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Dismissal Reasons and Employee Rights

Introduction It is important to know one’s rights to address adverse situations that may take place in a person’s life and are regulated by the law. For instance, if an individual was fired due to some poorly grounded reasons, the knowledge of the legislation may be of help. Access to Emails On the whole, organizations are expected to allow their…

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Eyewitness Testimony and Its Role in Criminal Cases

How important is eyewitness testimony in criminal cases? Nowadays, criminal justice is one of the most complicated procedures. This situation takes place, as the original sequence of events is not clear (Fulero & Wrightsman, 2008). Using the testimony of eyewitnesses is important. They help to add missing details to the crime scene and offer a novel viewpoint of the lawbreaking…

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Criminal Evidence and Legal Issue

The special balancing test used in evaluating the admissibility of prior uncharged felony convictions of a defendant who takes the stand The prior convictions of a defendant who takes the stand usually have only slight relevance to the current prosecution but can have an emotional impact upon the juries (Hails, 2009, p. 60). Under the current legislation, even the relevant…

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Improving Healthcare through Advocacy

Introduction The information presented in this brochure targets every citizen. The reader is informed about his or right rights as a patient. Every citizen should receive timely and adequate health support. Patients who are aware of their rights can make accurate decisions and influence the quality of care availed to them. Health advocates can also consider the ideas presented in…

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The Case of Native Women’s Association of Canada vs Canada

The case of Native Women’s Association of Canada v. Canada, [1994] 3 S.C.R. 627 came before the Canadian Supreme Court as a result of the Charlottetown Accord negotiations. The native people of Canada were widely represented by various interest groups and funded by the Canadian government. However, the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) was left out. The argument in…

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National Security of the New Europe, the U.S. and Mexico

It is necessary to note that the issue of national security is regarded as vital for all countries. However, different states handle the issue differently. It is possible to analyze the way the problem is treated in the EU and the USA. There are certain similarities and differences when it comes to the external borders of the EU and the…

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Affordable Care Act and Mental Health Illness

Introduction According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 20% of adults in the United States have a mental health problem (Croft & Parish, 2013). Examples of commonly diagnosed disorders include depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment. For many years, the United States’ health policies have neglected the needs of elderly citizens and vulnerable groups. This problem has been…

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National Security Branch, Its History and Structure

Introduction The National Security Branch (NSB) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a national security service that aims to prevent, identify, and eliminate threats to the national security of the US with the help of the strategic use of intelligence and counterterrorism efforts (U.S. Department of Justice [DJ], n.d.). Since its establishment, NSB has played a major role…

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New Regulations in the US Healthcare System

The US healthcare system is undergoing certain changes, and new transformations are on their way. One of the most recent changes to the existing regulations cannot be regarded as a dramatic reform, but it will have a considerable impact on a particular group of people. The amendments to the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 were introduced in…

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Nurse-to-Patient Ratios Legislation Proposal

Situation The problem/concern The problem at hand is insufficient nurse-to-patient ratios often occurring in healthcare facilities of different kinds and specializations. The major causes of this problem are the shortage of skilled nurses and high nurse turnover in healthcare organizations. The lack of clear legislation limiting the ratios based on the shortage of nurses leads to excessive workloads and long…

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Crimes Theories and Causing Factors

The term ‘crime’ has been given various definitions. There is no single definition in use worldwide but crimes could generally be described as acts that are not allowed by the law and are punishable. Low or high magnitude crimes are all dealt with constitutionally. The issue that has bothered the society over the years is the reason why a person…

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Wet Seal: Employment Discrimination Law

The case under analysis reveals a violation of employment discrimination law against black employees taking managerial positions at the Wet Seal store. The lawsuits filed against the company, on the one hand, differ from other numerous cases uncovering discriminatory behaviors. One the other hand, the single cases of brining complaints to the court can be united under class-action status because…

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Trade Mark Protection in the United States Law

Introduction The great attention given to business could be considered one of the key features of the modern world. The fact is that the economy of all states rests on the incomes that are provided by numerous companies. These could belong to individuals, organizations, or government. However, the main aim of any venture is to evolve and guarantee stable revenues.…

