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American Sales Company’s Recruitment and Selection


Two vital responsibilities of the docket of sales management are selection and recruitment. The two functions also fall under the department of human resource management. Linking selection and recruitment duties formed the notion known as the Employment Discipline. However, the two disciplines possess distinct roles. Selection and recruitment disciplines are distinct business management notions. The selection and recruitment of sales personnel differ from one firm to another depending on the kind of sales workers, which a firm requires. For instance, a health and beauty firm would require sales workers who are strong in their practical insight. Selection and recruitment of the sales department are normally handled by superiors of the department like sales regional manager or sales manager.

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This is because recruitment and selection processes require knowledge of the dynamics and experience of the sales’ demands. The duties of sales executives are demanding and crucial. This justifies why senior and experienced personnel need to be involved in recruitment and selection processes. For example, the company may recruit candidates either in the sales office or the main office. The main office requires highly experienced sales staff who would perform, high demanding tasks such as attending calls of prominent personalities. Senior managers, therefore, expect sales executives of dynamic, high caliber, and who possess perfect communication skills. This paper examines how American Sales Company (ASC) performs sales selection and recruitment practices as a way of sustaining its market revenues. This paper analyzes how ASC applies theoretical concepts concerning selection and recruitment practices, into the daily practical endeavors.

Importance of Sales Selection and Recruitment Practices

According to Lancaster and Reynolds, American sales company (ASC) is one of the best-renowned distributor and manufacturer of beauty and health care products not only in America but also globally (2005). The head office of ASC is located at Lancaster in New York. Sales selection and recruitment practices focus on motivating and attracting more applicants in order to apply for the vacant sales profession in the ASC Company. Recruitment practice generates much talent of the applicants in order to facilitate the selection of the most suitable applicants for the ASC Company. “Selection and recruitment processes determine not only the present time but also the future needs of the ASC Company in relation to the company’s policies and job description” (Tyson, 2003). Selection and recruitment practices connect the employers with the development pool of applicants at a reduced cost. “Recruitment enhances the chances of effective selection commitment by minimizing the number of overqualified and disqualified job candidates” (Ramundo, 1994). “Selection and recruitment practices support the company by minimizing the likelihood that job candidates once hired would quit the ASC Company after a short duration of time” (Rogan, Hammer, and Van Zandt,1997). Selection and recruitment practices adhere to the ASC Company’s social and legal responsibilities concerning the framework of the firm’s workforce.

Recruitment Sources

Rogan, Hammer, and Van Zandt opine that the ASC Company possesses the choice of selecting the job applicants for hiring processes through use two types of sources: external and internal sources (1997). The internal way of recruitment may be done by transferring workers from one department to another within the ASC Company. Internal sources may also be derived through job promotion of the existing staff in order to fill in the vacant job position. Hiring job applicants through getting the right candidates from outside of the company refers to the external way of recruitment. “The ASC Company may use internal sources when hiring candidates. Internal recruitment can be adopted as a way of motivating the dedicated employees” (Jobber and Lancaster, 2009). The capability of the internal applicants can be evaluated better than the candidates coming from the external sources. The company may prefer dealing with people who are already known as unknown people. “The expenses of hiring internal candidates become cheaper since their psychological demands may easily be met and can be enhanced progressively” (Alon, 2003). Orienting, training, and inducting internal employees become cheaper than hiring external candidates.

The Aims of Recruitment

Richman explains that recruitment practice helps the ASC Company’s capability to retain, enhance, and get the most suitable skills and talents (1967). Recruitment determines the future and present demands of the workforce of the ASC Company. Recruitment helps to get quality and the appropriate number of workers, which can be chosen to support the company to attain its objectives. “Recruitment generates a pool of potential applicants. The sales management team can, therefore, choose the suitable applicants for the job “(Thomas, 2008). Recruitment attracts many job applicants to apply for the job. Recruitment seeks candidates whose experience suit the firm’s values. Recruitment induces external candidates with a fresh perspective to manage the firm.

