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Acculturation in Immigrant Nurses in Israel and the US


Acculturation refers to the cultural changes to certain groups of people brought about by mixing cultures. For instance, immigrant nurse tends to experience various cultures hence being forced to undergo acculturation. At times, these nurses may be forced by the situation to learn and adapt to cultural practices from more than one cultural background. In fact, acculturation involves members of a given cultural groups adopting beliefs and behaviors of another cultural groups (EA et al, 2010).

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The author of this article has done every noble work especially in addressing all issues facing immigrant nurses. The article has introduced the issue in a systematic manner hence letting their audience to understand exactly what acculturation concerns they have brought out the literature exceptionally well hence enabling their target leaders to understand what the paper was all about. In addition, the author has explained extremely well how the study was conducted detailing methods that were used to collect data.

The article has been written in accordance to set standards since the author has shown their concepts clearly. All variables have been outlined hence helping in understanding of the key components of the research. The author has shown how nurses from various parts of the continent reacted to changes in their cultures due to immigration. This means that people from various parts of the world were interviewed hence giving the study diversity in opinions.

For instance, some people had experienced American culture before hence making it easy for them to adapt to various changes. The author went ahead to discuss their findings and results. This is particularly crucial since in any study carried out data obtained has to be analyzed and the resultant findings presented in a report. This adds weight of the report to its audience since they need to see what is being communicated.

Synopsis components

The study was conducted to find out how nurses from various parts of the world adapt to cultures they mingle with in their line of duty. This was necessary because most nurses get affected by cultural aspects calling for intervention to ensure that service provision remains at maximum. This means that managers of health facilities should work hard to find out various weaknesses experienced by nurses after they migrate from different sections of the work to practice in other areas. The study recommendations can be used by other people to make sure that nurses are given healthful working conditions hence assisting then cope with the situation.

The research targeted nurses who had come to work in America from other countries in the continent. Various nurses were interviewed, and their information was used in the study. In fact, they obtained information from nurses who had various experiences some having experienced American culture. Those nurses had no difficulties in adapting to American cultures. Others had difficulties in adapting these cultures due to their cultural back grounds. They relied on nurses who had experience in practice with some edging to many years in various cultures.

Data was collected by use of questionnaires, where by nurses of ages up to 49 years were involved in the study (EA et al, 2010). Each respondent was given some time to respond to the questions asked hence making it easy for researchers to draw conclusions. Data obtained was analyzed and tabulated in order to guide researchers on how to write a conclusive research report. Target nurses were required to give information about their perception towards a culture in their new working places. This means that they provide useful information regarding their own experiences in foreign countries.

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Credibility components

Findings of this study are consistent with other studies conducted by earlier researchers. This is because it has been found that nurses who are able to adapt to changes in culture easily tend to enjoy a lot of comfort in their new work places. This means that those who can accept various changes and try to fix them in their own lives tend to have better personal lives and working relations. In fact, such nurses can relate with people in their new cultural environments better hence making them create a scenario where that make many friends hence having fun. The research made sure that nurses needs have to be addressed in order to ensure that their service provision remains at par with expectations of everyone in the society.


The study sought to find out how various nurses react to cultural changes whenever their new working places. In fact, the research made a formidable job since the information obtained can be used to advice managers in the future on how to manage immigrants nurses (Evangelista et al, 2008). This means that these people nurses are human and hence deserve to be handled with care. Therefore, their feelings and reaction towards changes in the environment should be considered. This research has looked into various aspects of cultural changes, and how they affect nurses and performances in their duties. Therefore, its recommendations should be relied upon by various stakeholders to make sure that efficiency of nurses is emphasized in accordance to set standards.


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