54 Constitution Essay Topics

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  1. Inventing the American Constitution
    In her book A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution, Carol Berkin describes the process of deciding the Constitution and portrays the Founding Fathers as experienced politicians.
  2. Criminal Procedure: the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution
    The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution is included in the Bill of Rights. It protects people against unreasonable searches and seizures and generally requires to obtain a warrant.
  3. Article of Confederation and the New Constitution
    This paper explores the similarities and differences between the two sets of supreme laws: Articles of Confederation and the new constitution based on the Bill of Rights.
  4. The Constitution of Texas
    This paper is aimed at examining the systems of checks and balances included in the Constitution of Texas. These provisions are supposed to limit the authority of the government.
  5. Articles of Confederation vs. Constitution of 1787
    This paper focuses on the features of the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation as well as the factors that played an important role in the ratification of the former.
  6. American Constitution Drafting and ratification
    The problems that evolved from the Articles of Confederation affected the way the country was being managed and the ways authorities could execute their power.
  7. Amending the Constitution of the U.S.
    The Constitution of the U.S. is its supreme law, as it controls the whole country through its government. The Constitution is amended to include some improvements and corrections regarding the needs.
  8. The 1787 Constitution and the Great Debate
    The crisis of the 1780’s was due in large part to the government structure of the United States in the aftermath of the American Revolution.
  9. American Constitution Drafting and Ratification
    The Constitution is one of the crucial documents because many critical aspects were taken into account, which helped address some of the problems that were present.
  10. The US Constitution’s Foundation History
    The Constitution was formed through many political challenges and compromises. It stands as the foundation and governing document of the United States democratic republic.
  11. The First US Constitution vs. Constitution of 1787
    This paper analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the old Articles of Confederation and the new Constitution and analyzes the process of drafting the Constitution.
  12. The Constitution of 1787: Compromises and Debates
    This paper will compare the old Articles of Confederation and the new Constitution, as well as examine the compromises that occurred during its drafting process.
  13. Confederation and Constitution’ Comparison
    This paper compares and contrasts the Articles of Confederation with the new Constitution of 1787. It discusses what were the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles vis-à-vis the Constitution.
  14. American Constitution of 1787 and Related Debates
    The paper compares the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution of 1787, as well as analyzes the drafting of the Constitution and debates over it.
  15. American Constitution’s Creation Controversy
    The creation of the Constitution was associated with major controversy, which revolved primarily around the degree of centralization of the country’s governance.
  16. Rethinking the Texas Constitution of 1876
    “Of Rutabagas and Redeemers” proved that the ideals enforced in the Texas constitution are not solely the effort of the Grange Democrats, but also non-grange Democratic members.
  17. New Constitution of 1787 Ratification Debates
    The Constitution would initially ensure powerful central government, while the added Bill of Rights guaranteed that the government would not overstep its authority.
  18. American Constitution: Creation and Ratification
    The American Constitution had a long way to its ratification, but it has been used for centuries which is the proof of the correct choice in 1787.
  19. New American Constitution’s Establishment
    The main goal of this paper is to discuss the most important aspects of the establishment of the Constitution of the United States.
  20. First US Constitution vs. New Constitution of 1787
    Prior to the ratification of the US Constitution created in 1787, the state-operated under another document known as the Articles of Confederation, which became effective in 1781.