Selection Practice

“After the recruitment process, the sales management team performs the selection process by evaluating whether the job candidates fulfill the demands of the advertised job” (Gruning, 1992). The sales manager would select the most suitable candidates for the job. Selection process is divided into seven practices. First, “the sales management team would perform pre interview screening, which disqualifies unfit candidates” (Weitzul, 1993). Secondly, “the job applicants whose screenings become acceptable proceeds for preliminary interview that scrutinize thorough information of the potential applicants” (Lancaster and Reynolds, 2005). Thirdly, “sales manager holds the final interview to evaluate the candidate’s capability” (Ling Lam, 2000). Fourth, “the sales management team conducts medical examination for candidates who become successful” (Nahavandi and Malekzadeh, 1993). This ensures that job applicants lead a healthy life and fit for the job. Fifth, “the sales manager would contact referees to obtain information that entails the selected applicants’ conduct, skills and behavior” (McCreary, Ford and Simintiras, 2003). Sixth, “the sales management team would provide the job offer to applicants who successfully passed all the screening stages” (Briscoe and Schuler, 2004). Sales managers possess the eligibility to drop any candidate at any step when found unsuitable. Candidates, who clear the entire barriers, can be sure of being selected for the specific profession. Lastly, “the sales management team would provide induction program for the fresh entrants” (Gruning, 1992). Induction experience supports the new staffs to understand the operation of the ASC Company. This also helps new employees to understand their profession in order to attend their job effectively.

Selection and Recruitment

McCreary, Ford and Simintiras view that America Sales Company possesses the wide ranges of products and services that are useful in the selection and recruitment practices (2003). Such, services and products assist the sales manager to execute informed hiring policies. Sales personnels, therefore, should be trained on how to conduct sales effectively. “The demands, objectives and autonomous assessment of the job applicants for marketing and sales professions become crucial” (Ramundo, 1994). In the previous years, sales management team experienced that many job candidates talked nicely during interviews, but failed to show the anticipated and required expectations. Sales management team always prepares every demand of the sales responsibility to fit into every budget and need of the recruitment and selection process.

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Selection and Recruitment Questions

Rogan, Hammer and Van Zandt assert that questions become crucial and essential component during selection and recruitment processes (1997). The Sales management team usually uses cautiously crafted questions to enhance the odds of choosing the applicants who most probably would fit to get the job. “The hiring team creates useful questions that would enable them to evaluate all the candidates’ experiences” (Edoho, 2001). During the interview, the sales management team asks both closed and open ended queries. The questions become effective tools to get more complete and detailed responses from the job applicants. Closed questions demand simple no or yes responses. Open questions are structured in such a way that expects the candidates to give more information about themselves. Interviewers use such questions to obtain vital information they require from the candidates. “The sales management team adopts the behavior based queries, which asks applicants to talk about their past experiences” (Nahavandi and Malekzadeh, 1993). Behavior based queries, expect candidates to reveal how they would handle certain circumstances. Such questions give interviewers commendable indication of the candidate’s real behavior in a certain situation.

Evaluation Stages For Selection and Recruitment Practices.

Varley and Gillooley affirm that selection and recruitment refers to the human resource responsibility of hiring, identifying, screening and attracting the most suitable applicants for the job vacancy (2001). Selection practice is crucial for business development of ASC Company. The effective capability to choose the best individuals makes positive impacts for ASC Company’s achievement. The management team prepares what they expect appropriate for the sales’ responsibility. The sales manager knows the job description concerning sales’ responsibility. “Sales manager becomes aware of what qualitative manners, educational background and professional experience, he expects from the ideal applicants” (Briscoe and Schuler, 2004). The management team knows that the salary scale which corresponds in the company’s budget. “That figure must align practically with the compensation facts of the existing market” (Ling Lam, 2000). Once the job requirements, salary scale and job description, get determined, the company can commence the recruitment process of the qualified candidates.

Sales management team performs this stage in various manners. “The hiring management may partner with the employees of the company in the expectation that the qualified applicants would be obtained through the used of the word of mouth” (Szayna, 2004). Sales manager also may post the advertisement through online job sites and newspaper publications to invite external candidates for the job vacancy. Once sales manager begin to receive resumes from various candidates, he would screen each and every application. “The Intention of the sales management team aims to eliminate applicants who lack suitable professional and educational backgrounds” (Varley and Gillooley, 2001). If the sales manager recognizes the most suitable resumes, he will interview such candidates. The sales management team may perform interviews either through physical contact or over the phone. “The sales manager would ask the applicants particular questions concerning their background experiences. The sales management team would inquire how such experiences relate with the job profession at hand” (Tyson, 2003). When the sales manager identified the ideal applicants, he would give them the formal provision of employment.

