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Aspects of Digital Marketing

Marketing is among the crucial constituents of a business as it possesses the power to impact clients’ opinions regarding a product or brand even without their notice. My passion for marketing began at an early age after encountering numerous ads on Television. However, my curiosity for digital marketing developed in my first year of college, and since then, I have been keen on monitoring and analyzing the success of digital marketing campaigns used by various brands. The latest digital campaign that caught my attention was the one of the pizza giant Domino. The company paired a game-like reward system with innovative technology. By using Domino’s mobile app, the customers earn free points simply by scanning pizza. The points are redeemable, and the campaign strategy went viral.

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Such successful digital campaigns fueled my growing passion for marketing and persuaded me to pursue a master’s degree in digital marketing. I would like to enroll in the program to gain more knowledge, tools, and experience vital for my future career. I am aware that technology has dramatically revolutionized the way sellers and customers communicate. Hence, to be a competent, successful, and high-ranking marketer, one needs to have unmatched knowledge of developing marketing strategies that easily influence customers’ views and decisions regarding a particular brand or product. Additionally, an efficient marketer must have all the essential marketing tools at their disposal. The most utilized marketing instruments are digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. However, having the right equipment and knowledge is not enough to steer a convincing marketing campaign. One should have the necessary experience to apply the knowledge and to use the available tools. An individual can only have all the three mentioned items by pursuing a master’s in digital marketing. Therefore, I am strongly convinced that my decision to go for higher education would provide an in-depth understanding of my future career.

Upon graduation, I am determined to work in a marketing company. I believe that the best way to build a career is by practicing, which can be achieved in an already existing firm. The idea of enrolling in a Master’s program is to obtain the necessary knowledge to be efficient in the respective field once I enter the job market. I understand how competitive employment is and realize that human resource managers select only the most qualified individuals. Apart from having substantial experience, a job seeker should have extensive knowledge regarding the profession and the ability to utilize crucial marketing tools. I am convinced that higher education would provide me with the much-needed information, but employment would equip me with the appropriate experience. Job experience in a marketing firm enhances continued learning through practical exposure, challenges, and problem-solving situations. Therefore, I see myself working in a marking organization after graduation.

Importantly, I have been involved in various activities to prepare for my future career. First, I have been working as an intern in digital marketing since February 2020. The internship has been a fundamental experience in understanding digital tasks. During that period, I learned much about digital marketing, including the process of the creation of successful campaigns, in particular, email and Short Message Service (SMS) messaging. I have also had the chance to learn how to utilize Google Analytics to assess the impact of marketing campaigns. Working with a dedicated, task-oriented, and self-motivated team has allowed me to create connections in the profession for future career development. The internship experience has gradually allowed me to gain self-recognition and more confidence.

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