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An Interest in Supply Chain Profession


I developed an interest in the supply chain profession when I was still in high school. My motivation was the many job advertisements seeking graduates in supply chain management. The global economy is still recovering from the recession, and unemployment rates are high in most industries. Many college graduates are unemployed or underemployed. However, there has been a growing demand for supply chain management professionals (Mayfield, 2015). Therefore, the supply chain profession is one of the lucrative job options available to graduates. Supply chain jobs involve a broad range of activities. The activities include dealing with emergencies, day-to-day product flows to consumers, and flow of raw materials to industries (Dischinger, Closs, McCulloch, and Speier, 2007). I believe that supply chain management is a necessity for organizations. Additionally, supply chain professionals play a significant role in society.

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I was inspired to pursue a profession in supply chain management because it is less competitive. The supply chain industry offers a lot of career options. Additionally, the industry is still developing in most countries. This means that there are many vacant supply chain positions around the world. Mayfield (2015) points out that in the next four years, the supply chain industry will create over one million jobs. However, only 75,000 individuals with supply chain-related qualifications will be graduating within the same period. Therefore, supply chain management students are in a better position to get employed than students in other competitive fields such as accounting and engineering. I am confident that I will get employed as a supply chain professional as soon as I graduate.

A degree in supply chain management can be applied in many industries. More firms have started to realize the importance of supply chain professionals in improving efficiency. The industries in which supply chain jobs are important include shipping and delivery, warehouse management, transportation, trucking, and even the manufacturing sector. Companies such as Deloitte recruit supply chain management graduates every year. Under such organizations, supply chain professionals can offer consultancy services to companies in different industries (Dischinger, Closs, McCulloch, and Speier, 2007). Therefore, one needs to develop a broad range of skills and competencies to be a successful supply chain professional. I have a firm understanding of my skills and through this course, I hope that I will be able to sharpen them and even develop more skills that will enable me to sell myself to any industry.

The increasing pace with which technology is developing has changed some aspects of the supply chain. As the supply chains get more complicated than before, supply chain management is becoming more relevant. Internet stores and globalization have also contributed to the changing nature of supply chain careers. Increased calls for sustainable production and increased competition require innovative management (Mayfield, 2015). Firms are looking for ways of minimizing costs while improving efficiency. This has led to increased demand for supply chain management professionals.


There are many career options in supply chain management. To make the right choice, one needs to understand what the supply chain entails and why it is important to society (Dischinger, Closs, McCulloch, and Speier, 2007). Through my past experiences, I have developed an understanding of how the supply chain profession affects our everyday life. What are the critical skills and competencies that supply chain professionals need to be successful?


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