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America and Germany Comparison

This paper is aimed at comparing such countries as the United States and Germany. In particularly, it is necessary to focus on such aspects as employment, education, and medical insurance. This discussion of these aspects is important for understanding the policies of the governments and the experiences of many people living in these countries.

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On the whole, it is possible to argue that the United States, the government is less likely to intervene into various areas of human activities. These are the main questions that should be discussed more closely.

It should be mentioned that employers in the United States require more commitment from their workers. For instance, one can point out that American employees are more likely to do overtime. In contrast, in German companies, this behavior is less frequent. Apart from that, Germany workers tend to take vacations more often. This is one of the issues that should not be overlooked. Additionally, one should keep in mind that the role of trade unions is more significant in Germany than in the United States.

In America, the employees of private businesses are predominantly non-unionized. To a great extent, this trend shows that the bargaining power of employers is weaker in Germany than in America. As a rule, they find it more difficult for businesses to terminate workers. This is one of the aspects that can be distinguished because it can throw light on the experiences of many workers and labor relations in these countries.

Furthermore, one should pay close attention to the education in the United States and Germany. It is important to mention that in Germany more attention is paid to the vocational training that can be provided to high-school and college students. Furthermore, in this case, policy-makers focus on the partnership between educational organizations and businesses. This approach is important for ensuring that a learner is better able to meet the requirements which are set by employers.

It is also vital to mention that in German schools, students are taught foreign languages at early stages of education. This approach can be critical for increasing the employment opportunities of students. One should bear in mind that homeschooling is legal in the United States, and many parents take this option. In turn, homeschooling is prohibited in Germany and other European countries. Thus, in Germany, the government exercises a closer control over education, and this difference should not be disregarded.

Finally, much attention should be paid to medical insurance because this issue is relevant to many people, especially those ones who cannot afford medical services. It should be noted that for a long time, Germany has long relied on the governmental insurance which covers the majority of the population.

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In contrast, in the United States, private insurance companies play a more important role. Furthermore, modern American policy-makers lay stress on the need to promote universal coverage. However, this policy is often criticized by various stakeholders such as medical workers.

On the whole, this discussion indicates that countries representing the Western culture can significantly differ from one another. In particular, the United States, the government is less likely into to intervene into various areas of human activities such as employment or education. In turn, German society is marked by the increased role of the state. These are the main details that can be singled out.

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