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Breaking the Law: Psychological Reasons

The law is an integral element of every society that regulates the life of people inside it. Nevertheless, although the rules were created for the safety of the humans themselves, individuals who violate them have always been found. The purpose of this essay is to study the factors that force people to commit crimes.

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It is necessary to understand a criminal’s way of thinking to follow his or her motives. By studying human psychology, scientists were able to conclude that anxiety and depression have a significant influence on the possibility of a crime (Alam et al, p. 132). This statement is confirmed by a considerable number of well-known cases when criminals who suddenly break the law were found to be depressed. In such a state, a person loses the ability to reason, which may lead to unfortunate consequences.

However, this reason should also be considered in the social aspect. It is necessary to find out what can cause a disturbed psychological state. A whole series of factors may lead to this, starting from social situations and general poverty and ending with severe stressful events, for example, dismissal or divorce (Alam et al, p. 133). An individual is undergoing stress, and although this may not be expressed in the form of depression as such, a person can commit a crime because of his stressful state. For example, it is not uncommon for people to violate the law for various purposes because of job loss and, consequently, social status.

Finally, a significant factor is the upbringing of a human and his or her moral values. Although this factor is also shaped by society, unlike the previous two cases, a person may not experience stress at all. Deviation and behavior that denies the norms accepted in society lead to social anarchy, in which the chances of committing a crime increase (Alam et al, p. 134). An example of such behavior is the lifestyle of a person who has grown up in an unfavorable area, due to which he/she has formed a rejection of the law.

There may be many reasons for committing crimes, and the list of factors can be expanded. However, it is worth noting that almost all the reasons for breaking the law are associated not only with a specific person but also with society as a whole. Therefore, it is crucial to implement the correct social values in the community and maintain its stability.

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