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Problem of Gangs in the United States

Abstract This paper tackles the issue of what should be considered the foremost contributing factors to the formation of gangs in the U.S. Based on the conducted literature-review; the paper’s analytical insights expose the economic, psychological, and cultural forces of influence, in this regard. The provided recommendations, as to what should be done to reduce the rate of gang-related violence…

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Homeland Security Website: Communication Process

Introduction Communication is an extremely important element in our day to day life. It entails the transmission or dissemination of a message from a sender to a receiver in a convenient and understandable manner. It helps in decision making and taking of appropriate actions in regard to a given aspect. To achieve effective communication, there has to be an appropriate…

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Debating the Right to Health Care

The proposed scenario discusses the issue of universal health care. The current paper argues that universal health care should be introduced so that people would have access to medical care regardless of their financial status. Apart from providing several reasons for this, several counter-arguments are also addressed. It should be obvious that of the proposed responses, response C (the same…

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Judicial Reasoning in Bowers v. Hardwick Case

Introduction The US judicial system constitutes a powerful component that is engaged in preventing crime and resolving civil matters. Thus, the system must prevent crime while guaranteeing justice to the suspects and victims of criminal offenses. Judges are also required to avail well-reasoned decisions in civil matters to enhance peaceful relations and respect to the law among civilians in the…

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Sentencing Policies on Drug Offences

Purpose The goal of this paper is to discuss the sentencing policies on drug offences. In this case, one should speak about the crimes related to the use, possession, and transportation of prohibited substances. In turn, it is important to explain how the courts should approach such cases. Much attention should be paid to the factors that legal professionals should…

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Amending the Constitution of the U.S.

The Constitution of the U.S. is its supreme law, as it controls the whole country through its government. Thus, the power of the country is “divided into three branches: the legislative, executive, and judicial” so that it is balanced (Kozak, p. 206). It was adopted in 1787 and has been improved 27 times already. The creation of the U.S. Constitution…

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Youth Crime Prevention and Needs Assessment

The target population will include students from different schools regardless of their age, sex, and ethnicity. The total number of respondents is estimated to be 60 people. This amount of respondents seems to be appropriate to make relevant conclusions and suggest the corresponding recommendations to enhance the situation with juvenile offenders. In particular, quota sampling was selected to meet the…

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Synthesis of Gangs in the United States

Abstract Gangs and gang membership are some of the main challenges faced by security agencies across the United States of America. The federal government, in conjunction with state and local governments, has put numerous efforts to tighten homeland security by addressing this challenge. Although most gang activities are localized, the rate at which they are spreading across the country has…

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Government Contract Termination Process

Introduction Government contract refers to the process through which the it acquires some items via an agreement with business entities (Feldman, 2013). When an agreement is not fulfilled, it might be canceled in a process called contract termination (Feldman, 2013). A person who is responsible for performing or providing certain goods is known as a contractor and cannot be paid…

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Russian and European International Competition Law

Introduction Competition law is a regulation that is enacted to promote market rivalry. It achieves this by regulating anti-competitive practices in the business arena. The legislation is enforced through a partnership between the private and the public sectors. In the United States and the European Union, the edict is referred to as the antitrust law. On their part, China and…

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Discrimination, Affirmative Action, Sexual Harassment

Discrimination Discrimination implies any distinction, exclusion or preference, which denies or belittles the equal fulfilment of individual’s rights in the society. The country and its citizens are obliged to respect and ensure that all individuals in the territory and within the country’s jurisdiction have the same rights without distinction of any kind notwithstanding their race, skin colour, sex, language, religion,…

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Drug Courts Policy and Its Evaluation

Summary Across centuries, different governments have been struggling to reduce the availability of illicit drugs and substances. For this reason, drug policies in the United States aimed at strengthening law enforcement agencies to combat the drug and substance abuse problem. While the government struggles to reduce the availability and use of illicit drugs, the use and demand for illegal drugs…

