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Analysis of the Book “The Cask of Amontillado”

The defendant, named Montresor, eventually entered the courtroom, where the verdict would be read on trial. The place was packed, and people could be heard whispering. It was because they had heard of the inhumane deed he had committed against another person. Finally, everyone in the courtroom sat down, and Montresor was able to take a seat. The trial began, and the prosecuting attorney began by saying, “Your honor, the evidence we gathered has found the man named Montresor guilty of the murder of Fortunato. Fortunato’s bones were discovered beneath a house that belonged to him. The bones belonged to Fortunato, according to DNA examinations.” The jury mumbled in a subdued tone at that point.

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The prosecutor made more statements, as we can prove that the murder covered the killing even if we can’t prove that Fortunato got there willingly or under compulsion. Fortunato’s left bones were discovered behind what appeared to be a brick wall. In the residual ashes, DNA matching the victim was found. The judge shook his head as he looked at the images of the remains. “All of the bones were discovered beneath his house,” the prosecutor added. Fortunato’s remains were found with other bones, implying that Montresor may have been complicit in the murder of others.” Montresor gazed down shamelessly as the prosecution delivered the evidence.

After that, it was time for the defense attorney to speak. “Your honor, the defendant deeply regrets and is sorry for his acts that resulted in Fortunato’s death. Because he is psychotic, he had no idea what he was doing. A person with a deranged mind has no idea or understanding of what is going on. As a result, I respectfully request that this court order the defendant’s patient to be committed to a mental institution. He must be imprisoned to avoid future incidents and circumstances. It is critical that a mentally ill individual capable of killing others be removed from society and treated by professionals. His insanity caused him to develop an obsession with Fortunato.” As a result, it became more intense when the defendant could not reclaim the deceased’s attention. I recommend the jury put the accused under psychiatrist therapy to improve his condition. Due to his fixation with Fortunato, he had been depressed for a long time.” The jury began to pay attention to the defense attorney at this point.

“Members of the jury, if the accused is sentenced to life in prison due to his insanity, he may become increasingly stressed and consider suicide. It’s because people who are depressed are more likely to think about killing themselves. As a result, I implore the jury to show mercy to the accused and admit him to a medical facility.” Had the sickness been found, the tragedy could have been prevented. As the defense counsel finished his argument, the judge was busy taking notes. The jury is torn between stable psychology and unstable psychology. The jury is torn between stable psychology and unstable psychology, in which the accused’s mental state alters over time. They must also evaluate Montresor’s disordered mentality, in which he is forced to torture Fortunato by circumstances. Because Montresor was still alive and could remember everything that had transpired after fifty years, the jury ruled that he was in a stable state. After Fortunato informs him that he is a freemason, he becomes enraged and starts to torment him, eventually killing him. Because he was a mason, the defendant cannot be mad.


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