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Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Nursing Capstone Project

The Description of the Capstone Population of Interest

The POI under consideration is people with acute myeloid leukemia. As the American Cancer Society (2016) estimates, 19950 new cases of acute myeloid leukemia will be registered in 2016, and the mortality rates associated with acute myeloid leukemia are high: 10430 deaths are expected. The majority of them will pertain to the adult population, especially people aged 45 and older; the average age of a patient is approximately 67 (American Cancer Society, 2016).

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Taking into account the present-day aging of the population, it may be concluded that the problem is likely to become more pressing in the nearest future. Another risk factor is smoking. In addition to the destructive influence of cancer-causing substances on lungs, mouth, throat, and larynx, smoking is a proven lifestyle-related risk factor for acute myeloid leukemia (American Cancer Society, 2016). Because many Americans cannot do without cigarettes, the risks of the disease substantially grow.

In spite of these alarming tendencies, early treatment proves to be effective: 2 out of 3 acute myeloid leukemia patients who receive the standard induction chemotherapy with daunorubicin and cytarabine go into remission, and up to 50% patients may be cured (Döhner, Weisdorf, & Bloomfield, 2015).

Thus, the importance of the proper disease management is beyond doubt. It is vital to assist patients who undergo treatment and experience its consequences and explain to them what they should do. Besides, the control over the patient’s regimen is equally important since the instructions may seem too complicated, and a person may be confused. It is also necessary to draw attention to preventive measures and screening. Overall, one should address both precaution measures and treatment in order to improve patients’ health and decrease the costs.

The Goals to Achieve as a Part of the Capstone Process

Goal 1

Acquire the understanding of the peculiarities of acute myeloid leukemia management by means of the tasks execution.

Goal 2

Examine the problem under consideration from different angles in to achieve better comprehension and the ability to act as a leader and nurse supervisor after the completion of BSN.

Goal 3

Finish the BSN program and significantly improve one’s knowledge and skills that will be necessary for further practice.

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In order to work towards meeting the set goals, I will diligently learn the required materials and do the intensive professional training. The task will be one of those assignments necessary to obtain knowledge.

The outcomes to achieve related to the Capstone experience

Outcome 1

The proposal concerning the acute myeloid leukemia patient care will be formulated. To achieve the outcome, it will be necessary to use various academic sources including books, the recent articles published in reliable journals, and credible websites. Classroom learning, training, and communication with professionals are also expected to bring positive results.

Outcome 2

On the basis of the past and present assignments, the e-portfolio will be designed: it will not only help show to what extent my knowledge has improved during my studies but also determine my work-related priorities. Besides, I will be able to use it to find a job as a bachelor of science in nursing in future.

Outcome 3

My final grade in the program will be no less than 90%. To achieve these results, I will do my tasks and submit them in time. If I do not understand some material, I will ask the instructor or search the Internet to collect the information and find extra sources. If I do not understand the instructions, I will also contact the instructor and ask them to clarify the task.


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