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Academic Success and Professional Development Plan


The scope of professional nursing has continued to evolve for the better, with the inception of modern clinical practice as well as the embrace of technology in healthcare provision for quality and safety. Nurses have remained the backbone of the healthcare system as the chief primary care providers whose spheres of operations have been fostered by the inception of evidence-based nursing strategies. As an aspiring professional Master of Science Nurse (MSN), my vision is to be able to offer unequaled professional care to all the clients within my scope of operations.

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To achieve this important life-giving objective, I endeavor to lay a blueprint for my master of Nursing education upon informative, scholarly, and peer-approved scientific knowledge by making use of both the academic and professional resources and strategies. According to Bindon (2017), the nurse of today operates in a dynamic and complicated care environment that calls for nurses to have and acquire certain skills, knowledge, and a competitive edge beyond the training margins, for readiness for the future of their practice.

The American Nurse Association is keen on defining the scope of nursing and professional nursing practice and the professional growth and development as a mandated requirement for all nurse practitioners (Neff et al., 2018). Therefore, in this regard, my focus is on the academic and professional resources and strategies that I can apply in my MSN program to achieve a competitive edge. Healthcare professionals who make major changes in their areas of qualification are keen on improving their knowledge and skill set. This is normally achieved through various ways, all of which are based on academic and professional practices and strategies.

Academic Resources or Strategies

  • Academic Resource 1: The Writing Lab, a platform made necessary by Purdue University, provides an excellent resource center for all its students, and it contains rigorously updated information on every topic of concern to the learners. Individuals can access updated research studies to gain information that enhances operational activities.
  • Academic Resource 2: Libraries are a manual knowledge hub, housing all the wisdom in the world, which even the sphere of healthcare requires from time to time. Although most of the literature materials are not frequently updated, the foundational principles of professional nursing care practice are outsourced from libraries.
  • Academic resource 3: Academic advising: Personalized recommendations from professional advisors make prioritizing professional areas of interest much easier as counselors provide and refer students to important resources, walking them down a course plan, crediting transfers, and helping students in some cases to obtain overrides for more credits.

Professional Resources or Strategies

  • Professional resource 1: The Florida Board of Nursing is mandated with functions including the licensing and license renewals and offering professional materials in the area of nursing for continuous professional development. It is committed to improving the quality of service delivery and the promotion of positive patient outcomes.
  • Professional resource 2: The Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner (AGNP) is a highly experienced professional who can impart clinical skills, and can be seen as a resource for future MSN graduates.
  • Professional resource 3: Attending professional conferences is the strategy that has great potential of changing the tangent of advanced nursing care operations as they offer a chance for great networking as well as insightful, challenging, and compelling educative information and new practice knowledge.

Intended Use of the Resources

With the above-mentioned resources, scientifically approved, state and federally authorized information and strategies guiding professional nursing practice will be useful in my career as a professional nurse. First, the professional resource information will be vital in guiding my scope of operation, as well as in defining what policies and work criteria are to be adhered to at every stage of my operations. Second, quality nursing care thrives on patients’ satisfaction with the care provided as well as the healthcare organizations’ ability to gain recognition for quality care services.

Therefore, the guidance from the experienced academic advisors and the AGNP will be vital in enhancing my ability to offer quality care. Building and creating professional connections besides gaining practical education materials which will help in widening my abilities and areas of operation. The Florida Board of Nursing will be a critical part of the professional nursing program by providing the regulations in rewarding and licensing me as a practitioner.

The library will be a source of first-hand information, being a place of unlimited information as contained in books and various research works. The Writing Lab has been and continues to be the area for obtaining research and research-related information, even providing the knowledge over citations. With these blueprints, my professional practice will be deeply influenced by timely and authentic healthcare management protocols aimed at enhancing quality. My academic prowess will be greatly honed following the host of information and the clear and timely influence of academic advice from the academic resource materials. Its progress outcomes will be realized through research studies, attending conferences, and training workshops.


In conclusion, healthcare providers are the professionals whose knowledge base keeps widening as best practices are realized following numerous critical works of research, especially focused on improving health outcomes. Nursing care professionals whether enrolled in an expertise course or full-time practice must find time to add to their knowledge daily because millions of lives depend on the nurse’s ability to understand the rapid changes in healthcare delivery. I intend to be a responsible nurse post my learning season not only by undertaking my duties as a nurse diligently but also by improving my knowledge and skills as frequently as possible.

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