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Boeing Firm Infastructure

The modern world is abounding with different companies and firms. These companies, firms, and factories produce different goods which they supply the markets with to please the consumers. These firms are also different in their infrastructure and the way they run business, what company politics they lead and how they treat their employees. Boeing firm infrastructure is going to be our main consideration in the paper.

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First, let us consider, what company infrastructure is. Company infrastructure is “the company wide context within which all the other value activities take place: the organizational structure, control systems, and company culture” (Hill and Jones 2009-126). Boeing Company is a huge international company that has almost monopolized the production of the airplane.

Corporate governance of the Boeing Company is committed by nine directors. John E. Bryson is the “oldest” director the meaning that he has been the director of Boeing Company longer than all others (since 1995). The youngest director of the Company in the same meaning is Arthur D. Collins Jr., who has been working there since 2007.

Kenneth M. Duberstein has been elected as the lead director since 2005 and continues to obtain this position. Mr. Duberstein has served as Chairman and Chief Executive of The Duberstein Group (consulting firm) since 1989. He was White House Chief of Staff in 1988 and 1989. Mr. Duberstein is a director of ConocoPhillips, Fannie Mae, and St. Paul Travelers Companies. Mr. Duberstein is also a Chair of the Compensation Committee and a member of the Governance, Organization, and Nominating Committee. (Boeing Company 1995) This is a person who knows what to do; he will never commit thoughtless actions and will never go for unjustified risk.

Every corporation or company has its ethics. It is a model of behavior for all people who work there. The ethics of Boeing Company anticipates such items: to run business “fairly, impartially, in an ethical and proper manner” (Boeing Company 1995). Workers of the Company should perform their responsibilities, should follow the Code of Conduct of the Company. The actions which employees provide should correspond to law and regulate the fair relationships inside the company and with the other company representatives. (Boeing Company 1995)

There are Ethical Business Conduct Guidelines in the company. These Guidelines are aimed to inform people what they should do and how they should behave. The main value in the Company is “In all our relationships we will demonstrate our steadfast commitment to leadership, integrity, quality” (Boeing Company). The most valuable features of employees’ characters in the company are skills, strength, and the desire to work productively.

Every Company has its weaknesses and strengths. The world crisis has spoiled some plans and strategies of lots of companies; the problems in economics in the world have brought some problems in the economics of different companies. The Boeing Company is one of the leads in airplane production. If it had lots of weaknesses it would not be able to reach such the highest positions. The strength is that the workers of the Company know what they should do and do not interrupt in the businesses of others. So, everybody cares only its own business, and when a person does what he/she knows the profit is much better.

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In conclusion, Boeing Company is one of the leaders in aircraft production. It is a huge company with the leading staff and ethics, which helps people to inspire people for better work.

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