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Assisted Living Center, Advantages & Disadvantages

The coherent society could be characterized by the great level of attention given to health care issues. The approach to the delivery of care changed greatly, and at the moment, people expect a high level of services and positive outcomes. Moreover, there is a great demand for establishments that work in the given sphere. In this regard, the businessmans attempt to open an assisted living center could be considered a successful business venture. There are several reasons for this statement. First, the analysis of a number of real-life examples evidences the great profitability of this sort of project (Get In on the Hot Senior Care Market, n.d.). The high level of income is conditioned by the increased rates of people suffering from Alzheimer disease and other illnesses of this sort.

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Demand breeds supply, which means that the above-mentioned category or relatives are ready to pay money to guarantee the appropriate level of care and hoping to achieve at least some improvement. Secondly, assisted living centers could be considered one of the major concerns peculiar to modern society. Disabled and sick people might also have the need for convenience and a comfortable environment. However, very often, close people are not able to satisfy these patients specific needs because of the lack of theoretical knowledge and skills. Besides, centers of this sort hire the qualified staff and buy the appropriate equipment to create the beneficial environment. The combination of these reasons conditions the great potential success of this new business venture. Furthermore, the high level of demand for these services guarantees high and stable incomes. Altogether, it is possible to conclude that a businessman organizes beneficial and at the same time socially useful project that could help people.

Besides, there are also several risk factors that might result in the projects collapse. The first one is the high level of rivalry and the tendency towards its further growth. The increased demand for healthcare services and numerous problems related to the further spread of severe diseases that impact peoples ability to move and live independently predetermine the appearance of a number of similar projects aimed at the satisfaction of these needs (Maxwell, 2014). That is why the comprehensive analysis of the current market situation, advantages and disadvantages of the main rivals, and their further actions are crucial for this very business venture. Additionally, there is also the great risk of new entrants. The health care delivery market has the tendency to the further growth which means that the level of incomes is expected to grow and attract new actors.

In this regard, there should be an efficient strategic plan that could help to face numerous problems and overcome difficulties that will obviously appear. Finally, there is a certain financial risk as even the consideration of the most important aspects of the new business venture could not guarantee stable and gradual evolution of an assisted living center. Altogether, the existence of all these risks could hardly be taken as the constraining factor that might prevent a businessman from organizing the new project. The projects owner could still count on great incomes because of the topicality of the issue. Concluding, one should admit the perspectives conditioned by the creation of the new business of this sort. Moreover, there are several real-life examples that evidence the profitableness and exploitability of this sphere (Maxwell, 2014). The current market situation could be considered extremely beneficial for the new market entry.


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