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Apologies, Their Use and Meaning in Business

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Article Critique

The article Apologies, Their Use and Meaning: A Course Module by Friedman and Friedman focuses on the apologies as the essential elements, which have to be included in the course material. I find this approach interesting, as the authors focus on the remarkable and curious aspects of this phenomenon and mention that it is a vital instrument in marketing and management. Moreover, the article is not presented in the regular form, and this fact makes it interesting to read.

Firstly, I would say that I agree with the professor’s point that the apology is a necessity, as it could be a primary step of reconciliation. In my opinion, students can benefit from the information discussed in the article, as the professor covers different spheres of life and mentions various examples from the celebrities. It is a fundamental aspect that I liked about the paper.

It is apparent that apology can be used in various ways. Nonetheless, its primary goal is to eliminate the misunderstandings and misconceptions between two parties. Moreover, it is one of the ways for the conflict management, as it helps the parties contribute to the finding of the compromise. As for me, I use the apology in the conflict situations during studies and at the workplace to find a fast compromise. It helps me correct my points if my opinions were misinterpreted and avoid development of the conflict.

Nonetheless, it is only the first step of reconciliation, as expressing apology sometimes is not enough. One should not focus on the point that apology is the only way to solve the conflict. In this case, I disagree with the professor, as this article also has to provide other ways of contribution to finding the compromise to be relevant. In the end, I still agree that apology is a necessity. Nonetheless, I have to remark that it is only the first step for reconciliation.

In conclusion, I completely agree with the professor that apology has to be studied as the part of the curriculum. It is apparent that it can be utilized by different people in various occasions since one its goal is to ease the tensions and resolve the conflict. As for me, I use apology on the regular basis, as sometimes my ideas are misinterpreted. However, people should learn the proper ways of apologizing to avoid conflicts. Lastly, students have to understand that apology is only the first step for reconciliation, as sometimes more contribution is necessary to prevent the emerging conflict.

Reply to the Post

“After reading this paper, I can easily argue with Professor Friedman’s notion and add on to his argument and say that apologizing is an essential way of eradicating any sense of disagreement or confusion. In my opinion, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Therefore, it is imperative to have the ability to apologize so there is a mutual form of understanding between everyone involved.

What I like about this paper is that the use of apology was concisely explained in various components of an environment. The fact that an apology can be used in the elements of politics, religion, criminal justice, medicine, business and marketing proves that the use of an apology can play a big role in every situation regardless of the magnitude of the situation. Even if a situation was created by accident or the situation was creating through a misunderstanding, I think an apology is useful because it breaks up the tension between two or more parties.

Being able to apologize is important in a variety of ways. Apologizing demonstrates a sense of consciousness regarding the issue and being able to address this issue in a courteous manner shows how this person is willing to diffuse the situation the best way he/she can. Although an apology is very important in any type of environment, I think there are certain instances where the situation can’t be resolved with just an apology.

For example, while I was conducting a research project at Wall Street, I came across a financial disclosure referring to a scandal that led to the termination of 5 regional financial advisors at the Natixis Global Asset Managements on January 12, 2015. According to Financial Industry Regulatory Industry (FINRA Inc.) these five financial advisors were terminated for basically holding a late financial advising meeting at a hotel (outside of the firm) with their clients and “stealing and consuming various items such as drugs and alcohol”.

I don’t think the use of an apology is can be suffice for a situation like this because these people were aware of the rules within their employment contracts but they choose to violate these rules. If it’s a major situation in which people’s jobs and people’s lives are on the line, the use of an apology can’t solve this situation. But I think an apology serves as a great tool in any setting because this tool can create a positive attitude in any environment. “

I entirely agree with the fact that apology is a necessity in all spheres of our lives, as it helps avoid misunderstandings and solve conflicts on the regular basis. It is apparent that apology can contribute to easing the tension in the insignificant conflicts. However, I agree with the author of the previous post that sometimes the apology is not enough, as a vehement violation of the rules and regulations cannot be forgiven for expressing the apologetic words. In the end, it could be said that an apology is an essentiality, as it helps decrease the tensions between people in various situations, which might occur on the regular basis.

It is clear that apologizing helps release different emotions and respect towards other individuals. However, it is not the only way to resolve the conflict, as it is apparent that some of the situations require more contribution from both parties.