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“Animal Farm” by George Orwell Review

One of the greatest books I have read outside the school program is “Animal Farm” written by George Orwell. I believe that the story is a satirical masterpiece that everyone should read. The book has a form of an unreal condition that cannot be typically represented in real life. However, the psychological aspect and morality are close to people in the modern world. Individuals are constantly trying to create a better life, and the story of Orwell clearly states this searching.

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“Animal Farm” is written in the easy form, and even students may understand the whole idea. Moreover, people do not have to spend a lot of time on details that are not necessary. The book shows the story of the prize-winning boar who shares his experience with the young generation. The authors managed to transfer the feelings of people by using the appearance of animals. This method might make more people to review their thoughts and beliefs.

The young generation of animals creates an animal farm where they teach other animals different disciplines. The names of the main characters who had managerial positions in the farm business are Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer. The company was developing at a high rate, and young animals managed to achieve one of the best positions in the competition. Nevertheless, the question of the future perspective of the farm-raised and the relationship between those three leaders became worth (Orwell and Heath 64). Cooperation problems might happen in real life when partners feel a significant increase in finances and want to take a higher percent of the profit. In the case described in the book, Napoleon did not want to have long discussions and took the top manager position by not giving his partners a chance to influence others.

When problems occur, Napoleon agrees with the suggestion of Snowball. However, the relationships did not become better, and in a case of improvement, Napoleon could do anything possible to protect his top position on the animal farm. Snowball does not comply with the rules and accusations from Napoleon and continues living his life hoping for justice. Local animals believe that Napoleon is the greatest leader. Nevertheless, they are susceptible to false rumors spread by the leader’s associates. People in the real world may meet this problem and do not have a chance to identify right or wrong.

I was impressed by this story as it does not have a typical form of writing. People can look at their actions from a different angle. The book may teach many people to stay competent in their workplaces. The desire to receive more profit might not be always wise. Consequently, “Animal Farm” could significantly influence school and college students to study basic concepts of life in simple words and stay critical in their decisions. By including this book in the study program, teachers could make young generation more conscious about the surroundings.

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