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  1. Technical Communication: Social Networking
    Social networking can be defined as a virtual environment in which individuals form groups for a common goal of socializing.
  2. Non-Verbal Communication and Customer Satisfaction
    Elements of Non-verbal communication include kinesics, paralanguage, physical appearance and proxemics. All these rudiments contribute to the way in which buyers evaluate a business.
  3. Lack of Communication in the Change Processes
    The report “Lack of communication in the change processes” describes problems that arise if the changes in the organization are not communicated to the employees.
  4. School Communication
    Different families have different work schedules, and accordingly different preferred communication methods, accommodating which might be a challenge.
  5. Nursing Communication Process
    The five elements of the communication process include the sender, message, receiver, channels, and feedback.
  6. Introduction to Communication: Advertising
    The main purpose that all advertisers pursue is to affect consumer’s preferences. This can be done at least in three genuinely different ways.
  7. System of Medical Order Communication
    An examination of the proposed system of medical order communication as well as the presentations on input technologies revealed a viable attempt at replacing an archaic system.
  8. Teaching Communication Skills for Students with Autism
    Ehrough games and other forms of interaction with his/her peers, a child with autism disorders is able to develop in his/her areas of deficiency.
  9. Modern Communication Technologies
    Modern communication technologies have introduced devices with high capabilities and speed, which have facilitated communications between people.
  10. Effective Business Communication
    Effective communication is one of the most important prerequisites for business success. It help to pass on important messages from top organs and to solve organizational problems.
  11. Five Words For Easier Communication
    It is very difficult to become acquainted with new people. That is why it is possible to create the list of five words which can give at least vague idea of your character.
  12. Communication Networks
    Communication networks within a firm include wheel network, chain network, circle network, and all-channel network.
  13. Communication Process and Behavior
    Managing a project means being able to coordinate the work of several teams and make sure that every single member has unique roles and responsibilities.
  14. Innovative Technologies for Communication
    Technology is making communication easier in today’s world, but at the expense of personal contact as many people choose to interact from home in front of a computer screen.
  15. Technology and Communication
    The rapid development of information technologies has made communication much easier. For instance, people, who can be separated by long distances, can now writer without any difficulty.
  16. Human Interactions in the Form of Communication
    Human interactions appear in the form of communication, and this communication can either be in terms of spoken or written discourse.
  17. Technology and Communication in Today’s World
    Information technologies and various means for distant communication have created an opportunity to talk to those who are away.
  18. Technology and Interpersonal Communication
    The use of technology in communication has improved the quality and quantity of communication and promoted human relations in the society.
  19. Gestures and Signs in Communication
    This paper will set out to argue that while gestures can be developed and studied so as to advance their usage they can not serve as an adequate replacement for speech in our life.
  20. How Technology Has Changed Communication?
    Social networks have made communication simpler, faster and better by enhancing accessibility in both social and business fields.
  21. Technical Communication Problems
    The paper discusses the problem of technical communication: the number of face-to-face interactions decreases; people have to struggle with the lack of confidence and alienation.
  22. Communication Role in Organizational Change Process
    The paper aims to analyze the existing relationship between communication and resistance to change and consequences of the poor communication in organizations.
  23. The Role of Online Communication
    The intensive development of information and communication technologies leads today to changes in the character of interpersonal contacts.
  24. Communication and Clinical Interview – Nursing
    Good communication is very critical in the nursing profession. It is necessary for nurses to develop healthy relationships with their patients.
  25. Personal Networks and Communication System
    Technology does not destroy ties but makes them more diverse and sophisticated. Eevery person can choose the way to communicate and technology provides a variety of options.
  26. Nurse-Patient Communication: Role and Issues
    A nurse should provide the patient with information related to his condition, progress, and medications. Communication with patients influences the quality of services.
  27. Effective Communication and Human Relations in the Workplace
    The paper explores the advantages of effective communication, possible communication barriers, and importance of human relations skills in the workplace.
  28. Modern Technologies Role in Communication
    Modern technologies make communication easier, but they do it at the expense of face-to-face contact, which creates different negative impacts on the contemporary society.
  29. Online Versus Face-to-Face Communication
    Online communication becomes more popular with the youth because there is no necessity to go out in order to learn the friends’ latest news.
  30. XXI Century Technology and Its Toll on Communication Skills
    The key problem with the new media is that it does not allow for recognizing the elements of nonverbal communication – at least, not as fast and efficiently as live communication does.

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  1. Intercultural Communication in TV Shows
    The paper discusses filmmaking that used various television series and movies to examine the question of intercultural communication.
  2. Behavior: Face-to-face and Online Communication Differences
    This research will focus on the way people interact with and affect each other as opposed to the way people interact with their devices (social media).
  3. Digital Divide – Information and Communication Technologies
    This paper will set out to define the digital divide and discuss the merits and demerits of improving it. The most significant technological advances were made in the field of ICT.