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The Constitution of Texas

This paper is aimed at examining the systems of checks and balances included in the Constitution of Texas. It should be mentioned that these provisions are supposed to limit the authority of the government and protect the rights of citizens. Much attention should be paid to the examples of these legal mechanisms and the role. Furthermore, one should show if…

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Racism in the United States Judicial System

Abstract This literature review uses the retributive theory of punishment which explains the reasons behind the large number of imprisoned black American men. This incarceration has consequently led to the high prevalence of poverty among the black American community with women as the primary causalities. The retributive theory of punishment explains that the high number of incarcerated black Americans is…

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Juvenile Delinquency and Punishment

Abstract The given paper is devoted to the investigation of the topical theme of juvenile delinquency and punishments provided to young offenders. The modern justice system considers this group to be more vulnerable and important for society and provides an altered approach to sentencing. However, this perspective might be considered unfair by adult criminals. In this regard, the given research…

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Juvenile Delinquency in Minority Groups

Introduction The study reviews the case of juvenile delinquency, which is revealed in the behavior of the 13-year old Hispanic boy, Billy, who originally comes from a poor and abuse-oriented family. The issue of criminality in teenagers is especially relevant for the individuals from the minority groups, who tend to be discriminated not only among their peers but in their…

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Speed Limit Essay: Arguing for the Limitation

It is undoubtedly true that driving safety is one of the most widely-discussed topics. That is why there is an impressive number of diverse opinions regarding the traffic rules. The limitation of speed limits may be the most severe issue drivers are dealing with nowadays. The topic of speeding is quite controversial and tricky. Are you unsure whether to argue…

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Why Are Miranda Rights Important? Essay

Introduction This essay on Miranda Rights is useful for all American citizens and those who are interested in studying law as well. In the US, the rights and freedoms, which are fixed by the Constitution, are meant to protect everyone. However, in the case of the Miranda Warning, there are a lot of misunderstandings. Many people perceive it as a…

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How Does a Bill Become a Law? Essay

Let’s explain the basics. What’s a bill? It’s somebody’s proposal for a future law that is brought to the responsible party (aka a legislative body) for a review. Before being accepted, such a proposal goes through an extensive list of processes and reviews, and only after that, it may become a law. By making it a law, the government has…

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Criminal Justice Process: Felony Criminal Charge

Abstract Criminal justice process is an important judicial process that involves arrest, trial and sentencing of criminal offenders in the society. In the event a criminal offence is of high magnitude and seriously affecting the lives of the community, it amounts to felony. Normally, the judicial process begins with arrest of a person suspected of committing felony following investigations; then…

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The Racilisation of Crime and Cultural Panics

Abstract Ethnic refers to a group of people that share a common ancestry heritage, language, nationality and culture. We can therefore say that ethnicity refers to a group of people with common characteristics that distinguish them from the rest. Race on the other hand refers to a group of people with common biological traits such as physical appearance, skin and…

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The Case “David and Goliath at the WTO”

Introduction The case “David and Goliath at the WTO” presents an interesting look at the interaction between domestic policies and international obligations. In the case we are presented with the issue of gambling on sports events online which is considered illegal by the domestic law of the United States. However, Antigua, which is a completely separate state, has no such…

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Legalizing Prostitution: Arguments For and Against

Introduction Prostitution has become an international growing concern owing to its impact to the society and religion. Every government in the world has responded differently to this issue of prostitution with others proposing for legalization while others prefer it to be illegal. All religions in the world do not support prostitution as it is seen as an immoral behavior that…

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Forensic Toxicology

Introduction Forensic toxicology is the scientific study of the identification of drugs, poisons, chemicals, and metals that are present in the fluids and tissues of an organism. Forensic toxicology represents their various uses as well as their importance. These include the following issues. Uses forensic toxicology Forensic toxicology helps investigate what exactly caused death through post Mortem forensic toxicology (Levine,…

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The American Labor Law: Employment at Will

Summary The term is commonly used in the American labor law to refer to the contractual relationships between employers and employees in various sectors. Employment at will means the employer is always allowed to dismiss the worker without providing sufficient reason whenever it is deemed necessary, but some exceptions exist. This implies that the organization does not need to justify…

