Alcohol and Wellness


Wellness refers to deliberate actions to live a healthy life by eating or drinking recommended foods and drinks respectively. In addition, it refers to other activities that are associated with healthy living and this includes avoiding all substances or activities that may risk human health like, alcoholism, overworking, drug abuse and exposure to harmful environmental conditions (Fahey 12). This essay describes how alcohol affects human wellness.

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Wellness Dimensions

Even though there is no clear meaning of the word wellness there are guidelines that ensure people lead healthy lives. These guidelines are called Wellness Dimensions that include aspects of human life that are associated with healthy living (Seidel 9). These are physical, intellectual, emotional, interpersonal, environmental and spiritual wellness. Alcohol is related to wellness in the following ways.

First, it is necessary to explain that alcohol affects human health and thus it is not good for consumption. However, there are no strict guidelines since governments, brewers, and individuals assume that people should take responsibility for their behavior as far as indulgence in alcohol is concerned (Dains 7). Alcohol affects the human body in various ways even though the degrees of these effects are determined by the body of an individual and the amount of alcohol consumed.

Alcohol affects most parts of the body including the liver, heart, brain, and bones. Overconsumption of alcohol makes an individual unable to make rational judgment since it interferes with the brain. In addition, it subjects the liver to a lot of work and forces the heart to pump more blood to eliminate harmful alcohol-related elements from the body. Moreover, it affects body movements and an individual cannot maintain a balanced posture.

It affects the emotions of an individual and makes some people be very violent. People make decisions based on their immediate needs and not what is supposed to be done. This explains why most alcoholics do not care about their families, friends, work or other responsibilities (Fahey 17). They act and talk without caring whether their actions will have positive or negative effects on others.

Thirdly, intellectual wellness is affected when an individual indulges in excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol affects the abilities to develop people’s knowledge through learning and experiences. In fact, it derails mental development and retards memory and intelligence. In addition, alcoholics will always associate with their peers on grounds that they share talks relating to alcohol. They usually have very poor public relations since they are always disorganized, arrogant and irresponsible (Seidel 67). People will hardly associate with irresponsible drunkards since their behavior cannot sustain relationships.

Religious groups abhor alcohol and all activities related to it due to the bad effects associated with alcoholism. An alcoholic cannot attend religious meetings since the individual has different views about human life which are not respected by Christians or Muslims (Dains 11). Alcoholism is a serious threat to environmental wellness since alcoholics are usually irresponsible. Alcohol affects the ability of individuals to make sound judgments and this explains why most alcoholics ease themselves outside their houses. In fact, they throw their beer bottles anywhere since they are under the influence of alcohol.

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Modernization has made people change their lifestyle and adopt behavior that reflects modernity in various ways. Many years ago people used to eat raw food, walk naked and sleep outside. However, modern man cannot risk his life by doing any of these things. It is important to explain that people have transformed their lives and are now living a very different life from that of their ancestors.

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