  4. Communication: People-to-People vs. People-to-Devices
    This paper studies the correlation between face-to-face communication and communication via social media. It also concerns the ethical challenges of the topic.
  5. Communication in Shops: Face-to-Face vs. via Devices
    The paper reports on the study of the correlation between face-to-face communication and communication via devices between people buying things in big shops.
  6. Communication in Negotiation: Process and Barriers
    Communication is an integral part of everyday life. Persuasive and efficient communication guarantees a success in all types of negotiations.
  7. Intercultural Business Communication in China
    The purpose of this paper is to introduce you, the reader, to the business culture, customs and tradition that comes with working in China.
  8. International Business Communication Problem Case
    The construction company has been tasked with the responsibility of constructing the tallest skyscraper in the globe. The essay shall endeavor to clarify the lack of interactions.
  9. Intercultural Business Communication in Japan
    The purpose of this paper is to introduce readers to Japan, a country steeped in cultural tradition which has influenced the development of its business culture to a considerable degree.
  10. Elementary School: Picture Communication at the Lesson
    The paper analyzes the lesson in the elementary grade 1 class where picture communication from the book Little Red Riding Hood by Anderson was analyzed in-depth.
  11. Essay on Cross-Cultural Communication & Differences
    What are cross-cultural differences? What are the examples of cross-cultural communication? ??➕?? Find the answers in this essay on multicultural communication!
  12. Tongue in Communication and Personality Generation
    The tongue is an essential element in the personality generation process, as people tend to adapt to the change of the primary spoken language.
  13. Mount Sinai Hospital’s Communication Strategies
    The paper includes an interview questions to learn about management and communication strategies used at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York as the best facility in the US.
  14. Diversity in Workplace Communication
    Comprehensive knowledge of the cultural, ethnic, and gender differences between staff members can enable managers to communicate freely with their employees.
  15. Diversity and Communication in Nursing Philosophy
    This paper discusses the nursing theory that will embrace diversity by incorporating the elements of education, communication enhancement, and the target population’s needs.
  16. Electronic Devices, Communication and Education
    The paper aims to explore and explain how electronic devices have influenced people’s daily lives, particularly in communication and education.
  17. Communication Plan for Cyclefest
    There are a number of critical analyses of the communication plan for Cyclefest that are necessary to be conducted before the official launch of the event in the U.K.
  18. Communication Anxiety and Treatment Methods
    This paper explores assertiveness training, systematic desensitization, cognitive restructuring, communication orientation motivation for the treatment of communication anxiety.
  19. Homeland Security Website: Communication Process
    This piece of work will critically look at the Homeland Security website where different aspects of communication will be evaluated through answering of the questions.
  20. Collaborative Model of Care in Nursing Communication
    A collaborative model of care can be chosen for enhancing communication between nursing professionals and promotes their responsibilities.
  21. Quality Leadership Communication in Organizations
    A great number of organizations and projects failed due to poor leadership and team communication. Effective communication can be of great benefit to the firm.
  22. Communication Differences: Male vs Female
    The differences between females and males have been studied for centuries. Communication has been one of the aspects that have acquired the most attention of scholars, scientists, and the public.
  23. The Communication Problems with the Email
    Communication process involves two or more parties but the basic ones are the sender and the receiver. The sender should use a language that the receiver can easily understand.
  24. Problem Solving and Communication Expertise Development
    The following study explores the concepts of communication and problem solving skills among managers in contemporary organisations.
  25. Digital Technologies Role in Communication and Social Life
    The subject of digital technology and its effects on communication and social life has received a lot of attention over the past few decades.
  26. Personal Isolation and Technology in Communication
    Technology is an interruption to physical communication and promotes personal isolation, as well as anti-socialism.
  27. McDonald’s Company’ Integration of Marketing Communication
    This paper explores how McDonald’s can deploy ntegration of marketing communication to ensure that it attains acceptance of its products and services in the fast-food industry across the globe.
  28. Employer-Employee, Client and Board Communication
    Managers and employees have to choose the appropriate communication technique to use to ensure their messages are delivered and understood according to their purpose.
  29. Communication Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages
    Among the described communicative methods: face-to-face communication, telephone and voicemail, memorandum, memos, newsletters and supplemental internal publications.
  30. Peer-Tutoring and Autistic Students’ Communication
    The paper proves that peer-tutoring is fruitful in helping children with autism disorders to improve the development of their social and communication capabilities.

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  1. Communication and Social Media Ethics in United Arab Emirates
    The delivery of strategic information to the public through social media in United Arab Emirates must be evaluated for relevance and abuse.
  2. Nurse’s Communication Skills Training in Practice
    This paper discusses how communication skills training for nursing professionals can improve patient satisfaction with the quality of care provided in inpatient settings.
