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An Inconvenient Truth by Davis Guggenheim

It is a documentary film aimed at creating awareness about global warming. It was released in 2006. One of the most interesting things about the film was the involvement of Al Gore the former US vice president who was responsible for the idea of the film. It became an instant hit and won the academy awards for best documentary feature. The film got global recognition and has been largely credited for raising much-needed public awareness on global warming.

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According to Al Gore, the current climate change can be attributed to global warming. It was noted that hurricanes and typhoons gradually become stronger as years go by. This argument is valid because the average recordings of heatwaves keep increasing the more years go by. In 2005, the highest temperature on earth was recorded since the inception of recording temperature data with the second hottest year being in 1998. A lot of scientists believe this trend is being fueled by an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide finds its way into the atmosphere mainly through burnt fuel like petroleum and mostly coal.

Like any other theory, a lot of counterarguments have emerged. The controversy arises in the argument that the changes being witnessed in the solar activity is the main reason for climate change ignoring the fact that humans play the biggest role. The other thing is the setup of science, where allocation of funds creates employment opportunities for scientists only in situations where there is a problem and it is the only research that can offer a solution. A lot of taxpayers’ money is being used in these types of research. The most controversial notion is that global warming started in the eighties when the research was conducted to bring into disrepute the use of coal. This research was sponsored by Margaret Thatcher the then prime minister of Britain.

Humans are the main culprits in causing global warming. Humans are responsible for causing the largest amount of carbon dioxide emissions through their industries, cars, and other things that spark carbon emissions. Greenhouse gases are the major cause of temperature increase. These are gases that arise from burning fossil fuel, methane emission, and water vapor which produce the highest amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The greenhouse gases act as barriers when heat energy is trying to find its way to space. This makes the heat bounce back on earth increasing the temperature.

The government is reluctant to deal with the situation because it stands to lose more if recommended guidelines are followed. The industries at stake offer millions of people employment and create a situation where the government cannot afford to shut them down. The policymakers in the government are also benefitting from this situation. People like Al Gore stand a chance to make a lot of money in carbon credits and the globally accepted green technology investments. The money from the government goes directly to these individuals.

The film captured my attention and made me realize that we need to change our attitude, and be more concerned about what is happening in the climate. It made me realize that if we don’t act fast a disaster will happen shortly. After the movie, I got the chance to come across various reviews which created more confusion than understanding. A lot of reviews are aimed at criticizing the movie and portray the movie as a mere fabrication of lies meant to deceive people.

There is no benefit in having a warmer climate in fact the warmer the world gets the more we are plunging into a crisis. Everyone will need to make a sacrifice so that we can make an impact on the climate change we are facing. People will have to stop engaging in activities with cause climate change.

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I strongly believe that global warming is causing climate change and something should be done about it. I also believe that the main reason there is global warming is because of the unmonitored human activity that has been going on over the years. If something is not done immediately and firmly, there will be irreparable damage.

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