformative Experience in Alice Dark’s “In the Gloaming”

Writers have tackled the theme of tragedy and loss for as long as there was literature itself, contemplating the many different aspects of this hard yet omnipresent experience. In this respect, Alice Elliot Dark’s “In the Gloaming” is hardly a ground-breaker, as it is definitely not the first piece of...

The Coffee Truck: A Critique of the Business Project

Background Starting your own business always involves risks and economic threats; there is never a guarantee of success, no matter how effective the leader is. The initiation and profitable existence of a commercial project depend not only on the personality and skills of the leader but also on a combination...

Kelo vs. New London Case: Process and Result

Introduction Kelo vs. New London was one of the several land ownership cases decided by the United States of America Supreme Court. This case involved the transfer of land from one private owner to the other to develop the economy. The point is well captured in chapter 545 under section...

NoSQL Database Types: Advantages and Disadvantages

Nowadays, there is a wide choice of NoSQL databases, which differ in structure and principles of storing information. Based on these characteristics, one can identify four major NoSQL database types: column-oriented database, key-value store, document store, and graph database. Each type has strong and weak points and is suitable for...

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Anthropology. Kinship Diagram: Story of Family

To complete this kinship diagram project, I prefer to use a nonunilineal descent system, also known as bilateral descent. In anthropology, understanding kindship is a crucial aspect, with the help of which individuals are able to identify and describe their family relationships. There are three functions of any kinship system:...

“Modern Capitalism Needs a Revolution…” by Cohen

Capitalism, unconstrained by any regulatory process, leads objectively to a concentration of production and monopolies – this was Karl Marx’s key idea. Roughly the same idea is repeated in Ronald Cohen’s article (2021) on the collapse of the U.S. economic system, the goal of which is solely to make the...

Evaluating an OD Intervention for the City Centre Hospital Case Study

Implementing an appropriate intervention strategy during the Organization Development (OD) process is crucial for the OD consultant. The selection of a particular tactic should properly address the outlined complication and produce the expected results, making this decision integral for the overall success of the OD initiative (Bierema, 2020). Therefore, potential...

Sexuality and Male Dominance in East Asian Society

Introduction Throughout history, East Asian countries have been known as patrilineal and patrilocal ones; a major part of the East Asian culture, as well the society’s efforts were focused on a figure of a man. In addition, a person’s heterosexuality has been an unchangeable standard and requirement for many centuries....

Argumentation Essay on J.F. Kennedy’s Inauguration Speech

During the rise of the Cold War, John F. Kennedy vowed to reinforce American military powers and guaranteed an intense position against the Soviet Union and worldwide socialism. It was a challenging period for the United States as a state that fights for freedom. In his introduction discourse, he needs...

Ethical Responsibilities to Children

I see the importance of ethical responsibilities regarding assessing children in several main values. They are evaluating childhood as a unique and valuable step in human development, nurturing the relationship between adolescents and their families. Respecting the differences between children, family, and colleagues and recognizing that children and adults can...

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Artificial Intelligence and Global Societal Issues

Introduction Examination of the latest trends in the sphere of development of manufacturing processes indicates the significant growth in the interest in the practical use of artificial intelligence (AI). However, globalization conceives concerns associated with the implementation of AI in processes, which are currently done by employees. The first ethical...

Nitroglycerin Transdermal Patch: Brochure

Nitroglycerin Transdermal Patch – is a patch that is applied to prevent angina in people suffering from a specific heart issue called coronary artery disease or CAD. How It Works The patch is put on the skin, which allows it to release medicines named nitrates. Nitrates are able to go...

Pandemic-Related Changes in Consumer Behavior

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced various spheres of human life worldwide, in the list of which, consumer businesses apparently occupy the leading positions. The quarantine encouraged big amounts of people to reconsider their values and priorities, notably, give a preference to a healthier lifestyle as well as spending more...

Ornithology: Annotated Bibliography

Gammon, D. E., & Tovsky, A. C. (2021). A cross-sectional field study of fall song in Northern Mockingbirds Mimus polyglottos. Journal of Ornithology, 162(2), 461-468. There are several reasons why the current article can be considered a reliable source for my project. First of all, the Journal of Ornithology is...

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