  3. Health Care Providers and Patients Communication
    The aim of this paper is to propose the need for the study of communication between health care providers and patients and its subsequent improvement.
  4. Communication Strategies in Dementia Patients
    The study on communication strategies to tailor the needs of dementia patients is proposed for submission to the International Journal of Nursing Studies.
  5. Communication and Media Ethics
    This paper will establish an argument to narrate whether the contents shared through social media expose the public to improper contents or misinformation.
  6. Organizational Communication: Forms and Barriers
    Organizational communication is an independent variable that has far-reaching implications in the overall success of an organization.
  7. Picture Exchange Communication Systems for Autists
    This paper demonstrates Picture Exchange Communication Systems help enhancing the capacity of learners with autism disorders to develop intelligent communication.
  8. Patient Communication: Improvement Issues
    In the given paper, we will review research evidence related to patient communication and its significance in quality improvement initiatives.
  9. Language’s Role in Cross-Cultural Communication
    The essay will identify the various cultural differences denoted by intercultural communication and the key aspects of language in the various concepts.
  10. Alexander McQueen-Lane Crawford Communication
    The Alexander McQueen team should understand China’s culture for effective intercultural communication with the Lane Crawford group composed from Chinese people.
  11. Pinterest: Social Network as a Communication Channel
    This essay describes how social networks have been used as communication channels for marketing various brands. Pinterest use to promote companies.
  12. Communication with Patients with Dementia
    In their article “Pilot testing an educational intervention to improve communication with patients with dementia,” the authors suggest certain communication techniques.
  13. Blue Sky’s Integrated Marketing Communication
    This business plan is to grow Blue Sky’s financial performance based on developing strong brand loyalty with the customers using integrated marketing communication.
  14. Communication and Cultural Conflicts
    Conflicts due to variations in values, beliefs, and practices are bound to occur when people communicate to achieve shared objectives, complement each other, and share resources.
  15. Communication and Leadership in Nursing
    Communication is an essential part of life. No institution can operate without communication between its staff and leaders. In nursing, leaders have to utilize effective communication strategies.
  16. Company X: Improvement of Communication and Promotion
    Company X is facing a set of challenges concerning the choice of tools for the provision of the change and the means for maintaining the staff motivation rates high.
  17. Culture in Business Communication and Management
    The paper discusses cultural dimensions of business negotiations, human resource management practices, and their relations with universal ethical principles.
  18. Nurses-Physicians Communication and Collaboration
    This paper focuses on the effect of the collaboration between nurses and other healthcare professionals have on patient health outcomes.
  19. Cyclefest: Marketing Communication Plan
    Cyclefest can be described as an open area event that is attempting to take advantage of the growing popularity of cycling and outdoor festivals.
  20. Social Media Techniques for Communication Management
    This paper develops the evaluation of such techniques as social networking sites and micro-blogging sites, and the ideas of how to enhance communication and enjoy the outcomes.
  21. Argumentative and Alternative Communication Methods
    This paper examines intervention measures aimed at assisting children with communication impairments to improve their skills by using PECS as a method of AAC systems.
  22. Communication: Passion and Creative Confidence
    The development of successful communication between people, who have to cooperate and create a mutual project, is not an easy task.
  23. Impacts of Diversity on Employee Communication
    Interpersonal communication in a diverse workforce is susceptible to prejudice. Organizational leaders and workers are required to choose their words correctly and structure a message.
  24. Effective Communication and Training Theories
    Learning organizations are founded on operative communication and constructing consistent relations within the framework of the team.
  25. “Communication Mosaics” a Book by Julia Wood
    As discussed by Julia Wood in the book, Communication Mosaics: An Introduction to the Field of Communication, groupthink refers to a psychological phenomenon happening within a cluster of persons.
  26. Integrated Marketing Communication
    The complexity of the marketing environment for organisations that operate in the current competitive market calls for the integration of marketing communication.
  27. Computer-Mediated Interpersonal Communication
    It has been acknowledged that Computer Mediated Communication has certain benefits and significant downsides when it comes to interpersonal communication.
  28. Team Communication’s Importance for Successful Teamwork
    This paper considers intercultural communication, Monroe’s motivation sequence, and teamwork theory that are associated with culture, motivation, and team development, respectively.
  29. De Beers Company’s Digital Marketing Communication
    The essay analyzes De Beers, its strategies in digital marketing communication and proposes a new digital campaign using e-mail marketing, content advertising, etc.
  30. TeamSTEPPS and Communication in Clinical Settings
    This paper observes and evaluates the communication styles and tools used by different hospital teams in a clinical setting.

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  1. Product Launching and Communication Strategies
    The researcher seeks to compare traditional and digital communication strategies when launching a new product into the market through the review of the relevant literatures.
