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American Writers and Their Writing Styles

American writers set themselves apart from their European counterparts due to their varying writing styles and focus on the continent’s development. One could determine that an individual is an American writer if their stories indicated a plot of decline. Writings such as The Great Gatsby begin on a high note, with glamorous parties, and end in tragedy, as illustrated in this novel involving murder and jealousy. These writers also propagate naturalism, leaving their writings indifferent to nature. As nature is indifferent to human suffering, these stories depict a naturalist aspect, setting apart American writers from others around the globe. An American writer focuses on scientific observation and dismisses any form of moral truth. Writers such as Hemmingway employed naturalism, as evidenced by their works’ deterministic and pessimistic ideas. The nation’s writers also indicate a specific form of work that involves frankness and objectivity. Great American writers used determinism in their stories. The opposite of the free will concept arises when characters’ lives are influenced by fate rather than themselves. They depict human beings as passive actors controlled by the natural environment instead of their actions. Therefore, many characters in these writings react toward the interior or exterior forces. In some instances, the author will dictate that individuals’ lives are dictated by heredity or environmental conditions. These authors also determine that humanity’s destiny involves misery, and they cannot prevent these occurrences. American writers also consider their narrations as objective. They do not deem themselves biased and often develop nameless characters, a trait illustrated in some of Hemmingway’s works. This literary style alleviates any focus from the characters, allowing individuals to focus on the plot and character involvement. Finally, writers also use pessimism by repeating various lines or phrases with pessimistic implications. These individuals also focus on death’s inevitability, exposing the harsh realities of life, such as sex, racism, poverty, prostitution, or prejudice. In this instance, an American writer would correctly depict economic and social classes based on the influence of heredity and their environment. It is also essential to consider that the nation’s writers also illustrate third-person omniscient reactions to surrealism and romanticism. These characteristics showcase traditions and beliefs based on the country’s frontier days.

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Samuel Langhorne Clemens, commonly referred to as Mark Twain, is one of the most revolutionary writers in American history. The writer illustrates the transition between romanticism and realism, signified by characters such as Jim in Huckleberry Finn (Twain 24). In this instance, the character was developed as a block participant but gained depth as the story progressed. Mark Twain wrote the previously mentioned book without considering issues such as race. However, the advent of protection groups for people of color changed his view on the subject. It is also essential to consider his narrative writing style. The style is regarded as Southwestern humor (Twain 19). It involves an earthy language that showcases the true nature of individuals communicating. Mark Twain is one of the best writers because of his ability to bring his characters to life. Every individual had a rich, albeit different, life with different intonations and tonal variations that would allow readers to immerse themselves in the story. Transformations such as Jim’s based on Huck’s changes in Huckleberry Finn illustrate a shift from American romanticism to realism, styles that Twain would use for most of his life as a writer.

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