76 Murder Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Murder

  1. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln is remembered as the 16th President of the USA and the first president of the country ever to be murdered. The Assassination of Lincoln has become an important historical event.
  2. President Harry S. Truman’s Assassination Attempt
    This paper analyzes the assassination attempt of Harry S. Truman and tries to detect the underlying causes and determine whether politics played any role in the attacks.
  3. John Kennedy’s Assassination: Theories and Facts
    This essay explores theories explaining the assassination of John F. Kennedy and compares them with the findings of the commission presented in the Warren report.
  4. The Media’s Role in the JFK Assassination’ Coverage
    It is claimed that 50 years after the JFK assassination, nearly all the known facts have been propagated by the mainstream media. Media’s roles have been evaluated over a long period.
  5. Police Officer Murder, Trial and Punishment
    Killing a police officer on duty is considered one of nine capital offenses punished either by a death penalty or by life imprisonment without the possibility of release.
  6. Emmett Till Murder Analysis as a Critical Incident
    Ochberg provides an efficient model that can help analyze critical incidents. It is possible to apply the method to consider the Emmett Till murder case.
  7. Cognitive Bias in Robin Adams’ Murder Case
    The case of Robin Adams presented several cognitive biases. Contextual bias surfaced in taking into account the rumored information.
  8. Generation Kill: War on Terrorism After 9/11
    This paper gives a detailed analysis of the efforts the United States and its allies undertook in Afghanistan and Iraq and the predicaments of fighting insurgent forces.
  9. Generation Kill: Anti-Terrorism Fight After 9/11
    Terrorists unleash indiscriminate violence to create fear and, consequently, attain economic, religious, or political objectives.
  10. Homicide Perception in Ancient Greece and Rome
    The essay considers how citizens of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome perceived homicide and the death penalty from civil, domestic, and political perspectives.
  11. Generation Kill: Stanley McChrystal’s Military Approach
    McChrystal reorganized the approach American Special Forces took towards operations. Some people praise his achievements in creating a superior precision killing machine.
  12. The Criminal Mind – Homicide
    Serial killings or serial murders are the most dreaded and publicized crime in Australia and the USA. These still remain the most notorious form of crime.
  13. Death Penalty as a Cruel Murder
    While many arguments have been put forward for and against it, there is no doubt that the Death Penalty is nothing but a cruel murder perpetrated by the State.
  14. Homicide Investigations and Forensic Evidence
    Forensic evidence can be defined as the information at a crime scene such as DNA, blood, body tissues among others found at a crime scene.
  15. Suicide, Homicide, and Psychological Theories
    Suicidal attempts do not always result in death because the nature of some of them can be reversed. It is important to administer proper treatment to a suicidal person.
  16. Two Verdicts for Casey Anthony Murder Trial
    In Anthony’s murder trial, the media condemnation of the defendant led to a complex distortion of justice, culminating in her receiving a comparatively mild legal punishment.
  17. The Cost of Learning to Kill
    In the book ‘On Killing: The Physiological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society’ Dave Grossman studies the physiological mechanisms regulating the ability of soldiers to kill the enemy.
  18. US President William McKinley Assassination: Research
    The murder of William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States of America, took place on September 6, 1901, when he was shot and received a lethal wound.

