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Best Buy Company and Result-Only Work Environment

The Culture of Best Buy

Best Buy Company is an organization that consists of many departments and sections which are governed differently but all are aimed at contributing to the best of all the individuals and the company at large. The culture at best pay has undergone some changes as a result of technological changes embraced in the various sections. Initially, the workplace culture was based on the principle of working for long hours, overtime and sacrifice, to ensure that the organizational goals were met and that it possessed some competitive advantage. This culture is stressful as it emphasizes the time spent in the workplace rather than the results achieved which is more important.

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The adaptation of the result-only work environment (ROWE) program in the organization has however changed the company’s culture, as people now result oriented. A good example from the case study is that of Jennifer Jansen who faces problems in balancing between the family duties and those of the workplace the major problem is that of time planning and utilization, as she has to leave the office at a stipulated time irrespective of whether he or she has accomplished the assigned duties (Thottam, 2005). This problem is however solved by the implementation of the ROWE program and she can now manage to take care of the family issues and work duties while still at home as long as she produces the required results in time.

The Approach to Organizational Change that the ROWE Program Illustrates

Various approaches can be adopted by the management team and another employee in their effort to administer change in organizations. The organizational change could either take the form of planned or emergent change. Planned organizational change entails the change that makes an organization move from one state to another through some pre-planned steps. The change agents are usually involved in the design, initiation, and implementation of the changes and they expect better results. This enhances participation and hence overall success in the change process.

Emergent change, on the other hand, works on the principle that change is a continuous and unpredictable process, which does not have to be pre-planned. This approach emphasizes the fact that change should encompass the ongoing accommodations and alterations that are deemed to bring about positive effects even without prior preparations. Change is drawn from the ongoing activities in response to problems and opportunities (Pasmore, 2009). A combination of aspects from the two approaches is essential and is embraced in the ROWE program.

It uses an organizational structural approach, which entails changes in levels of policymaking, control, communication, personnel among other factors aimed at bringing overall positive change in the organization. The Best Buy Company, for example, undergoes some changes in terms of policies and communication concerning how work is carried out, anywhere and anytime without supervision as opposed to working in offices at a specified time with a lot of monitoring and supervision. The approach is gradual and takes place at a considerable time frame for instance in the Best Buy Company, the change is first implemented in some departments after which it can be applied to the entire organization based on the success attained.

The Resistance, Both Organization and Individual That The ROWE Program Had To Overcome

Any form of change is expected to face some form of resistance since people are not usually ready for change especially due to the fear that they need to adjust to the changes, which may not be favorable to them. The ROWE program faces some resistance from the individuals and the organization as a whole. The managers in Best Buy Company, for instance, have been resistant to the ROWE program. This is because of the fear of the responsibilities that could be linked with the program such as the stress faced by the employees in adjusting, which could in one way or the other affect the management team and the organization as a whole.

The managers also felt that they would lose their authoritative powers, as they could now not control the subordinates as they did before. Some employees such as those in the legal department in the company are also a source of resistance due to the fear that the ROWE program might affect them negatively for instance in terms of pay because of the nature of their work. Others also thought that they would not be able to work outside the office due to distractions for example children (Broyles and Harvey, 2010).

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The Sources of Stress That Are Apparent in the Case

There exist numerous factors that can result in stress among employees. The sources of stress that are evident in Best Buy Company include mixed responsibilities, for example, family matters and tight job schedules. We can see Jennifer Janssen having difficulties in excusing herself from the office to take care of some important family issues.

Overworking is also a source of stress among the employees as they find themselves working from early hours to very late which is not healthy and they at times find themselves having to seek for medical attention, for example, we find an employee, Darrel Owens working for three consecutive days without a break and although he was rewarded, he ended up in a hospital. Tension because of deadlines and close supervision is also not good. Adjusting to the changes brought about by the ROWE program is also stressing but it is short-lived as the people start enjoying the benefits accrued to the program such as flexibility, convenience, and maximum performance through prioritization of duties and proper time management.

The Organizational Culture and the Change

Organizational culture is usually a determinant of either the success or failure of any change that is to be implemented in an organization. If the change is not in line with the organizational culture, then the change is deemed to fail and vice versa. The organizational culture in the Best Buy company has to some extent helped in the adoption of the ROWE program as the culture is not very favorable to most of the employees for instance in terms of the tight working schedules and so a change that is associated with flexibility and convenience is easily accepted.

The organizational culture in Best Buy Company has helped in the adoption of the change since although there was some form of resistance initially, it has been successful and major positive impacts have been experienced for instance reduced voluntary turnover, increased productivity, and enhanced performance due to enhancement of the employees’ morale among other aspects. The program enhances job satisfaction which is very essential in any organization as the employees feel well represented and appreciated hence work towards promoting their performance for their good and that of the organization.

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