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Americans’ Working and Vacation Time

People in the most developed countries work a lot. Americans, Germans, Japanese, and French people are inclined to spend much time working. However, if employees in France have the right to receive five weeks of the paid vacation time, Americans can have only two or sometimes three weeks of the paid vacation. Furthermore, many Americans refuse to use their vacation…

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The US Constitutional Law and Constitutional Amendments

Judicial Review Overview The doctrine of judicial review was first incorporated in the matter of Marbury v. Madison (Prakash and Yoo 934) in 1803. The Chief Justice ruled that federal courts should be allowed to evaluate legislations made in the U.S. Congress and give an opinion on their constitutionality. If a piece of legislation is inconsistent with the constitution, a…

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Gun Control: New Restriction Laws

The measures and laws to restrict gun violence are traditionally discussed in the American society in association with the shocking events when adults or teenagers use guns against the public. The problem is in the fact that gun assaults are typical for the American society. Thus, the necessity to restrict the access to purchasing guns is discussed during a long…

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Why Flogging Should Be Brought Back?

Flogging is “an act punishment whereby someone is beaten with a stick or whip” (Jacoby 197). The modern society should learn a lot from the Puritans in order to deal with every felon. Several arguments have been presented in order to support flogging. Many people believe that flogging is an acceptable form of torture that does not mutilate or kill…

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What Is the Police Authority?

Definition of police authority The police authority is the power vested in police officers and the police as an institution to enforce criminal law and preserve the public peace. Policing is a mandate of states, which is supposed to ensure that the health, safety, morals, and welfare of the inhabitants of a particular state in the United States are sustained…

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Washington and a Services Firm: Contract Analysis

Introduction A contract is an obligatory accord between two or more people or parties. Once the parties sign a contract, a binding arbitration or a court of law can enforce it. For it is hard to sign legal contracts under pressure, the contract acts as the representation of a binding agreement. For any contract to hold, both parties must be…

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Transportation and Logistics Management Policy

The state, local, and federal transportation logistics policies have different levels of impact on the reverse and forward flow of a retailer’s products in the market. In this category are the safety, land use, environment, security, energy and climate change, trade and economics regulations, and infrastructure investment policies (Rondinelli & Berry, 2000). The policy at the federal level affects the…

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China’s Political and Legal Environment

Political Environment With the opening of China’s operations amidst continuous reforms since 1978, the country, according to the World Bank, has moved to become the second-largest economy after the US-based on the purchasing power parity (PPP). Reforms in the political environment, as well as in the legal systems, have eased the way of doing business in China. There is strong…

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Tort Law Case: Clements v. Clements

Introduction to Tort Law In Canada, there are ten provinces and three territories that follow the regulations of common law and the regime based on tort law (Baudouin and Linden 21). The inhabitants know how to discern right from wrong and behave in regards to the social expectations. Still, people can make mistakes and wrong decisions frequently. In fact, many…

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The Lehman Bank: Irregularities and Cybercrimes

Henry Lehman had until recently been the head of one of the world’s largest and most successful investment bank. Now he was on the verge of bankruptcy and facing a damning criminal trial. He blamed his misfortune on two people in particular. A former employee of his bank named Paul smith and the miserable vigilante going by the name of…

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Racial Profiling and Violation of Civil Rights

In a multicultural and multi-racial society like that of the United States (US), stereotypes are bound to arise. Such generalizations are primarily directed towards minority groups, such as gays and blacks. In this paper, the author provides an analysis of such stereotypes about the issue of racial profiling by police officers and the higher criminal justice system. Barlow and Barlow…

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Ron Engineering vs. Ontario Case Analysis

Original Court Decision The case of Ron Engineering vs. Ontario is probably one of the most famous and influential trials in Canadian history. Everything began when the province of Ontario decided to create new water and sewage treatment plant and issued a call for tenders when the consultants offered the sum of $2,744,700. The Owner wanted to save more money…

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