Axon Enterprise, Inc.: SWOT Analysis

Axon Enterprise, Inc. specializes in technology and weapon items for law enforcement and is one of the leading companies in its industry. A necessary activity of such a corporation is performing a SWOT analysis in order to be aware of the company’s situation. SWOT analysis is a general tool examining an organization’s internal strengths (S) and weaknesses (W), and external opportunities (O) and threats (T). The current paper provides a SWOT analysis of Axon Enterprise, Inc. and discusses the implication it provides for the firm’s management.

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One can observe numerous strengths of the Axon Enterprise, Inc. First, marketing is highly active and productive, which is proven by many followers on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Second, the corporation has been staying in the market for a considerable length of time, thereby provoking a higher trust of customers, employees, and partners. Third, while almost every state possesses Axon’s outlets, the company also has an interactive and informative website with considerable web-traffic and e-commerce, which maximizes the availability of products. Thus, several strong points of the business maintain an effective organizational process.

On the contrary, the corporation has some weaknesses to consider. One can notice a high employee turnover rate and a lack of work morale in the company. There are also liquidity issues in operations because higher liabilities contrast current assets. Another weakness is the low research activity with the last investigation published in 2017 (Ariel et al. 293) and the only product as a research topic. Therefore, Axon Enterprise, Inc. has to face some gaps in its management.

As to opportunities, they are the growing social media activity and the overall increase in the time which people spend on the internet. It is also worth mentioning that consumer behavior and the current economics keep gathering pace providing a growing number of customers. Furthermore, transportation expenses diminishing, which allows lowering products price and attracting more purchases. In short, several opportunities are presenting significant possibilities for the development of the company.

However, there are also some threats to consider for Axon Enterprise, Inc. In the first place, technological development is swift, and the business has to keep an eye on it regularly, not to mention the emerging of new companies that increase competition in the industry. Moreover, weapon and policeman software are controversial topics for public opinion, which is likely to cause prejudice in potential customers. Finally, changing legal policies and diversity in the law systems of different states make the industry unstable and unpredictable. Thus, the threats present several notable challenges for the firm.

Axon Enterprise, Inc. has chosen a beneficial strategy of consumption involvement because a meaningful part of the PR strategy is devoted to the prospering and vivid social network life. The company pays attention to the creation of a favorable image of their activity by the production of justifying emotional media content. Nevertheless, the firm should address employees’ motivation to stay in the company. Otherwise, the corporation is likely to lose much of potential productivity and needlessly spend resources on training new workers. Finally, research engagement is needed to be aware of the latest technological advancement and to maintain being a sound player in the market.

To sum up, the SWOT analysis provided an extensive inspection of the current situation of Axon Enterprise, Inc. Although the company has developed online activities, along with a beneficial network of offline stores, it faces high employees’ turnover, low asset, and a shortage of research. The opportunities, therefore, include increasing social media life, high purchasing power in the current society, and beneficial transportation conditions.

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At the same time, such threads as the adverse public opinion, the more profitable rivals, and the lagging behind the fast technological developments have to be taken into account. The current paper suggested some strategies to consider the four points and to use them for the companies’ strengthening in the industry.

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