Selection and Recruitment Procedures and Strategies

A broad range of procedures and strategies associates with the selection and recruitment practices. “Several procedures and strategies become formulated according to the regulations and laws, which influence employment practices” (Health, 1994). Sales management team possesses the experienced personnels who adhere to the procedures and strategies of the employment guidelines. Sales manager usually like posting job adverts through external sources. “This explains that external applicants may possess more attraction and talents that may benefit the ASC Company than the existing staffs of the company” (Volkema, 2006). However, this may be unfortunate experience and can cause employees dissatisfaction. Putting procedures and strategies, therefore, become important. This provides guideline on how the sales manager would recruit external candidates. “Procedures and strategies provide guidelines on how internal applicants may be considered, and rules for job posting” (Rogan, Hammer and Van Zandt, 1997). Internal candidates should understand the laid down procedures and strategies; thus they should not interfere whenever an agreement is made to hire external candidates.

Warner views that the laid down procedures and strategies concerning recruitment and selection practices would assist to avoid challenges such as not recruiting minority applicants, and other gender related issues (2001). Job procedures provide definite criteria for getting the potential candidates who meet required background and skills experiences. Such procedures provide criteria on how sales manager can evaluate the job applicants. “Procedures and strategies would specify the salary scale, which suits to the job vacancy advertised” (Richman, 1967). Such policies offer ways in which the ASC Company would ensure that its operations are equitably driven by the market demands. The company also formulates policies that explain how sales manager perform reference checking during selection and recruitment exercises. The policies permit human resource department to conduct reference checking, while sales management team to perform their own reference checking. “Reference information plays a vital role as it reveals more information about the potential capability of the candidates who fit for the job” (Lancaster and Reynolds, 2005).

Sale Selection and Recruitment Ethics

According to Alon, employing the suitable sales personnel becomes the greatest gift for sales achievement (2003). Sales manager is the qualified personnel who involves in risky engagement. Sales manager follows hiring decisions when recruiting and selecting to the job candidates. The effective hiring policies minimize costs, minimize staff churn, and enhance sales output. “Experienced manager would use less time when selecting and recruiting candidates, while focusing on accomplishing positive results” (Thomas, 2008). The sales management team knows how to generate appropriate questions that would identify what they need to know. Jobber and Lancaster opine that experienced sales manager knows how to eliminate costly recruitment expenses, which hinder sales progress (2009).

“The sales management team ensures that no tremendous quantity of money would be wasted during selection exercise” (Briscoe & Schuler, 2004). The sales manager determines adequate priority when selecting and recruiting the suitable candidates. “The ASC Company would waste recruitment expenses, and money and time used for induction experience if successful candidates leave the job offer subsequently” (Richman, 1967). In the previous years, the ASC Company lost millions of dollars when new employees only stayed for few days and decided to quit their jobs. “Employees, who have been working for the firm, became disappointment when they realized that the new entrants succeeded them, but quite the job” (Weitzul, 1993). This showed the negative effects on the staff motivation in the work environment. In addition, the stages used during the selection and recruitment are normally fair. However, the sales management team needs to consider many factors. The sales manager needs to draft individuals’ specification and job description for the profession.

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Jobber & Lancaster view that the ASC Company possesses procedures and policies that specify the responsibilities, which the candidates should have (2009). For instance, it is vital if the candidates possess negotiation skills and knowledge of customer presentation. If a job grading style is adopted, recruitment practices need to follow the relevant channel. The job grading practice would consider the salary scale in which the job responsibility got categorized. The benefit packages would also be determined under the job grading model. “The ASC Company needs to specify whether the recruitment process is based on temporary or permanent responsibility” (Volkema, 2006). Frequently, the ASC Company has been hiring new entrants on a temporary basis. This is important because, in case, the new employees do not suit the job responsibility the firm would terminate the contract. However, it is risky that new employees hired on a temporary basis, would continue to search for a permanent job somewhere and could leave any time before their temporary contract expires.

