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Analysis of the novel “Fahrenheit 451”


  • Introduction————————————-A brief introduction of this essay
  • Plot Summary———————————-A brief discretion of the novel Fahrenheit 451
  • Author——————————————-History of the author Ray Bradbury
  • Film adaptations or book comparisons—–Comparison between novel Fahrenheit 451 and film Fahrenheit 451
  • Criticism & Praise of the novel———– Critical review of the novel
  • Conclusion ———————————- ending of this essay


“Fahrenheit 451” is a science fiction written by Ray Bradbury. Its publishing year was 1953. It tells about the future of the American modern society. Fahrenheit 451 indicates the measurement of the temperature. Its name is related to the job of the hero of this novel. After reading this novel one can understand how television ruins the reading habit of human beings and how badly affect this to the society. In 1966 the novel was filmed.

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The major concept used in this novel is insidious mind control. A government system in America force their citizens to obedient them through insidious mind control. In the book The Greenwood encyclopaedia of science fiction and fantasy, its author Gary Westfahl says about Fahrenheit 451 as it “projects a future in which the government forces obedience from its citizens through an insidious form of mind control.” (Westfahl, 1029).

They apply it to the public by deny them to read of keep them away from reading and by this way they control the public’s thinking capacity. This book contributes conflicting ideas which generate discord among the readers of the book.

Plot Summary

Hero of this novel is Montag who is a fireman. This novel wrote based on the life of Montag. One day when he returned from his work place he saw that his wife was in a deep sleep by using sleeping pills. To save his wife he requested for a medical help, but he didn’t get any help as he expected. It provoked him to question the social setup. One day Montag steal a book from an old lady’s house. It hurt her and she committed suicide.

This disturbs Montag and he decided to take sick leave. He thought why people die for book? He did not give much value for books and reading. In a talk his captain Beatty told to him that the governments consider that suppression of literature is a method for reducing the cultural offenses. The statement in the stolen book and the words from the captian make a hesitating mentality in Montag against his wife and to the society.

Gradually their was a sharp increase in his number of books and reading habit. He met many peoples like Faber to improve his reading habit. It inspired him. Another part of this novel there is a collision occurred between Beatty and Montag. Beatty argued that knowledge acquired from the book will confuse the thoughts. He tried to ruin the book collection of Montag. Montag got angry and a real battle occulted between them. He killed Beatty and destroyed all the television networks. He became a person who suffered with paranoia. He escaped from there. In order to trap Montag a war broken out. This war is spread and the city was burned by this war. (Fahrenheit 451, Plot Summary).


Ray Douglous Bradburry who is the author of Fahrenheit 451 was born in Waukegan at 1920. He is a high school graduate and he completed his school education from Los Angeles High School. He is considering as a speculative fiction writer of last century. “Hollerbochen’s Dilemma,” was his initially publishes story. Fahrenheit 451 is his most famous novel. He worked in television series and radio drama. (Jepsen, and Johnston).

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Film adaptations or book comparisons

In 1966 Ray Bradbury ‘s Fahrenheit 451 filmed. Francois Truffaut was the director. Its shooting conducted from the Pinewood Studio located in England. Its producer and constume designer was Tony Walton and the art director was Syd Cain.

This movie was not same as the novel. Their was some deviation. Some important deviations are mentioned below.

In the novel Ray Bradbury names Montag’s wife as Mildred. In film her name is Lind.

In the novel Modag’s neighbour Clarisse died by an accident. In the film he survived.

Julie Christie handled the Mildred role and Clarisse role in this film. So viewers feel a similarity in those two persons.

In the novel Motag secretly take a book from the home. It is a Bible. In film it is the changes as the book Kasper Hauser.

In the novel there was a nuclear war. But in the film this concept was vanished.

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(Fahrenheit 451 Film, The movie, Fahrenheit 451, differed somewhat from the novel per the points list below). (Fahrenheit 451 Film).

Criticism & Praise of the novel

This book indirectly mentioned about the future of the American society. In this novel it tried to evocate a new culture. This attempt was faulted. In this novel he tried to hail the protagonist in to a different social status. The web article entitled Contemporary Literary Criticism states “Bradbury’s justification of intellectual pursuit as a virtuous and humane ideal, with reading portrayed as a heroic act in itself, has been labelled romantic and elitist.” (Contemporary literary criticism).

If analyse the entire novel by Bradbury one can see that there was a conscious effort from the part of the author to portray the intellectuals against ordinary people.

It was the masterpiece creation of Ray Bradbury. It is a successful prose style which handled many social issues. It is an “engaging narrative, concise presentation, and pounding intensity, Fahrenheit 451 embodies Bradbury’s effective blending of popular science fiction and serious literature” (Contemporary Literary Criticism).


To conclude Bradbery’s novel is considered as one of the most successful prose work in the filed of literature. By this novel Bradbury shows the importance of reading and how it effects the thinking power of a human beings. This beautiful novel was filmed. That film to an extent maintained the features of the novel. Though the novel has some draw backs, the message conveyed in it is capable of rectifying it.

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