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Adult Day Care for the Elderly

Effective leadership entails self-awareness, passion, and having a strong conviction in what one believes in. These convictions should be conveyed to the leader’s subjects. However, the leader needs to be tolerant and accepting of other people’s convictions (Reid, 2019). This paper discusses the organizational and personal vision for an adult day care for the elderly. It also includes a vision for the organization in relation to the healthcare sector and other industries.

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A Vision for the Organization

The organization’s vision is to become the region’s leading provider of quality home and community care services for aging adults and their families. To achieve this vision, the organization strives to ensure that all its workers and supporters are dedicated to its vision and mission to guide their decisions. It also works towards providing innovative services and maximum support to its clientele through committed members of staff and volunteers. The institution prides itself as a leader in the efficient use of resources to maximize the available resources in bettering the quality of life of elderly populations and their families.

The Organization’s Mission

The institution’s mission is to offer high quality and affordable care to senior citizens in poor health, their caregivers, families, and the entire community. The organization ensures that all interested parties can afford care for their loved ones through customized care plans based on individual budgets. Ultimately, with the help of specialized care from the facility, the elderly population in the community are expected to enjoy a better quality of life.

Personal Vision for the Organization

The personal vision for the organization is to become a beacon of hope for the adult population in the region by providing holistic care at an affordable cost. The aging process causes frailty and increases susceptibility to various diseases. Furthermore, advancing in age is a major risk factor for many health complications such as renal and cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and colorectal cancer (Brivio et al., 2019). Therefore, a significant fraction of the elderly population suffers from multiple comorbidities, which complicate their care and increase the cost of medical treatment. The adult day care center will ensure that its clientele receive customized care based on the specific needs of each patient by employing qualified gerontology nurses for adult nursing care, dietitians to ensure adequate nutrition of the patients, and mental health experts to cater to the psychological wellbeing of the clients.

A Vision of the Organization in Reference to Healthcare and Other Industries

Adult day care delivers customized remedial, health, and social services to the elderly population during the day. The senior clients benefit from synchronized specialized and compassionate services in a group setting, which offers companionship. The clients’ families obtain breaks from the arduous challenges of caregiving, thereby allowing them to be more productive in other income-generating activities (Schulz, 2020). The organization’s vision is to provide caregivers of its clients with peace of mind regarding the care of their loved ones, which will optimize their productivity at their places of work. The organization also intends to create opportunities for part-time employment in various capacities for residents of the community.


Vision is a vital competency in leadership. Effective leaders are distinguished by their ability to develop efficient plans for their organizations by carefully observing trends, improbabilities, risks, and incentives. Adult day care is a viable and affordable option to help the elderly population to receive care and companionship during the day and spend the night with their families. Such an arrangement not only provides respite to the caregivers, but also allows them to focus on other areas of their lives, thereby increasing their overall productivity. Attaining the established vision and mission for the organization will propel it to greater heights as a leading center for adult day care.


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