  2. Bedside Reporting and Nurse Communication
    The current research utilizes the secondary data for the survey conducted at Washington Regional Medical Center regarding the implementation of the bedside reporting procedure.
  3. Infiniti Company’s Marketing Communication Mix
    The main objective of Infiniti is to build a global brand and deliver on the brand promise to the target clientele, which requires the right marketing communication mix.
  4. Network Layers and Communication Flow Levels
    The paper characterizes the application layer, transport layer, network layer, and data link layer in terms of the communication flow between organizational levels.
  5. QuickMeal Co.’s Service Quality and Communication
    The problems with the QuickMeal Co. started at the very first stage of services provision. The firm has serious issues with the communication system.
  6. School Nurse’s Communication with Pregnant Teenagers
    The paper aims to discuss the case of a 17-year-old student who has type I diabetes and whose pregnancy test is positive.
  7. Conflicts, Compromises, and Communication
    While assertiveness refers to declining people’s opinions without offending them, cooperation is a concept that seeks to submit and cooperate with the conflicting party.
  8. Communication Strategies with a Vulnerable Population
    Communication during a crisis is essential for both victims and the emergency services. Often, conventional forms of communication are unavailable due to the circumstances of the crisis.
  9. Integrated Marketing Communication and Promotion
    Marketing is a fundamental element that is incorporated as a means of communication between customers and an organization.
  10. Nursing Values in Communication with Patients
    Nursing and personal values are closely connected; furthermore, they can be viewed as the extension of social values that promote the idea of global well-being.
  11. Communication in Patient-Centered Care
    Effective communication can be achieved through core communication competencies, which require a lot of input, attention, and responsibility on behalf of the medical staff.
  12. Legacy Community Health Service: Communication Audit
    This report dwells upon the use of external and internal communication channels at Legacy Community Health Service and gives recommendations to improve communication.
  13. Patients with Dementia: Communication Techniques
    Dementia is a difficult condition and can complicate the process of receiving care. The techniques provided in the article appear to be effective.
  14. The Coca-Cola Company’s Marketing Communication
    The paper explores the Coca-Cola company’s political, legal, economic, and technological environment, presents a SWOT analysis and marketing communication strategies.
  15. How Digital Technologies Changed Communication and Life?
    It is possible to investigate which social tendencies resulted from the emergence of digital communication and what effect they produced on the social life and communication.
  16. Cross Cultural Communication Aspects
    Cross-cultural communication depends on both verbal and nonverbal means. The fact is that the process of intercourse includes the exchange of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
  17. Doctors’ Treatment and Communication Process
    The topic chosen for the analysis is the care from doctors, particularly the doctors’ treatment, the communication process, the hospital environment.
  18. Kenyan Government and Media Communication
    The government of Kenya has fueled policies on media delivery. This article will inform on the effects of media communication and establishment of policies to the government of Kenya.
  19. Dementia Patients: Communication Strategy and Techniques
    The specialists advise using slow and simple gestures not to produce the feeling of agitation in a person with dementia.
  20. Performance-Based and Personal Communication
    The given paper will comment on how performance-based and personal communication are beneficial for students and how they can be used to support teaching.
  21. Netflix Inc.’s Strategic Communication Plan
    Netflix, Inc., initially started as the world’s leading DVD rent-by-mail company with more than one million subscribers.
  22. Communication Skills’ Interview
    The interview went successfully as the interviewed business professional provided a lot of useful information enriched with his personal experiences of attempting to start a business.
  23. HSBC Bank’s Staffing Change: Communication Plan
    This work shows the communication plan for the change in staffing at HSBC Bank, identifies its key trends, assumptions, and risks, and gives a SWOTT analysis of the organization.
  24. Communication in “Why Culture Should Be Cool”
    The paper concludes that cultural differences should be valued by global leaders, and the issues of intercultural communication should be addressed to achieve high competitiveness.
  25. Legislator Communication: Equal Pay
    This letter is addressed to Senator Alan Hays in order to demonstrate the support for the died Bill, which has not received committee hearing – Equal Pay (SB 0098).
  26. Communication in the Ancient World
    This informational essay is devoted to the investigation of a wide range of communication means used by people in ancient times from the pre-writing period until the development of alphabets.
  27. Communication Role at the Today’s Workplace
    The success of any business is predetermined not only by the implementation of market strategies, quality of products but also by communication established among all people.
  28. Rogers Communication Company in the Indian Market
    This paper considers expanding operations Rogers Communication to the Indian market because of the size and increasing purchasing power of the population.
  29. Business Writing Style as an Aspect of Communication
    Business letters are predominately used by managers or people in the head of an organization to deliver various messages to their auxiliaries.
  30. Nurse-to-Nurse Handoff Communication in the Perioperative Setting
    This paper investigates problems that may occur during communication between members of the perioperative staff and provides some recommendations.

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