A Rock Concert by Kansas

The Concert by Kansas

Recently, on the evening of Friday, February 19, I attended a rock concert by Kansas. Kansas is an American rock band that gained its popularity as early as in the 1970s, and is still active today, albeit it had a short break in 1984-1985. The band is very famous; it gathers large audiences during its concerts.

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The band mostly played some of its latest music; however, this included modifications of their classical pieces, such as the adaptation of “Carry On Wayward Son” for the “There’s Know Place Like Home” album of 2009.

The instruments employed in the concert included the guitar and percussion instruments, as well as keyboards, which are traditional for rock music. I also liked the band’s new member, David Manion, who plays keyboards and participates in vocals.

The concert was given in Trump Taj Mahal – The Arena, which is located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The setting of the concert was a large hall with a stage in front of it. During the performance, the lights were turned out, apart from some lights above the stage and the colored searchlights that danced around, creating the proper mood in the viewers.

I enjoyed the concert very much, especially the remixes of the band’s classical pieces which I have heard plenty of times before. It is my opinion that the performance was great; apparently, most other viewers shared my opinion, for the audience often displayed their emotions and offered much applause to the musicians.

To sum up, the concert by Kansas took place in a large concert hall in Trump Taj Mahal; the musicians performed some of their latest pieces, as well as remixes of classical songs. The public was very satisfied with the performance, and I also enjoyed the concert much.

The Concert by Ty Segall & The Muggers

On Friday, February 26, I visited a concert by Ty Segall, a young American singer, songwriter, and musician who is famous for his solo performances. Ty Segall performed together with his companions, The Muggers, a band that was formed in 2016, when the album “Emotional Mugger” was released.

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The music played by Ty Segall and his companions is usually described as garage rock. This performance included pieces from his new album, “Emotional Mugger”, one that received a great share of popularity since its recent release.

The instruments employed by the musicians during the concert included a saxophone, drums, keyboard instruments, and, most importantly, guitars. It is arguable that the electronic guitars were the most audible instrument during the band’s performance; their active use added the most “drive” to the music.

The concert took place in Trocadero Theatre, a historic building that is situated in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Despite the name and original purpose, the place is now used as a venue for live music concerts, mainly punk and rock concerts. As a theatre, though, it retained balconies, a peculiar feature which is not often seen in music concerts halls.

It is surprising that the use of guitar, a very common instrument in the genre of rock music, can awaken so much energy in the listeners. I especially enjoyed the “Candy Sam” composition, and it was apparent that it brought as much fun in the audience.

On the whole, it should be stressed that the garage-rock concert by Ty Segall and The Muggers was rather successful. It obtained the full attendance, and the whole hall in Trocadero Theatre was full of people who were obviously enjoying the music.

The Concert by Wolfmother

On Friday, March 4, I attended a concert given by a famous rock band called Wolfmother. It is interesting to note that the group originates from Sydney, Australia, and, having been formed in 2000, has more than 15 years of history. The performance they gave in Philadelphia was satisfying and energizing.

The band specializes in rock music, in particular, in heavy metal, hard rock, and stoner rock. The music that was played during the performance included the compositions from the album “New Crown,” which was released in 2014. Some pieces, such as “Tall Ships,” received especially much attention from the public.

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The instruments employed during the concert, as it is characteristic of the genre of music, included drums and guitars. Andrew Stockdale, as it is usual for him, used the guitar while also singing.

The concert was given in Trocadero Theatre, a historic place in Pennsylvania that is currently used mainly for live music concerts. I watched everything from the balcony, which, I believe, provided me with a better opportunity to see and hear the musicians and the performance than I would have had if I had had a seat near the stage.

On the whole, I very much enjoyed the performance, The concert was rather energizing, though there were a number of calmer compositions that caused some vivid memories to race in my mind. It is also interesting to point out that Stockdale’s Australian accent added some additional peculiarity to the music.

To sum up, it should be stressed that the concert given by Wolfmother in Philadelphia was a worthwhile event that gathered a large audience and provided a great amount of joy for the listeners. It was apparent that the musicians also gained much pleasure from giving the concert.

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