Gruning asserts that attracting applicants for the job vacant may consume time and expenses committed (1992). The ASC Company, therefore, formulates the standardized procedures for the sales management team to use during selection and recruitment practices. “The company also uses the Cost Analysis to evaluate the recruitment expenses in order to account for company’s expenditure.” (Lancaster and Reynolds, 2005). Once, the sales manager obtains all application letters he makes ensure that selection criteria would be definite by following a concise timetable. “The sales manager likes to perform initial phone interviews to prepare the short list of the potential applicants” (Warner, 2001). Sales manager can use several ways during the selection process. Such methods entail the search of the right job applicants who possess required experience and knowledge. “Sales manager can counter check the required qualification from the application details” (Byrnes, 2003). The sales management team can also hold several interviews for the candidates.

Ling Lam opines that the sales manager needs to act in a persistent and accredited way when using any method of the selection process (2000). The sales manager needs to be mentored and trained on how to ask questions and to evaluate the responses, which the job applicants give. “The sales manager should audit the exercise to make sure that all applications and processes are consistent” (Varley & Gillooley, 2001). When, the successful candidates got hired the sales manager should seek appropriate references to provide more information about the conducts and skills of the new employees. Edoho views that the sales manager should provide feedback to the job applicants who came for the selection process but were eliminated or disqualified (2001). Sales management team should ensure that the supervisor of the new employees forms part of the selection process to follow the progress of the new entrants. “Sales manager should also use Cost Analysis to determine the expenses incurred during recruitment and selection process of the suitable job applicants” (Edoho, 2001). This should be kept for future reference.

Nahavandi and Malekzadeh affirm that the sales manager possesses the mandate to formulate to a comprehensive job description, which specifies what sales personnels ought to perform (1993). The job description elaborates the task of the job, sales objectives, comprehensive expectations, and personal and educational experiences required. The job description shows challenges concerning sales jobs. The ASC Company advertises the jobs position to get and attract appropriate applicants who possess highly professional experience. “The ASC Company becomes keen to search for candidates who can take the risk while undertaking their duties” (Szayna, 2004). Sales management team carefully reviews various application letters. The sales management team evaluates resumes and cover letters in order to hire sales personnels who portray enthusiastic attitude to achieve sales objectives. When sales manager finish screening various resumes, he contacts the suitable applicants. McCreary, Ford and Simintiras, express that the sales manager performed telephone interview to ascertain that contacted candidates suit the job offer (2003). Sales manager become keen during screening processes to analyze whether candidates possess the sales skills. Sales manager would ensure that personalities of the candidates fit the overall expectations of the job position.

Recruitment becomes the initial step for generating the sales work force. “The company’s sales manager needs to determine how many sales representatives the firm requires to suit the market coverage” (Byrnes, 2003). During the interview session, the sales manager should devise critical questions that enable him or her to ascertain which applicants fit for the sales task. Management team expects the candidates to be a position to explain various challenges encountered during sales experience. Sales manager should become critical to challenge the candidates. For example, the sales management team can test the candidates by calming that the applicants no longer suit for the job. A good candidate should twist the statement by explaining how he or she is qualified. A good applicant should defeat any form of objection raised by the sales manager. Health affirms that the sales manager should hire candidates who show enthusiasm and demonstrate effective sales skills (1994). Sales management team should ensure that the company’s compensation packages correspond with other firms in the same industry. “Compensation packages entail salary as well as commission allowance” (Alon, 2003). Compensation becomes a vital package to motivate and retain newly hired entrants. It is vital to know that sales personnels are normally money oriented individuals. Sales manager needs to ensure that at least a week is dedicated for providing a refresher course to the newly hired employees.


Sales manager is an experienced personnel who is capable to: minimize recruitment costs, minimize sales turnover, minimize time used in recruitment and selection practices, to develop sales output, and enhance sales management operation. The effective selection and recruitment process of the sales workforce becomes the main factor that promotes the success of the ASC Company. An effective sales staffs would enhance profitability of the firm and future progress of the organization. ASC Company ensures that the experienced and qualified sales personnels become hired. The firm utilizes well schemed, and thorough process to choose suitable candidates who met focused sales objectives. Sale workforce forms the backbone of ASC Company’s operation. Sales personnels generate returns for the stakeholders who manage the firm by engaging and searching the potential clients. Sales duty becomes a personal responsibility of the marketing task. Sales personnels engage directly with clients through telephone, online conversation, or physical contact. Sales objectives strive to enhance ASC Company’s revenues. Sales objectives also aim to minimize marketing expenditure to develop the ASC Company’s profitability.


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