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  1. American Confederation and First Constitution
    After independence, the US went through multiple constitutional reformations. Polishing the authority system, the United States government developed its first Constitution.
  2. American Articles of Confederation vs. Constitution
    The goal of this essay is to compare and contrast the content of the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution by presenting the weaknesses and threats of documents.
  3. American Confederation and Constitution
    The essay reveals the essence of two American legislative acts that regulated the both the internal relations between the U.S. states and the establishment of external contacts.
  4. The Articles of Confederation vs. the New Constitution
    The Articles of the Confederation (1781-1789) preceded the New Constitution of the US ratified in 1789. Although the two documents have some commonalities, they differ in many respects.
  5. Constitution of the United States and Its Context
    The Constitution of the United States consists of four handwritten pages. It comprises seven articles, which united the citizens of the country in their desire to become a nation.
  6. The Ratification of the Constitution
    Although the present-day Constitution seems indispensable to the US government, the ratification of its first version was a complex and controversial procedure.
  7. American Confederation and Constitution History
    In the paper, the articles of Confederation and new a Constitution of 1748 are compared, and weaknesses and strengths are determined.
  8. Articles of Confederation Improved in Constitution
    The Articles of Confederation was drafted and adopted in 1777 by the Second Continental Congress, bringing to an end the strife for a new government system.
  9. The Roman Constitution: Augustus and Polybius Comparison
    This paper compares the significance of the Roman Constitution and the people’s role in it at Augustus’s “The Deeds of the Divine Augustus” and Polybius’s “The Histories.”
  10. United States Constitution Ratification in 1787
    The current paper describes three research articles related to Constitution, institutional design, and ratification debates in 1787 in the United States.
  11. The Need to Draft a New Constitution
    The leaders of the newly independent states decided to create a legal framework that prevented the emergence of an extremely powerful central government.
  12. The Creation of the US Constitution in the 1780s
    After the independence of the thirteen American colonies was declared in 1776, the need to lay the foundation for the future existence of the states together arose.
  13. Judicial Review and the American Constitution
    Judicial review refers to “a process under which executive or legislative actions are subject to review by the judiciary”. The executive may issue orders that may go against the constitution.
  14. US Constitution of 1787: Formation and Ratification
    The Articles of Confederation, drafted during the independence movement in 1776-1777, became the first official regulation that increased the power of the states.
  15. American Constitution and Its Influencing Factors
    The paper presents information on documents, philosophers, and selected patriots that contributed to the formation of the United States Constitution.
  16. The Articles of Confederation and the New Constitution
    The constitution is one of the symbols of national unity. However, the development process was not that peaceful. It involved a lot of bargaining and compromise.
  17. The Constitution as the Fundamental Law
    A constitution in many nations and organizations is regarded as the supreme law and supersedes any other source of law.
  18. US Constitution: Right to the Second Amendment
    The right to the Second Amendment is one of the most controversial issues of the contemporary legal system because it is closely related to personal and collective safety.
  19. The US Constitution: First Amendment Paper
    The ancestors ratified the first amendment of the US constitution in 1791, which formed the basis of the Bill of Rights. It is imperative to assert that this amendment contains five provisions.
  20. Articles of Confederation vs. New Constitution
    The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the Articles of Confederation and the new Constitution of 1787 in terms of the strengths and weaknesses of each.

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  1. From Articles of Confederation to the US Constitution
    This paper aims to investigate the principal differences and contrasts between the Articles and the Constitution.
  2. Articles of Confederation vs. Constitution of 1787
    The Articles of Confederations were replaced by the new Constitution of 1787, which was a new period in the development of American society.
  3. US Constitution 1787 and Articles of Confederation
    America in the 1780s was in a state of political volatility, with the country’s system of government undergoing reevaluation and amendment.
  4. American Constitution Development and Challenges
    The US Constitution became one of the building blocks of the new nation that secured the rights of states while facilitating their fruitful collaboration.
  5. Early American History: Ratifying the Constitution
    The Constitution remains one of the most complex and fundamental political documents that has survived centuries of historical turmoil and social evolution.
  6. The Constitution of the United States
    This paper considers the Constitution of the USA, highlighting its strength and weakness, and describing options to maintain its strength and correct the weakness.
  7. Robert A. Dahl’s Analysis of the American Constitution
    Although some people believe that the American Constitution framers were inspired, wise, and philosophical, many scholars still question their original intentions.
  8. The Bill of Rights in United States Constitution
    The Bill of Rights establishes the freedom to own and use lethal weaponry, and any efforts to overturn the trend would have to involve further amendments to the Constitution.
  9. The Constitution of the United States
    For the purpose of this exploration and reflection, it was chosen to examine the Constitution of the United States as one of the pillars upon which America was built.
  10. American Confederation and Constitution
    To understand the essence of American political theory, the process which the Constitution underwent to compromise and establish the principles of Democracy must be carefully examined.
  11. The History of United States Constitution
    The United States Constitution is one of the most well-known government documents in history and modern politics.
  12. Constitution of the United States: Digital Field Trip
    The document under consideration is the Constitution of the United States. It consists of four pages that are permanently displayed at the National Archives.
  13. The US Constitution: Abduction & Causal Mechanisms
    This paper explores the two current perspectives on the relevance of the US Constitution, including abductive theory and causal mechanisms.
  14. Constitution and Contract: Is the Spirit of Barbara Jordan Dead in Progressive Politics?
    Barbara Jordan’s views are associated with the focus on long-term benefits and the ability to seize opportunities to develop an equal society where all groups have equal access to resources.
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