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Abu Dhabi Port Company’s Internal and External Analysis


SWOT analysis is utilized in the identification and categorization of internal and external factors that impact the performance of a business organization. Internal factors are the strengths and weaknesses of business while external factors are opportunities and threats that characterize an organization. Organizations could have control over internal factors, but they cannot change external factors impacting their operations. Abu Dhabi Port Company (ADPC) was founded about a decade ago and it is involved in handling port cargo. This paper aims to conduct a SWOT analysis of the company with a view to making the organization an international company that adheres to competency requirements. It will also offer a conclusion based on the findings in the SWOT analysis.

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SWOT table

  • Consistent support from the Abu Dhabi government.
  • The organization is part of the government’s Vision 2030.
  • Good culture and social activities.
  • A culture of quick decision making.
  • The utilization of international resources.
  • Adoption of Oracle solution system to support company operations.
  • The firm offers relatively better salaries in the Abu Dhabi region.
  • Business monopoly in Abu Dhabi.
  • Lack of clear business processes.
  • Employees do not have clear succession plans.
  • Lack of career development plans for workers.
  • Inadequate structures for utilizing resources.
  • Inclusion in Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030.
  • The opportunity to link with an international port operator through the government.
A new entrant into the cargo handling industry, which has more capacity and expertise in cargo handling, and Lack of outsourcing

Table 1: SWOT table.


Strengths of business organizations are important factors that contribute to the overall performance of a business establishment. The strengths in the table are important for achieving excellent performance by the company. ADPC enjoys a business monopoly in the region, and it could capitalize on this to offer excellent services to its customers. This would cushion it from potential new market entrants in the future because it will have a good customer base. Government support is crucial for the operations and performances of many organizations across the world. The support the organization gets from the government is essential for promoting the financial performance of the firm.

The inclusion of the business establishment in Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030 gives it a solid platform to offer port cargo handling services to customers. The inclusion implies that the government recognizes the crucial role played by the firm in clearing and forwarding services and to the economy of the country. A good corporate culture of the firm would also go a long way in shaping its image with regard to perception by different stakeholders. Support from social services indicates that the company could engage in social activities that would redefine its image and improve the customer base.

The use of the Oracle system by ADPC is important in ensuring efficient management approaches. In the 21st century, the adoption of information systems in the management of organizations is crucial for realizing improved performance outcomes. ADPC offers better salaries to its personnel in comparison to other firms in the region. This implies that it could hire and utilize the best human resources within and outside Abu Dhabi. This could enhance competency standards practiced by the firm.


Weaknesses are internal limitations that hinder organizations from achieving specific goals and objectives. Business processes are important in promoting task schedules and enhancing workflows. For example, ADPC should focus on processing tasks on the basis of the sequence they are received or any other format that is perceived to promote efficiency. Several factors could influence the way tasks are performed. The firm would use specific software to schedule customer requests and/or orders.

Lack of clear succession plans could impact the business organization negatively. Succession plans make personnel work towards improving their performances. Such workers are motivated to work for firms and solve issues that negatively impact them. The modern job market is characterized by a high level of dynamism.

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Personnel who are given an opportunity to advance their careers have more chances of performing better than those who are not motivated to advance their careers. Organizations that have clear platforms for developing the professional lives of their personnel have better ways of staff succession. ADPC should aim to reward its performing employees by offering them opportunities to rise in the workplace. The firm should also concentrate on the proper utilization of resources. The economic use of resources in the business would help it to save a huge amount of funds to support operations in the company.

In order for the firm to address all the weaknesses, it should form a team of experienced personnel that would identify the cause of the weaknesses and proposes long-term solutions to the internal factors. The proposed changes would be given to the top management to assess their expected impact and feasibility. If the top management adopts the changes, then routine evaluation should be conducted to determine their outcomes.


Opportunities offer excellent avenues for firms to outperform their business rivals. The degree of success achieved by firms with regard to taking advantage of business opportunities depends on the approaches adopted by the management. The Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030 blueprint outlines important structures geared towards economic development and sustainability for the people and government of the country.

The management of ADPC should analyze the growth opportunities outlined in the economic blueprint. It should be guided by the aspirations of the Vision 2030 in its endeavor to become a major international company in port cargo handling. For example, the management could focus on accessing capital for growth and expansion through avenues outlined in the ambitious plan. In fact, the government would be willing to fund the firm in order to expand its cargo handling services within and outside Abu Dhabi.

The firm should position itself strategically to gain a competitive advantage in the international market by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the Vision 2030. It should capitalize on the opportunity of linking with an international cargo handling operator. The operator will be introduced to the management of ADPC through the government. This opportunity will offer an excellent avenue for the firm to enter and establish itself in the international market. The operator would provide ADPC with the necessary expertise with regard to international cargo handling services.


Threats are external challenges that impact the performance of an organization. Threats have been found to reduce the number of profits realized by companies. The new entrant into the cargo handling industry in Abu Dhabi could impact the performance of ADPC. It has the potential to handle more cargo than ADPC. This could lead to the acquisition of more customers by the firm than ADPC.

In order to prevent this threat from significantly reducing the profits made by ADPC, the firm should aggressively look for better systems of handling cargo so that it could outperform the capacity of its rival. If the firm is able to handle an improved amount of cargo, then it could retain most of its customers because their needs would be met. ADPC should focus on recruiting experienced personnel to handle tasks that require specialized applications. With regard to lack of outsourcing, the organization would deal with this threat by offering better rates for outsourcing. The approach to be used by the business organization to address the two threats would determine the outcomes realized.

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ADPC is a major player in port cargo handling services. The company has the following strengths: support from the government, inclusion in Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030, the use of the Oracle system, and business monopoly. The firm would maintain excellent performance by consistently ensuring that it reaps from the internal factors determining its strengths. Weaknesses of the company are lack of career development and/or personnel succession plans.

Also, the firm has a failure by the management to put in place effective workflow processes. The firm should address the internal factors that result in weaknesses. ADPC has opportunities in the Vision 2030 and a link with an international cargo operator. It should use government connections to expand locally and internationally. In conclusion, ADPC has threats of a new entrant and a lack of proper outsourcing approaches. If the threats are addressed, then the company would have better chances of outperforming its main rival in cargo handling.

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