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The Role of Bike Helmets and Bike Helmets Law

Football, baseball, and basketball are the favorite kinds of sports of a majority of American children. Still, cycling stays on the top of this list as well as on the top of the list of sports-related head injury kinds of sports. Many children cannot understand the worth of the question of bike helmet safety. However, the problem remains to be urgent because not only children but their parents, siblings, and the representatives of the law and politics do not want to pay much attention to the importance of bikers’ protection.

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Nowadays, the situation concerning the role of bike helmets can be changed considerably if more people start supporting the idea to make all children under the age of 12 wear helmets while cycling. Unfortunately, there is only a small group of legislators in the state that is ready to develop a new law. It is important to involve more people in the discussion of this proposition and prove the necessity of bike helmets using real life examples and explanations.

Still, do people need more real-life examples like children scrapes, broken heads, or other kinds of injuries? Hardly! It does not matter if a person has a relative, who prefers to bike, or if a person takes responsibility for the safety measurements of a whole district (like a politician or a statesman), there is a task to keep children safe. It is the main reason for why a new law should be proposed and supported by all legislators.

A 12-year-old child is independent enough to make a decision to start biking and being responsible for the outcomes that can influence their health. At the same time, a 12-year-old child is dependent a lot on their parental decisions and suggestions. A 12-year-old child cannot comprehend the worth of a legalization process about the bike helmet usage; however, their parents can take the necessary precautionary measurements and understand their importance from a legal point of view. Such worth of a new law can help to improve the lives of many children and their parents.

I have so many friends, whose children are fond of biking, and I observe rather different attitudes to the usage of bike helmets. For example, Mr. X knows a lot about safety and bikes. However, he does not focus on explaining the rules to his child and does not force his child to wear a helmet. He admits that it is enough to have knee and elbow pads to protect the areas that are vulnerable. Another friend of mine, Mr. Y, has a boy and makes him wear all protective clothing and equipment each time he decides to bike.

One day, at the age of 14, these two boys decided to bike on the road. Mr. Y’s son wore a helmet, and Mr. X’s son did not. The result of the negligence of one of the parents was terrible. The boys were together and did not notice a car driving from another road. The accident happened in several seconds, and the boy with a helmet was lucky to avoid serious injuries, just a simple consternation, and the boy without a helmet was in a coma for several days.

Maybe, he just was not lucky enough, or, maybe, it was a helmet that protected the life of the boy. It was hard to give a clear answer. Still, the fact was evident: helmet protection does matter in biking. In conclusion, it is necessary to underline that parents may not gain full control of their children lives. However, they can try to protect them with the help of simple helmets for biking, and the legalization of such biking safety can become a good start for consideration.

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