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Aging and Retirement Reference Brochure

Population aging is a global problem that is estimated to be at its worst. The United Nations (2004) echoes this by stating that in the history of mankind the world has never seen an aged population as the one existing currently. To this end, the United Nations has predicted that there will be increased aging in the 21st century that will exceed the 20th century. This is an indication that indeed aging is a predicament that countries need to deal with to sustain their development and be able to enhance lifespan. Well-planned aging will ensure that the old lead a good life because their special social and physical needs will be catered for. This brochure is meant to highlight the options for population aging and be more informative on the issue.

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The target audience of this brochure is the aged, the middle-aged, and the young. Those in the workforce to those considering retiring as well as those already retired are thus the target audience. This brochure covers the age group from the 20s to the 90s. This then means that the brochure has its obligation to equip this age group with the required information and details revolving around retirement. The question is then which regions are well known for an increased number of aging? The answer to this question falls to the regions of Asia and Europe where research has shown that the number of countries in this region is likely to face severe population aging (The Oxford Institute of Ageing, 2012). The institute continues to state that the extent will be that the large population will be over 65 and the average age will be 50.

The report by the special senate committee on aging, Carstairs, and Keon (2008), distinguishes three categories of seniors which are the “young old” who is considered healthy and fit, the “middle old” who are considered very slow and have less money and the “frail old” who are the ones that are very elderly and have special social and physical needs. The transition of older adults to retirement should be that which is smooth and efficient for both the adult and the parties involved.

Older adults should in this perspective be allowed to decide on whether they can continue to work or not. The flexibility should be made to those who wish to continue but also not restrict those who wish to retire. The report contends that retirement should provide a beneficial pension to the old population. This incentive according to the committee should be at maximum if early retirement at the age of 55 is taken but a minor incentive if taken below the age of 55. This is the case scenario of Canada through its Canada pension Plans where the transitions are aided by the administration through huge benefits for early retirement and less in advanced age.

This though does not cover the unemployed workers who have fewer options in terms of retirement. To this end, this brochure advocates for an insurance plan that will cover the unemployed workers who may get fewer benefits during their time of retirement with many opting not to retire late (Special Senate Committee on Aging, Carstairs, and Keon, 2008). The brochure hence ascertains that the transition should give the older adults the required support.

Social housing is so intricate in that the older adults prefer to own their own houses but factors such as ill-health, loss of spouse among other issues are limiting their chances. Building homes for older adults is, therefore, one way of solving the problem for seniors and an effective way of a smooth transition to retirement. It is well known that the health of seniors in recent times is better than the previous generations. However, this does not mean that they are free from health issues. The seniors are prone to medical issues more than younger people and suffer from poor health. The increased medical services have not helped the situation for older adults.

This has forced many of them to increase their spending on health care. This means that there are always increased health demands with the increase in age. The older populace has higher amassed savings per head than the younger generation. To this end, there is a need to save by the working force to enjoy during the retirement period. The legal preparation is where the older adults need to ensure they have left a will to estimate their worth and the beneficiaries. This is to enable the minimization of wrangles and court battles among the remaining parties. It is also imperative for the retired to have acquired wealth in their names hence facilitating them to have a stable life in the future.

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The brochure is hence insightful on the aspect of the aging population and the options that they have in terms of young adults who intend to retire at one point or another.

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