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  1. “Kill the Indian, and Save the Man” Historical Context
    The point of this essay is to analyze the period, the world, culture, and atmosphere during the “Americanizing” of Native Americans.
  2. The Empowerment of the Houston LQBTQ Community: The Role of the Murder of Paul Broussard
    Paul Broussard was beaten and stabbed to death by ten young people. This high-profile crime had an effect on the population and the movement for the rights of the LGBT community.
  3. O. J. Simpson Murder Case Review
    This essay is aimed at a detailed discussion of the murder case, which was considered the deliberate murder of a woman and her friend by ex-husband, famous actor Simpson.
  4. Can We Consider the War a Form of Murder
    This paper discusses whether war is a form of murder, emphasizing human intentions and incidences leading to fights and serial killing.
  5. Unethical Conduct of Homicide Detectives
    Although homicide investigators are highly competent and specially trained, the pressure to resolve and incriminate a culprit often pushes them to operate unethically.
  6. Should Children Be Tried as Adults for Murder?
    When a child takes the life of another person knowingly they are aware that they have committed a crime and should be punished but trying them as adults will not help rehabilitate them.
  7. Homicide Rates in the United States
    Using data from the Uniform Crime Report, this paper discusses the peculiarities of the homicide rate in the United States and its changes over time.
  8. The Case of Justice Through Revenge in Murder on the Orient Express
    Revenge goes hand in hand with justice in various works of fiction, and Murder on the Orient Express demonstrates it once again.
  9. Homicide in Puerto Rico: Analysis of the Situation
    The continuous worsening of the criminological situation in Puerto Rico reflects country policy-makers lack of conceptual understanding of what causes people to criminal behavior.
  10. The Assassination of Julius Caesar
    This essay aims to examine Caesar’s rise to power, his political influence and efforts while in the position, and the overall reasons for his assassination.
  11. Jeffrey Macdonald Murder Case
    Jeffrey Macdonald is an American serial killer who became notorious after murdering his entire family. At an early age, MacDonald showed no signs of violent behavior.
  12. Causes the Murder and Homicide
    Briefly, it is possible to state that murder is often a result of genetic predisposition combined with an unfavorable social environment.
  13. How to Define a Case as Attempted Murder
    In the paper, our discussion will be limited to the circumstances of the case scenario and seek to determine whether a person’s actions constitute attempted murder.
  14. Murder Cases: Technology for Crime Monitoring and Control
    A new invention in the field of crime monitoring has greatly contributed to a decline in the number of crimes being committed.
  15. The Crime of Homicide: History and Laws
    The project describes homicide, which is the illegal killing of a human being by another. There exist state laws that define the services offered to the victims of homicide.
  16. Kitty Genovese’s Murder and the Bystander Effect
    Multiple studies conducted to examine the problem of the Bystander Effect have proven that the subject matter exists and increases the threat faced by vulnerable populations.
  17. Murder: Mass Shootings in Atlanta
    Murder is the highest and most serious category of criminal homicide that, consequently, attracts the most significant punishment.
  18. The Importance of Evidence in John Ramsey Homicide Case
    The crime-scene investigation’s primary aim is to recognize, collect, and document pieces of evidence. The collected proofs form the basis of these cases during judgment.

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  1. The Racially Motivated Murder of Michael Brown
  2. Analysis of Aaron Hernandez Murder
  3. The Holocaust Was the Systematic and Bureaucratic Murder
  4. Hitler and the Nazi’s Victims of Persecution and Murder
  5. The First Murder Recorded by Biblical History
  6. Psychological Coping With Murder in American Society: The Clint Lamebear Story
  7. Holocaust Was the Mass-Murder of Six Million Jews
  8. Punishments for First Degree Murder
  9. Women Murder and Representation
  10. The Lizzie Borden Murder Trial: Victorian Values Over Murder
  11. Forensic Soil Science Solving Murder
  12. Probing the Reason for Macduff’s Murder of Macbeth
  13. The West Memphis Three Murder Trial
  14. War Based Killing Should Be Regarded as Murder
  15. The Morally Justified Mandatory Sentence for Capital Punishment for Committing Murder in the United States
  16. Psychology, Childhood, Trauma, and Murder: Rethinking Justice
  17. Overview Causes and Prevention of Murder
  18. Should the Mandatory Life Sentence for Murder Be Abolished?
  19. Intent and the Classification of Murder
  20. Understanding Industrialized Murder During the Holocaust in Nazi Germany

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  1. The Fine Line Between Legalized Murder and Mercy Killing
  2. Torture and Murder Jews and Its Human Nature
  3. The Gangster Life and Murder of Paul Castellano
  4. Were the Conspirators Right to Murder Julius Caesar?
  5. The Civil Rights Movement and the Emmett Till´s Murder
  6. Arguments for and Against the Reintroduction of the Death Penalty for Murder
  7. State Executions, Deterrence, and the Incidence of Murder
  8. Young Persons Who Commit Murder Should Be Tried as Adults
  9. “Race, Class, Violence, and Denial: Mass Murder and the Pathologies of Privilege” by Tim Wise
  10. The Police During the Murder Investigation of Steven Lawrence
  11. Supreme Court Sentence Four to Death for Roger Whetmore’s Murder
  12. President Kennedy’s Unsolved Murder
  13. The Evidence That Stewart and Matthew Smith Are Not Guilty of Conestoga Indian’s Murder
  14. Justifying Murder Through Non-consequentialist Means
  15. The Race, Gender, and Murder of Oklahoma During the 1920s
  16. Why Do People Commit Murder?
  17. The Labor and Mass Murder Camps Built During the Holocaust
  18. Should Women That Kill Their Abusive Husbands Be Punished for Murder
  19. The Different Perspectives Why a People Commit Murder
  20. West Bank Israeli Americans Murder
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