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Analysis of “Mind Games” of Slaves

The described “mind games” of slaves in the post have a psychological underpinning, whether it is related to the religious aspect of the matter or different cultural practices, such as music or family relationships. Therefore, they can be examined through the lens of the inherent prejudice of this order. First, the affected persons were apparently controlled by religious doctrines, which attributed to the need to demonstrate obedience. From the point of view of their owners, they were not expected to show the same degree of adherence to this rule. In human psychology, it means that they initially viewed themselves as superior. This position is still typical for some population groups in the absence of slavery or any other restricting circumstances as they tend to claim their rights for free services while being willing to exercise violence in order to receive them. Hence, there is a definite similarity between the position of slaves’ owners in the past and present-day citizens, who insist on their comparably superior rights.

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Another psychological phenomenon, which is applicable to the specified cultural and religious conditions of slaves in the past, is following specific assumptions without questioning their correctness. Even though the latter issues are difficult to assess from this standpoint, the former can be seen in music and language. The actions of their owners in this respect were not supported by any writings, and the simple mechanisms of ensuring obedience did not evoke concerns of African people, who encoded messages in songs. Similarly, present-day individuals can support political decisions without paying attention to their actual benefits. They are easily misled by common assumptions, such as the need for eliminating poverty or addressing the struggles of some population groups, and do not think critically about them.

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