“Aloha” and “Man Up” Romantic Comedies

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How are you? It has been a while since we talked. Since our last conversation I have been to the cinema a few times and I would like to tell you about two romantic comedies I have watched that, to my mind, you might find interesting. They are Aloha and Man Up.

Aloha starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams depicts a reconnection of a celebrated military contractor, Brian (Cooper), with his old love, Tracy (McAdams), and his sudden going for the Air Force watchmen, Allison (Stone), assigned to him during a military operation (“Aloha” par. 1). In Man Up starring Lake Bell and Simon Pegg, we see Nancy, a single 34-year-old woman (Bell), who is mistaken for a blind date. Finding a stranger (Pegg) handsome she decides to hold back the truth and as the result realizes that she has found a perfect boyfriend in the person of a 40-year-old divorcee, Jack (“Man Up par. 1).

Both Aloha and Man Up are romantic comedies and have something in common. First of all, in both movies, we can see the depiction of people who fall in love unexpectedly – Nancy, who had been mistaken for a blind date, and Brian, who was assigned with a watch-dog. Second, in both Aloha and Man Up, there is a set of intrigues – Nancy does not tell Jack that she is not the girl he was going to date, and Brian meets his ex-girlfriend who is married and has children and wants to break up her family, so they get back together. Third, there is a line of recollecting old love in both films – Nancy and all her earlier relations and Brian and Tracy, who used to date. And, finally, there are happy endings in both movies and a beautiful depiction of true love.

Despite being similar in some ways, these films as well have differences. First of all, the most evident difference is the geography – Nancy and Jack find each other in London while Brian goes to a military base located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Second, while there is a love triangle in both movies, in Man Up, it is invisible because Jack does not know that Nancy is not the girl he was going to meet, but in Aloha, Brian tries to break up Tracy’s family, so a romance triangle is quite real. Third, in Aloha, there are other characters living their lives and the course of events takes a long time to develop, while Man Up focuses on Nancy and Jack and the short time they spent together getting to know each other. Fourth, the background of both stories is also different – while Nancy and Jack are having fun and partying, Brian is involved in a military operation. And, finally, Nancy realizes from the very first sight that Jack can become her perfect boyfriend while Brian is a little bit lost in his feelings and only after Tracy decides to stay with her husband and children, he understands that he is in love with Allison.

So, my dearest friend, these are two absolutely different but in so many ways similar movies that, I think, are worth watching. Depicting people with the diverse background, they show that true love is what we all need and that it always comes unexpectedly even when you think that everything is over for you. I hope you will find them interesting and will enjoy watching them.

P.S. Tell me what is new with you.

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