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Altruism in Video Clip “Spider Man”

Altruism is the philosophical term the video clip Spider Man speculates about. The video explicitly shows the implementation of altruistic concepts held by the hero. This is incredible how the movie clip unveils the philosophical meaning of a person who possesses altruistic features, and the foremost message is that every person of our society should have one, maybe not to the same extent but doing good to people is not hard you just have to try. Spider Man movie trailer speculates about philosophical concept ‘altruism’ – as a form of saving the world – can be an answer to many questions and problems humanity is up to.

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The reason I chose this movie clip is that it reflects society’s disorder nowadays. People stopped trusting and caring about each other. Although there are hundred support services throughout the state, those do not address altruism as it is, since an altruist is one who cares about people more than about oneself. The trailer starts out with the words “Who am I?” (Spider-Man Trailer, n.p.) as if drawing the viewers’ attention to the further explanation of a notion of altruist saying that Spider Man is presented as a “care in the world” (Spider-Man Trailer, n.p.). Moreover, later on the movie clip reveals the notion of altruism even better: “It was time when my life was a lot less complicated”, though the protagonist does not regret about helping others, however, having much more troubles in his life than ever before. (Spider-Man Trailer, n.p.)

The altruist Spider Man feels that was he does is right, namely – doing good to people is right. As altruists present selfless donors, Peter Parker does the same in the movie trailer. Being an altruist means taking responsibility but not thinking you have nothing to do with others’ problems: “Whatever it is, somebody has to stop it” (Spider-Man Trailer, n.p.). The author’s voice states: “With great power comes great responsibility”, and this is what the altruists are doomed to (Spider-Man Trailer, n.p.). Spider Man is the one who gives because he feels like it without any compensation except for self-assurance and feeling of his societal necessity: “Do I get to say thank you this time?” (Spider-Man Trailer, n.p.). He places his philanthropy on social issues when saving the boy from a crashing ride in the amusement park. The movie clip conveys the meaning that the altruistic concept is about thinking of others, moreover, forgetting about own problems because the interests of others are much more important.

Te clip arouses the best altruistic feelings one may have. Of course, at some point you get completely stuck thinking if you could ever repeat the same deeds if you had such powers and remain unknown, but the altruists do not know the world ‘fame’. Whether it is a hint on the imperfectness of society or just a message to become better, the trailer shows the role of altruism in the harmonious world.

What matters within the clip is the attitude of Peter towards his new powers and role. Although everyone has their own microclimate, own environment still people are what populate the Earth, and the clip gives an understanding that the hero has come in order to show the best of altruism and the best of Spider Man’s skills.


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