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American Flatbread Company’s Franchising

What is American Flatbread? How does the Company produce and distribute its products? Where in Indiana can you purchase American Flatbread? What does the Company’s Mission Statement have to say about the core values of the business?

American Flatbread is a company that believes in a return to the original bread roots. In this case, it has made people embrace the idea of bread baking. The company offers various products with wholesome ingredients (AmericanFlatbread 17). It should be known that the company produces and distributes its products to a large number of customers. American Flatbread products are produced in various restaurants. In this case, they are sold in restaurants where they are baked. Its products are also distributed in supermarkets and other stores around the United States of America.

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You can purchase American Flathead from various locations in Indiana. For instance, you can purchase them at Carmel, Dyer, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis. At Dyer, you can purchase its products at Jewel-Osco · 805 Joliet Rd. In Indianapolis, you can purchase the Flathead at the fresh market North College Avenue (AmericanFlatbread 12). The company’s mission statement believes in giving people favorable, good, and nutritious food. In this case, its core values relate well with its mission statement of sharing food with others.

Who is George Schenk? What are his beliefs and values as a business owner? How has Schenk been able to bring his vision for “food” to a nationwide audience?

George Schenk is the founder of American Flatbread. He has a personal philosophy on food and community. As a business owner, he believes that food affects the character and quality of our lives in a broad way (AmericanFlatbread 21). In this case, he has come up with a sustainable food model to serve various people in the community. Because he had the vision to bring food to a nationwide audience, he has been able to ensure that his business is sustainable thereby serving a wide base of customers (AmericanFlatbread 24). George Schenk believes in sharing food and that is why he has worked hard to ensure that his products are accessible by opening up many locations.

How does American Flatbread support socially responsible business practices? How does American Flatbread benefit by serving the communities where they do business? Why is it so important for small business owners to be intimately involved with their employees in their communities?

American Flatbread has been supporting socially responsible business practices over a long period. Socially responsible business practices have been behind the company’s success. The company believes that through franchising, it will be able to share food with the community (AmericanFlatbread 18). Through its products, the company has been able to stimulate conversations about a good relationship between food and health.

By purchasing excellent ingredients from small farms, the company has greatly benefited from such an initiative. In this case, it has been able to relate well with customers who feel that the company is there for them. The company has been able to serve customers well because of a good relationship. The company believes in good hospitality as a way of reaching out to a large number of customers and the community (AmericanFlatbread 19). It is important for small business owners to be intimately involved with their employees in the community to come up with a good working relationship. This is the only way that the community can feel that it is part of the company or organization. From a broad perspective, employees will feel that they are appreciated and hence work hard for the business to succeed.

What are the benefits (4-5) of franchising a business? As a franchisee of American Flatbread, what qualification criteria would you need to meet? If selected as a franchisee of American Flatbread, what would be your estimated total initial investment to start-up an American Flatbread restaurant?

Franchising enables individuals to go into business with minimum risks. It should be known that through franchising, a company will have established products and services. It offers marketing assistance to companies. Franchising gives companies the necessary start-up assistance to enhance their transition (AmericanFlatbread 27). Another benefit of franchising can be seen in management assistance. This is because the franchisor will be able to transfer knowledge and skills.

The person who wishes to be a franchisee should be well versed with the market. In this case, an individual should have a business experience of 3-5 years. In a broad perspective, the individual should have a personal experience in the restaurant business. Another qualification is good customer service skills and real estate experience (AmericanFlatbread 23). People should have an interest in business while being committed to the development of the company’s brand. If selected as a franchisee, I will need an estimated start-up investment of $102,105 to $170,175 for an American Flatbread restaurant.

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Why might you be interested in owning your own business? What kind of business would you start? Where would you locate? Who would be your target customers? What would be your sources of working capital? What would you do to ensure success in your business?

I will be interested to start my own business to enhance my financial position and security. By owning my own business, I will be doing what I love most freely. Starting my own business will turn out as a career choice. I will mostly start a coffee shop business. In this case, I will locate it near institutions of higher learning. My target customers will be college-going students and youths who form the majority of the population. My sources of working capital will be from personal savings, friends, and my family. I will, later on, apply for a loan to expand my business as time goes by. To be successful, I will focus on a unique customer experience to suit different tastes and preferences. In this case, I will rely on customer care to know what customers want.

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