Business Knowledge for Advanced Practice Nurses


Modern healthcare embraces a vast range of issues related to changes in people’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Therefore, public healthcare has to encompass several areas that may affect people’s health or serve as the source of improving it. Herein lies the need for Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) to develop business prowess (LaFevers, Ward‐Smith, & Wright, 2015). By acquiring business-related knowledge and skills, APNs will gain an essential understanding of economic and financial factors that affect vulnerable groups, thus creating premises for improving nursing services.

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Advanced Practice Nurses

With the help of basic business knowledge and the ability to analyze economic factors affecting a particular demographic, a nurse can create patient-specific approaches that will consider relevant economic constraints. Furthermore, armed with the key tenets of the business theory, a nurse can engage in entrepreneurship-related activities, thus enhancing the development of high-quality care (LaFevers et al., 2015; Waxman, 2017). With critical business skills, a nurse can focus on the development of innovative approaches toward building awareness, prevent health issues, manage health-related concerns, and encourage patient education (Tracy & O’Grady, 2018; Carrière, MacDonald, & Chan, 2016). Thus, while business activities might seem as distant from the role and responsibilities of a nurse, there is a direct connection between the provision of proper care and the ability to perform key business activities.


By integrating the knowledge of economic factors as essential contributors to people’s health, nurses will offer improved healthcare services, which necessitates the promotion of business knowledge among APNs. By recognizing the connection between business factors and the issues that vulnerable groups face, a nurse will create a more elaborate framework for meeting a target audience’s needs. Therefore, advancing business prowess and economic competence among nurses should be regarded as a crucial step toward improving the efficacy of nursing care.


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